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Democrats Want To Make Joining The NRA Illegal

Over the past two decades, Democrats have been pushing very hard to do away with the Second Amendment. Both nationally and at state levels, many Democrats have pushed legislation to restrict gun ownership as much as possible. In some states, such as New York, Maryland and California and cities like Chicago, Baltimore and Los Angeles, Democrats have succeeded in passing numerous restrictive anti-Second Amendment laws and ordinances.

Ironically, those locations are among the nation’s leading areas with the highest incidence of gun violence, yet, Democrats are unwilling to admit the direct relationship between gun control and gun violence.

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During the reign of Barack Hussein Obama, there was a huge push for more gun control laws, with some Democrats actually stating that their goal was to repeal the Second Amendment. Consequently, gun and ammunition sales hit record highs for several years. Membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA) also soared with the threat of anti-gun legislation being pushed by Democrats.

After the election of Donald Trump, it appeared that NRA membership and their finances followed the decline in gun and ammunition sales. With a pro-Second Amendment president, fears about gun bans diminished.

However, after a rash of crazies using guns for mass shootings, the call for stricter gun control, up to and including gun bans, have taken on a whole new level of political activity. Not only are most Democrats using gun violence to push more anti-gun legislation, but some RINOs have begun to join them. Consequently, membership in the NRA has again risen. In April 2019, it was reported that NRA membership had not only has NRA membership recovered from the decline after Trump took office, but the membership has reached the highest level ever, with about 5.5 million members.

Many believe that over the past few decades, it was the political influence of the NRA that has been the strongest voice to protect the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. The political influence of the NRA has been a bane for Democrats who are dead set on disarming the American people as part of their push to make America a socialist nation.

The anti-NRA mindset among Democrats has grown to such a point that many now believe that it should be illegal for anyone to join the membership, as reported:

The National Rifle Association is America’s largest gun rights organization with more than five million members. But a sizable number of Democrats views it as a terrorist group and believes it should be against the law for Americans to belong to pro-gun rights organizations like the NRA.

Following several recent mass shootings, officials in San Francisco declared the NRA a domestic terrorist organization. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that nearly one-out-of-three Likely Democratic Voters (32%) favor declaring the gun rights group a terrorist organization in the community where they live. Fourteen percent (14%) of Republicans and 20% of voters not affiliated with either major party agree. 

Twenty-eight percent (28%) of Democrats say Americans should be prohibited by law from belonging to pro-gun rights organizations like the NRA, a view shared by 15% of Republicans and 10% of uanffiliateds.

Among all likely voters, 23% favor declaring the NRA a terrorist organization in their home community, while 18% think it should be against the law to belong to pro-gun rights groups like the NRA.

Only 13% believe NRA members are more likely to commit a crime with a gun. A plurality (47%) says members of the group are less likely to commit such a crime, while 28% think the level of gun crime by NRA members is about the same as in the population at large. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided.

This coincides with much of the anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-rights, anti-freedom agenda. It’s all part of their plan to turn America into another Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Russia or China!

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  1. It should be illegal to be a Democrat! They are socialist, communist and un-American

    • Very good Joe !

    • Socialism in all forms, should have been made illegal 85 years ago by Congress amending the Constitution and naming all that would advance it as criminals charged with treason and punished by death.

    • My intended reply almost word 4 word. Only difference is should b illegal 4 SOCOMS 2 open their manure spewing mouths,

    • We all know that the DemonRATS (democrats) are the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, not the NRA.

      • You are absolutely correct Toby. Considering that Democrats favor killing hundreds of thousands of babies every year, yet fewer than 800 have been killed by mass shooters in the same period, it’s obvious who the terrorists are. The NRA is an educational organization that teaches gun safety. I don’t have specific knowledge, but I doubt that any of the recent mass shooters were NRA members.

    • LOL Love it, Joe! And if they oppose the US Constitution, I also don’t think they should be eligible to hold public office either.

    • I took the oath to defend the US against all enemies, (foreign and domestic), when I enlisted in the US Army 53 years ago, that oath is still good today, BTW, DOMESTIC ENEMIES, includes the communist leftist anti- American dim0cRATS. Go Trump 2020

    • RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I think the Dems have it wrong, I you a not a member of the NRA you are most likely a terriost so you should be jailed for your non action.By jailed I mean sent to some far away place where we no longer have to see or hear you, Bikini Atoll sounds like a spot for you freaks. It would not take to long for u to say I give up you are right.

    • gun owners are cowards. look at the pic above. they are all fat old diabetic graybeards

    • The Convention of States can help they will fix the federal government.set term limits LIMIT federal power and federal spending they will drain the swamp you can find them on Facebook or on line tell them you support them and stand with them and you can call write or email your state legislature and tell them to support the convention of states..there’s 50 statea we need 34 to go and fix the problems we have 15 strong states on our side and 7 pending ..you make a big difference your voice helps ..so please help us save our country ,our future for us and your kids

  2. No, actually anyone attempting to repeal the 2nd Amendment or any of our bill rights should be charged with treason and put to death

  3. Long live the National Rifle Association… It has been in existence since 1871 and many U.S. presidents have been members. I have been a life member since 1971, the centennial year… I believe in our 2nd Amendment as did our founding fathers.. The 2nd Amendment was included in our Constitution for a reason; and a good reason.. Our founding fathers were not a group of idiots, as the so-called progressives would have us believe… They knew history and were well aware of the fact that would be tyrants always had to disarm the populace to have the ability to make slaves of them… So, I would say to any and all gun grabbers: Come and get my gun. But be fair about it… Come by yourself and give me a heads up by letting me know exactly when you’re planning on getting here……….

    • sGo NRA These are kin to the men who fought and established our country.

      • What has the USA become with all these Crazy Politicans trying to take our 2nd Admendent Away that’s a bunch of crap how can u say the NRA is a terrorist group when they r all about protecting themselves against the criminals that r living here&sneaking across our borders& having open borders u democrates r a terrorist group not the NRA!!! I used to be a democrate not anymore!!!

    • What has the USA become with all these Crazy Politicans trying to take our 2nd Admendent Away that’s a bunch of crap how can u say the NRA is a terrorist group when they r all about protecting themselves against the criminals that r living here&sneaking across our borders& having open borders u democrates r a terrorist group not the NRA!!! I used to be a democrate not anymore!!!

  4. Democrat party is not American. Hitler New party. All should be arrested for treason. Anyone voting for the Democrat party should be deported. Unamerican disgusting lowlife stains on America.

  5. It should be illegal to join the democratic party—you have to be a terrorist and have un-American values you also must be a liar–cheater and corrupt—if you have these values you are a good prospect for membership

    • Amen. James Clooney, Amen.
      Lets make it illegal to register of vote as a Democrat for at least the next 50 years. How about that as a counter proposal.

    • THE Democrat Party , is not only a domestic terrorist group, but it IS TREASONOUS and rotten to the very core of their being.

    • It’s all going to boil down to State Rights. States will decide the direction they will go when considering unconstitutional restrictions on human rights. Then We The People will make the nessasary adjustments.

    • You are so right. Anybody that knows the true history of the Democrat Party and is still a Democrat and than votes for any Democrat dose not love America.

    • James Clooney-
      Great comment! The current democratic party, Antifa, and all George Soros sponsored groups should be rigorously investigated and considered for inclusion on the list of terrorist organizations. Thomas Jefferson and other patriots recognized the need for armed citizens to defend the Constitution and protect the country from tyranny by government oppression of the rights granted by the Constitution. In the event of any attempted hostile takeover of the government, the law-abiding pro- gun safety members of the NRA and millions more non-affiliated like minded Citizens will be called upon to rise up to uphold the rule of law against terrorist sedition. Terrorists do not realize how hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned they will be. Bring it on, if you dare, swamp scum!

    • I agree James! However I am 81 years old and have been a Republican for many years. I recently in the last couple of years went Independent. I fear the Republicans are not much better. Too many of them are no better or worse than the Demonrats!

      • Amen to that!! I’ve reached the point of not believing any politician. lie like a dog to get elected then just follow the leader.

    • I agree.

    • I worked for 37 years as a civilian contractor for Lockheed Martin in electronic countermeasures.
      I have held security clearances higher than Top Secret.
      I belong to theNRA and will continue as a member.
      The Democrats and the government can go screw.
      The 2nd Amendment is what prevents us from becoming slaves.

    • You’re so right about that

    • I second your words..

  6. I’m renewing my membership in the NRA as well as Gun Owners of America just because the Dims want to make it illegal.

  7. That’s about the dumbest thing the Democrats have come up with to date !

    • Wait, there is still plenty of time for the Dems to think up something even more controlling. The irony of it all is that the Democrats are ANYTHING but liberal. It’s amazing that when “hate” come in to play, all reason and humanity seems to disappear. So it is with the Dems.

  8. This article just pushed me into joining the NRA. Thank You, an American who values the second amendment.

  9. The author of this article has at least one point incorrect: The Democrats aren’t interested in turning “America into another Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Russia or China”. What they want is a society close to Nazi Germany with Obama as their Furher for life.

  10. It should be illegal to let Democrats to join the N.R.A.

  11. I made this reply to James Clooney, why was it under moderation?

    You are so right. Anybody that knows the true history of the Democrat Party and is still a Democrat and than votes for any Democrat dose not love America.

  12. the demo-donkeys want every thing illegal except them and only their ideas and laws, that they want to pass on to everyone. They all need to be rounded up and sent to GITMO, and then see how the rank and file demo-donkey like that,

  13. Democraps never say a word about Moses having a commandment “Thous shalt not kill”, long before firearms and gunpowder were invented. They can’t teach that to the youth because Christianity doesn’t allow for homosexuality or abortions, and is therefore also banned from their minds. If a hundred thousand people were murdered each year with sharpened sticks or clubs, I assume the democraps would feel as though we are much better off, because they think more republicans would be eliminated.

  14. The D-Rat party should be considered a Terrorist Organization and their members tried for subversion and treason.

  15. Clarence J Zeller III

    The Democratic party should be outlawed! The NRA is one of the only organizations that fights for gun right. It should be illegal to join the Democratic party or should I say the “Socialist, Communist” party. These people are brain dead! If they are allowed to they will destroy this country! As Thomas Jefferson said from time to time the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of tirents and patriots!

  16. Exactly what does the NRA do that is so objectionable? They don’t promote violence or hate. They do promote gun safety. They defend the second amendment. They advocate wild life conservation and responsible hunting & game laws.

  17. Well now, ” We the People ” and the NRA Membership , with over 5 Million Members , will have or could have , the deciding Voice when the 2020 Election Day Voting Booth’s open. Evidently these Dumb Assed Democrats think they will also run those Voting Booths for Democrats Only. Sharpen your ” Voting Booth Ballot Pencil Markers ” Hunters, Gun Owners , and NRA Members – WE WILL SPEAK , BIG TIME , ON ELECTION DAY 2020 – BET ON IT . TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet., Retired.

  18. 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 As long as there are, Elite Trump supporter hunting parties, unlawful, unconstitutional government gun grabbers, Fentanyl cartel king pins, traitors, Narco-Terrorists, mass murders, narcotized junked up hair trigger whack jobs, Al-Qaeda guys, weaponized syphilitics, drug cartel gunmen, child sex traffickers, MS 13 gangs, antifa assaulters, Manchurian candidates, Terrorists, angry democrat mobsters, various & different evil doers running around loose with trucks, buckets of rocks & bottles, machine guns, machetes, bombs, flame throwers, Molotov cocktails, switchblades, brass knuckles, RPG’s, bows & arrows, mustard gas, anthrax, ebola, tanks, Bowie knives. No one should give up their guns. And no government should require them to. Even when police show up in a timely manner people still die, as in El Paso. Get out there to the range and sharpen those skills. Catch up with me on YouTube. My opinion.
    “Never Give Up Your Guns” Click my name.

    • I agree. Get out to the range and sharpen your shooting skills. But what (who?) will we use for target practice…..hmmm. Just parodying ha ha ha.

  19. Liberalism….The SICK, HIDEOUS, SATANIC MENTAL DISORDER….For Which…THERE IS NO CURE !!!! You’re modern day Liberal, Progressive DemonRAT(sorry democrat) is just that…Possessed by Satan. They HATE this country.

  20. You know a country has lost all sense of critical thinking when the people cast their votes and support for politicians who proclaim loud and clear that they intend to fully remove all their rights, and the people applaud and vote to help them accomplish that task.

    The day will never come where the people understand that the Republican Party and Democratic Party are ONE IN THE SAME playing both sides of the coin.

  21. Liberalism….The SICK, HIDEOUS, SATANIC MENTAL DISORDER….For Which…THERE IS NO CURE !!!! You’re modern day Liberal, Progressive DemonRAT(sorry democrat) is just that…Possessed by Satan. They HATE this country.

  22. The socialists have hi-jacked the name Democrat. The word represents one thing but practices another in disguise. A socialist by any other name is still a socialist…keep the firearm handy and be vigilant Minutemen !

  23. Well I am a NRA Member and I don’t see anything wrong with it. People in California are crazy as a bedbug anyway and I don’t appreciate being called a terrorist! You democrats and Socialist Are trying to take away all of our rights. Well let me tell you one thing I own several guns and not one of guns have ever shot anyone, I leave them home and they have never shot a soul. Personally I think this is a sack of crap 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  24. I think joining the democratic party should be illegal. They are taking away the rights given to us in the constitution. Only liberals have freedom of speech. One by one conservative voices are being forced off the air. In NYC you can be fined for calling an illegal alien an illegal alien. In San Francisco it’s not politically correct to call a criminal or a con a con. Just because you don’t use those words don’t make them any less true. They want to make America gun free (except for criminals and their bodyguards). They don’t admit it but that’s their goal. With this current coup attempt thinly disguised as an impeachment hearing is designed to take away America’s right to elect the person of our choice to be president. They want to turn America into a communist country where the ciitizens have no rights.

  25. tuesdayissoylentgreenday

    The Democrats have come out in the open with their gun control… their goal is no guns …you can bet the NRA does have a influence, that is why the clown car party has come out to fight it. Any American who has watched the Democrats, with the so called Trump Impeachment and trying to overthrow your Country. If anyone now listens to the clown Car party on gun control or gives up any weapon… You are a idiot and deserve to be found licking the ass of the politicians who you let take your rights from you.

  26. Democrats are Commies and Nazis.



    • Amen, it’s our right to join or not. The DEMONCRAPS need to be working for us instead of trying to take all our rights away.

      • Apparently They don’t understand the Revolution War! “Sons Of Liberty”, (Two disc PBS presentation) Should be Mandatory viewing for the Dems, and Students. I bought mine, cheap, on E-Bay!

  29. Elisabeth Crowell

    What is the question ??
    We have the right to join any such club we choose if it becomes illegal to join the NRA then we will make ikt illegal to join the Democratic Party

  30. Then whats next that does not fit thir agenda…Judeao Christian Church membership?
    Perhaps the DemocRATic party should be banned!!

  31. Joining the NRA is the BEST thing that you can do now . . . We need to keep the Socialist/Communist AT BAY (prison would be a better place for these Treasonistic Traitors of our rights through the U.S. Constitution). Taking our weapons away from us is ONLY a means to supplant our Constitution and Freedoms with Communist Globalism. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again)

  32. Know one should be surprised with this. The democrats want nothing less than complete tyranny! Our founders knew that all governments will try to grow and enslave their citizens. That is the reason for the 2nd amendment.

    The fact that our corrupt, overreaching government wants to confiscate our guns is the very reason we need them! Revolution is a right our founders wanted to protect.

  33. Law prohibiting NRA membership? Something that I have been for over 20 years. What do you expect from socialists. In order to impose socialism, they MUST disarm the public and the NRA is doing a good job of standing in their way. What is really needed is to declare the Democrat party to be a party of traitors. Every person who runs for office should be required to swear that they support our Constitution 100% and on failing to do so promises to resign. Any changes must follow the specified amendment process, and until amended the Constitution must be followed as written!

  34. Lets improve the country and make democrats illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!9 PROUD TO BE A NRA LIFE MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Lets improve the country and make democrats illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROUD TO BE A NRA LIFE MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. No, it shouldn’t be illegal to join the NRA.I have many Democratic friends that belong to it! Myself and Most of my Democratic friends, do not believe in abortions either. (Catholics)

  37. I just wish the demonrats would go back to being a decent group of people. They would do what they are SUPPOSED to be doing, IE SERVING THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE and COMPROMISING on the bills, IE NOT DEMANDING THEIR WAY OR NO WAY! Not wasting their time on ideas only THEY are stupid enough to want and think people will want. Even Nancy Pelosi herself said she didn’t care if these ideas (Socialism, no Mexican wall, illegal immigration, etc) go through, which the Senate will never allow.

    • tuesdayissoylentgreenday

      If a Frog had wings he would not bump his tail when he jumps… waiting on a frog with wings will come sooner than the Democrat Party coming back to the Bible or Constitution. As the saying goes… “Drive a gun or ride a box car…”.

  38. Rev. James Clute Sr.

    God bless the NRA. Damn the damocrap politicians..

  39. The ONLY answer is
    (1) Make sure Your membership is current
    (2) If you are already a Life Member(I am)make adonation.
    (3) Join Gun Owners of America too.(I did)

  40. yeah..? WELL i am putting all DEMOCRATS under citizens arrest for TREASON AND CONSPIRACY..
    how about that..You can’t make any laws if i have your butt hog tide waiting for a cage
    YOU pinko YOU stinko I have zero patience for communist and i will be round your butt with rope
    upon sighting.

  41. Utterly ridiculous. So ridiculous that I think they are just playing you guys. This must have come from the right?

  42. I gave up a piece of my life in and some body parts in The Naval Amphibious Forces. I am now an old crippled man. The Democrats want to take my gun away. I will be defenseless! The criminals will still have guns. The Democrats love criminals and hate decent, honest citizens!

  43. Trivia question…(you know the answer)…Who volunteers to serve our country in the military: Conservatives or
    Lie-beral DEMONocrats ? Ponder on the importance of this question.

  44. You think the demonRATS is about as stupid as they can get, AND now this.

  45. No it is not illegal to join the NRA, in fact if I could afford it I would join tomorrow

  46. Since only non-NRA members have committed mass shootings, it should be illegal to NOT be a member of the responsible NRA.

  47. NRA may be the most powerful, but they don’t do us any good anyhow’s. They compromise too fricking much. GOA is the true gun rights organization, not the NRA. They’re the GOA is what the forefathers wanted to begin with.
    NRA background checks
    GOA none.
    NRA would support Red flag laws as long as there is due process I’ve seen them say so or read it on their site.
    GOA none.
    NRA supported the first main gun control law passed the NFA act of 1934.
    GOA no.
    So the moral of the story is they are useless anyhows!

  48. They will get my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands!!(retired 80 year old bridge design designer -gun owner-hunter-fisherman -lifelong Republican and proud of it!!

  49. Such a law would be dictatorial.

  50. Democrats R determine to take the Presidency & the House & Senate in 2020. To start their Socialist/Communist Agenda in the U.S.

    Taking guns, NY $250,000 fine for using pro-nouns in Gender & To call Illegals Aliens Illegal. Sanctuary Cities, Higher Taxes 70% of our Incomes for their Expensive Agenda, Equal Pay for All, Medicare for All, Open Borders, Free Healthcare & Welfare to Illegals, Wealth Distribution. Now they want to make it Criminal to Join an Organization they don’t like such as NRA Founded in 1871 (right now). They want to limit our Freedom of Speech 1st Amendment, attacking our 2nd Amendment. What else R they going to take away from us???

    Come on Americans Wake Up to what is happening to our Country is Democrats win in 2020. What else R U willing to give up??

    Socialism/Communism NEVER worked for the People, only those running the Show.

  51. It’s all about control and someone owning your freedoms, Hitler was the classic Socialist and Communist who knew all about owning people against their will.
    Trump 2020 or lose it all.

  52. That’s what Socialist are all about, they want to tell you what group you can or can not belong to, screw those sick bastards and tell them the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have gone through, in the last 250 years, so we can choose who or what organizations we can belong to. NRA, VFW, DAV, Boy Scouts or girl scouts of our own choosing.

  53. Everyone should revolt by joining the NRA.

  54. Join the NRA! Join VCDL.ORG! Join FPC! Join NAGR! Join GOA! Join all these groups to defend our 2nd Amendment God given rights!!! Don’t vote demoncratic and don’t vote Republican. Vote for Godly women and men who stand in defense and support of our constitution and our nation!!! God bless America!!!

  55. I think the Dems have it wrong, I you a not a member of the NRA you are most likely a terriost so you should be jailed for your non action.By jailed I mean sent to some far away place where we no longer have to see or hear you, Bikini Atoll sounds like a spot for you freaks. It would not take to long for u to say I give up you are right.

  56. ANY and ALL gun laws are an infringement on the Second Amendment

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