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Convicted Sex Offender Wins State Election

In October 2017, news broke about sexual assault and harassment allegations being made public against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. This was the start of the Me Too Movement. It started with two women making the accusations against Weinstein and soon spread like a California forest fire with dozens and dozens of women from all walks of life making accusations against Weinstein, others in the movie industry, against bosses and politicians.

The Me Too fires claimed the careers of dozens of men, including some prominent members of Congress.

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It didn’t take long for some radical liberals to think that they could use the Me Too Movement as a means to ruin the careers or election hopes of conservatives. Perhaps the most notable cases were those where unsubstantiated allegations were made against Donald Trump while he was running for president.

The same thing happened just days before the Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh and his nomination to the US Supreme Court. The sexual misconduct allegations were made public by Sen. Kamala Harris, currently running for the Democratic 2020 White House nomination. Those allegations were never proven and in fact, there was far more evidence presented that cleared Kavanaugh of any wrong doing, yet, Senate Democrats used it to try to prevent a conservative from sitting on the highest court in the land.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore was also the victim of numerous allegations, none of which were ever proven, but the damage from the allegations was enough to prevent him from winning the vacated US Senate seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions. Even top ranking Senate Republicans openly supported the Democrat running for Sessions’ seat because they blindly believed the allegations made against Moore.

There is no doubt that allegations of sexual misconduct had become a powerful tool and weapon to wield to slay opponents and yet, in the midst of the fray, it seems that Democratic voters are beginning to turn a blind eye at members of their own socialist party, as reported:

A former Virginia lawmaker who made headlines after being accused of having sex with his teenage secretary has won a Senate seat.

Democrat Joe Morrissey won the senate seat for the 16th District in Tuesday night’s election.

He faced off against Independent Waylin Ross and got more than 60 percent of the votes.

Morrissey was jailed four years ago after the sex scandal involving his secretary, who Morrissey later married. The couple now has three children.

He denied wrongdoing but entered an Alford plea to a misdemeanor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, acknowledging that prosecutors had enough evidence for a conviction.

Morrissey lost a 2016 campaign to be Richmond’s mayor and had his law license revoked last year.

Morrissey launched a bid for a Richmond-area state Senate seat in April and won the Democratic primary in June.

He’ll now represent parts of Richmond, Chesterfield County, Petersburg, Hopewell, Prince George County, and Dinwiddie County.

One has to ask what Virginia voters are thinking?

It tells us that Democrats will use such tactics to try to ruin anyone they disagree with but when one of their own is a convicted sex offender, they turn a blind eye and elect them to the state legislature. Sadly, this says a lot about Virginia voters and the state of America in general.

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  1. Just show how stupid people are becoming.

  2. Says a lot about VA, for sure, a once reliably conservative state, now deep blue, and they’re coming for our guns in the upcoming legislative session. So, starts the slide, slouching towards California.

  3. They like to get screwed

  4. I was not aware a person could run for a government offiice with an arrest record such as a felony. Furthermore; why would anyone vote for a sex offender in the first place?

  5. Pretty hard to take this seriously when we have “president” who brags about grabbing pussies.

    • Ashamed to live in VA,they never put the names of any Political Party except Dems on the ballots…the Elections here are rigged I’m sure…

  6. That’s the problem, they (liberals) don’t think.

  7. Virginians have become stupid…..Their Governor still reigns who was either the hooded KKK or Blackface person in his College Yearbook; their next in line is a repeated abuser of women who are more than credible when they revealed their heartbreaking experiences; and their 3rd in line is also suspect of racial bias. They survive because they are Democrats and tons of cash from American hater George Soros. It is sad but true but hate and stupidity in Virginia is thriving.

  8. It seams that the dems just don’t care as long as their party is deeply imbedded no matter how corrupt

  9. Makes you wonder about the intelligence of people who will vote for a president/party that will destroy you but offer you freebies – but rail against a president/party that takes the economy & jobs to new heights.

    What the hell are they thinking ?

  10. The ignorant electorate

  11. Criminals should be put in jail not in the US Senate!!!! Not in the US Supreme Court! No justification for making voters choose among criminals! Shame on you Virginia! And shame on California for the two-faced liars and self-serving monsters that we have in the California legislature and running for mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria.

  12. Lowering the bar!!!
    Democrats have perfected it!!!!!!!!

  13. Unsubstantiated??? The grab them by the pussy words came out Of Trump’s own mouth on video. He paid off a porn star he had an affair with. His ex-wife had rape allegations in her divorce petition. This is yellow “journalism.”

  14. Liberal Elite dominance and influence over their mis informed flock is complete- they have stopped utilizing their ability to think and gather data before decision making…come on Man!

  15. So bone spur,draft dodger paid two women for nothing,WAKE UP,he is a damn LIAR,14,ooo some now,like who is going to pay for the stupid wall.

  16. Nothing new here Bill Clinton has already shown us that the Dems only care about rape and underaged sex with Republicans to charge and convict them even white house encounters are acceptable with “Snow Flakes ” But patriots wont allow any conservatives get away with this heinous stuff we still have scruples !

    • Hello Bill! What rape and underage sex? A totally false and biased statement by someone who, as a probable staunch “Trumper”, has or is probably facing the same sort of rebuke!

    • Trip. This kind of behavior has always been excepted by the Democratic Party. JFK was one of America’s most loved Presidents, but it has always been known that he was one of the most famous Philanderers!


  18. Too much fluoride in the water.

  19. How did I know this pervert was a Democrat? Democrats just love homosexuals and sexual deviants. We’ve already had two in the White House, another currently running for President, and another just won the senate seat for the 16th District in Virginia. Isn’t that special.

  20. Pretty obvious this is a biased board!

  21. God is the ultimate judge. Cavanagh is on the Supreme Court.

  22. He married the woman he was alleged to have violated and was convicted of doing so in a misdemeanor? Apparently she didn’t agree with the conviction and later had three of his children. What the hell are we talking about here? Unlike the Trump’s and Kavanaygh’s of the world, apparently he didn’t force anyone into doing what they didn’t want!

  23. This is as sick as it gets. A long with the sick people who elected him. What the hell has this world come to.

  24. WOW!!!! SMDH!!!!!

  25. Democrats are perverts and thieves and their voters are STUPID.

  26. How can sexual assault of a minor be a misdemeanor? If he were the average Joe he would still be in prison with Bubba for a bed mate. Discusting all around

  27. Yes and the nation elected a pussy grabber

    • You are so stupid. It’s obvious that is all you wanted
      to hear and you never read the entire story or the
      outcome. Oh wait,. You can’t read or too lazy to,
      You would rather sit in front of the TV and listen
      to the fake news stations. You are the perfect example
      Of a stupid democrat.

  28. Stupid people vote for stupid politicians and DEMONOCRATS WILL NOT INVESTIGATE DEMONOCRATS…Soros won’t allow it !

  29. Democrats Have No Moral Compass, They Sweep All Criminal Conduct Under The Rug, Sad Day For America ! #Trump2020

  30. First of all, he’s a criminal. He should never have been able to run for office. He shouldn’t be allowed to follow thru with his office. I suggest that people read and care about who they vote for. This is just a terrible thing to happen in this time and age of our Country. However, I’m not surprised, because obviously the people don’t care who runs our Country any more. Such a lazy incompetent group I’ve ever seen.

    • You must live in a dream world. Only by the Grace of
      God, and President Trump, are you living in a free
      country. The demoncrsts have done nothing for the
      American people who elected them for three years.
      They offer you all these freebies knowing there is
      no way on God’s green earth they can pay for it without
      bankrupting this country.. The democrats are now a
      Socialist Party. They do not care about The American
      people, they put illegals and immigrants first, they are
      for open borders, lawlessness, high taxes, killing babies,
      free everything for an entitled generation, and more
      people on welfare so they can control them. the new
      green deal which will send us back to the 18th century,
      Climate control (which is God’s job).. So if you want
      to give up your freedom, your cars, your Airlines, your
      Steak and most likely all the other luxuries you are
      Presently enjoying, and live on the streets in a tent and your
      own feces, and die from diseases created by this living,
      go ahead and put them in Power. That is all they want and
      they will lie, Cheat. Steal and kill to get it and keep it and
      continue to live in their ivory towers while you die in the
      streets for lack of bare necessities.. The “Squad” are the
      perfect example of what we are reaping from our left
      wing college professors. Send your sweet American
      Christian kid to college and take a chance on what you
      get back. If these colleges receive federal funds they
      should be revoked. Our country needs trade schools
      So kids can learn a decent trade to make a living and
      not have to return back home to live off mom and dad.
      Of course that is Mom and Dad’s fault.

  31. Yeah the bar should be attached to a Guillotine for both ends.

  32. I see you only print what you want

  33. The leftist double standard is glaring…

  34. he’ll fit in with all the other perverts in washington . maybe old Billy boy can show him around some .

  35. This has to get out to more that just this small group.
    If has been checked, and is true.
    If everyone of you, including myself will forward this to everyone they know and ask them to do the same, it will make a difference.

  36. This is what you can expect from Democrats.STUPID voters and criminals is the new DEMOCRAT circus c rowd

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