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Essential oils for tinnitus and hearing loss: Will they help?

Essential oils have recently seen an uptick in popularity, largely due to increased interest in alternative medicine and the simultaneous rise in multi-level marketing companies, such as DoTerra and Young Living, which sell essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids taken from plants, including herbs and fruits. Common essential oils include lemon, peppermint and lavender, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of essential oils. They’ve been around for centuries, and are frequently used in food and other products to add flavor or a pleasing scent.

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Many online health claims have been made about essential oils, which are not regulated by the FDA. Due to lax regulations in the US, it’s a buyer-beware market—similar to the markets for other popular alternative therapies, such as CBD oil and homeopathy.

Overall, there’s very little clinical evidence that shows medical benefits of essential oils, including for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo or ear infections. Be cautious if you use essential oils for any of these health conditions.

Do essential oils work for hearing loss?

Search online, and you’ll find websites claiming that several types of essential oils can help with hearing loss, according to a review of essential oil hearing loss claims compiled by Dr. Robert M. DiSogra, a New Jersey audiologist. For example, he found sites claiming:

  • Cajeput oil, geranium oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil could help sensorineural hearing loss, and
  • Helichrysum oil could help both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss

But is there any evidence these oil will help? No, DiSogra points out in a separate review article on essential oils and hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo for Audiology Today. This means very little clinical research (if any) has been conducted on these essential oils, and most of the claims are either unfounded or based on people’s self-reports.

“Audiologists should not recommend essential oils for hearing loss,” he said in the article.

Can essential oils help with tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the name for persistent ringing in the ears. DiSogra uncovered unproven claims that the following essential oils could ease tinnitus: cypress oil, ginseng oil, helichrysum oil, juniper oil, lavender oil, lilies oil, olive oil, onion oil, petitgrain oil, rehmannia oil and spotted orchis oil, among others.

Only one of these, lavender oil, was linked to a health benefit in published medical literature, and it was about potential anti-inflammatory effects on the central nervous system, not tinnitus.

What about CBD (cannabidiol) oil? It’s one of the few oils out there that has been the subject of rigorous research: The FDA has approved a prescription drug made with CBD for severe types of epilepsy, for example. When it comes to tinnitus, we found preliminary-but-conflicting research showing CBD oil may help.

What about essential oils and vertigo?

DiSogra also found plenty of online health claims connected to essential oils and vertigo, including claims about basil oil, bergamot oil, bitter orange oil (neroli), CBD oil, clary sage oil, cypress oil, geranium oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, lemon balm oil, peppermint oil, rose oil, rosemary oil, tangerine oil and thyme oil. None had clinical evidence that they worked.

Is there any evidence that essential oils treat ear infections?

No. As with hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo, DiSogra found similar unproven claims being made for essential oils helping with ear infections. These included claims about lavender oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, oregano oil, basil oil, thyme oil, bishop’s weed oil, peppermint oil, mustard oil and a sesame/castor oil mixture.

But when he searched for clinical trials or other medical studies, he found no evidence that any of these oils would help treat an ear infection.

Risks of essential oils

For the most part, essential oils aren’t acutely dangerous and when used cautiously, aren’t likely to cause permanent harm.

At the end of the day, if you’re curious about trying any of these essential oils, you should use them cautiously and know that they can cause problems if used in the wrong way, including skin reactions.

if you’re curious about trying essential oils, use them cautiously and know that they do carry risks.

“For example, cumin oil is safe in food, but can cause the skin to blister,” DiSogra notes. “Certain citrus oils used safely in food can be harmful in cosmetics, particularly when applied to skin exposed to the sun.”

Also, some essential oils can affect hormones and are not safe for pregnant or nursing women. Others may affect the cardiovascular system.

When it come to conditions that affect the ear, some websites he encountered urged people to put oils in their ears.

But, he explained, “[essential oils] should never be placed into the ear canal, as the oil can burn the sensitive mucous membranes found within the ear if it is used undiluted,” DiSogra noted.

Financial harms of essential oils

Last but not least, keep in mind that essential oils may harm your bank account: They can be expensive, particularly for brands that claim to be using only organically, non-GMO products. Because the FDA doesn’t regulate these products, even claims like these about the purity of the product may be false.

If you need hearing care

Despite what you may find online, there’s not much actual evidence to indicate any essential oil will help with hearing issues. It’s possible this will change if researchers decide to study essential oils more closely.

In the meantime, though, there are many proven effective treatments for hearing and balance problems. If you or a loved one needs hearing care, our consumer-reviewed directory of hearing clinics is a good next step.

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  4. As a Massage Therapist. I can relate to what is put out there. As for the person who wants more info. There are books on essential oils, and YOUTUBE on the subject with qualified people who can answer some of his questions. These remedies are getting back to the body healing itself, without “BIG PHARMAs” QUACK
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    The Ultimate CBD Edibles Guide

    Also known as cannabinoids, CBD refers to hemp content contained in the cannabis plant. Along with other cannabinoids, CBD takes the lion share of the cannabis herb. People can use cannabinoids in various ways when it is extracted from the cannabis herb, but this depends on what it contains. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are the famous cannabinoids, and each has different effects.

    The Difference between THC and CBD

    THC edibles differ from CBD edibles in a few ways. First, CBD edibles are legal according to federal law. However, CBD edibles may sometimes contain low traces of THC, but it should not exceed 0.3 percent, which is the required threshold. Contrary, THC is known for its high effect, which people often associate with cannabis sativa, a plant species under the family of cannabis plants. Another plant species under this family is hemp. CBD doesn’t induce the body and high mind-altering effects that are associated with THC. Instead, CBD extracts are obtained from the hemp herb, which is legal in many states. You can either vape, take orally, or put CBD topically. The exciting thing is that CBD doesn’t come with the psychotropic effect that THC is known for. The impact of THC on the mind and body are quite different, and state and federal law prohibits growing in many places. Though a few countries have already legalized the THC aspect for recreational purposes, many states are still yet to approve it.

    CBD edibles are associated with energy and mood uplift. Edibles such as CBD cookies and chocolates are known for relieving stress and a variety of ailments. CBD edibles are a viable option for people with chronic conditions, where constant use of pain killers can impact their health negatively. It isn’t associated with the addictive qualities that various pharmaceuticals, such as THC contains, and it can even be used as a remedy for someone addicted to THC. Research has so far found little side effects of CBD edibles, and the benefits of its medicinal purposes are unmatched. In essence, CBD edibles are a natural option to relieve a set of mind and body-altering ailments.

    What are the Uses of CBD Edibles?

    You can use CBD edibles for various reasons. One way is that it has been used as a remedy to ailments such as inflammation, epilepsy, nerve pain, chronic pain, depression, symptoms of anxiety, and insomnia. Whether it is in the form of edible, vape as an oil, or take it topically as a lotion, CBD can be administered in different ways. CBD edibles are available in a wide range of form, including cooking oils, baked goods, and gummies. The popularity and rise of CBD continue to grow as people enjoy its benefits.

    How Can Someone Enjoy CBD Edibles?

    There are a set of different options for administering CBD edibles. It can be taken in the form of baked goods, capsules, pill, oils, or gummies. CBD edibles are safe for humans and pet purposes. Here are a few ways of taking CBD edibles.

    CBD Capsules and Pills

    Capsules and pills are similar to taking prescription drugs, and it is a great route to consider if you have no issue with CBD edibles. CBD pills and capsules intake occurs in the same fashion as with capsule and medication vitamins. Just take the tablet or pill orally and give it time for its effects to manifest.

    CBD Gummies

    Taking CBD in the form of gummies is one of the best ways to enjoy CBD edibles. Plenty of CBD gummies flavors are available, and some are reminiscent of the candy that you grew up enjoying.

    CBD Cooing Oil

    Not all CBD oils are taken through vaping. Some come in the form of oil, where users can put a few drops in the mouth and consume them orally. Others are in the form of cooking oil, which people can use for cooking sweet dishes and savory.

    CBD Edibles for Pets

    CBD Oil For Cats

    Injecting puppies and kittens with CBD hardly comes to our thoughts. However, recent studies have found that CBD edibles can improve the health of dogs and cats immensely. That’s because animals have the same endocannabinoid system like the one found in humans, and binding it with CBD edibles can help relieve anxiety and pain in animals as well. Pet owners whose dogs have been ailing for a while should consider administering CBD oil to help alleviate the pain and speed up recovery.

    CBD Oil For Dogs

    Of course, we crave for baked cakes, and CBD cookies come in that form. Get treats such as brownies and cookies to take your CBD experience to another level.

    Tips for taking CBD Edibles

    There are a few tricks to keep in mind when taking CBD edibles.

    Beginners should start with a low dosage to assess how their bodies will react to it.

    Then try to increase the dosage slowly as you monitor your body’s response.

    Take time to research the oil or edible that you buy and confirm its potency and purity level. Keep off any CBD that has traces of THC, and shop around to find the best CBD for you.

    Give the CBD time to work after having a heavy meal.

    How to Choose the Right CBD Product or Edible?

    Finding the right CBD edible is all about needs and preferences. It is up to the users to decide how quickly they would want the effects of their edibles to manifest. For example, CBD taken in an edible form can take longer to kick in because it depends on the kind of food and your digestion, but its effects are quicker when it is taken as a pill. It is up to you as well to determine whether you want something with fewer calories and sugary such as cookies and gummies. Another thing to consider when shopping for CBD is that the dosages of some edibles are higher than others. First, find out about whatever ailment you are trying to alleviate before picking your edibles. Some edibles or dosages work better for anxiety than others, while others are ideal for chronic issues and muscular pain. CBD lotions, Salve, and Cream are other options for taking CBD. You can apply Salve and Cream on a swollen or injured body part for alleviating pain. Though this is an alternative to utilizing CBD in edibles, capsules, and vaping, it still bears fruits when applied as stipulated. It is an option that users can use daily to alleviate chronic pain and handle stretch marks that are ailing them. Researching the available CBD products and which works the best for you can enable you to make the right decision for whatever CBD product or edible you would want to use.

    How CBD Edibles Work

    You first have to understand how the endocannabinoid system in the human body works to know how the effects of CBD edibles kick in. Also known as ECS, the endocannabinoid system is a biological system within the human body, and it comprises of lipid-based neurotransmitters. Its role is to bind to the receptors of cannabinoids that are scattered throughout the central nervous system. The endocannabinoid system produces cannabinoids to regulate different aspects of the nervous system as well as inflammation in human beings. It can help regulate ailments, epilepsy, and pain. Cannabinoids occur in our bodies naturally, but boosting our organs with an external cannabinoid from CBD edibles can increase the positive effects within the endocannabinoid system. The role of the endocannabinoid system isn’t only to respond to internal cannabinoids, but the external cannabinoids as well. Response to external cannabinoids that come in the form of CBD edibles can help mediate inflammation and chronic pain. Science and different studies back up the benefits of CBD edibles, and it is one of the few available natural remedies.

    Edibles vs. Vaping CBD

    CBD products are also available for use in vaporizers, but that depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer smoking while others use to take their CBD products in vape pens. Others may want to control their CBD intake by smoking instead of taking in the form of edibles. Taking CBD products in vape pens allows the effects to hit in a little quicker than taking them in the form of edibles. Vaping is a viable option for someone who would not want to wait for minutes or hours for the effects of CBD to kick in after eating. However, both edibles and vaping are discreet in a way, and the CBD will have the same results as long as the dosage remains the same.

    Incredible Benefits of CBD Edibles

    Long-Lasting Relief

    CBD edibles have several benefits over gummies and CBD inhaled with vape pens. It can take a while for CBD edibles to take effect, but the results can last longer than vaping or smoking. CBD edibles combine the active compound of cannabinoids with other foodstuffs for better results. The digestive system releases CBD slowly as digestion takes place. The results might take longer to manifest, but they are long-lasting.

    Non-Psychotropic Effects

    Of course, CBD is a compound of the cannabis sativa plant, but many people are surprised to find out that its psychotropic effects aren’t as high as THC. Instead, it offers users a sense of alerted energy and mellow mood uplift. Given its long-lasting nature, cookies and brownies infused with CBD can provide prolonged relief from everyday stressors and mild pains. It is an excellent option for anyone who would want to enjoy the effects of cannabis without any side effects.

    Easy to Make

    Though some prefer making infused cooking oils and cannabutter, CBD edibles such as brownies and cookies are simple to make. You can even add CBD extracts to baked and cooked foods for an antioxidant boost. However, note that the effects of isolated CBD are less effective compared to the cannabis plant. You can now find CBD crystals made with isolated and purified CBD online and in access points. CBD edibles are easy to dose and can give a user more control over their CBD intake.

    Less Risk of Lung Irritation

    Vape pens have become popular than ever, but their long-term implication is still yet to be determined. Thinning agents such as polyethylene and propylene glycol are also present in many vape pens. Research suggests that heating these thinning agents to temperatures above 224℃ can produce toxic carcinogens. Vape pens that don’t contain these thinning agents are available, but CBD edibles are an excellent option to avoid poisonous compounds.

    General Remedy

    Researchers suggest that care physicians can use CBD in medicine. Several CBD-infused drugs have already proved successful in treating ailments, epilepsy, and pain in clinical trials. CBD doesn’t benefit people with chronic conditions only, but anyone else who consume it as well. However, it may not work well for people with ailments related to first-aid. Research has found that some CBD edibles work the same as over-the-counter remedies, and their side effects aren’t as harsh as some of the pharmaceutical drugs.


    Some CBD forms are impractical or cumbersome. You could be using a large vape pen, and pulling it out in public may sometimes not be convenient. People who would want to boost their focus during the workday or relieve pain during a long flight can consider bringing with them a CBD gummy.

    Available Online

    Online availability is another benefit of CBD edibles. Though regulations on CBD products are little strict, online CBD vendors across the United States can sell their products online and ship them anywhere. You can also find CBD products in a handful of European nations. Those edibles that are sold online are derived from the hemp plant. People often refer to cannabis when discussing a variety of plants that can produce THC. The hemp plant was used for seed and fiber, but it is now being applied to low-THC and high-CBD cannabis cultivars. Any cannabis with as low as 0.3 percent THC, which is the required threshold is considered hemp in the United States. Hemp products sold online contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

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