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Bernie Sanders Campaign Officially Hit with Federal Labor Complaint

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders will face a National Labor Relations Board investigation into an allegation that the campaign retaliated against staffers in Iowa who complained about their pay. The Vermont independent’s campaign had signed a contract with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 assuring that campaign staff in Iowa would be paid $17 per hour, $2 above ...

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Pain and gain: Skin nerves anticipate and fight infection

Pinch yourself. If you feel pain, it’s thanks to specialized nerve endings in the skin. And, in a surprising discovery, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine demonstrated that pain-sensing nerves also help fight skin infections and prevent its spread, suggesting a new type of immunity. The findings, based on studies in mice, were published today in the ...

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This New York Jets Player Has Saved 90% of His Income

One of the more depressingly accurate stereotypes when it comes to professional athletes is that quite a few of them are horrible with their money despite making millions. Somehow, some way, professional athletes can have the propensity to end up virtually penniless despite cashing paychecks worth more than what many Americans can make in a year. As the Star Tribune ...

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