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Michael Bloomberg’s Dictatorial Socialist Healthcare Policies

Since multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg announced he was running for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination, the airways have been filled with his misleading campaign commercials. Of course, he has enough money to personally finance his campaign and pay for the over abundance of adds. After all, the 77-year-old former Mayor of New York City is listed to be one of the top ten richest people in America with an estimated worth at over $58 billion.

Bloomberg demonstrated many of his dictatorial socialist ways while leading the Big Apple. If you recall, he tried to ban many sugary drinks or limit their size and the age of those the drinks are served to in restaurants. He also tried to restrict and even ban the use of opioid painkillers in hospitals, caring nothing for anyone suffering in a lot of pain. In fact, here is how Bloomberg responded to questions about some of his supposed healthcare issues and what he did about some of the health issues facing New York City:

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Q: Your ban on these large sugary drinks goes into effect next week in New York. Some people are saying this is making it really hard on us, including Starbucks.

BLOOMBERG: That’s ridiculous. Starbucks knows how to package things. They can change instantly when it’s in their interest to do so. This is in the country’s interest. This year, for the first time in the history of the world, more people will die from too much food than from too little food. More people will die from the effects of obesity than from starvation. And we’ve got to do something about this. This is going to bankrupt the country. Our medical system cannot handle it. Being overweight has gone from a rich person’s disease to a poor person’s disease. We’ve just got to do something. And all we’re doing in NYC is reminding you that it’s not in your interest to have too many empty calories. You can have some. If you want to have 32 ounces, just buy two 16-ounce cups. We’re not banning anything. it’s called portion control…

Last year, we didn’t just ban trans-fats. We’ve increased the availability of healthy foods in neighborhoods where they are hardest to find and also raised the number of street vendors who sell fruit and vegetables.

This year, we will raise the quality of food served in every City agency–that’s nearly 1.5 million meals every single day of the year. We’ll also continue opening parks and playgrounds in every neighborhood, so that every New Yorker has no more than a 10-minute walk to enjoy them…

You don’t normally turn to The N.Y. Times’ Dining Out section for serious political commentary, but there it was recently, under the subhead, “How the Mayor Became The City’s Most Powerful Foodie.” As part of his campaign to protect constituents against obesity and diabetes…


  • He banned trans fats in restaurants and required them to post the calorie count of their dishes.
  • In the school system, Bloomberg appointed an executive chef, and student lunches now run heavily to whole-wheat bread, salad bars and sliced apples.
  • Day-care providers are required to give their charges fewer calories.
  • He launched an initiative to get mom-and-pop stores in low-income neighborhoods to sell healthier foods: 1% milk and more fruits and vegetables.


Libertarians might quarrel that what we eat is none of the government’s business. But try this on for a Bloomberg political slogan: “Vote for me and I’ll make you thinner and better-looking.”…

Talk about fat shaming!

If Bloomberg buys his way into the White House, he will force his dictatorial health mandates on the entire nation, along with his anti-Second Amendment passion to disarm all private citizens as well as welcome any and all aliens, legal and illegal and grant them many of the same rights that American citizens have.

Michael Bloomberg is a danger to all Americans and will surely remove and trample on many of their rights and freedoms.


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  1. Bloomberg needs to be institutionalized.

  2. The entire Democrat party is just a jack booted control freak that wants to control every aspect of our lives while they become exempt from those very rules they force on the rest of us….do you think Lizzy Warren will spend hours in a emergency room if sick or injured with her health care for all…

    • Al , You are spot on !!

    • Bloomberg needs to move to N Korea, where he will get shot for making such ridiculous views known. After all Un i# a fat man. Get it, Bloomberg?

    • Just wait -if the Demomarxists win and Trump’s fence will be torn down–the borders will be wide open and the illegals will sing as they march like locusts to the welfare offices “We will over RUN.”. Look for American citizens to become a minority in their own country.

  3. As a rule I don’t like people that try to buy their way into important positions. Trump, in my opinion, is an exception to my rule. Because I believe Trump really does have the country’s best interests at heart. It’s just that the powerful corrupt “machine” inhibits him from getting a lot of good things accomplished.

  4. Bloomberg is the only one that could beat Trump. A successful politician, a successful businessman, and a wonderful human being better than Trump. Trump, I think, is a fraud, a cheat, and an ultimate con artist.

    • Everyone thought Obama was Mr Wonderful too. Have you looked at the National debt that Obama doubled and spent more than the 40 plus presidents combined since the beginning of the USA and deprived the MIlitary of necessities. Obama has 3 mansions and has become wealthy from the 8 years in the presidency. I doubt if it was attained legally. He also was the laziest president the USA has ever had. He liked to campaign, fund raise, party, play hoops and golf work in the oval office was just a sideline job for him.

  5. This is actually great for the people and our health care system. It was deemed more desirable by multiple doctors and hospitals. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  6. The “MINATURE DICTATOR ! He is not a good person he is more dictorial than any politician today, he wants government to dictate every facxet of our lives. . .I am a gun owner as well and will never kuckle to him or anyone like him !!!

  7. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  8. Bloomberg is nothing but a lying communist pig that needs to be locked up with the rest of the idiot democRATS !!

  9. he was a terror with educators while mayor
    he made it such the principals have absolute dictatorial despotic power in schools
    he eroded any proptections for the teachers
    took away their parking spots
    fired hard working employess

  10. Bloomberg, apparently wasn’t fed the right foods because his growth was apparently stunted. But he cane to New York originally to try out for the role as a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz on Broadway. Well since that didn’t pan out for him because of his poor acting skills, he got into politics. And he didn’t do too well in that role either. Poor little guy is a BIG loser!

    • May I rephrase your statement.. Bloomberg is THE BIG SHORT. He is not a poor guy with money on the campaign trail used convicts to call his constituents. How nice? Now they have Granny and Gramps information and even a few credit card numbers.

  11. Put him in a rubber room and call him Commodore that will make him happy !

  12. Trump’s electoral victory has rendered our Democrats, socialists, communists, racists, and other such low-lives and bottom-feeders insane. Let us keep it up!

  13. Komrad Bloomberg is a bottom-feeding commie scum!

  14. Welcome to communist America folks. Plain and simple.

  15. If Bloomberg wins the USA will then be a fully Socialistic nation. The congress and senate will then have far more than a 15.2%of Jewish representation as he will surround himself with advisers who are of his faith and tribal nature. Since they are the ones who commit 70% of white collar crime–I would expect to see that statistic increase geometically. I do not think the USA is ready for someone who has become very wealthy publishing a financial paper. There is only so much money floating around and the % of wealth held by his group will only increase.

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