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Lil Nas X, not Taylor Swift? New artists dominate Grammy noms

The Swifties were in an uproar this year… even before the Grammys take place.

That’s because Taylor Swift only received three nominations on Wednesday.

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Her hugely popular “Lover” album was passed over for album of the year, though the title track is nominated for song of the year.

Instead “I,I” by Bon Iver; “Norman F***ing Rockwell” by Lana Del Rey; “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go” by Billie Eilish; “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande; “I Used to Know Her” by H.E.R.; “7” by Lil Nas X; “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo and “Father of the Bride” by Vampire Weekend will vie for best album.

That’s a pretty fresh list for the top category given that three of those artists — Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, and Lizzo — are first-time nominees.

The Grammys have long been accused of not keeping up with the times and “playing it safe” by honoring the tried and true artists in the industry.

But this year it appears to be mostly about the new blood, with some of the more established performers actually being snubbed.

For example, the legendary Bruce Springsteen had a big year with the release of his live album “Springsteen on Broadway,” as well as his 19th studio album “Western Stars,” and yet he failed to receive any Grammy noms.

Maren Morris is not as seasoned an artist as Springsteen, but she, too, had a major year, culminating in six Country Music Association nominations and a win for album of the year at the recent event.

She’s received a single Grammy nomination for best country duo/group performance for the song “Common,” which features fellow country star Brandi Carlile.

Former Grammy favorite Ed Sheeran only scored one nomination for best pop vocal album, where he’ll compete with all women, including Grammy darling Beyoncé.

Speaking of Bey, she received four nominations, including best pop solo performance for her single “Spirit” off her “The Lion King: The Gift” album.

The artist who had everyone declaring it was a “Hot Girl Summer” was thought to be a favorite for best new artist, but she was was completely shut out of the nominations.


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  1. No matter if Taylor should have won or not she and most of all other so-called musicians of today is the most foul mouth racist and anti-religious ever produced

  2. What is this? Those are peep hole naymz?

  3. So you single out Taylor but call Beyonce a grammy darling. She didn’t get any major nominations for her The Gift album so I guess she’s no longer a darling either.

  4. Swift lost 50% of her fans and support when she decided to get involved in politics. Any moron can tell you that is never a winning move in business. Like many who got involved all have taken a beating and it does not matter which party you support. Any business has to understand that no matter what anyone says you will lose half your base, the ones who stay just stay but the ones you upset by taking sides cry out and take anyone around them with them. Swift decided to open her big no brain mouth and go against Trump and instantly lost 50% of her fans which as time went on took even more with them. She could be the best entertainer out there but the ones who actually won where the ones who did not take sides.

  5. I didn’t listen to her music in the past and I’m SURELY not going to start NOW! I don’t need to listen to ANYONE who supports TREASONISTIC TRAITORS who try to trample on and REMOVE my GOD GIVEN Constitutional rights! I think this will be the BEGINNING of the end of Taylor Swift.

  6. Never been much of a swifty. She’s a clever girl though. Clever songwriter and singer. I’d say more of a moneymaker but hey – someone gotta do it😊.

    I thought Maren Morris and Vinnie Gill on Dear Hate, was a damn good tune for this day and age. For me Maren is very crossover and new age country voice. But v good lyrics- melodies maybe a little popsicle. Baby will do her a world of good –
    and would do Taylor some good too. At the minute it’s all bout her. Badly needs to get some church

  7. Loved it when Tool knocked her off #1!

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