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The Impeachment Push Is Falling Apart

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last week that she has high hopes of working with President Donald Trump on legislation to address issues such as gun violence, though Trump himself declared that the California Democrat has “lost her way” and is not interested in resolving America’s problems.

On Tuesday morning, Pelosi and Trump spoke about enacting gun violence legislation, the speaker said, according to Newsmax.

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A few hours later, however, she announced that House Democrats would begin a formal impeachment inquiry that could ultimately remove Trump from the White House.

The catalyst for the move to open the inquiry was touted as the controversy over a July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to a White House transcript of the call, Trump asked Zelensky to investigate allegations that while he was vice president, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden impurely interfered in Ukraine’s efforts to investigate an energy company that employed Biden’s son, Hunter.

In a statement announcing her support for the impeachment inquiry, Pelosi claimed “the actions of the Trump presidency have revealed the dishonorable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” The Washington Post reported.

That led to a rejoinder from White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, according to CNN.

“In a far departure from all of the work and results of this President, House Democrats have destroyed any chances of legislative progress for the people of this country by continuing to focus all their energy on partisan political attacks,” she said in a statement.

“Their attacks on the President and his agenda are not only partisan and pathetic, they are in dereliction of their Constitutional duty.”

Has Nancy Pelosi become a puppet of the radical left?

When asked on Wednesday about destroying her working relationship with the White House by pressing ahead with impeachment, Pelosi said “that’s not what he told me” during the previous day.

Pelosi also said she wanted to work with the president on drug pricing.

“I certainly hope so. I don’t think that erases any concern he might have for America’s working families and their need for lower drug prices,” Pelosi said.

Trump was asked about his relationship with Pelosi on Wednesday, according to a White House media pool report.

“Look, she’s lost her way. She’s been taken over by the radical left. She may be a radical left herself, but she really has lost her way. I spoke to her about guns yesterday. She didn’t even know what I was talking about. She’s not interested in guns,” Trump said.

The Washington Free Beacon and Politico both reported that talks to address gun violence have stalled, in no small part thanks to Pelosi’s insistence on pursuing an impeachment probe.

“Hard to imagine Trump doing a signing ceremony of anything with Speaker Pelosi at his side, and Democrats are the only ones agitating for gun control,” an anonymous staffer told the Free Beacon.

When asked about gun violence legislation, Trump said, “I’ll tell you what: Nancy Pelosi is not interested in guns and gun protection and gun safety. All she is thinking about is this.”

“She’s been taken over by the radical left, the whole Democrat Party. And you take a look at what’s happening in the media today. The whole party is taken over by the left,” Trump said.

Trump then cited his rising popularity and said Democrats have failed to focus on the issues that matter to the American people.

“And things like, as an example, drug pricing — getting drugs down — things like gun safety, infrastructure, the Democrats can’t talk about that because they’ve been taken over by a radical group of people,” he said.

“And Nancy Pelosi, as far as I’m concerned, unfortunately she’s no longer the speaker of the House.”

Trump spoke at the U.N. with Zelensky, who was asked if Trump pressured him during the controversial phone call.

“I think you read everything. So I think you read text,” Zelensky replied, referring to the transcript released by the White House. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be involved to democratic, open elections — elections of USA.”

“No, you heard that we had, I think, good phone call. It was normal. We spoke about many things. And I — so I think, and you read it, that nobody pushed — pushed me.”

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  1. Since the Democrats have stymied Trump since he was inaugurated and with the plan to use 2020 to Impeach Trump means nothing “0” will be done for the people of this country, if I were Trump I would not even talk to them at all! Complete Silence.

    • What A Wonderful Idea, harry, d. trump not talking to anybody means nobody not having to be cursed with hearing any of the STUPID, DELUDED, CRAP coming out of That INSANE IDIOT’S MOUTH!

      • Hey LOOK,….. Pissholi has a new fake ID,
        She is pretending to be someone named Betty.
        Funny how no matter what identity she takes, we still see the SAME result.
        Such a total asshole,…….
        Enjoy your freedom while you still have it, as SOON you will be someone’s BITCH behind bars.

      • Donald Trump is the greatest thing to happen to our Country in the last Sixty Years..
        God Bless you Mr President…

    • Trump is right, Pelosi has lost her way and is being manipulated by others. This is probably due to her age and her inability to be the leader that she needs to be. Her Impeachment announcement was a big mistake for the Dems and will hurt all of them in 2020. They have NO plans to help America!
      There is absolutely NO evidence of a crime, while Trump was performing his job with a totally legal phone call with the president of the Ukraine and under our agreement, signed by Bill Clinton in 1999, addressing crime or collusion that is related to both of our countries. This is Trump’s obligation to pursue such crimes, yet the Dems think they can impeach him for doing his job.

  2. The Demoncrat Party has become gigantic left wing freak show!

  3. The Democrats are so far left they have lost their way. Either Pelosi let it drift that far or she lend them that way. It makes no difference. They are not an American party any longer.

    No–she is not fit to lead. Period. She could help the party continue it’s decline. That is one way to help America. Otherwise let the party disappear. We don’t need socialism/communism.



  5. Since the whistle blower on President Trump’s Ukraine phone conversation is a CIA operative and NOT a journalist protected by our 1st Amendment, he should be jailed if he refuses to identify who LEAKED their thoughts and claims to him of a classified discussion between world leaders. His assumed accusations are serious, but they are not supported by his firsthand knowledge or facts to merit a deep probe to find out IF ANY FACTS CAN BE FOUND. That is like having nothing showing anyone knows anything meriting having a trial and calling everyone you can think of to testify to see if they know anything.. It is simply a ridiculous publicity stunt for the House to cross examine the whistleblower on his “hearsay evidence” which is inadmissible in all normal trials. So, have the whistleblower identify the leakers and grill them under oath for any facts–and immediately jail the leakers until they open up if they refuse. Isn’t that our law too?

    I also urge you to consider why I believe they are doing this and hate President Trump. Biden’s son was given a job he was not qualified for that paid him over $3 million dollars by a Ukrainian company. Next, Biden’s son, John Kerry’s stepson, and a crook got $1.5 Billion from the Chinese government for a company that never made any money. Other politicians and their appointees got $300,000 or more pay for seats on US company Board of Directors, $millions for giving speeches, and $millions in severance pay from cushy jobs they got during respites from government service. US Billionaires on both sides of the aisle are making more $Billions from cheap illegal alien labor in the US. This “passing around” of taxpayer money and investor profits goes away if President Trump is successful, like he is being, in Draining the Swamp. So they hate fellow Billionaire Trump (traitor) and what he is doing as President (“stole” the election in spite of them) even more. After all, they worship money more than the poor, hence inferior, people and any country borders including ours. It is a plot and corruption as old as time. If we do not stand up for our country right now and again in 2020, it will fall from this sustained attack from within.

    In closing, I believe we all owe it to ourselves and our country to no longer shut out the growing probability that our Intelligence Community is breaking the law, changing the rules, making up “evidence” and doing whatever they can get by with to take back power from a President committed to Draining their Swamp. Shouldn’t we be concerned that it was the Intelligence Community (who changed the rules) Inspector General that deemed the complaint contained “urgent concerns”, but the Director of National Intelligence stated it did not? It is sad that our media is fairly successful in convincing too many Americans that President Trump cannot talk to foreign leaders about known corruption in the foreign country without facing impeachment, and foreign leaders now have to be worried about anything they talk with the US being leaked to the world. It is up to all US patriots to put a stop to this utter takeover of the Presidency now and control over all future Presidents by our Intelligence Community. We are not run like Russia—yet—are we?

    • You just described the corruption that President Trump stated he was after. That is why they want to get rid of him.

  6. I’m sick if this whole mess… it’s always something. I read the transcript.. there was nothing there! When does this harassment stop and congress gets back to doing their job. They are pathetic.

    • From day ONE, they have done anything and everything to criticize our President. He has done such a good job in spite of all that the media and left have thrown at him. Imagine what he could accomplish if he didn’t have to fight back for what’s good for our country.

  7. I love this even my friends whom did not vote for Trump are saying he is doing a great job for blacks , and they are voting for him biden and the dems look like the crooks these people are so corrupt , but joe knows where all the bodies are.

  8. I do not support the Democratic Party, in order for you to get a grip on what really goes on, you have to be there.
    We only can imagine what’s it like to be in that position.
    Both sides represent the American people, and sometimes a few will struggle on what the majority wants.
    They work for us period. It’s not logical to think that they are out to get you, unless we are talking taxes, or some other ideas we don’t agree with.
    Unfortunately for them at the moment Donald Trump has exposed the worst in them, and believe me he’s not about to skip out on a little fun.
    I don’t think President Trump should make any deals until he’s re-elected. Then he can point out a few things he might join in on, but it’s doubtful he will, because they seem to have a power struggle right now.
    Me personally, I’am voting for Trump it’s the only way to keep America great after decades of failed ideology.

  9. MADAME Speaker of the house, needs to move out ! Perhaps in five of six years she’ll have found the Mind she. lost while dreaming up this, ” INSURRECTION, ‘ to gain her role as this Nations second EMPRESS !
    PERHAPS we shouldn’t hate her, better to PITY THE FOOLISH WOMAN, after all, it was Her choice to believe a LIE and be Cursed for it.!!
    Hating her would simply lower ourselves too her level of thought.!

  10. President Trump your totally right when you say Nancy Pelosi has lost her way and is no longer the speaker of the house, she gave that up to AOC months ago, don’t work with her to do anything, she needs you to help her with working with her to stay in office, the country is set to vote her and all four of the squad straight out of Congress in 2020, do her no favors, she’s worthless in everything she says and does and nothing she has to say is ever the truth. She is the Democrat top Obstructionist and she needs to go.

  11. Hey pelosi impeach AOC + 3 they’re ruining your legacy and making you the tool .

  12. trump’s so-called rising popularity is just another Fiction Created In The SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN Of That Oval Office MENTALLY ILL MONKEY & Presidential Walking, Talking PISS ASS PENIS In Human Form!

  13. trump’s so-called rising popularity is just another Fiction Created In The SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN Of That Oval Office MENTALLY ILL MONKEY & Presidential PISS ASS PIG!

    • Betty, I hope your feeling better soon, mental illness is so hard to deal with. TDS is treatable, just stop dreaming about the green bum deal, Medicare for all and open boarders. It’s not going to ever happen. President Trump will serve this country for 8 years, then start a new party called “the Trump party” the horror of the Democratic Party will fade into history because America will never embrace communism, socialism and all the other lunatic left ideas that would have destroyed this great country. I hear Cuba is beautiful this time of year why not visit and never come back!

    • It’s obvious, Betty, that you know your Constitution and are an open-minded individual and can be objective…or…maybe not! Examine yourself, motives, knowledge of socialists/communism and how that type of gov has worked for say Cuba, Venezuela, Russia vs freedoms you have now. Do you want what those countries have? Be careful what you wish for. Those in Germany put hope in promises of free and they got Hitler…Trump is working to prevent socialist take over. You might want to listen to other sources and get a better picture than just liberal venues. Your hateful words reflect your heart…be careful as you will reap what you put your energy into…karma…and judgement at those pearly gates. It’s not too late to reflect and change your ways.

    • Stuff it Betty. You are starting to sound like a broken record. We know that you don’t like Trump already.

    • Betty your reply is exactly what we would expect from the leftist. If you don’t have anything to say, just scream them down with gutter talk.

    • Betty I understand your frustration but you have to remember that we had two Presidents for 16 years and one of them your own Democrats impeached and the other one had no interest in doing anything other than having a health insurance that if you could not afford by the end of the year you were fined for something they could not afford in the first place. Think about it before you talk trash on the president and if you think you can do better then run for president yourself.

    • Betty, Have you been to a Mental Health Doctor lately?? You should make an Immediate Appointment , BEFORE , you Implode/Explode, UNLESS it’s toooo late.

    • Wow you must be a radical democrat. You eat with the same mouth you speak with?? I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  14. Betty: Your grasp of the English language appears to be very limited.
    Gutter talk. Using the wrong end of the body.

  15. Betty has a superb case of Trump Derangement Syndrome aka TDS.

    “sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting of hyperbole [leading to] a constant state of hysteria… the afflicted lose touch with reality.”

  16. Betty, I think you have some major mental issues. You are showing your ignorance with such language.

  17. Betty must be on unemployed on government assistants. It’s clear no one in Democratic Party have done anything they were elected for they hatred of good economic health contradict has blinded them. See in good economy you can’t buy votes with promises of prosperity as it is already here.

  18. MAGA ! MAGA ! MAGA !

  19. You have phone transcript between the to partys. So Whistleblower hear say can only rattle or lie. Facts are on the right side. You can get garbage but it will only stink. Smart people can hear, see, acknowledge and smell. Take note we the people have our eyes, ears, nose and God given brain on the 2020 election

    • Adam Shifty Schiff at it once again; once a liar and cheat, always a cheat. The left is making a spectacle of themselves and the laughing stock of America AND other countries. It’s time to give it up and think about America. Oh wait—too late!


  21. One thing will win this that is Trump, he won’t be stopped and he will not deal with the hateful antics of Pelosi or any democrat.

  22. Nancy Pelosi has not only lost ‘her way’ but she has lost her mind, along with the entire party!! It has become such a circus, she being the clown, well her and Shifty Adam Schiff!! Not sure which one is the biggest clown!! And wondering when she will remove all that gooey gawd-awful makeup and STOP with all the plastic surgery.. I know when she has had another procedure because her eyebrows are inches higher than usual. Not amused with any of it but God Bless President Trump!! {and I think we all know by now, they accuse him of doing exactly what they do and have done} well guess what… God is watching. Watch out!

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