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Ex-Guard For The Nazis: “I saw people led into gas chamber”

A 93-year-old former guard at the Nazis’ Stutthof concentration camp testified at his trial Friday that he once saw people being led into the gas chamber, followed by screaming and banging sounds behind the locked door.

Bruno Dey, a former SS private, went on trial Oct. 17 at the Hamburg state court. He faces 5,230 counts of accessory to murder for killings while he was at Stutthof from 1944 to 1945.

Asked Friday by the presiding judge what exactly he saw from his sentry’s watchtower, Dey replied: “That people were led in, into the gas chamber, that the door was locked,” news agency DPA reported.

He said he heard screams and banging shortly after, but added: “I didn’t know that they were being gassed.”

Dey said that about 20 or 30 prisoners were led in and that they didn’t resist. He said he couldn’t say whether they were men or women because their heads were shaved, or whether they were Jews or other prisoners. And he also couldn’t say what happened afterward.

“I didn’t see anyone come out,” he said.

He testified that, on another occasion, he saw a group of 10 or 15 men being led into the gas chamber, but they then came out and were taken to the crematorium building by people in white overalls. He heard that the prisoners were supposed to work outside the camp and had to be checked first, he said.

Dey said he and around 400 other soldiers were brought to Stutthof in June or July 1944 and he didn’t know at the time what kind of people were incarcerated there. He said he heard only “rumors” that they included political prisoners and Jews.

Though there is no evidence that Dey was involved in a specific killing at the camp near Danzig, today the Polish city of Gdansk, prosecutors argue that as a guard he helped the camp function.

Despite his age, Dey is being tried in a juvenile court because he was 17 when he started serving at Stutthof.

He faces a possible six months to 10 years in prison if convicted. There are no consecutive sentences under German law.

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  1. Pastor Stronghold

    I would like to say, “Never again.” But knowing mankind I am certain that there is a class that would just love the take away all human rights. We have them here in America and over there in Europe not to mention in Asia.

    • How long will this hunt for young men or children go on? These soldiers had no choice but to do what they were told.

    • Yeah in America they’re called democrats

      • We Americans suffer from the same shortage of memory, especially in the black community.
        Look what the Democrats and their creation, the KKK, did to them and yet they dare not recognize it…They don’t even dare to face ignominy,much less name the real culprits.

        • Oh, c’mon! Political parties change. Democrats during the Civil War were the party of states’ rights and slavery, while the Republicans were the party of a strong central government and freedom. Both seem to have reversed. Even more recently, the scion of the GOP, the one current members hold up almost as an idol, Ronald Reagan, issued an amnesty for aliens, not unlike Obama’s DACA. Now, look what’s happening in the GOP today.

          • WHAT ABOUT the GOP today???? Standing AGAINST the murder of helpless babies. WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY ? The Dumbos ignore God’s word and promote homosexuality, always a sin. WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY? Acceptance of cage fighting, gambling, marijuana/drugs, and transgender. I’ll admit the GOP does not come out against them ENOUGH, but the Dumbos run away and say nothing. Yeah, turn loose the criminals, allow more illegals to come in, do what you can to diminish the three C’s–Christianity, Capitalism, and Caucasians. Hopefully, very soon, our country will look like California ! VOTE DUMBOCRATIC ! ! !

    • Your right the Jews have a short memory ,look what they are doing to the Palestinians and the rest of the world is letting this happen.
      Is true Israel can do what the hell it likes with no consequences if this another country America would invade or put pressure on them but of course they control Americans.

      • your obviously anti semetic hypocrite don’t know True history; a true product of California & much of USA’s pubic school education-indoctrination-complex …
        Israel has made many concessions with its Arab neighbors & the Palestinians … offering them to use their
        schools, hospitals, libraries and other amenities over last 50 plus years … Israel has always time & again offered the Palestinians many favors and wishes to live in peace w Palestine & its Arab neighbors…
        and what’s Palestine do . . . they fired rockets at Israel . . . at civilian Israelis’, children, schools as well as covertly assisted the PLO and the murderous Yasser Arafat, Hamas and Hezbollah in similar rocket attacks … so then Israel send ins commandos and they take out the bad guys, Hamas, Hezbollah who were responsible for the attacks and many Israeli deaths . . then you and your ilk & the world Lefitst Socilialist Marxist Communistic Press write up Bull Shit press stories labeling Israel as the Bad Guys . . .
        People like yu are either just plain IGNORANT of true history of that region . . . just Sociaist Marxist Facist Communist anti semetics . . . either way your very misguided & dangerous to U and everyone.

    • We have them right now but little by little they are being taken away.

    • I can only agree. It is only a matter of time.

    • Yep! The liberals would have us give up ALL rights!

    • They call themselves Democrats but they are really fascists

  2. How long will this hunt for young men or children go on? These soldiers had no choice but to do what they were told.

  3. We ziss not know there vas a var we were only Aushtrians. Go to hell. Rot in hell. We know the Nazis will try again but we are ready for them this time. God Bless ISRAEL

  4. The devil ha many faces Hitler, stalin, amid ,castro, pinochet etc
    and there will be more to come like maduro, putin world open your eye even to Donald trump

  5. Benjamin Blumberg

    God (Yahweh, Allah) has a way of evening scores. Hitler was focussed on destroying the Jews of Germany who themselves wanted nothing more than to be good German citizens. Now, under Obama and Merkel, the Jews have been replaced with Muslims who themselves want nothing more than to destroy Germany. Go figure.

  6. Next time Jews and others are slaughtered in concentration camps it will be the Mudslimes operating the camps as they share the blood thirst of the Nazi regime. It’s only a matter of when, not if this will happen.

  7. A 93 year old private??
    Are they that desperate for vengeance?
    The kid was most likely drafted at that stage of the war.
    In February 45 they were drafting 12 to 15 year old’s for front line combat.
    He would have been shot if he even opened his mouth one bit at any time as being a traitor.
    I knew a man who was drafted by the Waffen SS in 1945, he was 43 years old!
    They gave him a choice, become an Oberlieutenant in the engineers or be shot on the spot for being a traitor to the Fatherland.
    He took the position and supervised the construction of defenses for Danzig.
    Captured by the Russians when they overran the city, he spent 20 years in Siberia as a POW.
    In the military you do not have a choice in what orders are given to you,
    and you follow them or like in the US military, go to jail or get dishonorably discharged in peacetime.

    I can understand going after top level criminals like Simon Wiesenthal did, but today all those people are long gone, only the one time very young kids remain to persecute.
    People like George Soros should have been exterminated by the Haganah for being a saundedrkommando. after being let off the hook in Nuremberg, equal treatment in my book.

    • At first the NAZI hunters went after top level NAZI officers who issued the orders, now that those are all gone they go after very low level guards and even the children of SS officers who were still babies when the war ended. It is no longer about justice, it is revenge. It needs to stop and stop now. What is next? Round up the grand children of the NAZIs? the great grandchildren? the great great grandchildren? Distant cousins?

  8. He was a Solder and solder,s do what they r ordered too do

  9. I’d like to know what his opinion/attitude is now. He’s so old–so many years to have that on his conscience/his mind. Surely they will take those things into consideration.

  10. Unfortunately, anti Semitic actions across Europe are at an all time high since the end of WWII. We in America have not fully recovered from the most ant Semitic president (Obama) in history, and are dealing with anti groups, from black lives matter, anti fa, LGBT, climate change fools, anti ICE groups, liberal judges, group think anti Trump people, CAIR, La Paz, etc., all who want to destroy religion and our Republic.
    Hatred will not end unless good people bring God back and stay strong at the ballot box, communities, and schools by being involved..not invisible.

  11. Omg charging a 93yr old for something that almost all those guards were forced into those roles for murder is crazy. He would have been dead to if he had not done his job. How do I know this because my grandmom was a blonde haired blue eyed child who I had to convince that hitler was s horrible person because she was sent to a great school etc. by him. I had to explain the things she saw wasn’t what was really happening. It took along time for her to understand. God forbid she were older because her hair color changed with age. You can only hold one person accountable & he is dead! No one asked for that.

  12. Persecuting a 93 year old man, who was 17 at the time, for the crimes of his superiors is just stupid. According to the story, he was in a guard tower and not directly involved in the killing of the Jews. The Nazis were going to send someone to staff that camp and by terrible luck, it turned out to be Dey. As long as we have despotic governments, this kind of stuff will happen. The US government rounded up the Japanese and put them in concentration camps during WW2. They were just not gassed. This roundup of Japanese Americans was completely unconstitutional, but the government did not care. Whenever the US Constitution is ignored and due process denied, there will be abuse. WW2 has been over for 70 years. It it time to forgive and forget.

  13. Only this man, and God, knows for sure what he actually knew, or didn’t know, what was going on at this horrible place. Whatever sentence is given to him by man, at this juncture, is pointless. But at age 93, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll have to stand before his Maker, like the rest of us will undoubtably have to do…and, it’s there where his true accountability will be made known, and the real eternal sentence will begin.

  14. Only this man, and God, knows for sure what he actually knew, or didn’t know, regarding what was going on at this horrible place. Whatever sentence is given to him by man, at this juncture, is pointless. But at age 93, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll have to stand before his Maker, like the rest of us will undoubtably have to do…and, it’s there where his true accountability will be made known, and the real eternal sentence will begin.

  15. I wish I could share this!!!!! Needs to be spread to the young people of America!

  16. History always repeats itself and I pray this never happens in America but with things going the way they are it could happen here against our own people and Christian beliefs .God help us please

  17. The Democrats are that class of people to take peoples rights away, and are playing a game pretending by supporting illegals just to get their votes.

  18. The Holocaust was the worst disaster in human history. Unbelievable, unthinkable that people could do this horrific crime upon human beings. It seems as if anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head in our own wonderful country.

    Some of the evil Democrat candidates for president are anxious to destroy Israel, cut our aid to them, and our support for them. That would be a disaster for the memory of the people that perished in the most atrocious crime on humanity.

  19. The same kind of hatred mentality exists today, but the only groups of people talking are Islamic, pro NAZI sympathizers and Anti Semites.

    • You are correct my late mom always was against giving Germany anything after WW2, she always believed if not watched and scrutinized carefully they would try the same things again. As far as Islam is concerned it is their radical factions and zealots that are the problem their are many peaceful Muslims in fact the majority are peaceful. The Christians and Jews have the same radical factions within their own and are no different than radical Muslims.

  20. Etiennette Fennell

    Humanity is gullible and is capable of believing the worst lies. The most terrifying aspects of History are being repeated daily. All it takes is another Hitler-like person to present his erroneous case forcefully and a group of sad, lost people to believe it. Education does help people to sort out truths from lies but too many people are willing to follow a mob like a pack of hounds.

  21. For Christ sake, the young man, at that time was under orders an would ave been shot if he disobeyed orders, It is OVER, GOIT IT, OVER. m I am sure the man has spent most of his life regretting the past.

  22. this man was a private in service / he is not NOT the one who order the deaths nor can he be held to those deaths as he was doing his duty under the service , even if he had objected he may have been killed the nazi mentality was enemies were scum and useless I would agree leaving the nazi army the SS? would have been noble but after all he was suited as an SS person surly he was propagandize Brain wash , now in his 90s , its time to shoot him … and throw his body in hold

  23. We have anti-Semites in the U.S. congress, and virulent hate mongers posing as Islamics, not to mention pro Nazi radical groups throughout America. How can this be? Evil always finds a way to take root against God’s chosen people, and Christians.

  24. Let him go because of youth and who could imagine such things back then. Time change but sometimes they regress,so always beware.

  25. History always repeats itself because people never seem to learn anything!

  26. Violations to human rights and other we see around the world permanently and unfortunatelly would never change…we human are liked that…cruel ?????

  27. More fake news. Who is this person? Sounds like more of the BS such as the trials put out back in 1945, when they tortured the captives until they said what the prosecutors wanted. The evidence is in, and the whole story of the work camps is known. So, stories like this one are just more attempts by the Talmud Thumpers to suppress the truth. Nice try Bolsheviks – but the goyim are waking up!

  28. Soon Thanks to Merkel taking huge $$$$ from MUslim countries German Muslims will be killing White Germans on a massive scale.MAybe they will reopen the gas chambers and if they win the war Americans will be prosecuted for being “Kafir” and shot on the spot. after a fair Kangaroo court trail THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE ALLOW TRAITORS LIKE MARCON AND MERKEL TO TAKE HUGE MONIES FROM FORIEGN GOVERNMENTS>

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