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What if Trump Impeachment Was Up to 6 Key Swing States?

Democratic leadership is dead set on impeaching President Donald Trump as soon as possible, especially before the 2020 primary and caucus season begins. If they can oust Trump, the Republicans really don’t have anyone lined up and ready to challenge whomever the Democratic nominee will be.

At the moment, there are three Republicans challenging Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination. They are:

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Joe Welch, former Representative from Illinois who only served 1 term.

Mark Sanford, former Governor of South Carolina and former Representative from South Carolina.

William Weld, former Governor of Massachusetts who ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 and lost.

To be honest, none of these three Republicans would stand a remote chance of defeating any of the top 12 Democratic candidates.

If Trump were impeached and removed from office, that would make Vice President Mike Pence the 46th President of the United States and he actually does stand a chance of defeating any Democrat.

The main question is whether or not Democrats will be successful in their attempt to impeach and remove Trump?

It is up to the House to bring articles of impeachment against the president and there is no doubt that the Democratic controlled House will have enough votes to move the impeachment forward. Then it goes to the Senate to hold a formal criminal trial and then vote to convict or acquit. It takes a two-thirds majority vote to convict (67 votes for conviction). The current makeup of the Senate is Republicans 53 seats, Democrats 47 seats and 2 seats held by Independents who generally vote Democratic. If all Democrats and Independents voted to convict, it would still take 14 Republicans to vote for conviction and knowing that there are some Republicans who are generally anti-Trump, such as Mitt Romney, it could be a very close vote.

But what if the impeachment was up to the 6 key swing states? Would Trump be convicted and removed from office or would he survive to run in 2020? According to a recent report, Trump would NOT be impeached:

Fifty-three percent of voters in six battleground states oppose impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from office, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.

Forty-three percent in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Arizona support impeachment and removal.

The survey results for those key states were released Monday. Here is how they break down:


  • 92% of Republicans oppose impeachment and removal, compared to 5% who support it.
  • 14% of Democrats oppose impeachment and removal, while 84% support it.
  • 55% of independents are against impeachment and removal, compared to 39% who back it.
  • 50% of all those surveyed support the impeachment inquiry of Trump, while 45% oppose it.


The poll, conducted Oct. 13-20, surveyed 1,934 registered voters in the battleground states. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.8%.

So, who are the Senators from these 6 states?

Arizona – Krysten Sinema (D) & Martha McSally (R)

Florida – Marco Rubio (R) & Rick Scott (R)

Michigan – Debbie Stabenow (D) & Gary Peters (D)

North Carolina – Richard Burr (R) & Thom Tillis (R)

Pennsylvania – Bob Casey Jr. (D) & Pat Toomey (R)

Wisconsin – Ron Johnson (D) & Tammy Baldwin (R)

That equates to 5 Democrats and 7 Republicans. The question is – how would those 7 Republican Senators vote?


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  1. Every real American citizen will mark on election ballot name for President of The United States : Donald Trump !!!

    • You are so right. I think most Americans don’t want this to happen at all. The Democrats think that if they can impeach the President then they believe they can win the White House with no probable. What a lot of American’s don’t know is the things that the Democrat’s are really up to. L:ets take Medicare for all. If the Democrat’s win this one point, it will mean that maybe Approx. 1 million, yes that many could lose their job’s. Another thing they are not telling you is the REAL PRICE per year it will cost every Tax Payer. It will cost Approx. 3/4’s more than they are saying due to inflation. They are using a price that was for it in 2005 and not what it is at todays price. Also look at the millions it will cost to implement into the system. What the whole Congress should be doing about the cost of heath care is reducing how much it cost. The US Pay’s more for medication’s than another Country in this world. Yet NOT ONE in Congress has tried to do anything about it. Oh sure they play lip service to the probable just to get votes but has of yet none has done a darn thing. Seniors are eating dog food because they can’t afford real food and their Meds just to barely stay alive. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat but right now I am really against the DNC party. Thanks for all of your space.

      • Thank you for sharing. You make some good points.

      • The majority of Democrats , Republicans and Independents agree that’s President Trump pushes the legal and moral aspects of government to the extreme. This is how he operated as a private person in business, and we voted him into office. So far we haven’t seen anyone on the Democratic Stage that would make people vote him out. As Warren Buffet once stated, “ You don’t have to be nice to be rich and famous”. I suppose I am unique, I think you can be compassionate, pursue strong relationships within the government, and build successful relationships with international partners, while also showing a strong military presence.

    • All GOP’s should be safe except for BURR with
      Democrats in Arizona, Michigan vunerabile!

      • This is a total hit job by the Democrats! If it were to go to trial in the Senate, the truth would come out. The trial would allow for the defense to call witnesses under oath. The Democrats could not stand the light on their phony case.

      • What the politicians are not telling you is that regardless of where a tax is added that tax is passed to the consumer and that is the middle class.

        And so on

        Nothing is for free

    • It would be a horrible act to impeach President Trump The Democrats are ruining there party and our country with such garbage constantly being throwed out And they have definitely shown there real party and I don’t think any one will vote for any democrat I think Our President has done a great job under all the great stress The Democrats are full of hate for President Trump because The American people chose him They are poor losers The American people know what they are and They are going to lose Democrats need to be investigated and impeached, starting with Nancy Peloski, who has been the constant troublemaker. Remove her and a lot of the trouble and hate will stop

    • i couldn’t agree more it will be revenge time against killary and her cartel

  2. I, my family, my friends and neighbors would “WRITE IN” Donald Trump.

  3. The fuc…g democrat senators and some republican senators better wake the hell up!! And I mean WAKE THE HELL UP. The only other alternative to TRUMP is SOCIALISM so I say again, WAKE THE HELL UP!! Remember the synonym for democrats and RINOS is; COLLECTIVE STUPID

    • Bruno, Dude your profanity shows a high level of ignorance. Use some intelligent adverbs and adjectives It would go a long way to better represent your opinion !!!

      • Paul, we stand to lose America as we know it, dim0cRATS want to install a Soviet style government, Bruno is right, Americans had better wake the Hell up.

      • Well I get his opinion loud and clear and there’s nothing ignorant about it. Bruno’s very angry. And he sure n hell knows the difference between conservative thinking and corrupt socialism.

        I don’t live in the USA but believe me the depths of corruption in most of your Democratic Party is beyond belief. And I would point out that because of the sheer size of America, it directly affects all first and second world countries. So rather than nit pick about someone’s use of the English language, I suggest you ‘get’ his message and wake up about what it means for both you and us other citizens around the world.

        Your beloved Democrats with their sneaky one-world no-borders agenda are dangerously corrupt and are a threat to the civilised world we cherish. So I agree with Bruno; ‘Wake Up’

        Trumps policies may be a bit painful for some short term, but we accept that. However, if you want to make an omelette, you gotta break some bloody eggs!
        God bless you

        • I fully agree with Frank! This is enough to make every person in America say nasty things, Our lives are in some pretty nasty people’s hands the democRATS do not care about America or the American people, President Donald J. Trump made promises to the American people and he is trying his best to keep them but the democRATS have done everything in their power to block every good thing our President is trying to do. Like the wall that would protect our children and save lives no more illegals’ I do not want any more murders in by illegals’ and I don’t want the USA to becoming stinking Socialism which is same as Communism) Who would want that? And the whole mess with impeachment I can not believe hate is what this mess is from…The democRATS have so ungodly Hate just because President Donald J. Trump won fair and square.. Who in their right mind would want a woman for President? Not me, what man would listen to a woman they have totally different ideals .. Let a man run this country Lets keep our President Donald J. Trump He is the Best one for America hands down.

  4. President Trump is the best leader for America, loved by millions. He is a sure winner.
    Democrats are now communists, supported by welfare recipients , illegals and jail birds.
    Pelosi & Schiff are totally corrupt, abusing the law.
    They will be defeated!

  5. This President Trump, has been under siege by the Left and the establishment, even before his inauguration. A sad event for the country and for a President, who has outdone previous presidents in setting records of progress, that any prior president would envy in their past terms. The threat of impeachment has been conducted by the Left, primarily by a conniving hater Adam Schiff from California, who with the aid of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, have been relentless in the Leftist Coup. What their action has produced, is the surge in conservative and independent and drawing the minority vote to a high, in his re-election in 2020. Pelosi and Schiff, on a brighter side, have only improved President Trump’s chances to be reelected. With now less than a year, before election, added to the impeachment effort, is the investigations by the Attorney General Barr and special investigator appointed to investigate the Coup by the FBI, CIA, NSA and the National News Media in their effort to bring down a sitting president. AG Barr, stated that the investigation, has spread to the Presidency of Obama, as maybe a major actor in trying to bring down President Trump, a act of treason with aiding and abetting the plot The impeachment may succeed, but the Senate will never confirm the impeachment and President Trump will continue to run for President and be successful in his bid. MAGA2020MAGA

    • AMEN! The whole idea of impeachment is preposterous. Donald Trump is a fabulous President. Millions of Us appreciate him and his obvious love and care for all of Us in this country.

    • They are impeaching him for the actual fact that he is honest and is seeking justice in a republic. Meanwhile they are the complete opposite seeking to continue their corruption, continue to exploit Americans and America and have done pretty much as much and far more than they are accusing him of doing. I also suspect this poll is basically a narrative push on the soft side as well. You cant trust any of these polls really.

    • The impeachment will be a travesty of justice, perpetrated by the Democrats because of their hatred and jealousy of the progress President Trump has made for America. The Democrats are seething with envy and it has brought them to the point of obsession and vindictiveness towards the President. They are using whatever lies they can fabricate and the news media are supporting them. This is the Deep State in action against a duly elected President. The Republicans in Congress must fight back instead of sitting on their thumbs.

      • But only a few Republicans are supporting President Trump simply because he can’t be bought out. He’s running that office like a business, not as the head of the political party that got him in office.

        • Did you notice that in some states, California for one, they use state laws to change the people running for office, look back last few elections, state, federal level, the 2 top total vote representatives, are run off against each other, for years it has been 2 democrats, for a lot of seats in the House of Congress and two democrats running for each Senate seat, look at the last 8 years always democrat vs democrat, guarantees democrat will win seats in CA

        • I do believe there are more than just a few Republicans that support him. He has gotten more done for our country and us in the short time he has been in office than any one of the Dems could be able to do in 10 years. But oh what damage to all of us could take place if a Dem gets in office. Keep

  6. Clearly, Dems don’t care one bit about public leanings from right, left, or middle. This whole thing is nothing more than a power grab by socialists. They have been working to get to this point since at least the 1960s when they hijacked the anti-war movement and the educational system by which they have invested decades indoctrinating children in the soviet fashion.

    As the party of slavery, with their KKK enforcement arm, they also grabbed the equal rights movement and tricked Blacks into believing that Dems were anti-racists, while presenting Blacks with every excuse for failure and the right to a free ride. It’s too bad so many minorities can not see that they would have no rights were it not for conservatives.

    What I find saddest of all is that these social Democrats will find themselves on the receiving end of firing squads and gulags, just as has happened to so many who led communist revolutions, but they are too blind to see the world they seek to create.

  7. Hi, Steveur — I totally agree with what you said, but I noticed a few grammatical mistakes in your post. I am a professional editor and grammar “policewoman,” and I am happy to volunteer my efforts to help you, if you should want them. Please let me know.

  8. I have to agree the Democrats from the very beginning have been after President Trump since taking office , He must know a lot of shit that the Democrats have pulled that the American people would of never known if Mr Trump would of never been elected. . I say to the American people (Democrats) I think you should back the American( Republican )in 2020 election just to let the Democrats know that the American people still control who they want as there President. And if you Democrats are honest with yourselves you know we’re on the right side in keeping our country Great still. I personally don’t want our country to become like those other Countries. We are so blessed. So I say vote in 2020 and re-elect President Trump, we are on the right side, because it’s scary to to think what could happen if we don’t to our Country.

  9. Pelosi, Schiff and the Democratic Party are an absolute disgrace to America. Treason is the only description of what they are doing. The corruption by these deep state actors must be dealt with by AG Barr, Durham and the IG. It is time to make the arrests!

    • Are Pelosi and Schiff not supposed to be representing the people of California. There state is on fire and instead of them being their trying to bring control to these fires and representing the people that have been burned out, lost there lives and family members both of them are sitting their lying ass’s in Washington trying to impeach the very best President we have had since Ronald Regan. To hell with them and the entire socialist democrats.

    • Amen! I will agree. They thought they had it all Paved for Clinton… But it didn’t go as planned they never intended for President Donald J. Trump to be President… Thank God their plan never played out America is a lot saver than it would be if a democrat was in there… So again I say Thank You JESUS!

  10. The Dumbcrats have not found any credible evidence that would legally impeach President Donald Trump, but they sure have proven that the Dumbcrats are not qualified to lead our great country

  11. Marianne Duteurtre

    I really hope presdent Donald Trump will not be hurt by impeachment or anything else.He is a fantastic president in my eyes and I hope he will be re elected

    • This makes me so upset where is we the peoples vote. Waste of time and money Democrats way. Hope they all lose their elections.

    • I feel the same way, as you Marianne, I hope he wades thru this STUPID MESS, and they FAIL and FAIL BADLY, and he get re-elected and he has my VOTE, and they have no one that could do better, including his LOSER challenger hrc, and the ex 44th potus pos. He raises above them,head and shoulders over them, GOD BLESS and MAGA 2020 MAGA 2022 and MAGA 2024

    • hes the best president our country has ever had and to try to impeach a president that has only done good for the country would be very bad for the country i hope these idiots get it together before they destroy our great country

    • he will bury them alive and killary will with gods help finally go to prison

  12. peter@printshops.co.za

    I’m a South African, most interested in the US political arena.In what President Trump has achieved in 4 years for the US, is far beyond what most World Leaders have achieved in 2 or 3 terms in office.He is tough, resilient and has direction, regardless of making enemies, but doing it for the sake of the Nation. The American people can only be the losers if he is impeached

  13. Henry FitzGerald III

    I think the Demoncrats should do what Nancy says and let no one be above the law. That includes all Democrats, media personal and politicians in general. If you or I committed these crimes.we would be in jail for life.

  14. This makes me so upset where is we the peoples vote. Waste of time and money Democrats way. Hope they all lose their elections.

  15. Only Trump is strong enough to take this vicious obstructing nonsense day after day. The Swamp, the haters, a new businessman upset DC and is showing he can make a difference for the American people. This is a perfect example or case for Term Limits. Old timers and even the new freshman are nothing but troublemakers. Trump is the best President Ever
    And obummer was the absolute worst President Ever. We love Donald J. Trump, be safe my man

  16. President Donald J. Trump will some day be known as the greatest President of the modern era of the United States of America! He stopped the liberal slide of our country towards that of another third world country. I only wish I could vote for him more than once! I wish all of these democrap/communists would just shut up and leave the country. We would be so much better off without them!

  17. I understand the contempt that the Leftists have for Trump, however I really wish we would stop saying it is due to their being angry that their candidate lost in 2016. Lets call it for what it is; every one of these politicians, lobbyist, business moguls and even officials in other countries are totally against Trump because they know damn well that what he really is doing is gathering al the millions of pieces of documented proof that they have engaged in unlawful corrupt actions making like the Ukraine/Biden/Pelosi et al pay to play, trafficking in people, drugs, you name the dirty deed and you can take it t the bank that corrupt politicians, businesses, heads of state not just in US, but globally involved, they do to the tune of millions if not billions.
    Not just In US, but globally. This is a war for our way of life as free people. Add to that hiding behind it all is the reason, Satan has declared war on humanity and is now having his minions openly advocate for him in many ways, look around and see the truth. Satanic symbols everywhere we look, learn to recognize what they are. The war of good and evil is clearly won us and Trump and his people, patriots, God loving people, are the only thing standing in their way.

  18. So far the majority don’t want impeachment, but the democRATS are so focused on themselves and what criminal activities done by them will come out, aren’t listening to anyone but their own demon voices in their heads! So far the media is urging them own, probably because the heads of those networks are as deeply into the criminal activities with congress that they can’t see that at some point even their heads are going to roll! Just remind all those fruitcakes that it is hell sometimes when you get what you ask for!!!!!

  19. God bless our President. He has more inner strength than anyone in congress.

  20. The Dems are so focused on how could a man, NOT a politician defeat their hope? Easy..we had enough of her husband and the man that followed..and her actions as Secretary of State. Now, they are so upset…anything and everything to undermine Trump. How funny, when he backed his money to you, you loved him…now, trying to destroy him. #2020#TrumpTrain#WillNotBeStopped This will drag…and Trump will win again.

  21. The democRATS have stooped to a whole new level of dishonesty, corruption, lying and are now existing not in the swamp but have turned Washington D.C. into a full blown sewer. This will come back to haunt them with a vengeance. Also, there is not one democRAT that could withstand what President Trump has endured. Also, something they have not thought about is that Trump is smarter than all of them. The democRATS need to stop slapping the American people’s intelligence because we see through their deceit. They are all running scared because this is just another cover up for all the past and present corruption that exists in the democRAT party.

  22. This impeachment is a joke, I read what the President said, this not something worth even considering. This is just another way the Democrats are trying to get rid of the President. They lost the election and won,t forget it. What Joe biden did is far worse than what President Trump did.

  23. Richard Krzeminski Sr.

    It woild be the Worse thing done to the United states and it’s people. A lot of people don’t like him but you have to look at what he has done for the people/country. The Democrats ( Want to stop them ) beause he is doing great things . Things that they would or could not do.he is not a Politician he is a Business man , someone that Expects you to do your job, and also expects Loyalty . I would bote for again ina heart beat.

  24. It appears that many of the pro-Trump advocates are living in delusion. The reason most Americans are against Trump is he is totally immoral, is motivated by self interests and does not represent the average American. He has undermined the position of the presidency and the trust of the American people. As I travel internationally I am constantly embarrassed by the view of the world Trump has left. It would be refreshing to have a President that embodies the vision and moral fortitude that our forefathers had when they built this Country. We need a great leader that makes decisions based on the good and benefit of all Americans one that will stand the test of time and to bring respectability back to the presidency and the American way of life! I am sure this will not be posted since it is a negative view of Trump.

    • I cannot believe you are an American. How can you say these negative things about our strong, positive leader who has achieved great strides in solving problems left by previous administrations? I pray you will wake up and recognize the advances that our President has achieved in a relatively short period of time with aims on future improvements to further benefit all of our fellow citizens. You need to pay heed to this country’s past history as well as the future this President can enable for you and all Americans.

    • Mike Brady – there’s an old saying that’s stood the test of time. ‘Open your mouth and your brains are on show’
      I rest my case..

  25. If you go back to the Clinton’s college days and their love for Alinsky and his socialist teaching, and their rule in Arkansas you can see that they up until now have sold our Country out to the Socialist’s agenda through the Clinton Foundation. President Trump is a big problem for the Democrat’s to turn our country in to a socialistic country. The 8 years of the Clinton’s and 8 yrs of the O’Bama presidencies set the socialistic agenda that our elected president Trump has to deal with. #1 Trump has dealt with the swamp for many years and knows all about these rat’s that dwell there, they are running scared as he won’t be bought. Pres. Trump is one amazing man to take the wrath that is put upon him and his family. We need term limit’s of our elected representatives and no lobbying after they leave office due to the corruption that is Washington DC. As an Independent voter for 64 years I do not want a Socialistic Country for my children, grandchildren or my great grandchildren. God, Bless the United States of America.

    • Thank you Sandee. For someone living on the other side of the globe, your comments are refreshingly concise, insightful and historically very interesting.

      Once we got past the charismatic persona, my impression of Bill Clinton was that of a weak man and a poor liar. But it was the shadowy Hillary who has since proved to be the true wicked witch in the USA socialist agenda. They say that at 50 you inherit the face you created through your life. Hers is a mask of the gleeful evil narcissist. When Bill was quoted as saying “I did not have sex with that woman”, clearly he was referring to his wife. And who would blame him?

      Apologies for branching off into the personality and subjective side of politics but the Clintons and the part they play in American politics right up to the present, imo is totally relevant and fascinating. As an aside, I think it’s also clear that Jeffrey Epstein needed to be dispatched ASAP. His evidence would have been profoundly damaging to many of the elite glitterati. My my, what a movie this will be. And who will play Epstein’s longtime girlfriend I wonder?

      Please note that the above is with all due respect to the gravity of your current political situation and the pure hypocrisy that President Trump is being subjected to – my blessings to him and the good he is doing both at home and abroad. GB.

    • Bernie Sanders is the socialist running for office. He will give away the store to make himself look good. This country would go bankrupt if we supported his agenda. Maybe he should donate some of his money, he’s a millionaire. Also Trump should reimburse this country for all his trips to his golf courses. Your taxes and mine are paying the tab. I’m a senior citizen on a fixd income and this country is not helping the seniors.

  26. I agree with all of what has been said, just pray he has enough strength left to actually drain the swamp./// phil

  27. The impeachment process is NOTHING more than a joke. The Democrats still can get over losing the 2016 election and I am looking forward to the 2020 election where President will bury the Democrats. The Democrats will wish that they were never born.

  28. The main thing here is TRUTH. I just want truth. I am happy that President Trump is brining out the corruption. I feel that is the real reason the Democrats want him out because their corruption is so bad it’s hard for people to believe they can do such horrible things. What about the money that Biden and his son have taken from other countries after the USA has given them aide. How many others have taken mine they are not untitled to. I know there corruption in both parties but no one other president has brought forth the corruption like President Trump. I want him to stay there and continue draining the swamp. I don’t understand what he has done to deserve impeachment.

  29. I reside outside of the US and for a couple of yrs have bin watching this crazy political world you folks must endure. It’s sure been an education and I can only say God bless America because you need it right now.

    President Trump is no doubt eccentric, and humorous, but effective. And I can see how he polarises ppl but it seems to me he uses being ‘unpredictable’, as a strategy. He drives Schiff and Pelosi crazy crazy, coz just when they think he’s blown it – he gets the best results for the American ppl. How frustrating for them! If the Dems could only see how desperate and rotten they look to average folks worldwide, they’d surely have to be ashamed.
    I mean, here’s a President who is doing the best things possible to clean up the mess left by decades of self serving and corrupt governance – at the expense of the American ppl – and the Democrats and their captive MSM want to impeach him??? Haha – oh wait. He’s actually working For the voters. Of course they want to destroy him! The last thing the Dems care about are you the voters…

    Based on history, President Donald Trump will be lucky to get out of that swamp alive. I sincerely hope that spectre never raises its ugly head but I do pray for the man. MAGA and keep it so!!! God bless.

  30. I just don’t get it !!! How can there be so many stupid persons in our country who want our President Trump out of office? Where are they getting their info that makes them so hateful? Or is it just a pack of loud-mouthed, ill-informed jerks who keep the pot stirred up? I think it’s the latter…because if any of them look back at Obama’s mess, they sure wouldn’t be hating President Trump.

  31. Robert J Bohlender

    As long as the Dems can keep this crap in the news, there will be people wondering whether or not he is guilty. I think this is nothing but a way to clear the field for some loser Dem to make his or her way into the office of President. Without Mr. Trump they might make it work. I would be very concerned to push this to far because the Dems have just as many things they are hiding as the Reps. If this thing blows up in their face they might wish they had not started all of this witch hunt.

  32. I think it is obvious and glaringly apparent to any intelligent American, GOP and otherwise, that most Americans are mad as hell and fed up with Democrats, the treasonous “deep State” and ALL the SLEAZY Rhinos.
    There will be a tsunami of voters reelecting Trump in a landslide!

    I want to join with all other like minded Americans in demanding the treason be acknowledged and prison terms follow for all of the Deep State creatures who have compromised the safety of America with their treasonous actions.

  33. What the DEMOCRATS are doing is SEDITION by TRAITORS, pure and simple. You CAN’T undo a LEGAL election by simply impeaching the POTUS when the U.S. Citizens elected him as per the U.S. Constitution, because you “didn’t like the election results”. Hopefully, when this impeachment attempt FAILS (which it will), PRISON sentences will result with congressmen and women being led away in HANDCUFFS to a PRISON CELL (Starting with Schiff and Pelosi). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  34. If Pres. Trump is impeached I will NEVER vote again!! The U.S. of America is being “wiped” out by these people who call themselves Democrats…or “whatever” they are…This President, has done more in his first term than others…(Let those who have not sinned throw the first stone…) Yes, he is not “perfect” but “WHO” is !! He is doing the job he was “elected” to do…(not only promised to do) I was born in early twenties…have lived through many presidents …was a democrat most of my life…but I no longer recognize “today’s Democratic Party”.!!

  35. Americans are watching as the foolish Dems do nothing except bash our wonderful President Trump. He has done amazing things for our country and our citizens. People see what he has accomplished in his three years in office. He always puts America First in all of his decisions, he has supercharged the economy, eliminated regulations so businesses can grow and flourish, unemployment is at an all time low, he is fighting to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic. President Trump is doing great things for our country. He will win in a landslide in 2020.

  36. Yes,Donald Trump is aggressive, outspoken, bullying, and at times crude. Yet I support him. He is the type of person I would want to represent me if I were getting a divorce, doing business negotiations or even defending me in a court of law. He would make a great general manager in professional sports and would probably negotiate and go to the super bowl on a perennial basis. No wonder he draws negative comments from foreigners and foreign officials he got America off it’s perpetual Marshall plan of give aways whether in commerce or other international matters. The Marshall Plan was good in its day, but we couldn’t afford to be the perpetual answer to others short falls. America can’t afford to kick the can down the road by Casper milk toasts that have represented our country in the past.

  37. Praying a lot for this great nation these Democrats socialists are blind they do not see what socialist had done to my Country Cuba I left in 1960 I was 17 yrs old and I do not want this evil for this beloved and great country all that they offer is a bunch of lies
    Look what they have done in Nicaragua Venezuela and Russia as usual is backing them
    This country is blind about the evil socialism
    Only God could save us of this great evil

  38. i thank all of you people above for your support for our great president and he will be re elected and nancy retard pelosi and dummy chuck shumer will be out i hope

  39. I’m sixty three years old and have always said since the mid eighties that the greatest president during my lifetime would be President Ronald Reagan.I now realize that We have a President that like President Reagan truly loves the country and the American people.The difference between these two great Presidents is that President Reagan was a true politician and President Trump a true businessman.Both these men did what they knew would be the best for our nation.By the time President Trump finishes his second term And he will win by A very large margin just as Reagan did in his relection,I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say that anymore about President Reagan.


  40. Where is Ohio as a swing state? Have the Dummycrats [thank you Diamond & Silk] convinced their captive news media that we ‘are not a swing state’!

    Why do I consider Ohio as swing state? Who was the LAST PRESIDENT ELECTED WHO DID NOT CARRY OHIO?

    Hint: He was the only catholic ever elected. JFK in 1960!!

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