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Giant Black Hole In The Center Of Our Galaxy ‘Recently’ Exploded

The supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way exploded 3.5 million years ago, according to astronomers.

This is considered to be “astonishingly recent” in galactic terms and is changing what scientists thought they knew about our galaxy.

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“This is a dramatic event that happened a few million years ago in the Milky Way’s history,” said Lisa Kewley, who worked on the study.

“A massive blast of energy and radiation came right out of the galactic center and into the surrounding material.

“This shows that the center of the Milky Way is a much more dynamic place than we had previously thought. It is lucky we’re not residing there!”

The cataclysmic blast ripped through our galaxy and was likely felt 200,00 light-years away in the Magellanic Stream.

It’s considered to be a recent event because when it happened the dinosaurs had already been wiped out for 63 million years and human ancestors were already walking on Earth.

This black hole blast phenomenon is known as a Seyfert flare.

The astronomers think it would have created two enormous “ionization cones” that would have sliced through the Milky Way.

They think it was caused by nuclear activity in the gigantic black hole, known as Sagittarius A.

It’s estimated to have lasted for around 300,000 years, which is extremely short in galactic terms.

“These results dramatically change our understanding of the Milky Way. We always thought about our Galaxy as an inactive galaxy, with a not so bright center,” co-author Magda Guglielmo from the University of Sydney said.

“These new results instead open the possibility of a complete reinterpretation of its evolution and nature. The flare event that occurred three million years ago was so powerful that it had consequences on the surrounding of our Galaxy. We are the witness to the awakening of the sleeping beauty.”

The research was led by Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn from Australia’s ARC Center of Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions (ASTRO 3D).

During the study, data was gathered by the Hubble Space Telescope and used to calculate when and how the explosion took place.

It will soon be published in The Astrophysical Journal.

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  1. I think it would help greatly if these learned people could put their findings in a language simple enough for common people to understand. I don’t condemn such study with the exception that these studies cost billions of dollars by people who have the ability and authority to give only information they wish, in language that only they have the command of and the vocabulary to present to each other. In other words the people who pay the bills for such studies have NO IDEA what they are talking about.

    • Personally i think its bogus bull shit!! No way they know just what happened 1 thousand years back much less billions of years ago. And we will be gone in A few years so who cares what happens when we are gone!!
      Spend that money now to get rid of the POS democrats and get the Muslims out of the US!!!

      • Good idea for america.

      • Yup uneducated and want to stay that way. A definition of most Republicans
        Look up the words you don’t understand.

      • i totally agree about getting rid of the democrats who continually rant how good socialism is for our country. the students coming our of our universities have been brainwashed by the socialists and are led to believe that their socialism is so wonderful, especially all the free stuff. i guess all of the new college graduates are too stupid to know that there is nothing in this life is free!!! someone has to pay for everything that these dummies get. by the time these people find out how bad socialism is they will be totally defenseless against the tyrants that will take every freedom that has made the most desirable country in the world to live in.



    • Yes -Yes! Thanks. Bill

    • Bravo Kurt Walker,

      Tell it to me, in terms that I can comprehend!!

  2. This is the importance of reading and learning in school, taking a physics course or two and looking beyond what is being taught by a non educated person like Al Gore. Great find,looking forward to more information on this most recent discovery.. Bob

    • I’m with you on this Bob.
      I have no formal education in this space but I do read.
      I understand the discovery perfectly. Looking forward to more detail.
      Oh, don’t know about you but I am with John re his Dems comment.

  3. Sandie McGuinness

    We agree it would be NICE!

  4. Glen Richard Haas

    Truly amazing. Nearly all astronomers did not think a black hole could explode. It was my understanding that Steven Hawkings model of the Black hole showed that it has an even horizon from which light could not escape and black holes only Hawking radiation. Therefore, for a black hole to explode, entirely new theories will need to evolve. Great to see new things.

  5. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see the reason or the preliminary studies to determine that such an event took place. I am Physics educated. It has been a while though. What did the Hubble determine for you to make such a claim?

  6. Interesting. So what?

  7. Kurt you nailed… because this is the way that the elites are created…
    And like you said, the ones that paid for it, are left outside in the cold.
    But don’t forget, the Media is an accomplice in all this, for the simple reason that they believe they are an elite too… so don’t spect anything from the media, they are against us..

  8. Pastor Stronghold

    Oh no, we’re gonna die the next time. We better find a way to con people out of their money fast.

  9. I agree with your sentiment, but note that the cost is not in the billions. The telescopes are old and already in place or in orbit. Current monies spent are mainly on the salaries of folks who scan the pictures taken, with computers to help, and custom software to analyze what is in the pictures. Graduate students (slave labor) do the bulk of the work, under supervision of the “principal researchers”. Once in a while, it is decided to look for something “new” and equipment or sensors are purpose built for this “new research”. Meanwhile, the galaxy, or universe, just sits there and ignores them.

  10. The truth is we know nothing for certain, no one lives long enough to either prove, or disprove a theory. Theories are just that, theories. I have seen many theories morph throughout my short lifetime. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy learning about such discoveries that shatter existing theories.

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