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Holiday tips for those living with diabetes

It’s tough enough to make it through the holiday season without gaining weight, but people living with diabetes face an even bigger challenge. That’s why doctors are reminding diabetics to take care of themselves this holiday season.

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Bonnie Hessedal with Aspirus shows off blood sugar tester on Nov. 18, 2019. (WSAW Photo)

Bonnie Hessedal with Aspirus Hospitals recommended that diabetics should always start their day with their usual routine. She said it’s important that people keep up with their medicine and make sure to check their blood sugar regularly.

“Definitely be checking your blood sugars I can’t emphasize that enough. Make sure you know where your blood sugars are so you know how you can eat. Make sure you’re taking your medicines and don’t forget to check in with your doctors to see if there is anything more important or more you can do to help your blood sugars,” Hessedal said.

Another important thing to do those with diabetes should do is eat a balanced breakfast in the morning instead of starving themselves for those bigger meals.

“A lot of times we go to the holidays starving ourselves in going to that big meal, but we really should have a breakfast and a modern sized breakfast and then knowing that our meal plan should be the same as it always is. Holidays are no special. You don’t get a vacation from diabetes on the holidays,” Hessedal said.

On top of checking blood sugar levels, Hessedal said it’s also important to be cautious as to what you are filling your plate with on holidays. In general, half of your plate should be raw or cooked vegetables with the other half being protein and starches.

For those who have a harder time managing blood sugar Hessedal recommended eating before the big meal instead.

According of the Center for Disease and Control, in the United States about nine percent of the people are currently living with diabetes. It’s also estimated that 84.4 million people have pre-diabetes.

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