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Planets Around a Black Holes and More Bizarre Worlds

Theoreticians in two fields defied the received wisdom that planets only orbit stars like the sun. They proposed the possibility of thousands of planets around a supermassive black hole.

“With the right conditions, could be formed even in , such as around a black hole,” says Keiichi Wada, a professor at Kagoshima University researching , luminous objects energized by .

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According to the latest theories, planets are formed from fluffy dust aggregates in a around a young star. But young stars are not the only objects that possess dust disks. In a novel approach, the researchers focused on heavy disks around in the nuclei of galaxies.

“Our calculations show that tens of thousands of planets with 10 times the mass of the Earth could be formed around 10 light-years from a black hole,” says Eiichiro Kokubo, a professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan who studies planet formation. “Around black holes, there might exist planetary systems of astonishing scale.”

Some supermassive black holes have large amounts of matter around them in the form of a heavy, dense disk. A disk can contain as much dust as 100,000 times the mass of the sun. This is 1 billion times the dust mass of a protoplanetary disk.

In a low temperature region of a protoplanetary disk, dust grains with ice mantles stick together and evolve into fluffy aggregates. A dust disk around a black hole is so dense that the intense radiation from the central region is blocked and low temperature regions are formed. The researchers applied the planet formation theory to circumnuclear disks and found that planets could form over several hundred million years.

Currently, there are no techniques to detect these planets around black holes. However, the researchers expect this study to open a new field of astronomy.

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    THE EARTH AND OUR UNIVERSE: Science has made clear that the universe began as the Big Bang about 13.8 billion years ago in a precise heat/time ratio so exact that any minute deviation would result in a universe lasting not billions but only a few million years. The EARTH needs understanding with its lovelution of synthesis and entropy. In the Universe (Nature and Nature’s God), all transcend through stages of entropy/synthesis from elements to microbes to human beings. Sentience is not enough. Animals as food are part of it all. And sentience should not mean animal worship or abortion. Resulting was a planet with all 118 elements of the periodic table, from hydrogen with atomic weight of 1 to ununoctium with atomic weight of 294, instead of a few elements as on all other lifeless astral bodies filled only with ice, gas, and rock. Also, synthesized amino acids always form in equal amounts of mirror-image structures termed “left handed” and “right handed”. Amino acids that comprise the proteins found in living things, including plants, animals, bacteria, moles and even viruses, are essentially all left handed. The mathematical probability that chance processes can produce just one tiny protein molecule with only left handed amino acids is virtually zero. Another also: For humans, with 30,000 genes, a 20 year generation and one in a million genes mutating, 6 X 1011 (600 billion) years are needed to develop those 3.3 billion base pairs operating as human genes. Or needed from “mitochondrial Eve” (about 150,000 years ago) are 5.33 positive mutations per year! That is just the genes. Of course, the process needs duplicating for each person’s 10 trillion human cells, which are filled with trillions more subgenetic proteins, all errorlessly stably communicating by pathways of more trillions of fairly complex proteins all needing to be capable of instantaneous perfect compliance. 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After being hit by a massive planet creating space for the oceans, about one-tenth of the earth as debris condensed by perfect gravity forces into the moon which causes the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth and also gently stirs the earth’s chemicals into creating life. THEN THERE ARE THE PRECISE FORMS OF FIRE: combustion of oxygen, heat, fuel giving water and carbon dioxide, enabling life and love–between exterminating heat with it to freezing cold without it, mostly manageable on earth by humans. The probabilities of random origin of all the just simplistically described scientific basis for life-on-earth are impossible and are spiritualizing just as the simplistic ecstasy of sports gives hints to each person’s potential return with elation to the pre-BigBang from which we came. All is held together by the Love of God, from subatomic particles, electrons, protons, et cetera on up into increasingly complex synthesis. 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The more we understand, the more we trust in God, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Transcendence.
    All the statistical impossibilities are overcome and held together by the synthetic-attraction Love of God, from subatomic particles, electrons, protons, et cetera on up into increasingly complex synthesis of human beings. If you are conscious of your consciousness in the context of understanding the earth, you are “Spiritual” and filled with Joy. However, you are missing Spirit if you do not understand the earth, because you are overlooking “burning bushes” everywhere with God speaking to you. If not astonished at the earth, you are spiritless. If not astonished at everything, you are missing religion with a Loving God waiting for you. Once you grasp the incredible improbability of the life and earth, reverence for all must occur with “In God We Trust” for sure. Every breath is a Divine event.

    SPIRITUALITY is the sense in humans of more than space/time-continuum material existence beyond awareness by the rest of the animal kingdom, the earth and the universe. Spirituality is enabled by humans having Consciousness-of-Consciousness or “Consciousness squared” to the degree of awareness that “there is more” for humans than material existence on earth. We sense ourselves beyond matter and “know that we know” which hints to more beyond space/time and above nature, i.e., “supra-nature” (spiritual) or “supernatural” (Divine–Religion of a Loving God). To have the sense of “consciousness-of-consciousness” is to have a soul and think of “why you are you” and “what is your being?” “Spirituality” is a touch of exhilarating self-awareness-of-awareness that gives a glimpse of one’s Eternal origin and destiny. On earth, we just get it in momentary doses, usually unrecognized.
    Spirituality is beyond matter and is most commonly felt in sports, but it can be discerned from all matter in terms of synthesis/entropy or “win/lose” experiences unable to be reflected upon by subhuman animals even though reflex-experienced by subhuman animals. The spirituality felt and observed in sports, and with successes and failures elsewhere, are not duplicated any where but by human beings interrelating at a conscious-of-consciousness level beyond matter. We have it automatically even if we do not realize what it is when experienced in our space/time continuum. The mental activity which creates sports and human celebrations/accomplishments are not duplicated in other animals any more than subhuman animals have self-awareness with birthdays or other human self-consciousness events which give spiritual celebrations of spiritual events–which include not only sports, but all other mental awareness in and of the human universal purposeful (“There is more!”) relations of life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom, and natural death without fear.
    Awareness-of-being-aware or conscious-of-consciousness or soul-being or humanbeingness are tautological identities which distinguish human beings by “spirituality” so obvious in sports–and in music, poetry, education, science, family, community, country, earth, universe–and all existence properly understood and well described by the words of Henry Van Dyke to Beethoven’s Hymn of Joy: “All thy works with joy surround thee, earth and heaven reflect thy rays, stars and angels sing around thee, center of unbroken praise. Field and forest, vale and mountain, flowery meadow, flashing sea, chanting bird and flowing fountain, call us to rejoice in thee.” Consciousness-of-Consciousness for sure and a glimpse of the Love Transcendence between subatomic particles, molecules, microbes, organisms, plants, animals, humans, angels, and the Ultimate Act of Thinking Transcendence–all of which give the joy of self-awareness-of-awareness-being, even when, paradoxically, we are not aware of it.
    Many overlook their spirituality or spiritual acts, taking conscious-of-consciousness for granted to the degree of denying their spirituality–a phenomenon often in scientists who are so engaged with their study of matter that they do not realize that what their own studies on matter are spiritual and beyond matter. Many others, especially immature, independent, inconsiderate, and incompetent youths openly reject spirituality because they believe it interferes with their juvenile ersatz-freedom to do what they want including what is actually evil. In addition, the press and media flood the world with distractions of prurient unnatural sex and sensational violence which make one crazy and kidnapped by the flamboyant anti-spiritual secular culture of masturbation and fantasy which are the main obsessions of non-spiritual materialism promoted by the dirty old men, harem-women editors, and others who replace love with power. To deny spirituality is to replace existence (“being”) with evil (non-being). Most who do not want spirituality do so because it identifies “evil as the promotion of non-being” (which is the converting of energy into useless entropy–“suffering”); and/or the converting energy into the sense of “immorality” (which is when the “good” in nature is converted into useless entropic pollution–“sin”), all of which occurs when spirituality is willfully rejected. While spirituality suggests the human ultimate purposes (supra–life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom, natural death without fear), it is easy to assert entropy rather than synthesis of humanbeingness (Compare “losing” with “winning”), and it is part of the freedom on earth–i.e., “wrong” (entropic) choices can be made biochemically and mentally. Personal selfishness eagerly rejects that which stops and corrects spiritual entropy (the false “freedom” to do whatever you want–instead of the right to do what is transcendent) in the universe.
    Real Spirituality is synthesis as one consciously or unconsciously embraces the Transcendent elements in the universe (being, matter, identity, truth, oneness, good, beauty). Transcendental acts are TRUE–confluent with reality without untruths. Transcendental acts are ONE–confluent unifying with self, family, team, opponents, community, earth, universe. Transcendental acts are GOOD–confluent with Nature and Nature’s God. Transcendental acts are BEAUTIFUL–confluent with uplifting ascendancy. Sport and all Spirituality teach the Transcendentals (Baseball should be taught to all children in every country–In time, there would be peace on earth). Spirituality is the transcendent JOY found everywhere in the Universe properly observed and lived–It is felt most intensely in sports, human celebrations, and especially participating in the Catholic Mass celebrating the Jesus Story, the latter being a “2X4 up side the head” to “Do Transcendence and avoid evil” and to respect life, liberty, and pursuit of transcendence (the three Learned Professions respectively: medicine, law, and divinity).
    Thus, to limit oneself to “I am spiritual but not religious” is to deprive oneself of one’s Full Spirituality. To embrace the universe, the earth, and humanbeingness is to find Spirit, a Loving God, and Eternity, from which we get transcendent glimpses by sports, music, science, the Sacraments, the Last Words of Christ, and the Mass. Religion spiritualizes you more. St. Hildegard (on the Holy Spirit and the Big Bang, the pre-Big Bang, the Statimuum, and Eternal Life): I am that supreme and fiery force that sends forth all the sparks of life. Death has no part of me, yet do I allot it, wherefore I am girt about with wisdom as with wings. I am that living and fiery essence of the divine substance that flows in the beauty of the fields. I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is that mysterious force of the invisible wind; I sustain the breath of all living. I breathe in the verdure, and in the flowers, and when the waters flow like living things, it is I. I found those columns that support the whole earth…I am the force that lies hid in the winds, from me they take their source, and as a man may move because he breathes, so doth a fire burn but by my blast. All these live because I am in them and am of their life. I am wisdom. Mine is the blast of the thundered word by which all things were made. I permeate all things that they may not die even if they seem to die. I am life…Eternal Life. (The earth revealing glimpses of the Statimuum: the Immediacy of All Transcendence Ever– The Unrestrained Act of Thinking Transcendence–God! or “U AT” only obtained by Religion of a Loving God–and only on earth in our universe). St. Hildegard was just saying, “In God We Trust.”
    RELIGION is belief in and embracing the sense of a Loving God as an Unrestricted Act of Thinking Transcendence in a nonspace/nontime Statimuum, i.e., Eternity with full embracing of Transcendence (the transcendentals (basic physics of Stephen Hawking/Sacraments) present in all matter.: Being (dimension/Holy Orders and force/Grace), Matter (event/Baptism), Identity (spectrum/Reconciliation), Truth (field/Baptism), Oneness (quantum/Confirmation), Good (uncertainty/Matrimony), and Beauty (singularity/Extreme Unction), all of which are compatible with Eternity. Every human Spirit has Catholic Human Ultimate Purposes (CHUPs): life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom, and natural death without fear, which glimpse the Statimuum–known as Eternity–All Transcendence of All Immediately by return to I AM WHO AM–An UnRestricted Act of Being Thinking Transcendence Love (UR-A-BTL) from Whom we came. Spirituality shows there is more to life than physics, and Religion of a Loving God shows there is more to BEING than life. These are Amazing Messages that can only be known and lived except by the startling impact of a Spiritual man rising from the dead preaching “love” on a unique planet enabling human life. One cannot imagine anything else that God could have done to tell us what life and being are all about. To deny Jesus is impossible as is denying Spirit in our daily lives. You are there when spirit happens. Seek it. Enjoy it. Love. God created this at the Big Bang from the Pre-BigBang to which we shall return unless we choose evil. The Bible and Gospels provide messages which are thousands of years old given by God to humans using words, metaphors, and parables which lead to Spirit better than any substitutes or alternatives. To celebrate the Mass by oneness with the priest, ministers, servers, and choir is to levitate in Spirit un-duplicated any where else–It is a “sway/pray concert” of ancient words and secrets giving reverent solemn levitation and ensoulment with billions of people over thousands of years–better than a rock concert, as you enjoy being who you are with Love and “In God We Trust.”
    I hope my contemporary metaphorical words help the synthesis of Spirituality with the Religion of a Loving God in whom we trust most cogently by embracing His Church. If you do not understand Life, you cannot understand death.
    THEN, STUDY THE EARTH WHICH IS AN INCREDIBLE MIRACLE WHEN COMPARED TO THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE….by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, retired psychiatrist, copyright 2019, (open access)…Each of the twenty listed scientific facts (There are more…) are incredibly improbable but absolutely necessary for life and love on earth. That all occurred is a massive improbability documenting the Creating God of Love. Being on earth, means you are a thinking being miracle living a miracle so you can live Love for all and return to God at the recompression known as “death.” The earth itself is a “Holy Communion” into Eternity. It is unscientific to say “Life is meaningless.”
    Scientific Proof of God–SUMMARY (from Cosmic Dei–In God We Trust by Samuel A. Nigro, MD copyright c 2019 open access): Scientific probability for human life on earth….The probability for each fact, compared to its occurrence elsewhere in the universe, is reasonably “one in a billion”–1/1,000,000,000 =1 to 10 to the 9 (ninth) power (There are more, but these 20 at the same time on one planet are sufficiently overwelming.). 1. Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago–a punctate energy dot containing all space-time continuum–from “somewhere,” and “you” were there somehow in the Eternal Statimuum of URAT (UnRestricted Act of Transcendence known as God). 2. The earth at precise exact circular stable orbit about the sun for billions of years-necessary for life. 3. The earth spinning at a precise 24 hour daily stable life-enabling basting from the sun for billions of years. (Spin faster, freeze; slower, burn up.) 4. The earth being at a precise stable distance from the sun so that life temperature is routinely between life-incompatible freezing and life-destructive boiling for billions of years as it is not in the rest of the universe. (The earth averages 93 million miles with 7% four-season-causing variation around the sun.) 5. Today’s earth began 4.5 billion years ago being struck by a massive planet creating huge earth gaps for oceans with one-tenth of the earth-debris from the collision condensing into the life promoting moon. (Fantastic.) 6. Liquid hydrogen-oxygen combined fill the huge gaps with oceans resulting in the earth being 70% life-necessary sodium sea water. 7. The right density of the molten core of the earth results in electromagnetic field protecting earth life from lethal rays flooding the universe. 8. The earth core exerts a precise gravity enabling stable movement and interaction of all creatures. (It takes months for astronauts to recover muscle strength after returning to earth.) 9. The moon causes the 23.5 degree life-promoting tilt of the earth necessary for stable liquid water temperature and flow changes stirring-mixing life as occurred for billions of years. 10. The atmosphere becomes a delicate and iconic 78% nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 1% argon, and 0.04% carbon dioxide–necessary for life so evident as we cope today with pollution induced atmosphere-climate changes. 11. The astonishing life-required forms of “fire” on earth enable molecular entropy into pollution/sin and/or synthesis to molecular attraction/spiritual love everywhere on earth. 12. All amino acids in nature are formed equally right-handed and left-handed, rendering “impossible” that all living creatures including humans are all composed of only left-handed amino acids. 13. The presence of all 118 elements of the periodic table on one planet (the earth)
    is another “one in a billion” probability because all other planets have only one or two elements.
    14. The organization of 14 elements molecular attraction (nature’s “love”) into plants is another “impossibility” necessary for life. 15. The organization of 11 elements and 14 toxic-unless-“trace” elements molecular attraction (nature’s “love”) into humans and animals is another “impossibility” for life. 16. The accumulation of 3.3 billion amino acid base pairs for the human genome since first monomolecular life began 3.5 billion years ago cannot be proven by evolutionary scientific calculations. Darwinian evolution is scientifically unsound. 17. The creation of humans, with their Spiritual and Religious supra-natural Consciousness-of-Consciousness seeking the common good from Nature, Natural Law, and Nature’s Loving God, is inspired by 1-in-a-billion ancient parabolic messages and instructions from God to Jews and Christians–enabling life being aware of itself and able to go beyond confinement to materialism. 18. The arrival of Jesus with enlightening Transcendental messages on life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom and natural death without fear, is a one-in-a-billion historical fact, helping life as spiritual love returning to its origin. 19. The 1-in-a-billion creation of the Roman Catholic Church brings the Love of God (URAT–UnRestrictedActofTranscendence) and awareness of the scientific multiverses of the Universe, Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell (The Church identified “multiverses” thousands of years before science postulated them). 20. The creation of all the Transcendence of being, matter, identity, truth, oneness, good and beauty in today’s world consistent with Sacramental Life and the Last Words of Jesus on the Cross are 1-in-a-billion Spiritualization and Deification of the earth undeniable by humans.
    Closure: The probability of our lives from the Big Bang is the remote 20 listed probabilities each at “1 over 10 to the ninth power” (multiplied sequentially by itself nine more times to total ‘9 squared’–for each of the 20).” To combine “probabilities,” the denominators are not added, but multiplied–The multiplications of probability denominators to the ninth power will actually be 1 followed by 9 zeros. To continue to multiply itself fully by 9 twenty more times is to get improbabilities in the millions of digits that all 20 probabilities for the earth could randomly occur at the same time at the same place in the universe, and billions of years of time would still not be enough.). Anyway: Thank God. Savor the earth. Savor life. And savor the messages from Jesus who told us all this in parables and metaphors given to the ancients who did not have the science to really understand, but somehow knew there was Spirit in their thinking beyond just the material. The probabilities mean Earth, Life and Humanity are unique in the Universe and must be gifts from God who reached out to us by Jesus so that Love (which is God) would return us to Him. This is a scientific understanding from the statistical “impossible” probabilities required for our existence. And if you do not know and live this, you are an ungrateful, unhumble pollutant who needs to study the earth more and throw off the childhood learned evils and embrace the Divine Creation in which you are gratefully born. The improbability of one life offering planet in the universe means we should take care of it by caring for each other as the Creator has enabled love, obvious once seen. The earth is a one-time statistical miracle and we should respectfully care for it and all on it by Love–not easy to do because we have the freedom to choose, without which, the Love would mean nothing. The best way to live is with God as we have been informed thousands of years ago.

    GENESIS POSTSCRIPT: To parabolically expand the “six days of creation” in Genesis to include my 20 scientific improbabilities gives understanding to the bewildering presence of superficially “different” humans arising everywhere from Africa to Hawaii to Australia to Mongolia to Asia to Europe to Americas (As all animals, all original humans exploded in Biblical creation explaining the subtle human differences inconsistent with only one pair of Adam & Eves–It is impossible that all variations and locations of humans could have come from only one geographical point.). With Consciousness-of Consciousness potential in every human (and not subhumans), the Adam and Eve parable indicates the capacity for freedom from subhuman neurochemical reflex automaticity, and humans were given consciousness-above-nature Love-potential to return to Eternity with God—You cannot “earn” it, but you can screw it up. Humans are free to choose right or wrong–synthesis or entropy–Transcendence or evil–Love, or not. The early humans were enabled to be intrinsic to my 20 miracles of earth as the Body and Blood of Christ (Hair length, shoe size, skin color, eye color, and other dimensions are irrelevant when compared to the Spirituality now mentally available only to humans–The “Heartbeat of God” is the “Body and Blood of Christ”, not the color or any other dimension of humans or Christ.). As human, supranatural Spiritual development happened, and Jews (including projected Christians) obviously were first capable of understanding more messages from God which were well received and promulgated by Jews and the Roman Catholic Church for over 2000 years. You on earth are living a miracle earth with Eternal Statimuum potential. Savor the miracle day-in and day-out. Do Transcendence and avoid evil.


    The physics of the human body is clockwise presented as the enumerated dark variables. Each physic variable is preceded or followed by its associated transcendental, the variables of healthy human interaction in quotations, the COMMUNITY UNIVERSALS in capitals, the corresponding sacrament or grace followed by the predominant virtue forthcoming, and the quoted Last Words of Christ on the Cross. This metaphorical understanding of basic human physics is to understand the human soul seeking to bring body and soul back to God. (All explained in The Soul of the Earth). It is also how to live the rules of Life and just “win!”( 2 and 6 overlap and I cannot get them ordered; adjust by coping sequencing of 1,3,4,5,7,8. Sorry)

    8. FORCE—ens—
    “Make that relationship count.”
    “The earthquake.”

    bonum–7. UNCERTAINTY 1. EVENT—res—
    “Personhood: C2 for the species” “Living things are precious.”
    Matrimony—Temperance Baptism–Faith
    “I thirst.” “Woman behold thy son.”

    ens–6. DIMENSION BODY/SOUL 2. SPECTRUM–aliquid
    “Non-reactive listening” “Selective ignoring” . LIFE UNITY
    Holy Orders—Courage Reconciliation–Hope
    “This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise.” “Father forgive them for they
    know not what they do.”

    bella–5. SINGULARITY 3. FIELD–verum
    “Detached warmth and gentleness” “Subdued spontaneity non-self excluded.”
    Extreme Unction—Justice Holy Communion—Charity
    “It is finished.” “Oh my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

    4. QUANTUM–unum
    “Affect assistance.”
    “Into thy hands I commend my spirit.”

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