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Violence Breaks Out as Anti-Trump Protesters Burn American Flag

A fundraising visit from President Donald Trump had the bustling city of Los Angeles looking messier than usual Tuesday evening at rush hour.

Tensions flared as pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators congregated outside the Beverly Hills Hotel where Trump was set to host a fundraiser and welcomed the president to the city — whether with open arms or mockery and jeers.

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Seemingly innocuous displays on both sides, from the singing of Trump’s praises to anti-Trump signs and the flying of a massive baby Trump caricature balloon, soon descended into flag burning and street brawls.

The escalation of tensions began as anti-Trump protesters called for “revolution” and, egged on by a bullhorn, members of the group set fire to an American flag.

“America was never great,” the anti-Trump protesters chant in a video posted by the U.K. Daily Mail.

One member of the group can be heard screaming, “We burn the American flag because the Amazon is on fire.”

A man can be seen attempting to secure the burning flag. But the man was met with physical resistance, and fights erupted.

WARNING: The following videos contains violent images that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

“You have two extremes, groups that are fighting like that over this flag,” KCBS reporter Chris Holmstrom said in a video posted to Twitter that included footage of one of the fights.

“There’s pro-Trump supporters, there’s also antifa as well,” he added, referring to so-called anti-fascist demonstrators. “You can see just how intense this is out here. These two groups aren’t getting along tonight at all.”

Unwilling to stoop to the level of physical violence, Trump supporter Gregg Donovan told KCBS he had never seen such hatred emerge from peaceful political demonstrations.

“All my years, I’ve never seen that,” Donovan said.

“I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time.”

“The burning of the flag really hurt,” he added.

Unlike the violent outbursts that rocked Portland, Oregon, last month during standoffs between conservative demonstrators and antifa protesters, however, police officers appear to have detained the involved parties each time a fight broke out on Tuesday.

Authorities were not able to successfully maintain peaceful relations, and were soon forced to permanently separate the opposing groups.

No arrests or major injuries have been reported at this time.

Trump’s fundraising visit came as something of a surprise in progressive California — a state which no Republican presidential nominee has won since George H. W. Bush in 1988.

But according to the GOP, Tuesday night’s event, one of several fundraisers across the state this week that are expected to bring in as much as $15 million total, was meant to send a message to the state’s radically progressive leadership.

“By showing up to a fundraiser deep in the belly of the beast, one is saying: ‘I don’t care what the liberal politicians are saying and I want to show my support for him publicly,’” California’s Republican National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon told The Associated Press.

“I sold $100,000 worth of [tickets], and I could have sold another $100,000 more,” Dhillon added.

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  1. “antifa” is a real misnomer..These idiots are SO ideologically stupid they fail to see their violence IS a fascist tactic used by fascists like hitler to silence voices they hate !

    • antifa will not act out violently in conservative towns with strong law-abiding sheriffs and law enforcement such as my town and my region. Our sheriff has indicated he would not only arrest these terrorists with numerous charges that would place them in prison for years. He also liked our suggestion that all antifa terrorists arrested would have their photos taken and their names and towns and all that info published on the Internet for all to see.

    • Oh I think they knew very well before they even started.

    • Jack, Before making comparison between today’s Antifa-Left-Communists and Herr Hitler, I suggest you first research history outside mainstream institutions.People in the world have been ( thanks to the financiers and powers to be, working from behind the stage) so brainwashed about Germany, that the masses today no are no longer capable to differentiate historic facts and what really took place. So please, learn to know the difference between the German NSDAP ( National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei ) and Italy’s Benito Mussolini Fascist Government. Herr Hitler was a National Socialist and not a Fascist. Mussolini, before he turned Fascist, was a hardcore Communist, until he realized what Communism turned his Italy into. Germany was faced with the Communists who already had taken a foothold inside Germany. By the way, 150 000 Jews fought with the Germans against Russia’s Communist/Bolsheviks Red Army. Among these Jews were Generals, Coronals, Majors and soldiers. Also, the Zionists had their stronghold in Germany. Herr Hitler had to work with them if he wanted or not. With the support of the German citizens the Zionists knew Hitler had an entire nation behind him and that included Austria which joined freely only a few years later, cause their country was like all neighboring European countries in an economic mess and depression. Herr Hitler turned the economy of Germany around within five years, whereas Europe and the USA continued in a great depression. I can go much much deeper into details, but will leave it right here. Do your own homework. The internet is a wonderful tool to learn. The lies will come to an end, like it or not, and the world will know the truth.

      If you are an American, you love your country and what it once stood for ( and still does) then I advice you, and all who read this, to stand up for your country now, and fight against corruption on all levels; including those who aid, abet and finance illegal border crossings with people from third world countries ( including hardcore criminals) putting more economic pressure on everybody, except those who hide behind their facade; for the little freedom left which is protected’ under your ‘Constitution’. You allowed the cauldrons in, and they have manipulated, deceived, brainwashed, and bankrupted your country, beginning with the ‘Civil War’, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The very same culprit ( financiers) got you into WWI and WWII, and every war after 1945. You are a bankrupt country today, just like all other countries that have been taken over and financially controlled by the international bankers and monopolies who have run everybody into perpetual debt living paycheck to paycheck. A country without borders is no longer a country. Better wake up and get ready, ’cause the real global Fascist State for all is waiting to be implemented.

  2. The Leftists are burning the American Flag because of the fires in the Amazon? This just shows you what a bunch of snowflakes that were there because this President or the administration has nothing to do with these fires. It is time to go after the source of the funding of these violent groups and they know where it is coming from.

    • It’s not Trump supporters protecting flag! It’s true American Patriots that are trying to stop anti American thugs from disrespecting all that has been built and paid for with life and Justice! God bless America

    • not only that the only fires in the Amazon are the usual farmer stated fires.. the pictures that the snowflakes are acting stupid over come from 2014..

    • Bud, you have to look no further than Obama/Soros to get to the source of the violence. One of Soros organizations is OSF or Open Society Foundations, who by the way claim to care about freedom, democracy, and human rights. Obviously, Soros has a warped sense of reality since violence is his middle name and he is well known around the world. Soros/Obama are funding ANTIFA and BLM as well as many other violent and militant organization around the world, to gain control and overthrow their governments.

  3. Antifa once again. Definitely a terrorist group and should be labeled as such. The media need to report this group for what it is. I wonder which Leftist big-money people are behind the scenes funding this group of cowardly scum?

  4. those HORSES A$$ES, anti-Trumpers , sure have a BAD CASE OF THE DUMBA$$. POTUS TRUMP 2020 MAGA 2020 2022 2024

  5. My flag is hung upside down and it is staying that way until the orange cockwaffle is out of the White House.

    • Virginia L Jourdenais

      This is scary, Joe. It makes me think that the end of civilization as we have known it is coming to a end….perhaps even the world itself.

    • Virginia Jourdenais

      Eireann, Do you think hanging the flag upside down will change anything? Do you really think that Trump is responsible? If so, you are wrong….so very wrong. Sad.

  6. Too many non-US citizen trash-types have been allowed to remain in our country after they have illegally invaded with the sole intent to grift on our nation & economy in every way they can. Vile street criminals seem to be the only ones out on the streets & aren’t being controlled/indicted as they should be, most of them radical leftists & outfight Communists. They are out in public in such numbers because those who are behind this terrible situation know that President Trump will not allow our country to be overrun with America-hating low lives who create turmoil & outright violence in our streets, so the Left in America ensures that they keep the floodgates open to continue the violence & confuse & delude the American public as to the true cause & the real people behind this unacceptable situation in our country. Hopefully the deluded Americans who continue to vote for what used to be the true Democrat Party will wake up to the fact that they are voting for some of the worst enemies of our country–candidates who are disloyal & sell-outs to our worst enemies both here in America & abroad.

    • I totally agree with you. We need to drain the swamp and drain the USA for all non-legal citizens and those who would burn our countrys flag, kneel for our anthem and threaten those who support our President. Why is this allowed… I get the “freedom of speech” thing but that shouldn’t include threats to others and shouldn’t be part of anything for illegals because they have NO RIGHTS in this country since they’re not legal citizens. If you hate this country so bad and hate our flag, get your lousy hateful butt out of it. We don’t want you here anymore than you want our president here. Grow up and start being part of the solution instead of THE PROBLEM…. the demon rats are the problem in this country and insight rioting and killing and attacking other citizens and want to give all illegals everything and want more here. NO NO NO NO, maybe its time for a revolution in this country to wake up our government and let them know we’re tired of all the crap going on. If the demonrats want to give free medicare to everyone, then quit taking it out of my paycheck every week…. I WANT IT FREE TOO

  7. That is the problem with ANIFTA group there a bunch of kids that hides there faces and picks on single people units. This country has thousands of vets that aren’t afraid of a fight and knows what it is like to fight ANTTFA goes against the grain of most people that have half a brain. It is the modern day punk or KKK that hides his face behind a mask. There will be blood running in the streets in 2020 because of these punks but it won’t be the supporters of Trump. What is going to happen when it hits the next level.

  8. Antifa are just pawns.They do not have brains of mentality to organize Lego block’s.They get controlled by socialist Sorry ass Sorros who hates himself and can’t control anything with his money! LOSER

  9. It’s time to start kickin’ ass and taken names!


    • Barbara, There simply is no other way for true Veterans as it is our inner nature to defend the Flag. We don’t have to call it ‘symbol worship’ but simple a profound, deep respect for the “Colors that we fought for/ under.” America has many faults and now the world sees how low and corrupt the Liberal Left gov’t under Obama has descended. And the current brand of losers, Antifa, are a prime example. I have earned the right to my opinion. —Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. –Visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. Email: tschuckman@aol.com

  11. ANTIFA and the progressives, in general, may well be the most hate-filled “peacefull protest group in American history. While they ceaselessly blame conservatives, I see the majority of the violence coming from them

  12. According to the definition on Wikipedia, it is as follows. It goes on, but if you need more information, you know where to look.

    What constitutes a definition of fascism and fascist governments has been a complicated and highly disputed subject concerning the exact nature of fascism and its core tenets debated amongst historians, political scientists, and other scholars since Benito Mussolini first used the term in 1915.

    A significant number of scholars agree that a “fascist regime” is foremost an authoritarian form of government, although not all authoritarian regimes are fascist. Authoritarianism is thus a defining characteristic, but most scholars will say that more distinguishing traits are needed to make an authoritarian regime fascist.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

    Similarly, fascism as an ideology is also hard to define. Originally, it referred to a totalitarian political movement linked with corporatism which existed in Italy from 1922 to 1943 under the leadership of Benito Mussolini. Many scholars use the word “fascism” without capitalization in a more general sense, to refer to an ideology (or group of ideologies) which was influential in many countries at many different times. For this purpose, they have sought to identify what Roger Griffin calls a “fascist minimum”—that is, the minimum conditions that a certain political movement must meet in order to be considered “fascist”.[3]

    Scholars have inspected the apocalyptic, millennial and millenarianism aspects of fascism.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

  13. I have never seen such hatred in my life for a President. People better wake up and support our President because he is the only one keeping us from becoming a third world country. God bless our President and VP.

    • Virginia L Jourdenais

      George Soros may well be behind all of this hatred for our country which was once loved and revered. He must have long arms to gather as many to himself as he has. I believe him to be a progeny of the Devil himself. He and his cohorts who include the Clintons and their secret society. They all must be subdued to the point where they are unable to continue with this lunacy. President Trump heads this country in a very difficult time and I believe he is doing the best that anyone can do while dealing with his own problems. God bless President Trump!

      • Virginia,
        George Soros is but one of many agents working for the International Bankers ( Rothschild & Co.). World conditions are produced and controlled by those who control the money system. These are the people who build up the reputations of those who serve them, and try to destroy the reputations of those who oppose them.
        Just go back 2000 years ago. The attitude of Jesus towards the controllers and their doings was another reason for the punishment of the cross, as it has been ever since for the hounding and terrorisation of others who resisted the financial crucifixion of humanity. Read ‘The 24 Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion’ ( by professor Nilus, available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.) and you will learn and understand why our world has been in one turmoil after another. Our world is run by some very different people then you think. We are not only in a physical, but spiritual war and all are now faced with the unthinkable unless the people take their country back and out of the clutches of the destroyers of mankind. Europe already is in its final stage. It will be either or. It is up to us.

    • You must have slept through the Obama years. Or did you leave the US and go back to Russia so you weren’t here during his successful two terms.

  14. Antifa is a bunch of mindless twits. They cannot really tell you what they are for or against. They are morons and deserve a good thrashing. Democrats, do know why they are there and they all deserve to be tossed from their offices and never returned!


  16. These baby boomer spawned America hating scumbags need to visit the Normandy, France cemetery containing the remains of 9,400 Americans and tell the citizens of France that “America was never great.”

    • kbhret,

      Normandy is only the continuation of another war that what planed, financed and executed by the financial powers to be. Let me take you back in our earthly history just the last 5800 years. Ever wondered why ordinary people have been warring each other?
      The Swiss scientist Jean-Jacques Babel found during his extensive research that during the last 5600 years humanity fought 14,500 wars with three and a half billion dead. That is half of today’s world population. Alone in the year 1991 there were 52 wars or warlike crisis upon this planet. In that year alone, after countless wars and clashes on this planet, among the other two world wars in just one century there were 104 opposing ideologies facing each other, with concerns weighing heavily enough to justify the killing of further millions of human beings.
      What purpose could be served by war among men? Who really benefited and profited from these wars?
      Follow the powers to be ( those responsible) and the money trail. And don’t forget all the wars committed in the name of religious institutions.

  17. I hope there isn’t a day where I happen to see someone trying to burn our flag. I served under that flag of freedom for 27 years. I’m afraid whoever was burning the flag might get there heads busted. All ANIFTA are modern day KKK but instead of Blacks as there primary target it’s Americans that believe in our freedom. And the funny part is they only target individuals but not groups as per say. What is going to happen when they approach someone that is armed and they don’t know it I can read the leftish papers now. Person kills ANIFTA protestors when harassed. Way I see it is gonna happen just like that someday. If they hate our country so bad they can always move on .

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  19. It’s not Trump supporters protecting flag! It’s true American Patriots that are trying to stop anti American thugs from disrespecting all that has been built and paid for with life and Justice! God bless America

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