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Trump Impeachment – Truth v. Biased Hypocrisy

Last week, the Democratic controlled House pushed through rules for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. To no surprise, no House Republicans voted for the impeachment measure and the Independent also voted with the Democrats, but it was a surprise to see that 2 Democrats voted against the measure. However, the vote tally was 232 for the impeachment inquiry with 196 against it.

Naturally, the sewagestream media jumped on the story and reported it with such veracity that one would think that Trump was already proven guilty and ready to be removed from office, but that is far from the truth. Trump has not been found guilty of anything and ultimately, it takes a two-thirds majority vote of the Senate to actually convict Trump of any crime and to determine sentence if found guilty.

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Leading up to and after the House impeachment inquiry vote, it became apparent that those pushing for Trump’s impeachment care nothing about legality or whether Trump committed any crime. It is purely a political move to remove the Democrats’ number one enemy. This is evident when you compare the statements made by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Scalise – “When you look at this Soviet-style process, it shows you that they don’t really want to get to the truth. They want to remove a sitting president.”

Those are the truest words I’ve heard spoken during the entire impeachment circus. When you read the words of Schiff, you will understand what Scalise was talking about.

Schiff – “I think they will see facts that cause them great concern about the president abusing the power of his office.” Both quotes transcribed from news broadcasts.

If Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is concerned about a president abusing his power, then why was he silent for the eight years that Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly abused his power, violated the US Constitution, federal laws, Congress and the courts?

To begin with, Schiff is all concerned about Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, but what about Obama’s visit with former Soviet President Medvedev when Obama was caught on a live microphone telling him that once he is re-elected that he could do anything he wanted?

The US Constitution clearly states that only Congress can alter a law that it is passed, or it can be altered by a ruling of a federal court. However, Obama repeatedly violated this constitutional mandate. When Congress froze assets and the sale of fighter jets to Egypt’s then governing political party, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama took it upon himself to free up over $50 million and the sale of fighter jets. Don’t forget that the US government defined the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

What about when Obama instructed the Justice Department to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, over a year before the Supreme Court ruled against some of the Act’s provisions?

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which means that only Congress can make alterations to the law, yet on multiple occasions, Obama made changes to some of the provisions and to the effective dates of some of the provisions.

Congress had passed the federal immigration laws, and yet Obama instructed the Department of Homeland Security to not fully enforce all aspects of the law.

Don’t forget that Schiff was one of the loudest complainers about the Russian interference in America’s 2016 election, but it has been proven that Obama and his administration knew about the Russian activities and did nothing to stop it or report it, until AFTER Trump won the election.

Schiff was a loud complainer when Trump tried to block the testimonies of some of his people and yet Obama blocked the testimony of then Attorney General Eric Holder during the congressional investigation of Operation Fast and Furious. Additionally, Obama used his executive privilege to block congressional subpoenas for documents associated with Operation Fast and Furious.

When a federal court ordered the Obama administration to stop issuing the three-year work permits to DACA aliens, his administration continued to issue them for several months afterwards.

Oh yeah, concerning DACA – Obama admitted that it was a temporary thing and when Trump tried to end DACA by the exact same process Obama used to create it, Schiff was one of those claiming that Trump was abusing his power. If that’s the case, then wasn’t Obama also abusing his powers?

Then there is also the illegal sale of 20% of America’s uranium supply to a known enemy – Russia. The Constitution defines this as TREASON.

These are only a few of the many illegalities that took place by Obama and his administration. This proves that Schiff isn’t concerned about a president abusing power, but like Scalise said, it’s all about removing a sitting president.

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  1. Mr. & Mrs Charles Rodarmel

    I think Schiff And all the ones that are pushing to impeachment should have to pay back all the money they have cost us tax payers. For trying to impeach President Trump and lying about it. They let Obama get buy with any thing he wanted to do.

    • Totally agree. Look at all of our tax paying dollars. We should get some say when they want to spend ‘our’ money to do a worthless investigation. We should vote on it…

    • This impeachment proceeding rests squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump. He committed a crime and admitted to it on national tv. I don’t know where you were when he admitted to it but obviously you do not understand politics at all. Trump is responsible for the cost of this impeachment and Trump should have to reimburse taxpayers. We, the Middle Class and the Working Poor cannot afford 4 more years of Trump. He is a severe financial liability to all of us. He gave a tax cut to the 1% which was supposed to trickle down to the Middle Class and it did not. He then implemented his tariffs (which is a tax to you and I). All of the products from China that have that new tariff (tax) loaded onto them are already in the stores. You have to buy groceries (we all do) so pull out your grocery receipts from January of this year and compare them to your grocery receipt from last week. You will be shocked what Trump has been doing to you. Wake up! You are the one who is just plain wrong!

  2. ON TARGET!!!!!!!

  3. Right on!! The truth is the truth. Politicians are worthless do nothing scavengers eating each others souls.

  4. This is abt the leftist push to the NWO/1World Gov’t agenda of pure evil being interrupted & their list for the power the leftists believe foolishly and erroneously will be theirs thereafter. Driven by list for power, and hate for all opposition, they will not stop ’til Satan reigns; forgetting or ignoring that such is the prophecy Yhwh God made thousands of years ago, but it doesn’t stop there; that reign is time- limited to just 7 short years, following which Jesus will return to claim His throne as Long of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, to reign for a millennium! But for those who opposed Him, at that time, there will be no mercy; their blood will flow freely. It would behoove them to repent and reverse course now, but, alas,they are zealots whowill not, by their own free will choices, and their end will be death and damnation, by their own choices.

    • Right on. Read the bible for the future of this world

    • @Sandra Lee Smith. Amen! I believe these people (nadler, schiff, pelosi, schumer, deblasio, harris, waters, green, cortez, omar, tlaib, pressley, sanders, warren, collins, fienstien and the rest I can’t think of right now ARE the disciples of satan! They can’t repent. They are here to fulfill their job and the very prophecy you’re describing. BUT, as long as we (Christians and the good American people) keep fighting, we can delay that prophecy for a bit longer. God bless America and the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE!

      • ONE SHOULD NEVER TALK AS KNOWING JESUS THEN SUPPORT A ADMITED CHILD MOLESTER. You named off all sex preditors and then you left out Trump. How can this be Trump admited on public TV that he twisted little girls private parts while judging teen pagent.

    • are you a faeke Christian. Don’t you know Pres D.Trump admited to molesting little girls Trump also paid off two prostitutes while married to women pregnant. Also a history of not paying his bills. Even as late as last week he used the most foul words like Mother&&^*&%$$ on TV DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE YOUR JESUS WOULD SUPPORY SUCH DIRTY SICKNES

      • Larry, Let you who are free of sin, cast the first stone. Not one of us is perfect, not one of us is free of sin, and that includes you and Pres. D. Trump. No one is denying that Pres D. Trump isn’t perfect. We all have a past…some of which we aren’t proud. The Jesus I know, is a forgiving God and for that I’m thankful!

  5. Democrats are trying to destroy our country. The American people need to wake up & stop them before they take complete control. The crimes of treason are on the Democratic side not on Donald Trump.

  6. That Plain Truth & Real Facts Is That d trump is Nothing But A TWO FACED, TWO TIMING, BACKSTABBING, CONCEITED, LYING BRAINDEAD, STUPID SICKO Who Thinks He’s The KING Of The WORLD & Everybody In The World Should Bow Down Before Him & KISS HIS BULLYING BUTT!

  7. Obviously, Betty, so are you.

  8. Trump is abusing his power by telling people to ignore the subpoenas, #1 and there are so many. What happened in the past and now has to stop..This president believes he is above the law, well that makes him a King and he is already acting like a dictator. Do you really want that for our country? He has no respect for the constitution. People are keeping him afloat doing the job required of a president…..not to mention that children need to go into a different room when Trump starts speaking.
    Shame on all of you who are trying to keep him in office just to get the conservative judges appointed. No one has the balls to invoke the 25th. I voted for him and am so fed up. He has deteriorated over the past 2 years.
    It needs to stop now.

    • Carol, abusing his power by ignoring subpoenas? Seriously? This inquiry is not a court of law. Those subpoenas might as well be an invitation to appear, because that’s all they really are. and anyone can certainly deny an invitation.
      Don’t know where you get the idea that Pres. Trump believes he’s above the law….give us an example of an instance where you’ve witnessed that.
      Also, acting like a dictator? You mean to tell me he has ordered people onto rail-cars and hauled them off to gas chambers, or called for the mass burning of all books, or ordered people to be lined up and shot, or sent our military to war giving only guns to a few select soldiers but ammunition to a different set of soldiers? How’d the media miss that?
      No respect for the constitution, really? Again, Examples please.
      And who are these people keeping him afloat by doing his job? Names please.
      For crying out loud, it sounds to me like you’ve been drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, cause all you’ve got are accusations. Not an ounce of evidence.

  9. Adam Schiff reminds me of hysteria on morphine

  10. Make SURE that dog pile SCHIFF, Nadler and SENILE Pelosi are carried away in HANDCUFFS for TREASON, PERJURY and SEDITION as per the U.S. Constitution, to LEAVENWORTH (military prison). This is how we deal with TREASONISTIC TRAITORS. Don’t forget to implicate the OTHERS who are guilty AS WELL. This is not some CHESS game, but some SERIOUS infractions. The POTUS Trump did NOTHING wrong but EXPOSED some VERY serious corruption WORTHY of CRIMINAL conviction, and these DEMOCRATS are attempting to OBSTRUCT justice. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • I agree fully!! Take them all out!!

    • very well explained, I’m with you 100% – KAGA !!

    • Take a valium and relax. You have one of the worst cases of TDS I have seen. PP

    • Don’t forget that President Trump is not accepting pay for being our President. He has done more good than Obama , or Clinton ever thought about doing. Obama should be prosecuted along with Hillary, Pelosi, and whoever the whistle blower is, if there is one. All of those that are saying President Trump did wrong should have to be cross exam, not hiding like this is some game children play. We are all adults here, so we should act like it. In God We Trust

  11. Absolutely right on. Jesus Christ will soon take over planet earth and stop all of Satans insanity and mayhem he has caused in planet earth. Read the 38th and 39th chapter of the prophet Ezekiel, Matthew 24, 25, Revelation 19-22.proclaim to all the peoples of planet earth hear ye hear ye, Jesus Christ is about ready to return to earth. Set thine house in order all ye peoples. Prepare for departure. Obey Act 2:38, repent, be baptized, receive ye the Holy Spirit, and go up when the trump of Gabriel sounds, 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18. Let not your heart be troubled oh ye peoples, but shout unto God with the voice of triumph

  12. Look at this-family security or national security ? Pelosi’s family was benefitting from Ukrainian fossil fuels along with Biden. Paul pelosi Jr. Was a viscoil board member as well as well as an executive with nrgl lab.

  13. Read the bible. The answer is there

  14. Please remove my email address from this mailing list

  15. I understand that Schiff has turned down all of the republicans witnesses. I knew it was biased to start with. This just adds additional fodder to that believe. This investigation sounds mare and more like an inquisition that an investigation everyday. Schiff, Pelosi, and everyone who voted for the impeachment are traitors and should be treated as such. I’m tired of the democrats being above the law. They need to be held accountable for their crimes.

    • Trump, Said he would drain the swamp.the Democrats are Afraid that Trump is very close of finding out all the curruped Democrats.. That are in Washington. I’am Just saying.U know what iam saying.

    • This is not an impeachment- all it is is an official, unified DEMONocrat rejection of our President. Remember, during his inauguration ceremony- how the DEMONocrats either didn’t show up or they sat pouting. Their first chant was, “Resist, resist” and they haven’t done anything productive for our country since. It’s hard to believe that public officials could be paid (and well paid) FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR 3 YEARS ! I guess they don’t have a conscious. The DEMONocrat Syndicate should be recognized as anti-American and abolished.

  16. The Democrats have no agenda and no platform to offer to the American people, so they are constantly grabbing at anything that they can to impeach President Trump. While the Dems are wasting their time on a political vendetta, the White House is hunting down terrorists, destroying ISIS, nominating judges, making trade deals, boosting the economy and protecting innocent Americans. President Trump is working very hard to Make America Great Again. Let’s let him do his important work for all Americans.

    • Skills of the Lie-beral DEMONocrats: 1. Slinging bullshit, 2. Raising our taxes, and 3. Slinging more bullshit. They are NOT qualified to run our country but they ARE qualified to run our country into the ground !

  17. Stan Levine, stantoch#@aol.com

    If we don’t back President Trump Adam Schiff and the Democratic left wingers (and the House) will control any prosecution or claim against another party by not permitting any apposing testimony. This is the first step in the collapse of our republic

  18. Think they will still be working on this stupid project long after Trump is re-elected.

  19. They didn’t think Trump would win first of all, but when he did and with him calling them the swamp the whole time during his 2016 campaign. The first thing they did was form an impeachment plan. They thought they would show him who’s boss by impeaching him. That’s why they have done nothing since the 2016 election except work on false allegations against the President! What’s great news for the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE is all their corruption is going to come out as a result! Their colluding with Russia and the fake dossier Clinton bought from Steele, Schiff’s lies about information on Trump colluding with Russia, Biden’s quid pro quo with Ukraine, Obama knowing and helping in the unlawful taping of a candidate for the presidency through the illegal information provided to the fisa court. All of it is going to come out. The criminal investigation of the origins of the Russian probe have already begun. Soon come the indictments, then on down the line! By then the 2020 elections will be here and the REAL AMERICAN VOTERS will see who the REAL corrupt politicians are and will vote them out! If you don’t count the illegal votes!!! They truly are the swamp rats Trump calls them and they can’t stand it.

  20. There was an unofficial poll taken about who was the ”greatest” President. Obama came in fifth place. Here are the results.

    First: Washington, Lincoln and Trump

    Second: Reagan and Kennedy

    Third: 35 Presidents

    Fourth: Nixon and Johnson

    Fifth: Obama, Clinton, Carter

  21. There was an unofficial poll taken about who was the ”greatest” President. Obama came in fifth place. Here are the results.

    First: Washington, Lincoln and Trump

    Second: Reagan and Kennedy

    Third: 35 Presidents

    Fourth: Nixon and Johnson

    Fifth: Obama, Clinton, Carter

  22. democrats, are demonic walking the earth.

  23. Gosh Betty, you have an extreme case of TDS mental illness, one of the worst I’ve seen. Don’t worry. Just wear your Obama or Hillary shirt when the civil war starts it’s shooting, and a patriot will be happy to put u out of your misery with a single head shot.

  24. Hillary is the one that dealt with Russia to help defeat President Trump. President Trump is innocent and all are lies meant to discredit President Trump in the eyes of the voters. There is NO proof that President Trump did anything illegal. There is evidence that Hillary is guilty.

  25. Ya know if Schiff wasn’t so dumb the Dem’s probably wouldn’t so stupid!

  26. I read but yet to find proof of what I read, but the article said pelosi re-apportioned SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS thru the congressional budget office form 77-A, to the tune of 2.4 billion dollars to pay for this KANGAROO INQUIRY . And if it is true, she and schiff, need to be arrested immediately and jailed NO BOND . Until and investigation is launched an finished. And while they are in JAIL, suspended without any pay.

  27. Who gave Pelosi the right to take 2.4 million,or billion out of social security to pay for this impeachment coup they have going. Let the democrats pay for it.

  28. Let their wages all of them start supporting the Veterans as they have not earned one single CENT of their wages for three years now put the money to good work and support the DAV Disabled American Veterans so we can have a life of luxury like you think you deserve. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a try Democratic Shit

  29. Two witnesses already said that they heard someone say
    something. WOW, what a beginning for the impeachment
    hearing. There’s not a actual witness, and the whistleblower doesn’t even exist.
    democrats want everyone to think a witness exists, but in reality they can’t find anyone stupid enough to be part of the hoax.

  30. I “NEVER” thought I would say this…the Democrats are “DAMN-RATS!!” I AM TRULY ASHAMED THAT “ONCE” a long time ago, I worked for that party…(a truly “different” party) They are now “destroying” our beloved U. S!! Truly, they will be punished…they will be put to shame…in 2020!!!

  31. I “NEVER” thought I would say this…the Democrats are “DAMN-RATS!!” I AM TRULY ASHAMED THAT “ONCE” a long time ago, I worked for that party…(a truly “different” party) They are now “destroying” our beloved U. S!! Truly, they will be punished…they will be put to shame…in 2020!!!

  32. And they wonder why we are running out of SS income, DUH We Americans know what is going on and the truth , which is in black and white President Trump has done nothing wrong. Back off and just leave him and his family alone and let him do his job. Trump 2020

    • Hi Sam – there’s a small group of us from a small country down under who’ve bin watching this fiasco unfold over the last coupla months and I’ve learned more about the US political system than about our own. We have a less corrupt but just as stupid and wasteful bunch of liberals unfortunately in power here. We vote in 2020 also and I hope the ppl are smart enough to vote this bunch of losers out. Having said that, I personally don’t trust any trained politician. They’re all trained to tell lies.
      Probably why the majority of university trained US Democrats really hate ol Trumpy. He’s not one them. Seems to us that the Democrats over the decades, have de-volved into a group of money-hungry politicians who want to create a new American political system.
      It’s a system that removes the power of the people. Your votes will be meaningless and the politician becomes a dictator who votes themselves in forever and what’s worse is they change the Constitution laws to suit and take away the 2nd amendment. Then the new laws control the army and you’re done. Pretty corrupt eh.
      We’ve already got something close to that down here. Scary stuff and it’s a common theme round the world wherever the Socialists are in control. MAGA – rock on Pres Trump! And give us all a little hope…. GB
      Rant over 😉

  33. Billy Richard Wilson

    Democrats will do anything to get POWER that’s what this impeachment is about ; they lost the election now its time for anything that will return them to power lie cheat anything that furthers their agenda. Turn the country socialist . Close the BORDERS and clean all LEFT leaning people in CONGRESS out. They have been raised too think it is their right to do this: hello [COMMUNISM] we will bury you from within , ask the young who said this enjoy the look on their faces. Their right to say what was payed fore in blood. All they want is their way SOCIALISTIC way teachers trained them it your right , no it a privalige .

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