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What’s Causing America’s Massive Doctor Shortage? [VIDEO]

America is not just facing a healthcare cost crisis, but we are also experiencing a huge doctor shortage that is continually growing. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC):

The United States will see a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032 as demand for physicians continues to grow faster than supply, according to new data published today by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). The projected shortfall is similar to past projections and ranges from 46,900 to 121,900 physicians…

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The projected shortage of between 46,900 and 121,900 physicians by 2032 includes both primary care (between 21,100 and 55,200) and specialty care (between 24,800 and 65,800). Among specialists, the data project a shortage of between 1,900 and 12,100 medical specialists, 14,300 and 23,400 surgical specialists, and 20,600 and 39,100 other specialists, such as pathologists, neurologists, radiologists, and psychiatrists, by 2032…

The United States would need an additional 95,900 doctors immediately if health care use patterns were equalized across race, insurance coverage, and geographic location. This shortage would be in addition to the number of providers necessary to meet demand in Health Professions Shortage Areas as designated by the Health Resources and Services Administration. This additional demand was not included in the production of the overall shortage ranges.

So, what is causing this massive doctor shortage?

During an interview with Full Measure, Dr. Atul Grover shared:

The big reasons are population growth and aging. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, people with chronic diseases are living longer and needing care later in life. Also, a factor – one-third of all currently active doctors will be over 65 in the next decade, so there’s a wave of retirements just ahead…adding to the shortage. But you might be surprised to hear Dr. Grover say the solution isn’t getting more people into medical school, it’s ensuring training spots when they graduate.

On the supply side our real bottleneck is the number of residency training spots. Remember after somebody goes to medical school after they’ve gone to college, they get an MD, they still need to train for another three to eight years in a particular specialty.

Congress put a cap on medicare, federal tax money used to fund that training as part of the 1997 Balanced Budget Act.

It seems that no one seems too willing to admit or discuss one of the main reasons for the dangerous decline in the number of doctors, so allow me to sum up this real reason:

When Barack Obama and Democrat controlled Congress forced their national socialized healthcare system on a public that back then did not want it, one of the first impacts was the fleeing of many doctors. When the thousands of new rules and regulations imposed by Obamacare came out, many doctors in private practice quit and left the medical profession. Others closed their private practices and joined larger medical groups. Likewise, many smaller medical clinics also closed as a direct result of Obamacare.

One doctor I spoke with back then, told me that under Obamacare, he wasn’t allowed to provide the right medical care and treatment to many of his patients. He told me that Obamacare was basically a program of death that would result in the earlier deaths of tens of thousands of Americans because of the rules and regulations and what doctors were no longer allowed to do and the required treatments that were not in the best interest of the patients. That doctor sold his practice and hung up his medical license and found a new career away from medicine.

Even though some provisions of Obamacare have been repealed, there are still many of the anti-patient and anti-doctor rules and regulations still exist and plague the medical community, and yet it doesn’t seem that any of the socialist sewagestream media outlets and many professionals are willing to speak out with the truth.


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  1. Liability, over regulation, and a desire for “cheap” labor have all added to the exodus of many highly trained doctors from practice. Add to this the “you owe me” attitude that is brought into the office by many patients, over-reaching administrators, and replacement of doctors with less well-educated individuals to provide care,
    show that the problem is not a simple one to overcome. And, consider the many lucrative professions that have sprung up due to new technologies, and which allow you to have normal work hours and weekends.
    If you can earn the income you are searching for, and don’t have to deal with all of the above, why choose a career in medicine?

    • I remember when ObamaCare started, MANY doctors retired/quit immediately. The ones that quit either went to another country or changed careers.

  2. I dont usually want or need the AMA overpriced, underperforming doctors. I’ve had way too many bad experiences with them.

    • There would not he a doctor shortage today if a former Democrat president had not paid medical schools to reduce the number of students admitted into medical schools. At one time, Democrats were afraid there would he a doctor surplus and the cost of medical care would go down. Yes, its affect. Look it up for yourself.

    • Lucky you. Sorry for your bad experiences but millions more of us have great experiences from the
      best doctors on the planet and we consider ourselves fortunate to access to them. I have cousins
      in the UK who call me to find a doctor in New York or Philadelphia or LA for them because their
      socialized system places them in limbo waiting for an appointment that never comes, and many
      die waiting for treatments that aren’t available to them across the pond.
      Richard I hope you never “want or need” these underperforming docs, but someday you might,
      and you’ll be glad to have ANY decent medical care you can get your hands on and thank your lucky
      stars you live in this country.

      • Patricia Silverman

        excuse me, your concept of medicine in the USA is incorrect, please open your eyes, pharmaceutical “drugs” are synthesized from oil and they are therefor liver toxic for the human body, further their meds do not work, at best they mask a symptom and give the body time to heal itself, do your research and see what really works and what does not

  3. No one dares to state a huge reason we have a physician shortage. One major reason is the doctor Union. They have set long expensive educational requirements just to get an md degree. A four year training in science,biology,pharmacy, etc is very adequate training time to produce a family practioner. There are plenty of nurses that could be family doctors tomorrow. The medical profession has already expanded educational time to be a PA until it takes much to much time.

    • Are you kidding me?! You’re actually blaming the union for overtraining the doctors?! I don’t know about you, but I prefer my doctors highly trained!
      You just sound like one of those ‘blame it on the unions’ type to me. You should get you one of them ‘non union type doctors’. Maybe Dr Jethro Bodine… he gots a 6th grade edgykashin, ya know.

  4. Yes we have lost all but a couple here in our clinic. I’m seeing a P.A. because of this fiasco.

    • I am a retired nurse administrator. My father in law was a surgeon, my son an anesthesiologists and my daughter is a hospital administrator. I can tell you, based on fact, it is not the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) that has caused the problems, but insurance companies and big pharma. I was not a fan of the AHA. Medicare for all is is supported by thousands of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Under this plan you can see any doctor you want and go to any hospital you want. Physicians will no longer be able to refuse to see you. This threat of”socialism” is nonsense. It is just common sense. Stop listening to people who receive big bucks from these lobbyists. Read the literiture.

      • Anita your claim does not bare out facts. My wife is an executive with a CPA firm that has had many of Doctors as their client and a they say just that. The ACA drove them into other businesses or gang up with other doctors do to the ACA putting unneeded regulations. I would bet that you are a Democrat and resounding their calling card. Also because of the (un) ACA, my wife has an eight thousand dollar deductible insurance, after the ACA took over. Anita you are clueless………..

        • No. Actually I am a Republican.
          I would hope that I have better insight into healthcare than a CPA, but she is entitled to her opinion. I would however direct you to pnhp.org. Physicians for a National Health Program. Their website has actual statistics and facts.

  5. Repeal ObamaCare…root stock and branch. It has almost ruined the best healthcare system in the world. Socialism NEVER works!! Period!! In health care or in government.

  6. Didn’t Clinton tell the medical schools to cut back on the numbers of new students enrollment and to go the LNP’S andPA’s instead to help cut the raising cost of health care and insurance ,if so then we are starting to see the results of this stupidity

    • Yes, during Clinton’s administration, many aspiring would be physicians were forced to go to foreign
      lands for medical training and degrees because Clinton cut back on new student enrollment in US
      medical programs.

  7. The United States is one of the few countries in the world in which it is legal to poison people. Despite all the scientific studies showing how harmful exposure to numerous substances is, they continue to be used in the USA. The government seems to be more interested in corporate profits than the health of its citizens.

  8. I personally can confirm that my elderly mother’s Board Certified Neurologist, whom she had been seeing for many years upon the onset of dementia, left the practice of medicine within six months of Obama care going into effect. Now, Nancy Pelosi, do you know what was in it?

  9. I have not had a steady Dr since obamacare was passed, after it was passed, the DR’s office told me i was no longer a patient there.

  10. Dealing with insurance companies and washington rules and other crap and nonsense could be the reason.

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