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Selective Allowable Hypocrisy – Dems War on Trump

House Democrats are once again running through the halls of the nation’s capital building like chickens with their heads cut, not having a clue what they are doing.

While millions of American workers are anxiously waiting for the House to approve the newly revised NAFTA agreement with Canada and Mexico, House Democrats are too busy on another Trump witch hunt. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of jobs lie in the balance, but Democrats could care less. After all, they have proven time and again that they don’t give a DARN about the American people and what’s best for them.

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Prompted first by a whistleblower report that Rep. Adam Schiff saw but lied about seeing, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee (there’s an oxymoron for you), is busy trying work the rest of the politicians in Washington DC into an emotional and irrational frenzy (kind of like concert fans) that he hopes will lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Since seeing the whistleblower report, Schiff went public on at least four different occasions saying he hadn’t seen it. Even some of the Democrat-friendly media outlets had no choice but to call out Schiff on his lies, but it hasn’t deterred the California Democrat one bit.

Now, House Democrats, led by Schiff are claiming that Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice after Trump took action to block the testimony of Gordon Sondland, Ambassador to the European Union.

First let me point out that the reason Trump blocked his testimony is because Schiff has refused to release the testimony of another ambassador, to House Republicans. Obviously, Schiff doesn’t want House Republicans to know what was said in that testimony, leading many to wonder what he is hiding.

Secondly, some are laying the blame on House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi, as reported:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unfairness is delaying the cause of ascertaining the truth at the heart of the Trump-Ukraine controversy.

President Trump has at least a reasonable case to make in ordering Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, not to testify on Capitol Hill about Trump’s policy toward Ukraine. Pelosi has not called for a formal vote to open an official impeachment inquiry, and because she has adopted no formal rules to govern such a probe, the executive branch’s claims of “privilege” (or quasi-privilege) are stronger than they would be otherwise…

Yet, if Pelosi insists on her kinda-sorta impeachment where she makes up the rules as she goes, the president can make a reasonable claim not just of ordinary confidentiality rights vis-à-vis diplomacy but also that his procedural defense rights are being abused. Pelosi thus is setting up a scenario that could involve a lengthy battle, both political and in court, to sort all this out. Rather than expediting the process, which of course would be in the public interest, Pelosi’s unjust, ad hoc approach makes it far more likely that this national nightmare will continue longer and be even messier.

Thirdly, if you recall during the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, Obama used his executive privilege to prevent various members of his administration, including then-Attorney General Eric Holder, from testifying before Congress, even when he and others were subpoenaed. Democrats at the time, including Pelosi and Schiff, fully supported Obama’s right to block the testimony and ignore congressional subpoenas. In fact, Holder was held in contempt of Congress, but Obama shielded him from any legal consequences.

The bottom line is this. According to Democrats, they can do no wrong, regardless of what the Constitution or federal law states, but when Republicans act by the letter of the law, Democrats go into a tizzy fit and yell foul and impeachment. In other words, there is no way they will allow Trump to do anything that they supported Obama in doing.

This is why several years ago, I coined the term Selective Allowable Discrimination. I define it as the practice of allowing discrimination of a selective group while banning discrimination of opposite groups. Only now, it needs to be modified to Selective Allowable Hypocrisy, where Democrats do not have to live by the same code of conduct and law that they hold Republicans to.

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  1. These democrat bastards are all communists who should be voted out ASAP. Their agenda is totally about themselves. They do not give two craps about the American people.

    • I totally agree with John Soroka he said it all!! We are all sick and tired of this crap 💩 that the democrats are trying to pull!!

    • I totally agree with John Soroka he said it all!! We are all sick and tired of this crap 💩 that the democrats are trying to pull!! It doesn’t say the same thing.

      • Andre C Stephenson

        Lynn, Democrats aren’t pulling any crap. They are running a legitimate impeachment inquiry. And in the end, Trump will be impeached. Trump won’t run in 2020.

    • Can anyone person or even congress stop these lunatic democrats? How can the democrats keep breaking our rules, and constitution rights without being thrown in jail. How can they get away with putting our president and his family and supporters through hell. And where’s Rudy Guilliani lately? Did Hillary have him killed to?

      • The DEMONocrats are untouchable because of the evil influence and money of globalists like Soros. DEMONocrats will not investigate DEMONocrats because Soros won’t allow it and he has many Republicans in his back pocket. Skills of the DEMONocrats: 1. Slinging bullshit, 2. Raising taxes, and 3. Slinging more bullshit. They are not qualified to run our country but they are qualified to run it into the ground ! They have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH.

    • Andre C Stephenson

      John, no Democrat is a communist. You’ve been brainwashed! Stop listening to Hannity. He lies!

    • Trump needs to arrest Hillary and Obama for criminal acts on Hillary server Obama for letting her seller the only uranium mine in the US to Russia. He can’t play mr nice guy with Pelosi or Schumer clean out the swamp.

  2. Put a democrat in charge of the Sahara Desert and I guarantee there will be a shortage of sand very shortly.

    • HAHA good one!

    • The democrats are spending our tax payers money like water. Were paying their wages too. Why should we pay their wages in congress when they don’t work for the AMERICAN PEOPLE?
      If their is a god? I pray these democrats will be picked up and thrown in HELL where they all belong.

    • I am from the UK and love your President Donald Trump. I am actually amazed and saddened at the way he is being persecuted and harassed. If I was an American I would feel ashamed at the behaviour of the democrats. How in the world are they allowed to get away with what they are doing. Be ashamed as the democrats are making a laughing stock of the great America (not) you the American public need stand behind your wonderful President and punish the democrats who as mentioned above is making your country weak and a rubbish non democratic country.

  3. The dems continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Now that they have no toes left they have to start working on the upper parts.

  4. I have spoke to many, many people that. Is sick and tired
    Of the Democrats. Do the job they were elected to do or get
    Out of the way!

    • Amen! We need an old fashioned Boston Tea Party. Overthrow the Dems!

    • Democratics don’t ever play fair or keep their promises. Look at Obamacare. They did not read the Bill. They rammed it down throats of Ametica. You can keep your doctors was a lie. Then there was Bengazi they lied and people died. Fast and furious someone died. Hillarys emails destroyed while they were under investigation. And Clinton foundation pay to play. And Obama did nothing about Isis and his horrible Iran treaty and trade deals. And biggest lie of them all Obama never had scandel.

    • I agree with what has been said. It is terrible to have such a mess in Washington. The Democrats need to run the country, Not act like children. Do what they were elected to do.

  5. Barr has many of them running for the hills and impeachment is nothing more than a dems cover-up….They’ve been raping these countries for years over kick-backs and employment for their families…

  6. Nail on the head! Personally, looking at this whole witch-hunt from outside the USA, it’s clear that the Dems point is to fool the voters into believing ‘where there’s smoke there’s a fire’ right up until the elections. The Dems are the most corrupt ppl I’ve ever seen. They do America and Americans a huge disservice and I hope for their sakes they are smart enough to see through the lies. Wow. These ppl have some serious mental issues

  7. The Democrats are doomed and they know it, that’s why they are doing everything they can to unseat our President, but it won’t happen. The america people are not fooled by the fake news media, and the uninformed public, who are not able to see that this country is currently at the best it has been in many years or if ever. President Trump is the best president this nation has had since Ronald Regan, he truly loves this country, and truly cares about its people, I certainly can’t say that about the Democrats, who only cares about themselves and their own agendas, trying to keep the poor people poor with the hand outs they throw them, instead of giving them a hand up.

  8. The Communist Dems have their heads up their ass! The American people are not stupid enough to believe their CRAP. Any one with an ounce of brain can see thru them. It is time to send them packing – Good Riddance Brack, Hillary, Nancy, Chuck, Crooked Joe, AOC, Ihlan, and the rest of the scumbags.
    GO TRUMP 2020

  9. Unfortunately there are too many duped Dems who believe that howler monkey. She is a liar of the highest degree. She was raised by a father who was a known criminal, so what should we expect from her, other than what she learned from her father? The thing that bothers me more than anything else is why would ANYONE believe a word she says?

  10. President Trump will win the election year 2020 my friends, and patriots. He’s a fighter and deeply cleaning the swamp rats out of congress thoroughly. Keep praying for our president’s safety and his family too.
    God Bless America and it’s people. And God Bless President Trump! Amen.

  11. It’s also clear Duchess Megan Markle has put Michelle Obama’s plans into action. They spent a weekend together a while ago and we can now see disruption of the Royal Family was top of list. Imo Harry’s damaged goods and needs his brothers support. Harry is already buying into the Climate Change propaganda and the Liberals international agenda is taking shape. Megan can now inflict ongoing damage through the media by driving the brothers and the Queen apart. Megan’s an actress and a liberal and once she’s used and destroyed Harry, she’ll take the child and bolt back to the US surrounded by her adoring fans who’ll call her Duchess. Her personal plan was international fame and fortune and being a narcissist she’ll fit right in with the one world liberal scheme.

    Thank God for the balance and decency of Prince William and his wife the beautiful Kate Their little daughter Charlotte is a special one for the future. What a shrewd little gem she is. She is one delightful soul.

    Liberal are hell bent on smashing everything- even the best traditional values. Both in the US and in Europe. However, there are signs the world is waking up to the secretive Socialist deception. Hope I’m right. MAGA.

    • Yes! I certainly hope you are right. Cannot stand the woman and will never refer to her as a duchess.

      • Trump needs to arrest Hillary and Obama for criminal acts on Hillary server Obama for letting her seller the only uranium mine in the US to Russia. He can’t play mr nice guy with Pelosi or Schumer clean out the swamp.

  12. And to think this was all started by the defrocked Daffodil & the Vile Hag…..!

  13. Democratics are the little boy who cried wolf too many times about President Trump. No one believes Democratics or listens to there impeachment lies. Or the bias mainstream media or bias Schiff and Peolisi is no better because she went along with the impeachment plan.

  14. This was a farce to begin with and now it looks more like the Mueller investigation – they only guilty parties being exposed are Democrats. What to do next? Wait til somehow that/those whistle blowers disappear? That’s the customary procedure for anyone that presents a danger to Democrats and especially HRC. I think the count is nearing 70 now.

  15. 50 million people need to show the democrats the front door. This is ridiculous.
    Wealth and power has turned the democratic party into
    desperate hook worms.

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