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Is Bloomberg a Threat If He Runs in 2020?

It was recently announced that former New York Mayor Michael Ruben Bloomberg is seriously considering entering the Democratic race for the White House. The question is if he does decide to run, will he pose a threat to the other Democratic candidates?

How much do you know about Bloomberg?

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Did you know that he is currently the 6th richest person in the United States, according to one source and the same source doesn’t even list Donald Trump in the top 20 wealthiest people in the United States? Bloomberg has an estimated net worth of about $55.5 billion while many sources list Trump’s net worth between $2.5 billion and $3.7 billion. Some Democrats claim that Trump bought his way to the White House with his wealth and if that is even slightly true, then one has to consider that the possibility of Bloomberg doing the same is even more likely.

It may be wise to point out that Trump had no political experience (a reason many did vote for him) while Bloomberg served as mayor of the nation’s most populous city for 11 years.

Given that, what do voters think about the possibility of Bloomberg running for the White House and if he poses a threat?

One of the fairest and most accurate polls, Rasmussen Reports, wanted to know what voters think of Bloomberg, so they asked likely voters the following 2 questions:

1* Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of Michael Bloomberg?

2* Which of these candidates would make a better Democratic candidate against President Trump in 2020 – Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren?

How would you respond to these questions?

Here is what Rasmussen discovered:

Rasmussen Reports matched Bloomberg against the three current Democratic front-runners, and just 10% of Likely Democratic Voters think the former Republican New York City mayor would make the better candidate against President Trump in 2020.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds former Vice President Joe Biden leading the pack of four with 39% of the Democratic vote. Avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, gets 23%, followed by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, another big government advocate, with 19%. Ten percent (10%) are undecided. 

Bloomberg views himself as a more centrist alternative to Sanders and Warren at a time when some Democrats fear that Biden’s campaign is stumbling. Despite his lukewarm performance at the most recent Democratic presidential debate, Biden holds a near two-to-one lead over Sanders and Warren among his fellow Democrats nationally. But he’s been unable to grow his support which peaked at 39% in January and May.

Among all likely voters, it’s a tighter race. It’s Biden 30%, Warren 17%, Sanders 16% and Bloomberg 13%. Twenty-four percent (24%) are undecided…

Last February, Bloomberg topped Trump 46% to 40% in a hypothetical 2020 matchup.

In that survey, 28% of all voters expressed a favorable opinion of Bloomberg, with five percent (5%) who viewed him Very Favorably. Now, Bloomberg earns favorables of 34%, with Very Favorables of 10%. Forty-four percent (44%) have an unfavorable opinion of the man who is perhaps the best-known gun control advocate in the country, including 23% with a Very Unfavorable one.

But one-in-five voters (22%) – and 20% of Democrats – don’t know enough about Bloomberg at this time to venture even a soft opinion of him.

Among Democrats, 46% view Bloomberg favorably, 34% unfavorably, with 14% Very Favorable and 16% Very Unfavorable.

Here is one thing to consider when contemplating any threat the Bloomberg may pose: when Trump announced interest in running for the White House, no one considered him to be a threat at that time and look at the outcome. I would be VERY cautious in not taking Bloomberg as a serious threat. For one thing, his immense hatred for the Second Amendment and adamant passion to ban all firearms in the United States from private ownership will resound well with millions of Democrats.

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  1. Mike stay home no one what you stealing democrat rat bastard anymore no bull sh*t in or white house no more by mike !!

  2. The answer is NO he can not win

  3. I personally cannot see how Joe Biden is in the lead! He is the most confusing person running. I cannot see how anyone would want someone who can’t get his crap together – running our country!

  4. “blooming idiot” bloomberg is just another corrupt DEMOCOMMUNIST that loves “big government” , more regulations, and CONTROL. He will attempt to “BUY” his way in. Another bad choice. I prefer to stick with PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  5. Bloomberg is the one behind ALL the FAKE NEWS. he was at $74 billion when Trump was at just under $12 billion & yeah they have NEVER listed The Donald, Donald J Trump as any amount under richest people. Trump said he was worth under $12 billion. I always wondered why Bloomberg didn’t run??? BLOOMBERG is the MASTER media guy he made his money in the FAKE NEWS & lying to the public. Bloomberg has always been under the communist democratic party, hes 3 times richer then the Donald. if you always want to be lied too, higher taxes, higher unemployment & lower wages hes your guy. he don’t care about the USA/America or you at all. hes a money for him guy. The Donald has always voiced his opinion even way back in 1970. where’s FAKE NEWS Bloomberg been? he don’t care about anything but his self like all democrats!

  6. Third Option Group

    Keep flying your helicopter

  7. Well hell if President Trump bought his way to the white house what the heck you think Bloomberg will do. It will be just like Hitler he bought his way to being head of Germany. This will be ten times worse he is a threat to our 2nd. Amendment Rights and is just a bigger threat than Hitler our worse.

  8. Lawrence E. Foster

    Bloomberg suffers from the same problem as the rest of the dem dums – he has to pander to the left to get the nomination. The working (and thinking) Americans are not going to be impressed by how “woke” he is. They know pandering to criminals of any color impacts their communities, and while it may impress the “elites” (who mostly live in gated communities less plagued by crime), It will not work with minority communities who have to deal with crime daily.

  9. Bloomberg is no fool. He would not get the Dem nomination, then would run as a well known 3rd party candidate and could possibly win.

  10. Bloomberg is no fool. He would not get the Dem nomination, would then run as a better known 3rd party candidate and possibly could win.

  11. Bloomberg is no fool. He would not get the Dem nomination, but could then run as a 3rd party candidate, be better known, and possibly win enough votes between 3 candidates to win.

  12. I think that he should run for the nomination,what’s another dem spending his cash going to change . He probably will not be nominated. Makes no diffence who the nominee is,he or she cannot beat President Trump. USA and Trump willbe the landslide winners.

  13. No ! Bloomberg is HABITUAL LIAR, FRAUD, THUG ! He is no better than the other 10 DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S. I 4 one
    wouldn’t give him the SWEAT OFF my LOWER Brow ( GRAPEFRUITS ) !

  14. My thoughts are admittedly somewhat bigoted, in that I do not know his religious leanings. I think that Jewish interests have to large a political influence in the country and it is of a concern. It would appear that the political influence is more than 8 times the percentage within the general population and that many anti traditional American values are constantly being undermined or attacked by the less than 2 percent of the population.

  15. He is the best thing that could ever happen to the Democratic he will make all the other candidates stand out or go home that is what they need to do I’m starting with him and I hope all the other one will do the same let’s take back what is are’s the White House with Bloomberg all the way he’s got my support and I do anything to help him win

    • Sounds like your an ALL IN SOCIALIST! Like many Democrats and Jewish people have been in the US for a long time. Really: there are the two groups of people that could care less about the people and fairness as what RACKED Europe with death and unbelievable destruction in the turn of the 20th century.

  16. My preference would be Bloomberg and Biden (in that order) for the Democratic and National elections.

  17. Bloomberg is one of the worst choices the American public could ever make, in my 71yo opinion. Doubt he could win election against Donald Trump.

  18. I hope Bloomberg comes to his senses before he wastes a LOT of money.

  19. NO NO NO Bloomberg SEND HIM PACKING !

  20. Not all Democrats are gun haters there a lot of them who have guns for the same reasons as us Conservatives do, for self protection and hunting! This ugly person is a trader to our Constitution, He’s the Hitler of America, Hitler did the same thing and look how well it did for Germany, Russia did the same thing as did all other Communist Socialist counties! Look at His face in the picture of this article, Bloomberg is Evil to the core, He looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas! He wears an American flag on His lapel, like Satan wearing a cross on his. Yes Bloomberg want’s to make guns illegal to even own, because then only criminals will have them and not legal owners! Legal gun owners by large do not kill people as do criminals! These hard core Democrats want a “One World Government and Second Amendment is their way to do it!

  21. Bloomberg appears to be another Trump wannabee; however, he cannot and would not do what Trump did to get elected: accurately describe the Swamp that Washington and our federal governance have become and tell the black community leaders and voters the truth–that the Democrats have just been using you for years and want your votes, but what have they done for your economic growth and wellbeing? That was a uniquely Trump message and position and probably won’t ever come from another candidate except Trump!

  22. Of course! Bloomberg has the same anti american policies as every other greedy power hungry Democrat ….and for the icing on the cake HE will be in your bedroom your kitchen and your pockets!

    • Exactly! He will steal your money & your liberty

    • Bloomberg is the exact opposite of what you are warning – he is very smart, has great leadership skills, can work with both Republicans and Democrats, get things done and cannot be swayed by lobbyists – in other words – would be the BEST possible candidate (and could run on either Republican or Democratic ticket !!!

      • Hitler and all these people who want NO GUNS in the hands of the people are really afraid of getting shot (killed) and the people rising up against bad government that they created. Yes, all socialists and communist all think that.

  23. NO WAY TRUMP 2020

  24. Has anybody noticed besides me that Bloomberg made his announcement that he is going to run for President AFTER the DEMONocrat debate is over!?!?!? Does that make him exempt from the ‘debates’?

  25. I watched Bloomberg today on TV and he said he is going to spend up to $500 MILLION on his attempt to beat President Trump !

  26. Alice Cokefair-Davis

    Great! Better Bloomberg should blow his money on a Presidential run and stop using it to try and take our guns! Bloomberg, the man that believes HE can decide better than you what size beverage you should have, how much salt should be in your food, whether you should receive a glass of water at restaurants or not, whether restaurants should be allowed to prepare food using trans fats. The ONLY reason he was a successful Mayor of NYC is that he followed Rudy Giuliani, and simply continued his policies to continue reductions in violent crimes.
    Bloomberg should be ineligible to run for President based on his Moms Demand Action group alone- does anyone really need a group of ignorant cow pies to decide if they should have the right to defend themselves?

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