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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Body On Instagram

Miley Cyrus tested Instagram’s community guidelines on Tuesday by posting a series of selfies in which her nipples are exposed.

In the series of photos, the 26-year-old singer is seen rocking a sheer white tank top paired with denim cut-off shorts. Cyrus appeared to take the first three pics in her bathroom mirror, while the last two photos feature Cyrus sitting outside with a sparkly guitar.

“I’m getting more basic by the day. The only thing the ‘new me’ loves more than a mirror selfie is a self timed (sic) one,” the “Slide Away” songstress captioned the photographs.

Cyrus then seemingly acknowledged that she was pushing the social media app’s guidelines by writing: “PS this is getting removed soon! I’ve been warned by the gram gods!”

Per Instagram’s community guidelines, they “don’t allow nudity” on the platform which includes “some photos of female nipples.” It notes that pictures of “post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed.”

This isn’t Cyrus’ first attempt to push against Instagram’s rules. Back in 2014, the star showed her support for the Free The Nipple campaign, which aims to desexualize the female nipple.

At the time, she posted a stylized, topless black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram alongside the caption: “some lame a– def gonna (flag) that but f–k it. #practicewhatchupreach #FreeTheNipple #FreeatSh–.”

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  1. I would be GLAD to help Miley Free her Nipple

    • This “person” has been challenging every possible nuance of respectability since she left Pluto at Disneyland! Her shameless antics are not bold, they are obnoxious! She doesn’t have a sensual body and should put on about 30 lbs before she tries to “shock” anyone again!

  2. I would gladly take her tank top off for her

  3. Yeah, sure she’s hot, but it gets old after awhile.
    Now if she sent me a photo ok by me.
    I wonder what billy Ray is thinking about all of this!

  4. Don’t care. Slide Away is like fruit salad with cheese cake. This gal is ear and eye candy. Imo she’s the real deal, getting better all the time and the music biz would miss her if she stopped pushing limits. Rock on Miley and be live often…you’re so good live.

  5. Mom and dad are more interested in the money she brings in . Unclass disgraceful trash. Your brain on drugs.


    • What gives you the right to call someone insane?……you do not know Miley personally so you are not in position to say something like that…. it only makes you sound”insane” yourself…….as for her and her spouse splitting up…..why are you glad about that?……sounds an awful lot like jealousy.

    • Another fantastic creation of Disney…
      Good old uncle Walt must be turning and turning on his grave…

  7. Lets be clear she has a horse face she is not hot or attractive and now she is proving she is also ugly on the inside. The last picture I saw of her she weighed 85 pounds she has not tits and at 85 pounds she has the flattest ass of any pop singer in the world. Why do these women think just because they started off with Disney or as a child actor that the only way we will notice that they have grown up is to take their clothes off and act like pigs !? Shocker pretty soon she will be having plastic surgery to hide her age proving that we all notice when people get older its just we prefer the ones who do it with class.

    • Absolutely Thomas, but class went out of the window 60 years ago, and I don’t think it’ll come back anytime soon.
      The old phrase attributed to P. T. Barnum of “There’s a sucker born every minute” …today is more valid than ever…Sadly, there is no signs that is slowing down…
      I would say, on the contrary, it is accelerating….

      • By the way, to many people confuse class with riches… they are totally wrong…
        The poorest among the poor, may have more class than many rich, especially among the members of the zoo that is Holywood.
        With all my respect for animals….

  8. She is a DISGUSTING, GROSS PIG! Has absolutely no clue whatsoever of what a REAL lady is! Billy Ray Cyrus cannot be proud of her, the way she dresses and acts! Hope he’s ashamed of it and every bit as disgusted by it as any normal person would be! Liam Hemsworth is too good a man for that pig!

  9. who would she appeal to? She doesn’t represent a woman, not even close. Just a dumb shit looking for attention. Never got it at home from those ridge-runners

  10. Goofy & Pluto won’t even sniff the Skanks cheesy butt….!

  11. She’s like a regular grilled cheese sandwich

  12. WHO is Miley Cyrus and WHY would anyone care?

  13. Flat as a board Ugly as a pug what else can she do but try to get noticed?

  14. All we are different and each of us needs to understand the significance of making your Facebook or Instagram profile visible to everyone.

  15. She needs to get a life I mean really? Here is a wanna be thing that thinks she is an it! Surprisingly, she may get her wish. The devil in Prada always does!

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