America Today Described 70-Years-Ago in Satirical Poem

Are you like me in that you receive tons of emails with all kinds of graphics and claims – some humorous, some serious and many inaccurate? How often have you received an email with something that you hoped was true but found out it wasn’t true after all?

If you are like me, you generally glance at the subject and hit delete. Since I get well over 100 emails a day from all kinds of sources, it’s no wonder my delete key hasn’t worn out.

Yet, every so often, one of those emails catch my attention and I decide to try to see just how real or accurate it is. Well, I recently received one of these emails that did catch my attention and upon doing some research, I discovered that it is indeed true. Finding out it is true, I just had to share with you and then provide my own commentary afterwards.

This was published back on November 4, 1949 and is so true today as you will see:


Mr. Truman’s St. Paul, Minn., pie-for-everybody speech last night reminded us that, at the tail-end of the recent session of Congress, Representative Clarence J. Brown (R-Ohio) jammed into the Congressional Record the following poem, describing its author only as ‘a prominent Democrat of the State of Georgia”:


Father, must I go to work?

    No, my lucky son.

We’re living now on Easy Street

   On dough from Washington.

We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam,

   So, don’t get exercised.

Nobody has to give a damn—

   We’ve all been subsidized.

But if Sam treats us all so well

   And feeds us milk and honey,

Please, daddy, tell me what the hell

   He’s going to use for money.

Don’t worry, bub, there’s not a hitch

   In this here noble plan—

He simply soaks the filthy rich

   And helps the common man.

But, father, won’t there come a time

   When they run out of cash

And we have left them not a dime

   When things will go to smash?

My faith in you is shrinking, son,

   You nosy little brat;

You do too damn much thinking, son,

   To be a Democrat.

This was written nearly 70-years ago and yet it is exactly what is happening with today’s Democrats.

First, the Democrats want to repeal the Republican tax cuts for corporations. Somehow, they think that such tax cuts ONLY benefit the wealthy, but tell that to the millions of Americans who now have jobs and those who have more pay and benefits.  Removing the corporate tax cuts will ONLY result in lost jobs, less benefits and cuts in hours of other workers. What happens when so many people are either out of work or have their hours and pay cut by as much as 25%? It means less money for them to spend on food, housing and things. The less of these that are purchased means the markets slow down and what happens when the markets slow down? Even more workers have their hours or their jobs cuts, which further hurts the economy.

Democrats also want to raise estate taxes on the very wealthy as high as 70%. That means that many of these very wealthy who die, will have their estates (including the companies they own) go to the government instead of their rightful heirs. What happens when the government owns a business? The business is usually ruined and destroyed and more people lose their jobs.

Then the Democrats want to personally tax the wealthy by as much as 90%. Imagine if you worked hard for years, building a thriving business and you want to leave it to your children. To begin with, under the Democrats’ plan, you won’t be able to build up a thriving and profitable business because the government will be taxing you up to 90% of your net value, leaving you and your heirs with only 10% of what you worked hard to earn.

Think about it. God only asked for 10%, not 90% of what people grew, raised or earned. But then, socialist Democrats not only don’t believe in the God of the Bible, but they feel that they are the only gods we need.

Today’s Democrats have only ONE purpose in mind – to turn America into something ugly and destructive like what we see happening today in Venezuela. Their goal is to cause the economic collapse of America, thus setting up the perfect scenario to come in and act like some sort of savior in setting up a new socialist government.

And, someone saw this happening nearly 70-years-ago and wrote about it in this satirical poem.

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  1. Apparently you still feel a need to lie about the truth!
    Come on – one purpose, to cause economic collapse of America! You have followers who will take this bullshit as truth!!! And you revel in it! SAD.
    Your leader is in the early stages of demise basically due to his propensity for lying and this Pulse will never be able to spin the wreckage by blaming the Democrats. But that won’t stop you from trying and that’s good because your base followers will finally see the method to your madness.

  2. Your “Dangerous Cult” cartoon depicting the free press as Anti Trump is only half correct as it should read –


    Encouraging your readership to turn a blind eye to long standing, trusted news sources is a cowardly tactic employed by the likes of Pulse. Ironic how you don’t publish author credit to your propaganda.

  3. Truth is somewhere in between. When taxes are high there is less incentive for the boss to squeeze his workers because less will come to him. The high taxes will force the heirs to sell business assets to others for paying the taxes on estate and government never takes ownership of business as stated here. If we do not want corruption in high places, it is better that companies be stopped from sending dark campaign contributions doing stock buy backs and paying executives via stock options. Let no one make more than 500 times the minimum wage paid to a worker in the company. It is obscene that CEO etc get paid 500 millions a year while workers make less than 15000 a year without any benefits. That CEO would have golden parachutes and worker be fired at will without a dime for no cause.

  4. Sallie A Kinnsrd

    The working people are paying for this.I an 81yrs started working at 14yrs .not given or taken from the Gov’t my family has worked all our lives have give Families lives for this country Freedom..What has the Lying Hill People done ,but take our money we paid there pension,health,salaries,children college.if one dies wife will get there pension what do I get ???? Remember we pay then & Word for us Social Security has cheated us for years & the Gov’t has taken our money from this account to pay there bill’s..but never put back TRUE.
    Looking back this is DEM’S party that has done this WE are not charity —BUT The Hill People are..One of our President was ask if this country falls how—answer—said this country will be destroyed with in the system ..I say we are there..I have said for 20yrs NO party’s not Looking out for the American People just there party’s see who will come out on TOP. The D—-A— Dems will give money to overseas Twice ,for a WALL but not for our Safety . But like the wall before President Trump ..Remember he is our President & vote in by the people of the country I do not care what party you are show respect. STOP the Race Card on the Hill.All of you go in poor come out rich with our money…Put back the money We paid out for both party’s Sex Has. Settlement??? God Bless This Country & prary

    Dems you are not there
    American better wake up hope not to late ..

  5. evelyn anderson


  6. This is a great example of that old adage: history tends to repeat itself. That is why someone else said, Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. And students who proudly attend universities today have not been educated…they have been indoctrinated by left-wing instructors who fill their minds with socialist garbage. But these young people (as well as younger students who attend public schools) are worse off than their predecessors of 70 years ago…today, history is no longer taught in the classrooms as it was 70 years ago, i.e., the way history actually happened. Today, students are taught an altered version of American history, replete with left-wing propaganda, and these students who have not been taught history as it truly happened, go on to believe and accept the lies as gospel truth.

  7. thank you so much for your point of view and the fabulous poem…..prophets do exist ….or did….so they say. I am now convinced! john

  8. What did Hillary have to hide, she didn’t do anything wrong, did she??? why didn’t she give all her emails??? shes is an alcoholic, drug addict, a liar, murderer of Seth Rich, and Vince Foster who turned her emails to Wikileaks, she can’t walk, can’t talk, was coughing, and pedophile billy boy had to talk for her, you wanted them to be president, are you a retard stupid liberal demon-rat, we the people voted for a non politician that is not stealing us blind, and you want more theft of our money, and destruction of our economy, you have shit for brains
    look at the high waste, and pollution our cars are producing, a 200 mpg Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, liquid gas does not burn, Volkswagen has a 264 mpg diesel not coming here, boycott the oil company owned auto company’s, spread the word.
    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get
    mad get real mad of the Democrats. Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them. Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse, get this out all over the USA. this is the only thing that will bring the economy around.put this out , and spread the word to boycott the auto company’s don’t buy a new car/ or truck. do this Trump, and we will have our dreams back again.

    • When the human race will adopt the teachings of Jesus then they will be free Have faith trust the lord ask the Holy Spirit to guide you..
      Yes it’s going to get a lot worse but he that endured to the end will be saved Heaven is Spirit. It’s the thought of fear that holds us in bondage.. Just thank Jesus for the extreme sacrifice he had to endure for us to have a beacon of hope..

  9. Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,250 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

  10. There is one thing which was not considered, and that is that when big businesses receive a BIG tax break, they move their operations to over seas locations to out source t
    o a cheaper labor market AFTER receiving said tax reduction. Leaving the American labor forces with an unemployment problem. It would be good if BIG businesses would keep their operations here, in America so that we could ALL get a bigger slice of the Proverbial PIE.

  11. Money is no problem for our Democrats – ever since they discover the money printing machine. For example the federal deficit over 200 years was only” 10 trillion dollars; in 8 years of rule by our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama the federal deficit doubled from 10 trillion dollars to 20.

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