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Meghan Markle Tours Africa

Meghan Markle’s royal tour of Africa has officially begun.

On Monday morning, the Duchess of Sussex, 38, and Prince Harry arrived in Cape Town with baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor; the parents later made their first appearance without 5-month-old Archie in Nyanga.

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For the occasion, Markle chose a black-and-white printed wrap dress that perfectly suited the first day of her tour: the Dalitso dress from fair-trade company Mayamiko, which was sourced and made in Malawi.

The causal look retails for only £69 (around $85) but has already sold out online.

Meghan paired the look with her favorite black espadrille wedges by Castañer ($120) and styled her hair in a sleek and simple low ponytail.

She was seen dancing and talking with locals, gave a speech and even put on a red beaded bracelet that read “Justice.”

During the tour, the royal family is expected to tackle issues of violence against women in the area. “Harry and Meghan will begin their tour in a township in Cape Town where the royals will view a workshop that teaches children about their rights, self-awareness and safety and which provides self-defense classes and female empowerment training to young girls in the community,” according to a statement.

Markle’s low-key look is just the beginning of a parade of outfits. The Duchess and her family are expected to attend 35 engagements in just 10 days during their extremely busy royal tour of southern Africa.

Perhaps her next look will be some of her own designs from the recently launched clothing line to benefit Smart Works charity.

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  1. The Royals have been going there for years and nothing has changed!

  2. She is half White, yet she has nothing to say about the Black-on-White racist murders that have been going on in South Africa since the end of Apartheid back in 1994. The same accusation applies to her husband.

    Both are a disgrace to humanity.

  3. I do not care what the RICH UK ROYALS do or are doing, they a taxpayer leeches, these poor people they visit, are no better off after they leave then before their PHOTO OP visit. The are nothing more than a DOG and PONY SHOW , just putting up smoke and mirrors. They are still trying to enslave and colonize the world like they did a 100 years ago. And the only people that suffered are the poor one that are sufferering now

    • Rodger – you got that so right – my fathers family left Jolly Old England over 3 hundred years ago – & as he always said “we may not have been on the 1st boat – but the Hewitt’s were on the 2nd boat!

    • Totally agree Rodger…don’t know why their articles are always on the computer…I could care less.

  4. PLEASE DO NOT refer to this TRASH as Americas princess – she is an actress who has had 3 husbands before the English IDIOT she married.

  5. America is not interested this bit of trash

  6. Who gives a rat’s ASS about this halfbred Hollywood bitch whom Harry decided not to FUCK because he had EPSTEIN to find his special little baby,damn pedophile.

  7. Old Megs is NOT royal – all she did was marry a jerk who could not get any of the British woman of his class to marry him.

  8. Meghan? Yaaaaaaawn, yaaaawyn, yaaaawn! Go on!……..and another yaaaawn!

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