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Democrats’ Socialist Policies Increasing Homelessness in America

Homelessness is at epidemic proportions in some areas of the United States. In some political circles, the definition of homelessness is varied and argued, however:

HUD defines homelessness by dividing it into four categories:

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  • Someone who lacks a fixed, adequate nighttime residence;
  • Someone who is at imminent risk of homelessness;
  • Unaccompanied youth under age 25 or families with children who haven’t had permanent housing over the past 60 days or who have moved at least twice during that period and are expected to continue this pattern due to special needs or barriers;
  • An individual or family that is fleeing domestic violence and has no other residence.

Between 2007 and 2012, America saw an average of about 630,000 homeless people and the number has been steadily rising ever since. Of these, about 13% are black Americans along with close to 40,000 veterans. Perhaps one of the saddest statistics is that 40% of homeless people or 51% of homeless individuals have children. Sixty percent of homeless people are men.

Many Democrats speak out against homelessness and try to lay the blame on Republicans and their conservative policies, but if that’s true, then why are vast majority of homeless people found in Democratic controlled cities, counties and states? Consider this fact:

Half of all people experiencing homelessness in 2018 were in one of five states, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: California (24%), New York (17%), Florida (6%), Texas (5%) and Washington (4%). Of the country’s urban areas that include a major city, New York, Los Angeles/Los Angeles County and Seattle/King County had the most homeless people.

In fact, California has the largest concentration of homeless people of any state in the country, about one quarter of all of the homeless in the nation. If the Democrats who control the state are concerned about caring and providing for homeless people, then why do they continually pass ordinances and laws that only make it harder to help the homeless? These Democrats have made it virtually impossible to build any type of affordable housing for the homeless, and yet they continue to criticize President Trump and Republicans for not caring or taking action to help the homeless.

For instance, in many areas of California, like San Francisco, ordinances make it virtually impossible to build affordable housing to help the homeless or those who are working hard to avoid being homeless. Consequently, places like San Francisco and Los Angeles have areas that are health hazards due to the waste, including human excrement, dirty used needles and other items.

New York City, also run by socialist Democrats, also has a huge homeless population and like San Francisco and Los Angeles, ordinances have made it extremely difficult to help the homeless get off the streets.

The bottom line is that homelessness should NOT be a political issue, but a human rights issue. Instead of passing oppressive ordinances and laws and blaming others for their own failings, politicians should work together to find solutions to help these people. Don’t pass the buck, but help generate the buck to help those in need.

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  1. This will just worse if Democrats win next year and put all of us in a homeless state

  2. Homelessness is at epidemic in New York Because of the liberal Mayor De Blasio who wants to make dirty the most beautiful city in US and beyond

    • I agree de Blasio is a creep, but he did not mess up the most beautiful city in the US. The crazies in government in San Francisco and California did that. San Francisco, a gorgeous city, but you can’t take it in because your head has to be down to not walk on a needle or some human waste. It is a pity.

    • Lindita, I was trying to support your comments, but tell you that you were wrong with New York being the most beautiful city in the US. To me it is San Francisco. But having just returned from there, it is obvious that Democrats ruined that city. But the liberals that run this site did not let me comments appear. Wonder why? Think I will have to stop reading their nonsense.

      • We must call Congress!

        • Congress is to busy investigating President Trump and his entire family to give a thought to voters concerns which is what they should be doing. Instead they hate for the President and the Republicans takes their first second and third priorities. They forget they are in office because their constituents thought they should be there. As they do not support anything the President does and take no responsibility for their liberal and socialist rulings our country is dying. Obama did everything he could to turn America socialist and the majority of people who voted for him praised him on anything he did including the media. We all know if the current President were a Democrat there would be no impeachment at all. So it goes in 2019 and beyond

  3. Take the Democrats out of California and concentrate on building homes for the Homeless ! Not later But Now! We should let the Democrats live on the streets and enjoy the same that they think is acceptable for California citizens.. we could house the Homeless in the Homes of Nancy Pelosi and Her Highness Diane Feinstein. Then put those two where they Belong. In the Streets that they have Created!

  4. I grew up in Chicago in the fifties and sixties. In that time people were treated so much better, Chicago had build many affordable housing complexes and high rises. They were run down within twenty years to the point that the city had to tear them down.
    Today the only thing on politicians minds is collect monies from the feds for population care never spending a dime of it on them.
    CA. NY. WA. CO.and others drain the pockets of all Americans thru taxes etc.
    I used to go out to CA (both LA & SF) on vacation but not any more. Its not just unsafe for people but its no longer the CA. I remember.
    I have made up my mind I will no longer do business with any company with a NY CA or WA as their headquarters.

    People its time we all wake up before its too late and its Socialist running our country, the money they spend its not theirs but ours they waste and in the mean time we pay them what a waste.
    You can’t provide a free lunch for all, someone has to pay for all that, YOU/ME!

    Its time we clean house of all politicians regardless of what side of the isle toss them all out local, state, federal start over.

    • Aside from a few carefully selected leaders from both sides of the aisle and the members of the freedom caucus, I fully agree with you Robert!!!

  5. Dem voters need to know this.

  6. The problem is bad in Montgonery County Md too.

  7. I wish I could share on face book

  8. Could raising taxes & taking kickbacks be the signature of big city Poetics ? Not in NYC, LA, SF Bos, CHI, etc. OF COURSE NOT.

  9. I live in the San Diego area almost all my life. Now it is impossible to go anywhere without seeing the homeless on the streets. Their encampments are all over. Most sad is 48% are said to be veterans. And most others are older males. Our group helps pass out food and blankets so we talk directly with these people. Mostly they say they are in need of oriper medical care and can’t get it. Can’t afford bus or train tickets to get to the hospital for treatments. We have met several who have cancer and who sleep in the streets every night. How sad is this. We have failed our vets and failed our seniors. Do so sad.

  10. Homeless and people on welfare add to the chaos the Socialists need to implement more controls on society as a whole, and have excuses to raise taxes and “use fees” on people who have money. All part of the scheme of wealth redistribution…

  11. 40,000 homeless vets and the VFW supports a feminist boondoggle in Eaton Rapids Michigan that houses 50 local single mother families who’s only connection to a veteran might be her grandmother was a ladies auxiliary of the VFW.
    Founded with the best intentions of providing for their fallen comrades widows and orphans, thanks to the government caring for the survivors the ho.e now finances and encourages promiscuous women while heroes freeze in the streets.

  12. With the democratic party in office it will never be fixed. The only way is to abolish the democrats, and even then it would takes years to fix what they have ruined.
    Then we would be faced with the brainwashed leftovers
    that are victims of the education system.

  13. When is the American public going to wake up. The Federal Reserve Bank is draining the wealth of the country. Prior to 19 13 we paid no interest to these bankers. Go to the national debit clock and see how much we give them now. This money could be used for roads schools hospitals housing. No we just give it to the bankers every year with no protest from the ignorant public.

  14. We have soooo much problem with homeless people & yet the Democrats keeps giving welcome mats to the illegals
    promising them free homes, free health insurance, free tuition & yet they are not doing anything to help our Americans Citizens who are so poor – they have to live in squalor as a homeless ! Pelosi , Schumer, de Blasio , Warren where are you ? Where is your conscience? Put you big mouth where it belongs !!!

  15. The system is being drained by the Federal reserve. Interest that we pay to these bankers could be put into roads housing schools education instead of interest to these bankers. Wake up Americans this has been going on since 1913.

  16. the true cause of homelessness across the United States is hate crime of government employees (in particular those in the so call court system which is a criminal enterprise) secretly practicing democide and denying it. All minorities living in the United States are endangered especially those who have worked hard to make something of themselves. They are perceived as food and targeted and made commodity traded from government employees to government employees within the various government entities for money. The United States is the most illegal country in existence and it is not known because those they have killed and are killing are put into the criminal system by lynching through false accusation and trapped there where they are pillaged of all their resources after sodomizing them with lethal injection, then jailed and their names traded for more money, then repeatedly jailed for more money. Oppressed, sick and trapped they died in misery and sometimes they are taken by government agencies and euthanized. This is the true source of the illegality of the United States and its crime against Humanity labeled homelessness as self-insufficiency of individuals instead is murder by those in authority both in the government with the assistance of corporate America as employment is the key to human trafficking.

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