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Was Trump Right in Withdrawing Troops From Syrian Border?

When President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing US troops from the Syrian border with Turkey, his enemies (Democrats, ‘sewage stream’ media and RINOs) instantly began attacking his decision. I saw and heard a number of them proclaim that Trump was allowing for the re-emergence of ISIS terrorism.

When Turkish forces launched their attack into Syria along the border to wipeout those who are considered enemies of Turkey, Trump was instantly blamed by all of his critics. Think about this! Is Trump really responsible for the actions of the Turkish government and their decisions? That’s as logical as claiming that guns are responsible for violence, not the people using them or making the decision to carry out the violence.

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The ‘sewage stream’ media focused on reporting that all of the bloodshed occurring in Syria was solely Trump’s responsibility. Yet, that is NOT how the majority of the American people felt, as reported. Rasmussen Reports asked the following questions of likely voters from all political persuasions:

1*   Is the U.S. military overstretched these days, or can it adequately handle the number of missions it has?

2*   Do our political leaders send American soldiers into harm’s way too often, not often enough, or is the balance about right?

3*   Do you agree or disagree with the following statement – “It is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. We will fight where it is to our benefit, and only fight to win.”

The response is NOT what the ‘sewage stream’ media and Trump haters would report or have you believe:

In defending his Syria decision on Monday, the president declared, “It is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. We will fight where it is to our benefit, and only fight to win.” Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Likely U.S. Voters agree with Trump’s statement, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey. Just 20% disagree, while 22% are not sure. 

Even 55% of Democrats agree with the statement, although it is important to note that Rasmussen Reports did not identify Trump as the source of the quotation in its question. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republicans and 50% of voters not affiliated with either major political party also agree. Democrats and unaffiliateds are more likely than GOP voters to be undecided.

Forty-four percent (44%) of all voters continue to believe that our political leaders send American soldiers into harm’s way too often, but that’s down from 52% two years ago and the lowest finding in regular surveying since January 2013. Only four percent (4%) think U.S. solders aren’t send into harm’s way enough. Thirty-eight percent (38%) view the balance as about right.

Just 38% believe the U.S. military is overstretched these days, also a new low. This finding ran as high as 57% as recently as three years ago but has been trending down since Trump’s election. Forty-three percent (43%) say the military can adequately handle the number of missions it has. Nineteen percent (19%) are undecided. This marks the first time in Rasmussen Reports surveying that voters who are comfortable with the military’s efforts outnumber those who think it is overstretched.

So, was Trump right or wrong about withdrawing US troops from the Syrian border and what he referred to as one of those endless wars? Is he allowing for the re-emergence of ISIS?

According to most voters, YES, Trump is right!

Secondly, it was announced at the end of last week that Trump plans on leaving a contingent force in the region to ensure that ISIS does not regain strength and continue their reign of terror. However, few of the ‘sewage stream’ media outlets are reporting on this, proving they are more interested in anti-American propaganda than they are in reporting the truth and real news.

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  1. I agree with Trump 100% You can not bring peace to these countries viva war.they been fighting for 1000’s of years and will never stop.Trump is trying to get peace there.Good luck.America should not fight in wars which are not winnable.

  2. Mary Manwaring, RN

    We left defenseless allies in harm’s way by abruptly pulling USA troops out of Syria. Many are Christian Kurds. Nothing justifies America’s behavior . Broken promises to our allies is horrible foreign policy.
    Trump needs to resign now.

    • They need to fight their own battles. If they can’t fight as much we have been over there then I say let them die. It sound to me you want the American to die to fight for people you want death to America. If you want to help them so bad you send your son or daughter over there than them die to fight for them.

  3. President Trump is absolutely right in his decision to withdraw our troops from the Syrian border!!! There is definitely no need to put our men at risk on a war that has been going for decades (and probably will continue to do so), and it serves no purpose or benefit to the U.S.A. !!!

    • Does anyone think it is fair to hang Kurdish allies out to dry? Kurds fought alongside the U.S. in the war on ISIS. Now they have to endure possible persecution from Turkey, Syria (not to mention Assad’s propensity for using chemical weapons, and Russia? As the Kurd leaders stated, “America can’y be trusted anymore.”

      • If they are some important to us, then why did it take so longer for the Obama Administration to send U.S. Army in to help the Kurds. Another Trump hater you are instead of looking at the real story. Get your gun and go help them……….

      • And two days later, Trump hands the Kurds a permanent cease fire agreement with Turkey. Hardly hanging them out to dry!

    • I totally agree ESR . They might be Christian I am sorry. But the Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of war until the end of time..

  4. I am a retired Army Colonel with 30 years service who served in the Middle East and have extensive knowledge and experience in the region. Was the President right in his decision is only a portion of the question and of the answer. He did NOT coordinate or talk with anyone(other than of course the dictator of Turkey – Erdogan). The military, our NATO allies, the Kurds, ALL were caught completely by surprise. It is inexcusable for such a “decision” to be made in such a manner. It is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that the military wasn’t even allowed to weigh in the timing of the decision let alone the decision itself. We have once again abandoned the Kurds – one of if not the only reliable allies we had (note had). We allowed ISIS prisoners to escape, we allowed the Russians into the region and now playing a far more active role – literally patrolling in the region now and they will be difficult to dispose of. We allowed Turkey to attack and kill civilians, push the Kurds out of areas they have controlled for some time, helped to rehabilitate Assad. There are SO MANY things wrong with the decision made by the President. I once was a loyal Republican, I lost loyalty a long time ago and now this. It has given the President’s opponents a HUGE issue to exploit. There is NO explaining this away. It was WRONG.

    • That is not true President Trump said that he went to the European nations where most of the Isis prisoners came from to do their part and take them into their countries and that we were not going to take them to Getmo. He told them he wanted them to do their share and send some of their troops over instead of us always having to tow the line. Which in turn Europe is trying to race up at 60,000 man army to put their lives on the lines for once. The Curtis leader just thanked President Trump for getting the peace agreement. I am not for this either, but I trust President Trump that if isis starts coming in or Enemies try to pull anything, he can always go back in.

    • I also don’t agree with your opinion. Here we are a week later and the situation has changed. The Kurds are once again our friends and there is a permanent peace. I know the parties can’t be trusted but I think that is better than having our soldiers killed guarding the sand dunes. There is a time for action and a time to try to make peace. I was also in the Army and I think peace is much better than war. I know many people that didn’t make it home from stupid wars that solved nothing.
      Look what happened in Vietnam. We pretty much gave up the farm and now we are doing big business with the entire country.

  5. I agree with President Trump. We are NOT the world’s policemen. ISN’T THAT THE JOB OF THE UNITED NATIONS? What IS their job ?

    (Posted by Vietnam Veteran,USAF, Honorably Discharged.)

  6. Yep! Our President did the right thing as he has promised! Bringing the troops home! If the democrats and their cronies are so worried then they can pick up a rifle and head for the Syria border on their own. I bet none will volunteer because warmongers are gutless when it comes to action.

  7. People can make all kind of opinions but following golden rule of a common sense: Ic you trust your general, even it will be mistake, you will proudly die…
    It relates also to my findings: If I’m not a surgeon I will not take scalpel to cut boddy…. Based on the above my simple Q to any idiot who is trying to take scalpel to cut body: How many more times our God given Trump have to prove anything he touch it not just work but sparkles! So shut your f****n mouths and enjoy the ride in a back seet of the driver who don’t hug most gourgeous SCOTUS/wife. especially at 3am taulking to his We The People family…, any ware he move evil eye’s looking for his faluare…, being slandered and demonised every moment of his live…, risking being killed every moment…, placing his family under constant all kind of treats…, loosing $2 bil. (With letter B…) and it still pimps, skunks, perverts, and all kind of human trash dream for him being impeached or even killed…?

    Wake Up people let show we are much smarter then being used as brainwashed monkey who don’t have time doing homework, not qualified doing it due to so much of a Nazi cold war propaganda, not qualified to express own opinion and don’t even know that by finding general to whom you trust taking away your beeing warry to safety and security of your and your family!!! Just donate, support and vote everyware Red for your Messiah Donald J. Trump and his endorsments!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. It’s working. It’s a painful decision for everyone involved and there was no “right” answer. The alternatives all have a severe downside. I glad that Trump made this decision. This will become the model for getting us out of a lot of places where we’ve been stuck. Why do we still have bases in Germany? Japan? And everywhere else on the planet? Why, why why? This policy of being a policeman just doesn’t make any common sense. Bring our people home. Isn’t this why the UN was formed? Let them do their job and pick up the tab.

  9. And these are tribal wars that’ve bin going on for at least 400 years and more. It depends whose records you read. There are ancient grudges that get carried on in all countries too – even amongst certain American families, so it’s a human thing.

    But I loved President Trumps recent public statement – so paternal and spot on. “These people are like kids fighting in a schoolyard. You gotta let em fight for a while, then you pull them apart and talk about lessons learned.” Brilliant! Donald Trump applies his own commonsense methods because he’s his own man. Not all are perfect but life’s like that. His intentions are patriotic justice. And imo that’s what the USA and to a large extent the rest of the world needs right now. Not a miserable bunch of self serving politicians. Rantus finito. 😉

  10. Pastor Stronghold

    Muslims have no honor. Better a Muslim off another Muslim than me or one of mine.

  11. Our President is right in his decisions . I will continue to pray that GOD will always guide and direct him. We love you , President Trump. God bless!❤️

  12. I agree with the President also. I have seen this over and over again with the old philosophy. Look at the movie “Wilson’s War” ? with Tom Hanks and see what many keep alive. I can also go back a lot further on this quid pro quo.

    I was a farmer in the 70’s and late 70’s and early 80’s, the US sold Russia 220 million metric ton of corn. Then President Carter told Russia that if they invaded Afghanistan the US would hold back the corn. The US did this and our corn prices fell by 50%. The other countries came into our market and bought the corn for 50cents on the dollar and delivered it to Russia.

    Now the US acknowledges the hurt they put on the farmers and offers us a PIK coupon. That was Payment-In-Kind and when we went to sell the corn that was already in the elevators, the elevator operators took another 25cents for cracked corn and handling even though the corn was in the elevator. I went bankrupt over this and lost $250,000 in less than 6 months. (That was a lot for a farmer in the 70’s and 80’s.)

    We are still in Afghanistan, middle eastern wars are as Trump said, kids fighting and we need to reconsider out position. We no longer need to protect the oil reserves since we are independent of the resource.

    • We are constantly at war because our elected officials are allowed to invest (unlike regular citizens) and profit from the huge ‘military industrial complex’. We aren’t able to purchase stocks in these companies but our elected officials can-often under family members’ names. Every million dollar bomb we drop makes them smile. SO they (notice that both dems and reps complained about our withdrawal) want us to remain in these continuous and unwinable wars. Our so-called ‘public servants are disgraceful.
      Think about this: Hillary has obviously broken our laws, Biden flies his kid (crackhead kicked out of navy and with zero experience in the energy sector or investments) on Air Force 2 to Ukraine and China and-surprise-a few days later he is given a board $60k monthly position with an energy company that is supported by our tax dollars by a corrupt oligarch who couldn’t even get a visa to come to America (guess what-a few days after the Bidens’ visit he GOT the visa), and the Chinese government-not a company but the government-gave this unqualified man-wait for it-$1.5 BILLION to invest AND Biden hasn’t said even 1 negative comment about China’s human rights abuses since (but had many comments prior to his enrichment). And the list goes on: Bernie never had a job, invented anything, or started a business but made $1.06 million last year (oh yeah, this socialist who wants everyone to have the same income have a whopping 10k to charity) and owns 3 million dollar homes. And there are many other examples-from both sides of the aisle.
      My point is: President Trump, a non-politician gets elected and they freak because he is interfering with the fiefdom and crooks who run it.
      Notice how Hillary, Biden, Sanders, Nancy (oh I almost forgot-passed a health care bill AFTER purchasing stock in a company that made her millions. But it’s ok-congress secretly passed a law that allows them to be ‘inside traders’ but if a citizen did the same he/she would be jailed for years and destroyed financially) are NEVER held accountable. It is because if one is investigated, he/she would start talking and most of them have done the same or worse. The President is the monkey wrench to this corrupt system. And they can’t allow that.
      Congress has accomplished Nothing since the presidential election except waste time and taxpayer money to overthrow out legally elected president. It is disgraceful!
      We need to wake up and rid ourselves of these leeches.

  13. He was wrong the way he pulled the troops out. He should have consulted his military experts. He doesn’t know anything and refuses to learn. Trump is a dangerous person because of his lack of respect for the experts. Trumps lack of common sense and his lack of care for others puts him in danger of doing foolish things and then thinking he is right.God, please help us rid us of him.

  14. Exactly right !
    We need to save and expand our military capability in preparation to meet the Chinese and/or Russian, not waste valuable resources on meaningless brushfire police actions!!

  15. Trump outfoxes the media, even Fox News, the opposition politicians and Witless Romney. His actions prove that he is so much better than anybody else in negotiating a cease fire to protect the Kurds and continue to keep ISIS at bay.

    • You’re so right Jim. And now we hear on international news that El Bhagdadi – leader of the most evil and cruel of all the radical ISIS factions, has committed suicide also killing three of his children. Imo he showed cowardice.

      The point is, he was tricked out of deep hiding by Trump’s troop withdrawal and was suddenly outflanked, trapped and dispatched with. This was clever military strategy and cost no American lives. It also strikes at the heart of ISIS terrorists and demoralises them. There will be more but it’s a good start.

      Surprised Nancy Pelosi and AOC etc screamed foul play but as Trump pointed out, the Dems were the last people he’d inform of his intentions. The intelligence would’ve been leaked within a few hrs through the ‘fake media’ and the entire operation scuppered – such is their hatred of the President and their disregard of the American ppl.
      Who could trust the Democrats??????

  16. lillian reheusser

    We helped the Taliban led by Usama bin Laden push the Russians out of Afghanistan. He was so grateful that he killed 3000 people on American soil on 9/11. I wonder how these Kurds (deemed a terrorist group) will want to repay us if we stay to fight their fights for them.

  17. We have been the world police for to long.
    Let them sort out the problems they have created for the last century.
    If they haven’t figured out how to live in peace, then let them dissolve into history with a bang.
    It costs billions of American taxpayers dollars to get to watch them make fools out of themselves.
    Goodbye Syria, good luck with civilization, it’s a human thing.

  18. The brilliance of pres. Trumps strategy has flown over your heads, “oh ye of little faith”. The Trump Syria strategy that the whole world has just witnessed, is an exact replica of Odysseus ‘Trojan Horse’. Retreat, when every one will call you stupid, retreat when you have no support from anyone of your allies, leave your enemy with a complimentary prize, (a twenty mile wide strip of bloody desert sand, like the Trojan Horse) and SUCK your enemy into an AMBUSH. Joshua did it at Jericho, the Friesen Sea King Jon, did it at Tyre, (6000 BC ballpark) when he sailed out of port during the night, with more than 400 ships, with his Triremes at the rear of the fleet. Dumb. Not only did he have his Triremes at the rear of the fleet, Jon ordered his navigators, (sailors) to move the Iron Crossbows from the bow to the stern of the boats. When the Lebanese fleet attacked from the rear, they were met by a hail of Silver tipped spears, launched ‘five at a time’ from Jon’s iron crossbows, 2500 yrs before the iron age began. (oh really) Bottom line, before you second guess a president, especially president Trump, study a bit of history. Better yet, just remember the times in your youth when you played ‘cowboy and Indian games’, in the neighborhood. Ambush was always in the game. Enjoy your ‘Crow for Breakfast. Chumps!!

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