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Are Washington Politicians Purposely Dividing America?

A house divided cannot stand is something we’ve all heard for many years. While many believe the expression refers to when America was divided by the Civil War, the expression actually goes back to Biblical times. However, the expression has readily applied to America during the Civil War and to America today.

The very nature of having opposing political parties results in a division of views, policies and ultimately a divided government and eventually a divided nation.

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For several decades, Washington politicians repeatedly talk about the need to work together in a bipartisan way to unify the nation. Have you noticed that those who speak the loudest about unification and bipartisanship are the ones that are the most dividing and partisan?

During the days of Barack Obama, then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid regularly called for bipartisan politics and yet he worked hard to maintain the political division. For instance, when House Republicans drafted and passed jobs bills that would have put millions of Americans back to work, Reid refused to even read 11 of those bills and the only 1 he did read, he refused to allow it to reach any of the Senate committees or the Senate floor for consideration.

Today, we see politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and others calling for bipartisan politics and yet they, like Reid, work tirelessly to widen the political divide that is steadily destroying America.

At least that’s the way I see Washington politics today, but how do others see it?

One of the most trustworthy polling entities in America asked likely voters the following question:

Are most politicians these days more interested in campaigning on what divides us or on what brings us together?

If you were asked that question, how would you respond? Would you agree with the majority of likely voters as reported?:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 61% of Likely U.S. Voters still believe most politicians these days are more interested in campaigning on what divides us rather than on what brings us together. Just 21% say most are more interested in bringing us together. That compares to 78% and 11%, though, during last year’s heated midterm elections. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure. 

Unlike most political questions in recent years, there’s very little partisan disagreement here. Sixty-four percent (64%) of both Republicans and unaffiliated voters think most politicians are more interested in campaigning on what divides us, and 57% of Democrats agree.

So, who do you blame for the growing political division in America today? Do you blame Democrats or Republicans or both? Personally, I believe that both parties are to blame but that the majority of the blame today rests on Democrats who are determined to divide the nation so they can create chaos enough to usher in their socialist government.

When asked by Rasmussen, they found the majority blamed President Donald Trump. They reported that 52% of likely voters blamed Trump while only 38% blamed his opponents.

Regardless of who is to blame, there is no doubt that America is a nation divided and that the division is growing wider every day and as the centuries old saying goes, I seriously doubt that the America we knew and loved will stand much longer.

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  1. President Trump is the only one keeping America together. I think the days of the 2 party system are long over. Should be Republicans and Independents. All Democrats need to be ousted. We, the people elect those to serve us. WE DO NOT SERVE THEM! I don’t understand how people can be so blind. Old testament times showed how many times Israel rebelled against a loving God, yet kept coming back and repenting. No one above 72 should be allowed to run for office. Above the age off 60, they should have a complete Physical as President Trump did. I might be hated for this, but a President should be a man. Women spend too much time on their looks(good or bad). A vice president COULD be a woman, of the presidents choosing. It’s that a man is considered the head of the household and the woman his helper.

    • james ronald hunt

      Amen! You are exactly RIGHT!!!!!

    • NO WOMEN AS PRESIDENT! What goes around comes around. End of story. if TRUMP MUST show his tax returns so should everyone who runs for president. Upon their announcement.

      • I’m not sure who they are calling but it’s definitely not any of the thousands of people I encounter in my work week! Of course myself and the people I cross paths with have to work 6 days a week to have money to pay bills and buy necessities & pay rising taxes & ridiculous fees imposed on us by our lying, greedy, corrupt politicians! But if they polled the people I meet in one week it the results would be President Trump 0.001% & 99.9% Democrats

    • I believe the reason more than half of the voters blame President Trump for the divisions is because they are told day in and day out by the more than 90 percent of the media that that is the case. People only have the information provided to them. The problem is that what they know just isn’t so. But when they have a choice between the incumbent and his challenger, those who have taken the time to actually follow the campaign will choose the president.

  2. The time has come for the LEGAL citizens of this nation to open their eyes, get their heads out of their BUTTS, and vote out ALL DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS that are doing they thing they can to carry on FRAUD OBUNGHIOLE’S “agenda” of “fundamentally transforming” this Constitutional Republic into a third-world MOOSLIME-INFESTED, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVADED,COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED crap-hole.
    Wise up, and vote these MORONS OUT before it is too late.

  3. What some of them are doing is (attempting) to cause “chaos and confusion” to usher in Socialism/Communism through the BACK DOOR. Vote/IMPEACH these TREASONISTIC TRAITORS out of office PERMANENTLY, and in SOME cases (Like Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi) send them AWAY in HANDCUFFS awaiting trial for Treason and SEDITION, crimes against the POTUS. The POTUS Trump is innocent of these false charges and the DEMOCRATS (and some RINOs) Know it. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  4. Patricia J Holmeide

    The LDS faith teaches that the US constitution will hang by a thread before the return of the Savior…but there will be a remnant of the people who will.voluntarily live by the rule of law who will remain steadfast. I guess it will be up to us to be among them and stand against tyranny to the end.

  5. Benjamin Blumberg

    We should publicly consider giving Trump a second AND a third term, since his first term was mostly hijacked by the DemoHiJackasses with their desperate Impeachment schemes. And the lead-in has to be criminal indictments of the FBI and CIA treason plotters, followed by the rollup of the evildoers in the prior Obama administration after Trump wins re-election and takes back control of the House.

    • The Impeachment showdown is showing the American voters how true the democrats are in their attempts to destroy America, as they have for the past 6 decades. — Its truely showing us voters how evil they are in their juvenile attempts to destroy the one man who took down their one candidate whom they thought was an absolute shoe in to win .they are so angered at Trump, they ignore the fact that he received 63 million American votes. And all they want is to get him !!!!!
      Actually it’s quite funny to see the democrats scramble to come up with a candidate.. all in all around 50 or so HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      The democrats attempts to court socialist candidates is also quite hilarious, HAHAHAHAHA considering the fact that that type of government has proven to be a complete failure !!!!! But they are courting primarily young voters, offering them everything free, in the beginning, then slam down the hammer on them.
      Will the dems win or lose in 2020 ? The answer is, they will Lose , Big Time.!!!!!!!
      Their opposition will win by a Major Landslide !!!! The Greatest Ever !!!! With almost 150 million votes !!!!!

    • Agreed by 100% of the callers polled!

  6. As an American soldier retired, I have seen the good and the bad thru out the world We are as a Nation so fortunate to have the freedom that we have. If we don’t stand up and protect those freedoms we are bound to go the way of Egypt Greece and Rome

    Wake up America before it’s to late.

  7. Who in the hell was dealing with RUSSA,YOU’S are blind as hell,this man is a liar,bone spur DRAFT DODGER,THIS GUY NEVER DID A DAMN thing for nobody but himself,WAKE THE HELL UP

    • No YOU awake up commie!

    • Dave – you are a brain-dead idiot, obviously raised in public schools by the “progressive” teachers
      of the NEA. If you like Communism so much, move to Cuba, or Notrh Korea, or China.

    • james ronald hunt

      Wake up you idiot!!! illegals are leaving people are working, manufacturing is back abortion is under attack and America is being put back on track. HISTORY is back in schools and THE BIBLE IS BEING taught! You are just hell bent on going to hell with the rest of the libs in this country!!!! 4 MORE TILL 2024 THEN LONGER YOU and your libs are going down again!!!!!! STUPID IS STUPID!!!

    • Dave,– Hillery and Obama were dealing with Russa, the only blind person is you. Trump does not need to do so. Have a good day.

    • Dave,,,You Are a very stupid and blind jackass! With that said. Get your head out of your liberal democrat ass and see what in the hell is going on around you. It’s Not Trump! It’s the Asshole DC Swamp Democrat Politicians that’s dividing this nation. What have the democrats done for the American People? Not a damn thing except to resist and obstruct as they had said at Trump’s Inauguration. Democrats are hell bent to change our country to a socialist country just as Hitler did! Think about it,,,is this what we really want for our country. I think not!

    • Dear Dave, You have no need to yell since as everyone knows, no one can hear you in cyberspace. To answer your question: “Who in the hell was dealing with Russia?” it was now [Thank God] Ex-President Obama. It was Obama who presented Russia with a big, red reset button. It was Obama who said he would be more flexible for Russia. It was Obama who gave 20% of our uranium to Russia. It was Obama who refused to send military aid to Ukraine. It was Obama who opened the door into Syria for Russia. It was Obama who ordered our cyber security people to stand down and not interfere with Russian interference with our 2016 elections. President Trump is not a draft dodger since he used a perfectly legal method of exemption. By the way, Obama spent no time in the military either. As for your misguided idea that President Trump never did anything for anyone, you might want to research why he won the Ellis Island Award as well as praise from many other organizations. And currently he is and has since taking office donated his entire salary. Name any other president who has done that.

    • Dave, That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. I won’t fault you for it, but I do fault you for your lack of research. And to insert the Draft Dodger in your response, I sure hope YOU are a veteran. I am, and I would sure hope that someone who did not serve would use that as a talking point. Have a great day.

    • Dave you are a stark raving a-hole.

    • get your head out of your arse.

    • Dave, you sound like a moron. And, what army did your beloved Bill Clinton and Barack Obama serve in. The ganga army?

    • They are millions of people that disagree with you, and we don’t want you here in the United States.

  8. The left must be removed permanently by any means necessary!

  9. 75% of the House Dems are officially ‘Progressives, not brave enough to admit being socialists, the other 25% are long termed Dems, leadership Dems… and all see the writing on the wall… the Socialists are going to primary every single old school dem possible- 90 of “Democrat” seats in the House will be flaming Socialists, AOC and her Squad want the leadership positions.
    Just to say, these ‘older Dems would still be fit to be tied about not being able to get rid of Trump… but the OLD SCHOOL Dems know this is their last term… AFTER failing to dump Trump and after having zero accomplishments from TOTAL RESISTANCE.. new socialist candidate are going to rip the establishment Dem a new one in the primaries.
    Trump will win… but the “Dem party” Is quite essentially dead… still walking. So this is ‘The Divide’, America loses as one Party goes totally bonkers over Socialism… and then… THEN… you will hear “division’ like nothing you’ve heard before. Led by AOC by the way..

  10. I believe if Donald Trump is not re-elected, and a democrat takes hold of office we will be doomed.
    A democrat as president would be short lived
    they would automatically dissolve everything Trump has done so they can continue their socialist plan.
    That’s when the people will rise up and say enough is enough. Protesting like you have never seen in the history of our country. Will begin, and that will send a message to the world.

  11. When a political party announces they are going to impeach an elected President IMMEDIATELY after the votes are counted ( before he’s even sworn in ) , it should be obvious to everyone, even the losing party’s voters, that it is not because of something the elected person has done. He hasn’t done anything as the President as yet. I am going to emulate the Democrat’s “witnesses” at the impeachment inquiry and give my opinion, presumption, guess as to what happened. Only because I don’t know for sure. Hatred for Donald Trump is a part of it, but I don’t think it is the biggest part of what is going on. I think the Democrat Party thought they had all bases covered, enough illegal votes, etc., to elect Hillary Clinton. I shouldn’t say the Democrat Party, because there are a lot of democrat voters who are good people from the party of old. But the Far Left needed Hillary Clinton to be the President, and they spent a lot of money to make that happen. they did not expect so many people to say they have had enough and come out and vote. Hillary was told the “Fix was in” and she was going to be the next President. That’s why she didn’t bother to visit the states she needed to, and always had a smirk on her face whenever she was interviewed. When the votes were counted, the Far Left lost a bundle of money, and they were visibly “disturbed”.

  12. The Democratic Party is not what it used to be. They can not be trusted – no more. I hope the impeachment is stopped in in their tracks. What a farce! I am so pleased with what President Trump has done for this Country in his first three years, and he has enabled us to see so much that has been done wrong prior to his term as President, and I do trust him to do what is right, and sincerely hope he will be elected again in 2020. I am also sick of hearing some of the Democratic Congress People putting our Country down, and trying to make us lead our Country like other Countries that have failed big time. President Trump has done more in his first three years of Presidency than any other President we have had. And, he can certainly be proud of his whole family that stand up for us trustworthy!

  13. Dave. You go guy!!! You didn’t list even half of the offenses T-Rump ahole is guilty of. There is TEN,

  14. The democrats are intentionally causing division so that their communist agenda will go through. This is all part of the plot. If you read and know your history every country that was divided has fallen. And history repeats itself. Daniel warned of it back in his day. We will never be unified as long as humans are in charge. The only hope is Jesus. He is the only one that can change this. And it will happen soon. Everything is on a downhill spiral and the spiral is getting faster by the minute. As God said, in the end times events will speed up. And they are.

  15. Democrats are out to take over this nation and rule this country. They don’t want you to vote for a office, they will appoint a person to run the office, and they will make the laws and rules that you will have to live by. Democrats want to rule this country. They want to be the Kings of US

  16. The United States would be a lot better off if the Democrat Party was dissolve all together. They have a great record of wasting money and time and they can never agree on anything.

  17. There is a simple answer to the ‘serving for life’ politician. Term Limits(12 yrs for each branch-Senate =2 6 yr. terms and Rep=6 2 yr. terms). There would also be stipulations on not working as a lobbyist for a specified number of yrs.(5 ?)as well as other work with the government that might be a negative work result. This should stop the dividing of the American people. At present the Democrats want the power while the Republicans want to keep the status quo. Division helps to maintain that.

  18. Takes two to tangle, and you call this crap news. You people will never learn. Trump is a rapist and a lifelong criminal, which make his supporters appear to lack even a bit of wisdom. He treats everybody like dirt and is only about himself. I’ve been a Republican for over 50 years, but am now done with a party taken over by psychos. Your writing is sophomoric and your leader is in Putin’s pocket. Nearly everything he does is in support of the Russian Federation. Sick and tired of reading diatribes from blind people. Open your eyes and learn about what the United States really means. It sure doesn’t mean building walls along the border and starting ill thought out trade wars. I’m sure you all can come up with plenty of other examples of wrenches your little boy has thrown in the machinery.

    • It is surprising that a person of your age could be so blinded to the truth. I don’t know what news outlets you rely upon, but you have definitely been brainwashed.
      The true psychos are the socialist Dems, and their media cohorts, who are not above spinning the truth and lying to the American people, for the sake of staying in power. They are the real criminals, and soon the whole world will know it, with the release of the IG/AG reports.

  19. I agree with all of the above statements with exception of the few that should leave the USA if they like Socialism/Communism way of life. Take a good look at the other countries living that way. People rebel and want to leave for the USA. In America , you can live a good life if you are so inspired. We are lucky…very much so to have a man such as Trump as president !

    • With our Lord & Saviour expelled from American society, our country will further become ever more divisive till she becomes entirely transformed diabolically; & we’ll have no one else to blame but those of us who contributed to her miserable downfall through our silence.

  20. The mentally, morally and spiritually deficient Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology masked under the cloak of self righteousness. (Now the Spirit says that in latter times, some will depart from the faith, GIVING HEED TO DECEIVING SPIRITS AND DOCTRINES OF DEMONS, SPEAKING LIES IN HYPOCRISY.). 1 Timothy 4: 1-2 That time is now.

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