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Chuck Grassley Wants to Rein in Trump’s Tariff Powers

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said Wednesday that he wanted to advance legislation reining in presidential authority on tariffs in 2020.

“That’s been a goal of mine and is still a goal,” Grassley said of legislation to reform section 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, which President Trump has used to impose major tariffs on close U.S. trade partners.

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Section 232 gives the president authority to impose tariffs for national security purposes. Trump’s trade critics accused him of abusing the authority by imposing steep steel and aluminum tariffs on U.S. allies such as Canada, Mexico, the European Union and Japan.

Trump later scrapped the tariffs on Canada and Mexico after they agreed to an updated North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump has also threatened to use the authority to impose tariffs on automobile imports from the European Union and Japan.

Grassley has long discussed imposing Congressional oversight on 232 authority, and said he thought there was enough will to advance legislation this year.

“It may be just the committee working its will, but I think that there’s enough desire in my committee to do something about 232,” he said Wednesday.

“I think as far as my committee is concerned, 232 is the best we could do in legislation,” he added.

Grassley noted that he had yet to discuss the prospect with the committee’s top Democrat, Sen. Ron Wyden (Oregon).

Last month, Wyden said he was open to working out a response.

“I am all for putting some guardrails in this administration’s unpredictable and chaotic trade policy. We haven’t been able to find the solution yet, but I am ready to continue to work with the chairman to find a legislative solution that will garner wide bipartisan support,” he said.

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  1. So Grassley is turning against Americans too, in favor of everyone else! Who got to him & how???

    • who do you think bloody George souros

      • That’s not how to spell his name, Ian! Not that it matters how YOU spell it, or your ow
        n name, for that matter. “bloody” George (as you call him – you wordsmith, you – ) is simply a wealthy individual who donates $ to progressive cause, much like the Kochs donate to conservative ones. The people who are paying for Trump’s tariffs are American consumers. But the deranged right winger Trump idolaters can’t grasp that because they are economically illiterate. Oh, Ian, relay that to your other partner in derangement and ignorance Sandra Lee Smith (to whom you were responding). By the way, it’s spelled “Soros”.

        • No IDIOT!!!, the correct spelling is SEWAOROS!!!!!!!, and by-the-way…..he is not a phylantropist, as many othe idiots like you believe, he is a big M….. F….. with a very definite agenda, which is destroy this country like he destroyed UNITE KINGDOM. I don’t care if you are liberal or conservative, but if you have brain…….used it, and wake up. You probably never spent a single day of your life in a comunist country, but I spent 38 years of my own life in one of the worst of all (CUBA). If you need a clear picture of what SEWAOROS is trying to do here, go to Cuba for three months with just a little money in your pocket, and try to survive. When you do that, then you will tell me if you still defend the MOTHER FUCKER.

          • I don’t spell correctly or even use capitalization when referring to our enemies…they don’t get that much respect from me ! ( obomma )

        • Don’t you get it?!
          SOUR OS
          Undoubtedly mocking the name but I guess some people have their demon rats
          (Democrat’s) brain on!!

    • All corporations got to him. Ever wonder how these guys get a $192,000 / year job and become rich in one or two years. Just vote their ass out!

    • It looks that way! Who can be trusted ?

    • Maybe he is afraid Trump is going to find out he is part of the swamp. When they start turning against our President ,they are no better than the Democrats. In fact they are lower because the people voted for him because they were led to believe that they would be good for America. Maybe the people will see what he really is before his time is up and kick him out.

    • Yeah, we have been losing our jobs ever since Clinton signed the NAFTA agreement and Bush Jr. eliminated the import tax! We FINALLY get a President who cares about his people and country and the lame stream media, libby’s and greedy politicians fight tooth and nail to stop him! Hey, they figure as long as their pockets are lined with gold that all that matters! If their was only a way to show the younger generation that everything they buy now used to be made in America! WAY better quality, for the same price!

      • Roy, you refer to NAFTA as the downfall of US industry. I point, but that was Wall Street wanting “profits” over anything else. And the corporations followed their direction, sad but true. Since deregulation under Reagan, the US economy has gone down hill as Profits became the primary goal. The “global economy” has further pushed profit over country and people (employees).
        Then, where did Trump and his family have their products made? Most were not made in the US. Clothing was made in CHINA. The same CHINA he is now bashing as unfair on trade.

    • If Grassley is so intent on siding with the Democrats and going against his own party, the President, and the administration, then he needs to leave the GOP and join the crooked Democrats. That way his traitor colors can stand out. It’s hard to believe or imagine how he ever got elected by the conservatives in his state but it’s clear that they are probably embarrassed and ashamed of his actions unless his state intends to become all Democrat. It’s simply amazing how many disloyal Republicans we have in the Republican Party.

  2. Really!!!!
    This president is finally making trade fair for the U.S. and you want to tie his hands!!!! WHY??? When all countries stop tariffs then we should, until then you’ll LOSE MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!
    GO TRUMP!!!!!

  3. Congress is completely useless. They have abdicated all their responsibilities to bureaucrats and the fed. Since they have proven to be nothing but a self enriching, tax stealing criminal element they certainly don’t want a President doing the right thing for his country and bringing back jobs and wealth. They have been paid to screw us and they intend to fulfill their obligation.

  4. Mr Grassey has foresight.
    Mr Trump is using his targeted tariff authority with reasonable intention and responsibility.
    Imagine the precedence he sets if we get another Obama.
    This is an election year and we may be looking at a vindictive, feckless failure for a President next year.

  5. What is going on here with Grassley. He is a product of the farm belt and severe tariffs against China etc. will eventually come around.
    And why mess with a legislative tool that was passed to do exactly that.
    American might and weight should not be compromised.
    Our world neighbors may not like it but “fair share” is the way to go. Democracy is free enterprise and what made this country what it is today. No freeloaders.
    We are a compassionate society but you need to contribute to it.

  6. Mr Grassley has foresight. (corrected)
    Mr Trump is using his targeted tariff authority with reasonable intention and responsibility.
    Imagine the precedence he sets if we get another Obama.
    This is an election year and we may be looking at a vindictive, feckless failure for a President next year.

  7. Well….it would appear Chucky is getting an early start on his re-election campaign coming up in 2022. He got some blow back in Iowa from a SMALL minority of farmers who did not support President Trump’s trade policies that adversely affected his state’s agriculture products. Now, because of President’s Trump’s pro-growth agriculture trade policy victory with the MCA, Phase 1 China, Japan, South Korea, those minority of farmers will begin to disappear. I expect this time next year, Chucky will bury any changes to section 232 if he wants President Trump’s endorsement.

  8. Grass let us just another swamp creature of the Washington DC establishment swamp! Vote his ass out! Along with Wyden!

  9. President Trump is the only person in the last 30 years who has forced foreign countries to the trade table and effectively helped America! Grass-Boy and others like him do not like advancement in D.C. It makes them look like the impotent fools they are. Look at his push for for corn fuel when America is now a NET exporter of oil. Typical self serving jerk.

  10. So who is filling his coffer with cash? Who does he have an alliance with to bring more Imports and reduce the Made In America importance to all of our hard working citizens? Just don’t understand why you would be against increasing our US production of product and goods after we have been reamed for years from these other countries flooding our markets. Call me crazy!

    I’ll take our current BUSINESS MAN leadership over the politics!

  11. Trump is fixing what is wrong with trade and immigration for at least the last five decades, and now we have Graessly becoming another short term thinker like the Dems. This is the guy who promised to reign in Feinstein formclearly illegal acts in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and has done squat….hey Chuck, you are part of the problem, as in talking a good game yet holding on to the status quo….find a replacement for you old sagging butt and mind.

  12. william harrison

    I think a restriction on Executive orders would be the thing. I don’t worry about Trump but we will have a very liberal Democrats as President down the road. If the President can not issue executive order to run the country then just maybe Americans will hold Congress responsible for doing their job. Congressmen ( and Congresswoman) have yielded there authority to the Executive Branch so as not to lose their seat in Congress but can then blame a President for failed policies.

  13. Trump is protecting AMERICANS, THE D Democrats are trying to bring in more invades & freeloaders.

  14. Another useless swamp dweller unwilling to affect change to the status quo. Part of the problem. Come on Chuck, do something for America and quit looking out for the next election cycle.

  15. Grassley sucks the hind parts. We finally have a President bent on saving all aspects of American life and lives and the swamp creatures are trying to stop him. Past time to flush this bunch of turds and elect those that will Protect American from enemies foreign and domestic (like this do-nothing do-less house of rep).

  16. If Trump’s policies are chaotic, give me chaos anytime. These moronic critics can’t understand anything that has not “always been done this way “.

  17. This is why he paid farmers 30 billion dollars,for lost monies,for this trade blunder.

  18. Nothing like taking the tools away from the POTUS in dealing with other countries to lead this country to prosperity, as well as keeping is safe. If they want to be PRESIDENT, run for and win the position, don’t try to usurp the office on a few hundred thousand votes in your district, but many millions nationally. Am so sick of Congress – they are totally useless, totally! A complete bunch of establishment elitist, NWO globalists owned by Soros, the Chamber of Commerce, K Street, and Wall Street.

  19. It is definite now that the Democrats want our country to be destroyed. Their frame of mind shows they want all other countries to run amok and take over everything that is America. I wish I had the power to go in and arrest all of them for the treasons they have committed and for their recent rants against us by standing up for Iran. There is one other thing I can see about the bombing in Iran is that this is sending a message to North Korea. Kim will not be aggressive toward America now. This has made him fear us more than ever and THAT is a good thing. However, we have a long and serious fight with our own senate to right the wrongs the Democrats have done. I do think, though that it won’t be much longer before there will not be an existing Democratic Party. I sure hope so.

  20. Many members of congress are there because they could not make a living in the real world. Thank God for Preso\ident Trump, as an executive he gets things done for all Americans. All politisons want to do is get re-elected and live the good life.

    • Perhaps that’s why Pelosi was partying it up and couldn’t answer VP Pence’s phone call that Solo-mio was a dead duck. Some brilliant photographer got into that big elites’ party and got the video of her dancing while we were not dancing in Iran.


  22. Let’s remember Grassley + some others on election day enough is enough ..

  23. How about u do what we the voters sent u there to do, help trump not try to hurt trump ,I for one wont forget this when elections come again..in fact I think trump should get 8 more years because all the crap he put up with u + the rest of republican party at first, then the bs + lies from the dem party, go trump 2029..

  24. Well, Chuck, “It ain’t happening” . . . Get OVER it! We DON’T need to “rein in” POTUS Trump’s war powers. And, the SOONER you FIGURE that out the BETTER you’ll be. Thank GOD for what the POTUS did! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  25. Funny, none of them wanted to reign in the nigger.

  26. Et Tu Grassley…? Old Back-Stabbing Bastard has to be Scotch Sloshed Holy Drunkard Pelosi’s Back-Door Coot….!

  27. So Grassley and the faux republicans haven’t done squat to fix the trade situation, but now all of the sudden they’re going to do something about it when the president acts? So like with the high cost of “healthcare” they do nothing until someone tries to solve the problem. Then they know everything. Everything about stopping the president from acting on the issue.

  28. That “man” must be a demonrat. He sounds like one anyway.

  29. Senator Grassley, May I ask which one or two of Trump’s tariffs would you not have applied and what would the consequences have been? You said you were concerned because Trump might put a tariff on autos from Germany and/or France. Neither of those countries are paying their agreed to share of NATO costs and the balance of payments between them and us is a money loser. (You can include the whole EU which is costing us around $150 billion a year.) China has been costing us over $500 million a year. Again I ask what tariffs would you reduce and what are the consequences?

  30. Correct my China amount from $500 million to $500 billion a year.

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