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Trump’s Campaign Considers Creating a New Account on a Conservative Version of Twitter

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is considering creating a profile on what is being called the conservative version of Twitter, Politico reported Tuesday, citing an anonymous source inside the president’s campaign.

“It’s something he’s aware of and is checking out,” a senior Trump campaign official told Politico, referring to the president’s social media manager, Brad Parscale.

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“We don’t currently have a plan to make a big move to the platform.”

The official was responding to questions about Parler, a fledgling social media network created in 2018 that caters to conservatives.

Parscale and Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican, both began posting on the site in May.

Pundits Gavin McInnes, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos joined after they were booted from Twitter, a Silicon Valley company some conservatives believe is biased in favor of liberal views.

The structure of the Parler app is similar to that of Twitter.

User posts are limited to 1,000 characters, which other users can then support by “voting” and “echoing,” as opposed to “liking” and “retweeting.”

But the company is a long way from competing with Twitter or any other social media company for that matter, according to CEO John Matze.

Do you think Twitter is biased against conservatives?

The site has roughly 100,000 users in total, he told Politico.

By contrast, Twitter in October claimed 326 million users, according to the technology site Beebom.

Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, is syncing itself deeper into social media platforms like Facebook to push back against perceived bias.

“We’re a significant advertiser so we make sure our viewpoint is heard,” the senior official told Politico.

Trump’s campaign has spent roughly $5 million on Facebook ads heading into the presidential election, more than any of his Democratic rivals, media reports show.

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  1. It’s about time! What took so long?

    To “Make America Great Again”, we need our 1st Amendment right of “Free Speech”, that has been denied the American people by Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube. It’s now time for patriotic Americans to make the change from these political censors that favor the Democrat Party in the exact same way the that Russian media was in favor of the Communist Party.

    There has been no difference in the results of that Russian media compared to today’s liberal biased US media, which the above mentioned social media is just a part of, but have censored the American people the same way the Russian media has censored all Russian people that did not adhere to communist propaganda, but desired freedom of speech, which they’ve been denied, just as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube are censoring the American people and denying our freedom of speech.

    How does one join “PARLER”?

  2. It is bout time that conservatives have a real opportunity to fully participate in sites other than facebook, twitter, and youtube!

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