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Democratic Governor’s Desperate Act to Steal Future Elections

For the past 2 years, Kentucky’s governor was Republican Matt Bevin, who ruled the state much like Donald Trump has tried to rule the nation. Bevin was willing to make the unpopular decisions required to do things like save the state pension fund, which was over $26 billion in debt and in danger of collapsing.

Democrats amassed the teachers’ unions, run by Democrats, much like those in Washington, to vilify Bevin. They claimed that Bevin hated teachers when the opposite was true. All he was trying to do was salvage as much of a pension plan as possible, but like Washington Democrats, doing the right thing was against everything Democrats stood for, so they did their best to convince voters of the lie.

This past November, State Attorney General and son of former Democratic Governor ran against Bevin. Beshear strongly pushed the lies about Bevin and the November general election was very close. In the end, Beshear defeated Bevin by only 5,136 votes out of a total of 1,443.077 votes cast.

Beshear’s smear campaign was enough to win, but not by much. On Dec. 10, 2019, Beshear was sworn into office. On Dec. 11, 2019, Beshear announced that he was going to use an executive order to restore the voting rights to over 100,000 convicted felons.

It needs to be noted that Beshear has said nothing about restoring any of the other rights these felons lost when they were convicted of their felony crimes. Beshear has no intention of restoring their rights to own or be in possession of a firearm. That would be against the Democratic agenda of disarming the public and leaving them unable to defend themselves. Beshear also has said nothing about restoring the rights to hold certain professional license, mostly in the insurance and financial sector.

The only lost right Beshear is restoring is the one that will help insure that Democrats in the state will be more apt to win future elections, since the vast majority of convicted felons are Democrats and will vote Democratic.

This is a scheme being pushed by many Democrats, both state and federal. They really have no desire to actually help convicted felons. The ONLY motive they have is winning future elections, regardless of what it takes.

This is not much different than states like California and Oregon who passed laws that allow the voter registration of illegal and legal aliens just by obtaining or renewing their driver’s licenses. It’s not legal for the aliens to vote, but these Democratic controlled states have taken little to no action to prevent them from voting. Don’t forget that former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke made allowing illegal and legal aliens to vote in all national elections.

I’ve spoken with members of our military and veterans who served in wars from World War II to now and they all say that one of the sacred rights they fought for and were willing to die for, was the right as a legal citizen to vote. These men and women believe extending the right to vote to convicted felons and aliens is diametrically opposed to everything America has stood for and everything they fought for. They are appalled by these Democrats who care little about the American Constitution and the rights of American citizens.

What’s truly hypocritical and a double standard of Democrats is that they have been ready to hang the President for allegedly trying to get Russia to help him win the 2016 election and yet they are directly doing worse in extending voting rights to convicted felons and aliens. But, should we expect anything different from them? After all, over 90% of the reported voter fraud actions caught over the past 10-years have been done by Democrats, many of whom also oppose voter IDs or cleaning up voter registration rolls.

Basically, putting Democrats in charge of anything is the same as putting a group of convicted and habitual child molesters in charge of daycare centers and watching your children!


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  1. And the democrat’s will allows get away with deception because the so called authorities want a socialist police state, and the citizen’s are so dumbed down they always swallow anything the socialist democrat’s feed them…period!

  2. There is nothing democratic about the Democrat party.

  3. Bring back Beshear as your Governor to run the State of Kentucky as it should be!!!
    Keep America Great and not allow the socialist police state to rule as the State that should be.. the Democrats of today are socialists.

  4. I came to America at age of eight with a U.S passport due to my father being a U.S citizen ,as I grew
    older my father one day took me aside and said this to me. (I made one mistake in my voting age I
    voted Democrat in 1932 out ignorance, I want you to promise me that you will never make that error)
    I can assure him at age of 88 have not and will not vote for traitors of the U.S./RM

  5. Just a lot more of the same Republican nonsense.

    • But it’s a democrat that’s giving the felons the right to vote again so they vote democrat. How’s that Republican nonsense?

  6. Arrest the entire democratic socialist communist communist party immediately, handcuff them together as a chain gang, marching them into a jail cell so all can see.

    • The educational system, tv, media ,etc has duped people into believing what’s best for them and how they should vote and feel. There is now a generation of helpless and ignorant people who believe that the gov’t needs to take care of me because I can’t fend for myself or make a living. The tipping point is coming it’s just a matter of how soon. We The People have the power as the Constitution tells us. Time to take back Our country.

  7. It’s in the constitution that Legal U.S. citizens have the right to vote. The democrats are such upstanding people and say the president is breaking the constitution which they are obligated to protect but they don’t mind breaking it for them. What is the privilege of being American if we have less rights. It’s a disgrace what they’re doing and I think the democrats, particularly Schiff, Pelosi and Nader , should be held accountable for their illegal activity. Let’s put them in jail with these criminals and take away their right to vote. Republicans need to clean house and set a strong example during the senate trial. To hell with taking the high road, let’s bring their dirt to the table and prove their lies. Only allow them 1 witness which we were only able to get. Now they want their right but they weren’t giving the president his. Eye for an eye. When you commit a crime your rights should be taken away. All these people who are proven 100% guilty shouldn’t be given the privilege of their constitutional rights because they choose to break it. TellNancy and Adam to go back to their state and literally clean up their crap on their streets since Nancy is so concerned about the environment. Their such hypocrites!

  8. Convicted felons deserve a chance to restore their lives especially if they have served the time that the law requires. If they want to vote they should be allowed to. Why do you think that most of them will vote Democratic? Even if they do it’s their choice not yours. If an election is conducted fairly whoever wins deserves too. Unfortunately, this was not true in our last presidential election. Donald Trump and the people who helped him are crooks and liars, but God will judge them for what they’ve done.

    • Please don’t invoke Gods name when you spout democratic B.S. God does not interfere in our politics. If you weren’t so brainwashed you’d see that all the KY democratic gov is doing is adding 100,000 democratic votes to the voting roles just like they are doing when they allow illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses ( a way to go around the law that says you have to be a U.S. citizen to vote in our elections.) That Rietta is stealing the election via fraudulent means. PRESIDENT Trump won his election fair and square.

  9. I’m a convicted felon and a conservative supporter of Donald Trump. I feel we should restore rights to convicted felons once they have paid their debt to society. Given they prove they can be responsible citizens again. Not immediately which is the premise here. Just as everyone else in our country argues the second amendment is a God given right that no man can take away so why then can felons never regain this right? Conservatives should be the first to recognize “ for all have sinned” yet seem to be the first to hang onto a huge bag of stones!

  10. Another good way of putting this situation is if a fox is left to guard the hen house.

  11. The author of this story is just belching out useless words. He has no idea that felons and aliens will vote Democratic. He can’t even say if they’ll even vote! What a useless story.

  12. how have the dems brainwashed so many people,what is going on with americans and sanctuary cities looking after gangsters and rapists and robbers,what is wrong with these people who want to live with this

  13. It’s just like Nancy Pelosi speaking about “TRUTHIFICATION “. the Dims spread a falsehood (lie) about an opponent then after the MSM publishes the lie they claim it was reported by the media so it must be true. That is the Dimocrat Pkayboo ! Beshear’s the same as his father, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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