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House Freshmen Dems Pushing GOP Deserter for Impeachment Manager

I’ve written many times that the allegations being leveled at President Donald Trump are nothing compared to the real crimes committed by Barack Obama while he occupied the White House. Obama repeatedly violated the US Constitution, Congress and even the courts, not to mention his traitorous acts against America and the America people by aiding known enemies of the United States. For reasons still not fully understood, no one had the guts to stand up against Obama and introduce articles of impeachment against him for his many crimes.

Regardless, House Democrats are dead set on impeaching Trump with the ultimate goal of removing him from office before the 2020 elections. Some states controlled by Democrats, like California, have even tried to pass laws to prevent Trump from appearing on election ballots.

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They were dead certain that Trump was guilty of collusion with Russia, but after almost 2 years of intense investigation by Trump-hating Robert Mueller and his hand-picked team of Democratic supporters, no evidence of collusion was ever found.

Since that effort to eliminate Trump failed, Democrats are again dead set on removing him office via impeachment over alleged accusations of wrong doing in his seeking the help of Ukraine’s president in investigating criminal allegations against Joe Biden and his son, an action that is wholly proper and right.

There is no doubt that House Democrats will vote on articles of impeachment, forcing a trial of President Trump to be held in the Senate. When an impeachment trial is placed in the hands of the Senate, the House selects an impeachment manager to serve as their prosecutor before the Senate.

There is a push among many of the young freshman Democrats to select Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich), as reported:

A private campaign is underway to draft Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) as an impeachment manager in the Senate trial of President Trump, a bid to diversify House Democrats’ appeal to voters with a rare conservative voice.

A group of 30 freshman Democrats, led by Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), has asked House leaders to consider the libertarian, who left the Republican Party earlier this year, for the small group tasked with arguing its case for removing Trump in the upper chamber, according to several Democratic officials.

The thinking, according to these people, is that Amash would reach conservative voters in a way Democrats can’t, potentially bolstering their case to the public. He also would provide Democrats cover from GOP accusations that they’re pursuing a partisan impeachment; Amash is one of the most conservative members of the House and a vocal Trump critic.

I label Amash as a GOP deserter because he was a Republican who changed to an Independent earlier this year in July. Independents claim to be truly independent from either political party, yet Independents predominately vote and side with Democrats. Many believe that Independents are truly Democrats who are afraid to openly admit they are and I believe that to be the case with Amash.

Freshman Democrats believe that Amash will make a good prosecutor because of the fact that he left the Republican party, but since he is unwilling to admit he is a Democrat at heart, he may be able to reach some of the gullible Senate RINOs and that’s the only reason for their support of Amash as prosecutor.

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  1. I hope the truth that Trump is so desperately and illegally hiding comes out. His taxes, his family, stealing the American people blind. All his lies will catch up to him.
    The Republican party had both houses while Obama was president, nothing to legally impeach him on or illegally impeach him on.
    Yet, repubs wouldn’t allow Obama to appoint a supreme court justice because they had total control. If while wallowing in power McConnell couldn’t come up with any FACTS to impeach anyone then you need to stop pushing the past. What’s done is done!
    Moscow Mitch is holding up all those bills, that shows me he has too much control. Spreading lies that Dems have done nothing when this whole time it’s really repubs that are doing all telling all the lies.
    Trump is being railroaded by Mitch, Stephen Miller and his attorneys advising him. He isn’t smart enough for the job of president for buying all the BS from his own staff who take advantage of his lack of education.
    PS stop sending me this crap and remove me from your fake news junk site.

    • Obama was not touched because of the color of his skin. Surely you and all libs can see this!

    • Maybe you should look at what President Trump has accomplished in his short time in office. If you will look at how he has reduced unemployment, reduced welfare, increased wages, among other things. I have been around since FDR was President and listened to many politicians expound on what they will accomplish if you will only elect them. Upon gaining your and mine votes they immediately get bought by the lobbyists to push their produces, ideas and other ways for them, the recently elected representatives who are SUPPOSED to be working for us, the citizens.

      This is one of the main problems that career politicians have with President Trump, he can’t be bought and he is trying his best to correct the ills of those that preceded him in the Oval Office. He made promises and has goten many of them accomplished while getting no help from the Democrats, both House and Senate.

  2. He was a Democrat in a “RION “suit voted against every thing “W” tired to fix ,but voted for every thing Obama want including Obamacare (the only Republican vote) so he is ,was and always a demo-rat

    • That just shows how dumb the Democrats are. That guy was never a real Republican in the first place. The American people had almost as much respect for him as they do for Pelosi and Nader and Schumer. That tells you about how much he can help the losers.

    • He was not yet elected to Congress when Obamacare was voted in. Not only were there NO GOP votes for the bill something on the order of 35 Democrats voted against it as well. Check out HR 3590, 03/21/2010; vote was 219 for 212 against.

  3. I don’t care which political party someone chooses to belong to , but it seems since that party hot him
    elected into office, they should be loyal to that party. Especially someone who hasn’t been in office any longer than Amash has.
    The Republicans in his state elected him, now he turns on those people. This guy probably will not be loyal to any party or anything but himself. He doesn’t need to even be at an impeachment hearing, much less the manager.

  4. I don’t care which political party someone chooses to belong to , but it seems since that party got him
    elected into office, they should be loyal to that party. Especially someone who hasn’t been in office any longer than Amash has.
    The Republicans in his state elected him, now he turns on those people. This guy probably will not be loyal to any party or anything but himself. He doesn’t need to even be at an impeachment hearing, much less the manager.

    • Patsy, you are spot on! Amash only cares about his family’s small business; imports from China. This is the only reason he ran for office….to save his company located in a very small town in northwest MI. In fact, I daresay, he convinced his workers to vote for him in order to save their jobs. He is truly a POS!

  5. Yes, a former RINO now an Independent???? No Way for Mich Amish…..It will not work dems.…..Go get another demonCRAP for your investigation mgr……Michigan is for TRUMP 2020 – 2024 KAGA MAGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This IDIOT needs to be stopped at the ballot box, and IMPEACHED if possible, he is nothing more that a taller and skinny version of jerry nadler , Who also needs to be VOTED OUT of OFFICE. IMPEACH amash and nadler . Just CORRUPT TAX PAYER LEECHES.

  7. I sincerely hope the Dimwits Democrats do appoint Amash as a House manager for the Senate trial. If you have ever heard him speak, you will come away with the fact that he is incoherent and angry. Much like a typical democrat who forgot to take their Trump Derangement Syndrome pill.

  8. Appeal to themselves is all the democRats are doing. Sorry morons but after the phony hearings we know this is garbage. Most of us even before then. It is funny watching the dems eat their own and make tools of themselves.

  9. The democrats need to be impeached due to the fact that they did not do the job that their voted for.The democrats have only shown the people their hatred of the President of the United States.they have done nothing for the people of the Unitet States of America..Do to their hatred of the President the democrate s worked for themselves. Their wages need to stop. The Democrats have proved their hatred of the American people.We the people CNN vote them out..

  10. The democrate need to be fired. They were voted by the people who voted for them. Due to their hatred of the President they forgot the people. These democrate need to be fired.We the people stand by our President. He is the only President who has worked and put the American people. The democrate s does not care for the people they are only working for themselves.Go bles America. We the peopl need to impeach the democrats

  11. He’ll fail TOO in this impeachment PUSH. The Facts, NOR the truth, are NOT on the Democrats’ side. And if he JOINS the Democrats for this impeachment SCAM, then he too will be liable for CRIMES against the POTUS and The American People, SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution. POTUS Trump is INNOCENT of ALL charges and the Democrats KNEW it. Therefore, they are GUILTY as charged. These individuals NEED to be removed from office ASAP, if not sooner. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • He voted in favor of the Articles of Impeachments, both of them. Tulsi Gabbard voted “Present” for both while 3 members of the House refused to cast any vote for both. All GOP members voted against both articles. Two Democrats voted against one of the articles and three of them voted against the other one. The constitution defines treason thusly: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Since impeachment is listed in the constitution as being the responsibility of the House of Representatives, carrying out a duty can not be treason or sedition.

  12. This PUKE was never GOP, it’s an independent libtard. It wouldn’t be elected to dog catcher if not for it’s lies.

  13. Hey, DEMONazis! You controlled the House faux impeachment tripe,” you do NOT control the Senate.

  14. Look let’s be real honest here there are people in power who have committed treasonable acts on this country and its people and they do not want to be exposed nor do they want there control over humanity to end. They will fight to the death so we also must be prepared to do the same!
    I am not sure everyone knows this is the fight of our life and for our life and that of our children!
    We can no longer sit idol and hope someone else will fix it for us! We must stand and be counted for what we are loyal to and whom we are loyal to! We must speak out against injustice and fight for Truth
    God Save the King

  15. Deborah

  16. LBGTQRPHAG has finally found acceptance with the all inclusive LBGTQRPHAGS….. The all inclusive party of Liars…. money laundering thieves….. Sexual Deviants…. Bearded Lady’s with schlongs….! Perverts…. Weave Wearing Liver Lipped Zoo Horillas….! Greasy Slick Back Baboon Racist…. Chicks with Dicks…. Druggies…. Scotch Sloshed Holy Alcoholic Baby Killer Party Leader…. & voting mojados….!

  17. This RINO was NEVER a Republican.He was a DISGRACE to the party and must be very happy now to be a Socialist Criminal.There are no non criminals in the so called Democrat now Socialist SWAMP Monszter party

  18. i cannot imagine what is going on in pelosi’s head. she appears to be losing this one. it will be interesting to see if she can pull a rabbit out of her hat.

    in the meantime, trump is flourishing. this bogus impeachment has gotten his dander up and a wounded trump is a dangerous trump.

    as far a trump being “a danger to our national security”….pure rubbish. the russians could steamroll the ukraine tomorrow and there is zero danger to our security.

    you trump haters should grow up.

  19. … what has happened to the Democrats I seriously am worried about their behavior! In what universe do they believe this is expectable? Why are they Getting away with doing it?
    Once again they want to crucify and innocent man he is innocent of what they are impeaching him for I read the transcript. We sent him to do just exactly what he did!
    And we do not take it back it Was Perfect !
    If I were against the President of this United States of America I would begin to question my own standing with God…. God sent him to do a job like it or not and God does not Fail
    And who are we to question God or his choice? We need to Judge sin not people!

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