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Trump Impeachment #2 – Will Democrats Succeed?

From the second it was announced that Donald Trump had secured enough Electoral College votes to win the presidency, Democrats vowed they would do whatever they could to remove him from office. Once Trump was sworn into office and began to undo many of the harmful things that Barack Hussein Obama had instituted, Democrats vowed to work even harder to remove Trump.

Democrats colluded and attempted a political coup to oust Trump from the White House. In actions never before witnessed in American history, numerous Democrats went beyond the law and Constitution in their attempt to find enough evidence with which to impeachment Trump. When they couldn’t find that evidence, they helped manufacture it (the Steele dossier) and then used that manufactured and inaccurate evidence to launch an investigation with the sole purpose to impeach Trump.

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Caring nothing about America, the nation’s budget or the American people, Democrats forced a nearly 2-year-long investigation, spearheaded by Robert Muller that cost US taxpayers around $32 million.

It needs to be noted that Muller was the firmer Director of the FBI under Barack Obama who originally buried the investigation into the infamous Uranium One Deal. The early investigation led to charges of bribery and money laundering of some Russians and strongly implicated Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the end, it was proven that there was NO collusion on the part of Trump with Russians to influence the 2016 election. Some still believe that Trump may have been guilty of obstruction of justice, but most of the evidence questions that assumed guilt. In fact, if anyone was guilty of obstruction of justice, it was Barack Obama and most of his political entourage and many Democrats in Washington DC.

After nearly two and half years in office, Democrats had failed to impeach Trump and remove him from office, but that has not thwarted their anti-American passion to oust a president who has done more to keep his political promises and improve life in America than many presidents before him.

So, they have to find another reason to attempt an impeachment and this time, it further highlights the hypocrisy and double standards of Democrats.

How so? Democrats are twisting the Trump investigation into corruption involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter into a collusion case against Trump.

But let’s take a step back that should bear on the Trump investigation of Biden. Back in 2012, I wrote:

Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden keep hammering Mitt Romney for outsourcing jobs overseas.  Just yesterday I saw another Obama commercial that mentioned Romney’s career at Bain Capital and how so many people lost their jobs when he sent jobs to other countries.  Biden mentioned Romney’s outsourcing when speaking recently in North Carolina and Virginia. 

At the same time Biden criticizes Romney for sending jobs overseas, Biden’s close friend and campaign donor John Hynansky secured a taxpayer funded loan of up to $20 million to open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine.  Yep, that’s right the UKRAINE!  And since it is a taxpayer based loan, that means you and I are basically the co-signers for the loan and if Hynansky defaults on the loan, you and I are going to have to pay it off with our tax dollars.  So ask yourself how many people in the Ukraine are going to be able to afford Porsches, Land Rovers, and Jaguars?

According to the loan documents, John Hynansky, Michael Hynansky and Alexandra Vadas (Hynansky) are the sponsors for the loan to LLC Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd.  So what relationship does the Hynansky family have with Joe Biden?  Listen to how Joe Biden described John Hynansky when speaking to an audience in the Ukraine in 2009, (voice clips starts at 4:37):

<iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/6fXsNK1LNXg” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

In 1999, the Hynansky family donated a total of $28,715 towards Biden’s senatorial campaign.  Of that $28,715, $7,690 came from John, another $7,690 from Michael and $7,280 from Alexandra for a total of $22, 660 of the family total. 

In 2008, when Biden was named as Obama’s running mate, the Hynansky family donated $35,350 to the Obama Victory Fund.  Of that total, John donated $30,800 and Alexandra donated $2,550. 

John Hynansky and his family bought a U.S. taxpayer backed loan by donating to Biden and then Obama and Biden.  The loan will create jobs in the Ukraine at our expense while millions of Americans are out of work here in the U.S. and Biden has the audacity to criticize Romney’s record.  He needs to look closer to home before opening his mouth, but then Biden has rarely seemed to care what he says. 

Moving forward, it has been reported that Biden’s son Hunter has ties to corruption in the Ukraine which also appears to point to collusion and accepting foreign campaign contributions for Biden, as reported:

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on a Twitter blitz early Monday as he continued to spread allegations of corruption involving Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Giuliani and his client President Donald Trump have come under scrutiny over a phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during which Trump is accused of asking Zelensky to order an investigation into the Biden allegations.

“NEW FACT: One $3million payment to Biden’s son from Ukraine to Latvia to Cyprus to US. When the Prosecutor asked Cyprus for the amount going to a son, he was told US embassy (Obama’s) instructed them not to provide the amount. Prosecutor getting too close to son and Biden had him fired,” Giuliani wrote in the first of six tweets.

“Did Obama know that his VP, the one he put in charge of giving billions to Ukraine, had a son who was making millions on the board of one of the most corrupt companies in Ukraine. Biden’s boss had stolen $5B from Ukraine and was a fugitive. Did Obama know? Did he approve?” he added.

Giuliani then raised the prospect of money laundering.

“Biden scandal only beginning. Lots more evidence on Ukraine like today’s money laundering of $3 million. 4 or 5 big disclosures. Also, the $1.5 billion China gave to Biden’s fund while Joe was, as usual, failing in his negotiations with China is worse,” he wrote.

So, it only seems prudent that Trump would and should ask for help from the Ukrainian government in any investigation of Biden and his son in lieu of the allegations and implications. However, Democrats are trying to turn Trump’s appropriate actions into some sort of scandalous actions that would allow them to impeach Trump.

Impeachment attempt #1 failed because there was no evidence of such. Technically speaking, there isn’t any evidence to support impeachment attempt #2, but that is not stopping Democrats. Even though the guilty party appears to be one of the leading Democrats for the 2020 White House bid, they are twisting, turning, manipulating and fabricating charges against Trump, for a second time. Will they succeed?


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  1. No they will not all there going to do piss of we the people

  2. Do the Democrats or as we know them now, “the deep state socialists” really want to start a revolution ? That’s your answer to the impeachment question.

  3. Democrats colluded and attempted a political coup to oust Trump from the White House. In actions never before witnessed in American history, numerous Democrats went beyond the law and Constitution in their attempt to find enough evidence with which to impeachment Trump. When they couldn’t find that evidence, they helped manufacture it (the Steele dossier) and then used that manufactured and inaccurate evidence to launch an investigation with the sole purpose to impeach Trump. But it will never happen>

  4. Marshall Rosenthal

    The Democrats will not succeed in Impeaching President Donald Trump, and never will!

  5. The “F-ing” Democrats can go to Hell … If they manage to impeach our President Donald Trump I hope they loose every last election for the next 100 years and I mean ALL elections Local, State, and National !


  7. Politics attract “strange bed fellows” so I can’t say they won’t be successful. However I can say that if the democrats do manage to take the president down they will never take charge of our government. There are the people, real people, who stand ready to burn Washington DC to the ground and the democrat scumbags and rino’s like Romney with it. All you have to do is get out and talk to people to see the anger the democrats have created.

  8. POTUS will TRIUMPH. the communist DIMocrap party is doomed.

  9. I thought it was going to be the Mueller report. Democrats can not beat Trump election time. So all they can do is just keep trying to throw mud at him. I thought Hillary was going to beat him. Democrats will not help guard our borders. Now we have to listen to impeachment. Maybe we would be better off just give in and let the democrats win?

  10. donnie trump its time to lLOCK EM UP LOCK EM UP LOCK EM UP

  11. Isn’t this organized crime? In relation to Biden’s activity
    in Ukraine. Biden brags about this.
    His son is no different, his son is hiding behind his father
    AND……since hillary lost the election we now know about this. If hillary has won in 2016, we would have never known about bidens little secret.
    The icing on the cake, bidens influences in the prosecutor
    Being fired investigating his very own sons activities in Ukraine.

  12. I think the democratic party has been in a desperation mode since 2016. To keep all the crimes hidden from the public’s view.
    No wonder President Trump mocks these people, because they aren’t worth a shit, and he probably knew years ago how these so called democrats operate.
    What’s worse than being sent to prison? Being free, and the general public sees you everyday, knowing what you did as a representative for the United States, and the crimes you committed against the people.

  13. What I can’t figure out is why these people haven’t been tried and convicted of treason yet. Why are they still in their positions of prestige and power? There is clear evidence against them. Everything that they have created against our president has failed and or blown up in their faces. How are they so privileged against prosecution for their crimes? Why hasn’t anyone been brought up on charges of conspiracy against the president and the constitution? They have broken some of the highest laws in the land. How much longer and how much more will this country and it’s people have to suffer against these tyrannical activists?

  14. Mary Ellen Stockman

    YES 👍

  15. I Vote ” YES” He Will Get throw this & Get re-Elected !! He has done MORE then the last 3 Presidents had EVER Done for OQR Country !!

  16. And Obama keeps bragging there were no scandals in his administration… This impeachment push is coming out right before the big reveal of the results of the current investigations. I’m sure the Dems will say that it all means nothing compared to impeachment. If they can get the votes in the House, everything that Trump does from hereon can be prefaced by “As an impeached president…” It doesn’t matter that their action is doomed in the Senate. But, consider this — even if Trump is thrown out of office — he’s had one term. He can still run for another regardless of what they do.

  17. The DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S will end up being the laughing stock of the Country and the World combined ! PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP REELECTION GUARANTEED in 2020 and 2025 !!

  18. And you must be a
    angry white man?

    (Straight From The Democrat Playbook)
    1. Get Control Of The House Of Representitives.
    2. Create An Offense To Call Impeachable By ANY Means.
    3. Hold Multiple Committee Hearings On This So Called Impeachable Offense.
    4. Get Your Liberal Media Friends To Publicize This Offense Over and Over.
    5. Count On A Gullible Portion Of The Public To Believe It.
    6. Send Out Subpoenas For People To Testify At Your Hearings.
    7. Hold People Who Won’t Answer Subpoenas In Contempt.
    8. Call The Fact That They Won’t Appear Proof Of An Impeachable Offense.
    9. Repeat As Often As Necessary Until People Believe It.
    There You Have It!!!!!

  20. Remember when they all told us that their lifestyle would not affect the rest of us ? They currently have special privileges, protections, and rights, not available to other American citizens. Virtrually every other group which has campaigned for “equality” has ended up with all the items I listed above. Is this the “new equal” I would call it the road to Communism.

  21. If the Democrats loved the USA & wanted to do what was best they would get their head out of their rear & support Pres. Trump

  22. Marshall Rosenthal

    Even if the Demoncrats manage to impeach him, and Mike Pence would be President, Donald Trump will just run again in 2020, and he will be the first three term president since FDR. Since he is innocent of all Dem charges, he has nothing to worry about. Oh, the Bidens are Crooks!

  23. that goes for me to TRUMP will never be taken down though he’s the only chance to streighten up what obama hillary and the dnc tryed to destroy and will if they get the chance he’s the only thing stopping them and he’s the only real president sense r. reagan the rest was and is a joke and a disgrace to america go TRUMP 2020

  24. I believe that congress should be impeached! Look at taxpayers’ money they’ve wasted instead of taking care of their constituents.

  25. To Hell with the Faggots and Lezbos … they can keep their perversion within the confines of their homes.
    I will never accept their actions out in the public eye ! They have no right to force their ways into society !

  26. There is no base to impeach Mr. Trump on… everything they accuse him of doing, Crooked Hillary and Obama really did and more. Trump is a great president. most of the nes is FAKE!!!

  27. The Demoncrat Party has become a gigantic left wing freak show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. The Democrats are full of hatred-will do anything to take down a great President. Schiff is a disturbed person-was in a congressional meeting and LIED as the camera was pointed at him. Unfortunately, some people don’t know what’s going on & believed the speech he made up. The speech that is so full of hatred & lies unlike the document the President released. Schiff tried to portray the President as a crook. The Democrats are guilty of all that they blame the President of-they twist and manipulate everything to regain power. America wake up and spread the word that the President is a great man & the Democrats are LIARS.

  29. Never, I said NEVER, sell these people short on their crookedness. Many of them have secrets they are sweating will be exposed by this administration. So they will do anything, again I said ANYTHING, to see that the president does not get a second term to continue to investigate them. If they can manage to get President Trump out of office most of his administration goes with him, especially the Attorney General, who is nipping at their heels. The president was sincere when he said we must “drain the swamp”. But I don’t think that even HE knew just how deep and slime covered the swamp went. Look at them. Nancy Pelosi, Nader, Schiff, Schumer, the RINOS who have fooled the public for so long, all have things in their background that will remove them from the power they have enjoyed for so long. Their destruction of the social security and medicare programs, the retirement packages they have made law for themselves, their control of government contracts for their own businesses, there’s not enough room here to list what they have done to this nation. So it’s no wonder they are working so hard to disarm the people and remove this administration.

    • thank you Marianne your a smart lady

    • AMEN AMEN KURT your post is right on the $$$$$ the democrats are all a bunch of low life back stabbing America hating p.o.s. and they very well know that PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ON TO THEIR B.S. they just cant get over the fact that he beat out their ugly skank queen and THANK GOD HE DID AND HE WILL WIN AGAIN IN 2020 there is not one democrat than can beat president trump president trump 2020 president trump 2020 president trump 2020 president trump 2020

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