Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) on Wednesday compared the influx of migrants at the southern border to the D-Day invasion from World War II.

The Louisiana Republican sought to put the threat of illegal immigration into context during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen when he invoked the June 1944 Allied invasion of Western Europe.

“Let me just put this in context for the American people,” Higgins said. “Perhaps the most famous invasion in the history of the world — D-Day — 73,000 American troops landed in the D-Day invasion. We have 76,103, according to my numbers, apprehensions along our southern border last month.”

“We have D-Day every month on our southern border,” he added.

The congressman argued physical barriers and technology have proven effective in curbing illegal immigration, and he questioned why lawmakers have not been able to reach bipartisan agreement on the issue during the Trump administration.

“Of course none of us want to separate families,” he said. “We as Congress, we have to fix the laws and allow these law enforcement professionals to do their job.”

Nielsen testified Wednesday that the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border constitutes a humanitarian crisis and an emergency, citing increases in human and drug trafficking and violence. She defended President Trump‘s decision to declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall, a move Democrats have fiercely opposed.

Her testimony came a day after the government released data showing a spike in apprehensions and denials of people attempting to enter the United States in February.

5 thoughts on “GOP lawmaker compares illegal immigration to D-Day invasion”
  1. Why doesn’t someone in Congress explain what is so hard about passing a new law that allows immediate deportation of illegal immigrants caught crossing the border. Americans know that all immigrants have approved locations to apply for entry into our country along with locations to file for asylum. We the American people are sick and tired of a “do nothing Congress”.

    1. This “do nothing Congress” has gotten old. Our borders must be protected. Nancy and Chuck should take a big group of illegals into their homes.

  2. To answer Michael Roberts’ comment:
    Democrats WANT all immigrants, illegal, legal, and any other kind of immigrant SO the poor of all OTHER countries can come into our country and become democrats SO Democrat politicians will be elected into office. You see, democrats believe that we, the people of the United States of America, and any one who will come over here and vote democrat, we can and should give any thing a person and/or group of people will ever need, just to be humane and lovingly responsible for their livelihood’s
    needs and wants.
    That is called Socialism. Take from the rich and give to the poor. But the really rich don’t want to give away their riches , they just want the moderately rich should give away what they have accumulated and they, the really rich, will build the companies and hire some of the poor to work for them, the really rich, so they can get richer.
    These remarks are by a poor person so these remarks may slightly warped.

    1. Estel O, please get your head out of your Fox hole!
      If you spend all your time listening to paid talkers you WILL believe their repeated lies. Unless that’s what you WANT to believe?
      FYI, Obama returned more than 2 million illegals during his tenure but Hannity probably didn’t remind you of that when he was crying-the caravans are coming, the caravans are coming to our pussy grabbing POTUS.
      Democrats want, as much as you, what is right and good for this country and unlike your response to Mr. Roberts, they are not advocating for socialism. A level playing field is more like it. Our republican lawmakers granted the one percenters billions in tax breaks that have yet to trickle down to you and me. Guess what, we will not see any job growth from this boondoggle and Ingraham won’t repeat that fake news. Straight into the pockets of the rich from you and me! These are the same super rich that refuse to pay $15 an hour for fear it could cut into their profit margins. Does that seem fair to you?

      Our immigration system is in bad shape but making it a fight between the Left and Right won’t get us anywhere.
      A bipartisan approach is the only way to reach a solution to the problem that is no more a Republican or a Democratic problem but an American problem. All Americans have got to get after Pelosi and McConnell and demand they let Congress do the work they were elected to do. These chair people are the main reason nothing gets done because they’re more concerned with who’s winning the party game over putting our country first.
      Don’t let the paid talkers tell you they know how to fix our problems, we didn’t elect them. Try not to blame the other side of the aisle either, they want a strong America too. It’s our system that’s been broken, run over by politicians who want nothing more than to be the winning party with all the money. Whoops, did I say money? That’s another story for another rant.
      Just remember, if you’re not a Native American, you too are just another immigrant.

  3. Isn’t that why so many pregnant women from south of the border crossed into Texas to have their babies born in the USA ? I wish I could remember where I read that they were welcomed in a border hospital that accepted the women who were often already in labor when they arrived. The article said the hospital had been built there for that purpose because so many were coming to have their babies be born American citizens.

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