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Is it Time for Republicans to Embrace President Mike Pence?

Scandals, true or not, have destroyed many a politician over the years while others remained immune to rightfully deserved scandals.

Hillary Clinton was plagued with scandals including her role in the Benghazi attack that resulted in the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other brave Americans. Stevens had repeatedly warned of the danger and asked for more security and protection for months prior to the deadly attack and then Secretary of State Clinton refused to take his word nor did she do anything to ensure the safety of the Americans at the embassy compound. Clinton was also strongly implicated in a pay to play scandal while she was Secretary of State, where individuals and nations paid millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and then received favors or preferential treatments. Clinton also gave her approval to the traitorous sale of 20% of America’s uranium to a known enemy of the United States – Russia. Clinton’s campaign also was involved with the infamous Steele dossier that tried to ruin Trump’s presidential bid and involved a Russian national. Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid millions of dollars for the dossier. These are only a few of Clinton’s scandals. Even though she barely lost to Trump in 2016, it appeared that the scandals were not enough to hurt her.

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Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House was rife with scandals and yet those scandals did nothing to diminish his political prowess. Obama was also involved in the Benghazi fiasco and the Uranium One Deal with Russia that did result in the criminal convictions of several Russians. Obama was also involved in the infamous Operation Fast and Furious. He also violated the US Constitution and federal law on numerous occasions and walked away from it unscathed.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was embroiled in scandal after it was discovered that he had dressed up in black face some years ago, and yet he successfully survived this scandal and remains as Virginia’s governor.

Donald Trump seemingly survived a trumped-up scandal of his alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. Democrats then went after Trump for allegations of his collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election. After nearly two years of intense investigation by Special Counsel Robert Muller, no evidence of collusion was found. So Democrats turned to another scandal that they are currently using to try to impeach Trump and remove him office.

To some, it is apparent that regardless of any evidence or lack of real evidence against Trump, that he will be occupied with trying to defend himself from one scandal after another.  That occupation on scandals definitely takes away from Trump’s effectiveness as President and his ability to continue to lead the nation.

That prompts the question as to what should Republicans do at this point in time BEFORE the 2020 elections?

Considering all of the good things that Trump has done to improve America, conventional wisdom would dictate that Republicans remain loyal to Trump. However, historically, this kind of conventional wisdom has been wrong.

Therefore, should Republicans turn their attention and support to Vice President Mike Pence and push for him to be president? That question has been gaining some momentum in some conservative circles.

But is it the right decision? Could Pence rule without the same scandal ridden term as Trump? That’s what Michael Gordon, a contributor to Business Insider suggests:

Conventional wisdom has it that Republicans will and should stick with President Donald Trump, and conventional wisdom is usually wrong.

I’m the last person to give advice to Republicans, but the GOP needs to move on to a President Mike Pence.

Trump’s drip-drip on impeachment, the daily scandal output, and an uncanny ability to say the wrong thing has led him to historically low approval numbers for a president on the eve of reelection. As a result, he’s setting himself up perfectly for failure — and he could bring many of his party loyalists with him.

By contrast, Pence will not be carrying Trump’s baggage on Election Day. To be sure, Pence brings his own problems to the party, including an ugly history of homophobia and sexism. Plus, he combines retrograde views with a total lack of charisma and an inability to sound sincere. But compared to Trump’s wild brand, Pence comes across as next to normal. He would stand stronger at the top of the ticket and help Republicans down ballot.

So, who should we support for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2020 election?

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  1. Yes, you are obviously the last person who should be giving advice to the GOP. We will keep President Trump, thankyou very much, and you and the Democrats can cry in your beer about it for the next four years. KAGA 2020!

    • You are right. You should not be giving advice.
      Are you a never trumper

      Obama scandal are self generated
      Trump problem is with the snow fake who refuses to accept the 2016 election result
      Let us give Trump 4 more years at the WhieHouse

  2. Any GOP candidate other than Trump will lose. That is the main thrust behind the treasonous actions of democrats in the House, their media lapdogs, and deep swamp cronies in the corrupt State Department, IRS, FBI, CIA, and social media. Trump may be America’s last chance to retain a government of the people.

    • I used to be a strong Democrat. Now, I am a strong Republican and will vote 100 percent Republican. President Trump has done nothing wrong…..certainly nothing deserving of impeachment. It is quite obvious to me and certainly many others of what the Democratic Party is attempting to do here, and it makes me more determined than ever to vote again for President Trump. To my recollection, past Presidents have done far worse deeds, and have gone unscathed with nary a whimper from anybody. But making a phone call to try to expose fraudulent dealings etc with another foreign leader does not warrant impeachment by any means in my opinion. Business leaders and CEO’s do such things all the time, and certainly the President of the United States has that right as well. I think that it is high time that certain members of the House of Representative be investigated for treasonous activities.

  3. Resident Trump has done nothing wrong to deserve this malarkey the dems are shooting his way. He has done wonders for this country in spite of it. He is the greatest President of all time and the dems know it. Peloshit aches to be President. She and her traitors harass him daik6 trying their might to find something that will stick. But he cones out clean every time. If there should be a shakeup in government, it should be dragging the democrats thru hell and get rid of the old shoes. Term limits are needed to do that. No one seems to want to attack the crooked dems. So there’s the thing t do, term limits will remove them now and permanently.

  4. I will support Trump

  5. In one breath you praise this president for what he has accomplished… in the next you toss him overboard.
    Keep in mind, in-spite of you “never-Trumpers / RINO’s.” in concert with the Democrats and destructive media… this man has moved this country to the best position it has been in decades… all the while shouldering the mountain of crap spew to undermine him at every turn.
    I am so ashamed of anyone pretending to be conservatives… Republicans… yet giving the liberals / socialists what they want. The country cannot survive while you play your selfish, arrogant games.
    I will continue supporting President Trump and working to see that he is elected in 2020.

  6. Does anyone in the world think that after forcing President Trump from office that the demo-fascist, anti-fa, gotcha, scalp-hunting, PC mob will suddenly turn benign? Hardly. The column already maliciously, slanderously and incorrectly refers to Pence as sexist and a homophobe. That’ll be the starting point for the falsely aggrieved mob to attack the new President as a hater, a national disgrace and “unfit” for office. Then, some innocuous talk with a foreign leader will lead to a new impeachment “inquiry”. So, there, does that answer your question?

    • Good call. Watched a vid over the weekend by a fella called Glen Ross. It was about the Dems Hydra agenda and George Soros. It’s about the long slow progress of the manipulation of countries into socialism- one after the other. The Ukraine is one in a long line of small countries being experimented with. The US was well on the way until Trump came in and halted progress.

      But in a nutshell, the objective of Hydra is to establish an all powerful beurocracy that re-writes Constitutions to suit and removes the power of the people into the hands of a few and means Presidents and heads of state appointed by voters will be made redundant. The people are tricked and by the time they wake up, a one world army will be armed and all powerful and ppl will be disarmed. Apparently it’s happening now and most of the Dems/socialists are aware of it. They don’t really care about Presidents and continue to promote chaos. We can see it in many countries around the world and Hydra agenda makes sense of all the craziness we see all around us. It’s all about POWER folks.

  7. No President D. Trump no republican party

    • I will vote for President Trump again. He is the Best we have had in the last 80 years. He probably shouldn’t talk so much but when you get a bunch of idiots like the Democrats trying to frame you every day you can understand why he does it. If we ever let a Democrat become President again we can kiss our country good bye. Obama almost destroyed it in 8 years.

  8. Edward C. Abell, Jr.

    NO! Mr. Pence is a fine man and an excellent Vice President, but we need Donald Trump as President in 2020. He has done more than most presidents in history, even with the unceasing attacks from the Democrats. I doubt Mr. Pence would challenge the President, and I also doubt the President would agree to step aside.

  9. Absolutely not!! PresidentTrump is our President and a damn good one!

  10. We Must vote president TRUMP for another four term & then Mike Pence after that

  11. Despite Trump does more for America in one day than any past. The CORRUPT DEMS hate him because he cut off a lot of their dirty money. The Corrupted can impeach him every day. The Corrupted will pay a heavier price. The

  12. Not know but HELL NO..back President Trump..don’t be a Coward..

  13. No way Pence for President until 2024 maybe!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Republicans, the party of RINOs should support our great President Donald Trump for the 2020 election!!!

  15. No matter what Trump will win in 2020 and maybe longer. IF IF Trump does not finish his term , HE CAN RUN AGAIN IN 2020 AND BE ELIGIBLE FOR TWO MORE TERMS AND HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE!! LIBERALS ARE ONCE AGAIN DEFEATED!!!!!!

    • NO he would not be eligible for two more terms. In accordance with the US Constitution since he has served more than 2 years of this term he would only be eligible for one more term. IF he is convicted and removed by the Senate {unlikely since it takes 67 votes} then he is ineligible for any federal office.

      • What good has Trump done for our country? I am not Democrat nor Republican. I see Trump worrying about what people think of him and how he can fight back. When does he find time to do his job. I have seen how officials from other countries laugh at him and call him a fool. I see our country divided by discrimination. I can’t stand to go through another four years of this. Most of the people I know want him out of office for the unprofessional way he speaks and handles things. Get him out of the Presidency.

    • James, check out the Constitution. Your scenario isn’t correct.

  16. No matter what Republican may hold the office, the Democrats will continue making their(and their family’s) life hell on earth, until the Dem.’s get their way!

  17. We must continue to support President Trump.
    He has the American people’s best interest at heart and is trying to keep our country from being destroyed by the Trojan Horses.
    Allowing the Democratic radical,left, socialist,demo god’s that are trying to destroy this country with their agendas is not acceptable.
    This country has fought wars in the past to preserve our democracy and values.
    We must continue to fight to preserve our freedom and way of life.
    Don’t allow the radical Trojan Horses to take control.
    Support our President

    • You are so ignorant and stupid it is a shame that people like you exist in this world. Go put a cardboard box over your shameless face. And if you have any children lock your self in a closet and make sure they don’t sea your face.

  18. Mike Pence & Nikki Haley both doing great , let Trump decide 2020 his running mate picks to serve the best nexts terms !

  19. I will continue to support Trump and I’m sure his base feels the same way. Why are you even bringing that question up?

  20. And Trump has done WHAT? You are the last qualified to ask such a STUPUD question

  21. Trump in 2020, that’s all that needs to be said!

  22. DUH? The impeachment farce cannot succeed. Trump 2020

  23. Trump for 2020!!! Those Democrats need booted out of office!! They are an embarrassment to our country!! Democrats have no shame!! They don’t care about America and Trump loves America! Go Trump!

  24. I did & will again, Vote for Trump 🇺🇸👍🏼
    I am sick and tired of these DemoRats, trying to take down our President. If the DemoRats aren’t careful they will see a Mutiny like nothing they have ever seen before, because we Americans are not going to put up with their “CRAP”.

  25. Why are we paying these people (Democrats) salary while they are trying to ruin the life of the man that made this country great again. They should be doing what they were hired to do and is to serve this great country and not try to make themselves filthy rich and using thier office as a weapon against our President.
    Do your complaining on your own time, not on ours.

  26. “ That occupation on scandals definitely takes away from Trump’s effectiveness as President and his ability to continue to lead the nation.” Seeing as how (even with all the faux scandals going on) President Trump has been more effective than every president in recent history, I’m comfortable saying that the GOP should for once do the right thing and get solidly behind this POTUS. The presupposition behind the question is faulty at best.

  27. Quote: “…including an ugly history of homophobia and sexism.” What ugly history? I know that he is, to all appearances, someone who practices their Christian beliefs but that does not translate to homophobia and sexism. To claim that just because someone is a Christian therefore they are homophobic is the same as saying that because someone is queer therefore they are a satanist and waging war against Christianity. By sexism are you perhaps referring to his well known habit of including his wife when in the company of other women? Seems like a well thought out defense mechanism in this day of #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen {no matter how false their accusations are}.

  28. No way should an innocent person be dropped because of an agenda of destruction by leftist Democrats. If a person deviates from their narrative he/she is unfit. If no information is found about that person, they will try to create the appearance of such and to heck with truth and this country.

    The same method was tried against Judge Kavanaugh. I can see you are through this method provide cover for these liberals and their attacks against innocent people, Constitution and America.

  29. TRUMP 2020!!!! YOU FOOLS NEED TO STOP!!!

  30. I don’t know what kind of backward logic came up with this joke of a theory. President Trump did nothing wrong. Why should we turn to Pence? The President has been tirelessly fighting the phony garbage and accusations. I applaud and support him. With the President it’s America first. The Democratic Party puts themselves and their finances first and accuse others of their own actions. Trump is strong. Fake accusations won’t deter him.

  31. President Trump wins the 2020 election again. The Republicans and the Democrats both give their best and we will have even a better country and will also save both Democrat party and the Republican Party. the alternity will we will have a corrupt system no one will support. False Impeachment can destroy everything.

  32. What an idiotic article… Why not replace a lion with a kitten? Or a professor with a middle school kid, OR just keep the BEST DAM person for the job!! Americans should be thanking their lucky stars that THIS MAN has stood up for them despite the GREED, IGNORANCE and LACK of ANY CHARACTER of both citizens and depraved politicians! He has withstood it all and so has his family and his admin.. And as the gutter snipes will say “no good deed goes unpunished” those who were MADE to take their hands OUT OF OUR POCKETS hate him and have done everything imaginable and unimaginable! For this American I will do whatever it takes to keep the FIRST PATRIOT I have EVER voted for in the WH!

  33. I will support Pence in 2024. Trump 2020.

  34. What moron wrote this article?


    That’s All that needs 2 B said about it !!

  36. Seriously? What Democrat hack wrote this article, pretending to be all pious and righteous? Stop trying to dissuade Trump’s base….cause your concern falls on deaf ears…as my granny says, that dog don’t hunt.

  37. I read that Vice President Pence is unpopular in his home state. That’s a bad sign given that Indiana is a rather conservative place.

  38. Although VP Pence is a VERY good at what he does, he best serves this country as the VP for the POTUS. VP Pence is that “calm sure” voice that is needed for POTUS Trump, and BOTH together make a great team. Donald Trump is the RIGHT man for THIS job as POTUS, and Mike Pence is the Right man as Vice President. It’s got nothing to do about who is “better”, but rather what were they assigned to do by God himself, doing HIS will. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  39. This is the worse story I have seen first of all there will be no impeachment the republicans control the senate. Congress has zero power in actually impeachment the constitution something this author must never have read would have told them that. All congress can do is send a report to the Senate they decide if it is worth holding a hearing on and if they do then they would vote on it and right now all of the republicans and two of the democrats have all said there is no way they would impeach the president. They all feel this is not about Trump actually committing a crime but the democrats abusing their power for political motives trying to influence the election in 2020. This is beyond vile and disgusting it is also unethical and illegal so the real investigation once again should be on a lot of these career democrats. Nancy Pelosi has never had a real job and she makes $174.000 thousand a year and her net worth is $156 million dollars ! Fact if in the 30 years she has been in office if she saved every penny and never spent a dime of her paycheck she would have had to work over 500 years to save up that much money. You will find 90% of the career democrats all have the same type of money and in the private sector the IRS would automatically audit anyone with and income that does not match their bank statements. I guarantee that if they did there would be criminal acts found. Fact Trump when he was a private citizen not a politician was audited 3 times that I know of and he passed every time. Funny how people making less than $200.000 thousand a year are all multi millionaires own 2 to 3 homes and have six figure cars but no one wants to see their tax returns. Lets face it we know who the real criminals are and who stretch, bend and break the rules and the law and they are the career politicians but they don’t get checked because of their positions. Hell Hillary Clinton despite her telling the world she was found innocent that was a bold face lie. The FBI said she was GUILTY of dozens of felonies but did not have the Mens Rea to know she was committing a crime. Let me break that down for you Clinton a lawyer for over 30 years, and ex state senator and secretary of state was to dumb to know she was breaking the law so they reused to charge her. How have all the other secretary of states done this job without breaking the law and better yet how has Trump who is not a career politician had zero political experience before becoming president and no law degree managed to do the job that is harder than the one she had without breaking dozens of federal laws ? Hell if he did break a law wouldn’t he be entitled to more lead way than Clinton since he did not have 1/10th the experience she had ? Well he does not have to worry since he did not break any law and I end this with a question how many of you honestly believe Clinton did not know she was breaking the law ? Also if she was that stupid why would the head of the FBI and the democrats want to promote her to the highest job in the country after she became the worse secretary of state in American history ? Maybe the author of this stupid article will answer these questions since they kind of connect the democratic party fully endorsed Clinton after her epic failure but for some reason they think the republicans should bail on the most successful president of the 21st century !

    • …just to clear up the misunderstandings here: impeachment happens ONLY in the House of Representatives. AFTER impeachment (which one might consider akin to a political version of an
      indictment), the Senate takes up consideration of the issue. President Clinton was impeached by the Republican-led House, but was ultimately cleared by the Senate, so he served out his term. The Senate majority ruled AGAINST. But he WAS impeached in the House.

  40. Why was this article done in the first place.

    TRUMP IN 20/20
    He will figure out the rest.

  41. Don’t trust Pence. Democrats have always run people as Republicans so there are always rino’s in the Republican Party who do what they’re told to do when needed to help Democrats. I expect enough of them to vote to remove the President and save the Democrats.

  42. I couldn’t agree more with those who have responded to this idiotic notion about replacing our President with Mike Pence. Since I can’t add much to what has already been said, how about questioning the true motives behind those conspiring to ask the original question. Are they sincerely serious? Do they belong on this website as responsible persons? Clearly they are subjective morons looking for
    never-Trump chatter fueled by their own unidentified nightmares.

  43. Mike Pence is great, However no one should give up on Trump now! The republicans have to get their act together and fight the stupid demoturds and get this over with! Demoturds keep this up so they can use it as an excuse to do nothing else that is important!

  44. David & Susan Miller

    Who started this? Has everyone lost their minds? President Donald J. Trump is our President, he was elected to serve America for Four years until the next election in November of 2020, when he will be elected for another four year term. This Democratic Party is a complete joke, and tells the whole world that America is a joke, the Liberal Left Democrats think Hillary Clinton should have won in 2016, “Give Me A Break”. America has never had a President that has accomplished more in less than three years, we are better now then we have ever been. If President Trump is impeached, removed from office or is not on the ballot for the 2020 election, we both will NEVER vote in another election in America.

  45. In light of so many posts disagreeing with the author, I spent a lot of time scrolling through the piece trying to figure out who the author was. I couldn’t. Since the article is anonymous, it is also worthless. President Trump is the man for the job and he will be reelected handily in 2020. In the meantime, you need to stop putting out such trashy articles.

  46. Its a little early 2023 is soon enough!

  47. I sure don’t call Pence’s history of homophobia & sexism bad. I call looking at LGBTs as wrong & not eating alone with another woman other than your wife both admirable traits. So as far as I’m concerned it’s Trump for me! GO Trump 2020!

  48. Well, here we all are, fully revitalised and refocused on the job at hand.
    To. Make. Sure. Donald. Trump. Is. Returned. As. President. In. 2020.
    Job done. Well written article.

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