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Democrats’ Christmas Present to America is Selfish and Destructive

Ten years ago, Democrats ignored the will of the majority of the American people bypassing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). At the time they passed their national socialist healthcare plan, the majority of polls showed that between 70%-75% of Americans opposed the Democrats’ healthcare plan.

It showed that Democrats were more interested in pushing their socialist agenda than they were in representing the American people.

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During the reign of Barack Obama, Democrats regularly ignored the will and needs of the American people. For instance, when Harry Reid was the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, he blocked all efforts to help create vitally needed jobs for tens of thousands of Americans.

House Republicans passed 12 different bills for the sole purpose of creating jobs. Reid read only 1 of those bills and then refused to allow that bill or the other 11 to be read, viewed or considered by any Senate committee or by the Senate in general. He truly didn’t care about the needs of millions of hurting Americans.

Over the past couple of years, Democrats in Congress are regularly ignoring the needs of the American people. They are so focused on destroying President Donald Trump that they are unwilling to take the time to consider a number of pieces of legislation that would help many Americans. For example, House Democrats have ignored the new trade agreement that President Trump negotiated with Canada and Mexico to replace NAFTA. The new trade deal would bring many jobs back to America and help many American workers, but that’s not important to Democrats who are solely focused on impeaching Trump.

House Democrats, who just voted on articles of impeachment, claim that Trump’s crimes involving his seeking help from Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is equivalent to trying to get another county to help interfere in the 2020 elections.

Yet, the same Democrats ignored the fact that Obama aided known enemies of the United States on several occasions. He allowed the sale of 20% of America’s uranium supply to Russia. He illegally bypassed Congress in freeing up $50 million dollars and the sale of fighter jets to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood who at the time ruled Egypt. Obama freed 5 top Taliban terrorists to obtain the return of an Army deserter and traitor.

What about when Obama violated the Constitution by changing terms of federal laws passed by Congress? According to the Constitution, only Congress can make those changes to laws they passed.

Over the past couple of months, Washington Democrats have shown AGAIN that they care nothing about the American people or doing what is legal and right for America. Their actions have been selfish and extremely destructive to the very core of American politics and the constitutional foundations our nation was founded on.

The only ones that should be impeached are those who pushed through this absurd impeachment of the one man who has the gumption to stand up and do what’s right for America and the American people. If not impeachment, then I hope American voters remember their selfish and destructive Christmas present when they go to the polls next year.

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  1. Muslims hate Trump. He is keeping them from destroying us. Why can’t you be thankful? Socialism will not make things, to be better. Muslims, who destroy, will flood in with socialism, like they did with sanctuary cities. Muslims will take advantage of ask, and receive, seek and find, too. I would that Muslims changed their mentality. They cannot be here, refusing to do that. This world is Satan’s world. Prepare your minds, for what is to come. What is, will pass away.

    • The Iranians will have an operational Electric Magnetic Bomb..or EMP bomb with in the next three months and if set off over North America that will destroy this nation of ours. When asked, Donalfd Rumsfield said he feared an EMP bomb over anything else!!!

      • Electromagnetic pulse = EMP. The Iranians can’t throw one that will make it over the US. But they can ship one thru Amazon and blow it off… in New Braska 4 instunss.

    • The Only Ones Who Don’t Hate d trump Are Those Hoping For A Free Ride On One Of His Supposed Million Dollar Gravy Trains By Kissing Up To That SICKO & His Current BIMBO!

      • Oooooh, you’re jealous. Envy is a verrry bad quality.

      • Here is my assessment of you . You must weigh about 375 pounds your so full of hate,

      • Cecelia Henderson

        Oh Betty, that was so tacky and empty. Exactly what “free ride” is being offered to 65,000,000 Trump supporters? I would be extremely interested in a Million Dollar Gravy Train, but I must have missed the offer. Seems to me that the only Gravy Trains being offered are welfare benefits for illegals and refugees. You do know that they get higher benefits than our American Citizens receive, don’t you?

      • Jealous much…. ! Only thing you loved to suck on … was the defrocked 1st Queer’s… Horillas hairy Balls….!

      • were you born this stupid or is it a learned trait?

    • AND This EARTH Will Still Be Ruled By SATIN un till The 2nd Coming of OUR CHRIST, Who Destroys SATIN At The War of MAGIDDO and Begins The SAVIOUR’s 1000 Yr TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS…

  2. And how many bills is the wonderful head of the Senate holding that would help the American people???? I find it interesting…no…disgusting…that Republicans criticize Democrats when they are willingly doing the same thing!!!! Happens over and over and over. The American people are hurting!!!!

  3. You can see first hand the rule of liberal dekos in Virginia.the gvenorand the Virgina house will remove Robert E. Lees statue and all other Conferate symbols. In addition they are ready to attack the 2nd amendment. The metropolitan ares elected the liberal demos, not the rural areas. The states need to adopt State electorial colleges so the rural areas have equal say

  4. Democrat all my life. Just changed my reg to cons. because of their behavior. They sold their souls to the she devil hillary. Look what it got them !!

    • #walkaway. I don’t use Twitter, but I know about this. Thanks for recognizing the dem’s bad policies for these United States and welcome to the conservative side. As a side note: One doesn’t have to agree with every position and every political figure of one political party, just enough to know which is the correct choice.

    • Did U each a lot of Fox News before U changed to republican?

    • Look at This Country Got When It Sold It’s 2016 Votes To That Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE, That Presidential PISS ASS PIG, That CONCEITED, STUPID SICKO, That Brainless, Worthless Walking, Talking Pile Of CRAP In Human Form & Every One Of His ASSHOLE KISSING republican RETARDS!

      • You are the most stupid liberal i have heard in awhile. Do you not know how much good Donald Trump did for this country? Obama was a traitor. Do some research instead of listening to the lies of the fake news media. You are as dumb as a rock.

      • If you hate Trump and Americans move your ignorant dumb ass to Iran Syria Russia Venezuela etc. See how long you’d live with freedom

      • Betty you are a complete idiot!!! We’d be in the crapper if the wicked witch Hillary had won. Our country would be in ruins just like her planning her party & not doing what she needed to win the election. She would have been planning partys instead of taking care of our country

      • Typical leftist… I am sure you were wishing there was a law to silence ALL Republicans, imprison all Trump supporters. There should be re-education camps to get “everyone“ to think like the left… after disarming them all. So you know, Hitler and Stalin believed in the same.

      • Betty how is name calling and listing a litany of elementary school foul language doing to enhance whatever agenda you are attempting to promote? Try raising an issue , or formulating a point of view using standard adult criteria and decent language to make your point. Simply listing a litany of sophomoric slurs doesn’t reflect well on your upbringing. What would your mother say? Shame on you!

      • Nice display of democrat hate, Betty.

        • I sincerely doubt she was a demonrat and called oboma an a**, shi*, cra*, etc. Only a Republican would be honest like that.

  5. fake votes since 2018 election and on changes caused by 2018 election are all against AMERICA
    I am old and can not fight as I did for our AMERICA. Now it is your turn.
    I will pray for AMERICA.
    I hope no change to Mexica or Americo.
    invaders from changed laws.

  6. Sounds like it’s time to vote these BUMS out of office and REPLACE them with REAL, Responsible Statesmen & Women to do the JOB that they were CALLED to do. The American People have outright REJECTED Socialism AS WEL AS the Democrat party as well. I WON’T miss them ONE BIT, and NEITHER will anyone else. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Glad the Demoncraps destroyed their party!
    MAGA 2020

  8. Yes Indeed, 2020 is The Year To TOSS OUT A PAIR OF trump TRASH! For Our Next President, America Needs To Chose A PERSON Instead Of A PIG Like We Did Four Years Ago!

    • This Betty person needs a shrink to examine her. She is so far out of touch with Reality. When this person want be able to walk out of her house. Because of some hoodlum shooting at her for NO reason. Than I presume it will also be Donald J Trumps fault.

    • I see you also hate a lot, like most deimocrats. Trump is a white male. So your hate is also racist and sexist.

      • Derek, we Dems don’t hate a lot. And the fact that Trump is a white male DOESN’T make us racist and sexist. He’s simply an evil criminal in the Oval Office! We Dems love conservatives and wish you would stop embracing that criminal Trump. We want you to see the light. We love all of you.

    • Betty are you really Rachel Madcow? I had such a good time watching you on election night. Think i’ll youtube it and watch again thanks for reminding me how dumb & fun to watch you are.

    • show us your photo Betty & WE will see who the real PIG is “oink” betty maybe you understand that better & I wasn’t a fan of obozos but I never called him a “pig” betty just another low class liberial

    • All I have seen here is demonstrations of how democrats are so out of touch with what is really going on here!! Just like their party, how about you do something “positive” and act like you really care about America!!! All your party has done is try to get rid of our PRESIDENT who has been doing exactly what he said when voted in office!! Your party has done NOTHING for our Country except waste time and money and show their true colors!!! How do you feel over the fact your party just keeps taking your hard earned $$ for doing NOTHING?? My President is and has been working on MAGA!!! AND he will continue to do so for his Love of AMERICA!! ❤

  9. It takes a PIG to know one; therefore, you must be the PIG.

  10. You sound like grieving the loss of welfare go get a job.
    2020 no need to exercise “hate”

    • I’ve never heard such a spew hatred. It’s true people rather hate this country more than many it better. Blind eyes will never see. But I believe in, (IN GOD WE TRUST). Read Job 38 . I believe that one day the good will be removed for a time. Then buckle your seatbelt’s for the deception you’ve not witnessed before. The majority of people don’t know what good is when it’s right before them. The hunger for power can never be quenched in a vessel of greed. Please seek God’s world it is the only truth. God is in control and God will have his way. Be prepared, worship.

  11. So I guess the 400 plus bills the House sent to Congress sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk are them not doing nothing? and all of this since Jan last year. The truth is Congress has been dead to the good of the American people with both parties and it has to stop.

  12. If you want to see what will happen if the criminal Democrat Party Mob is elected in the 2020 election, just look at California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Baltimore, for they want to spread that mess all across our America!! They also show in Virginia that our guns will be their first target!! They are going to create a “American/Venezuela where we will not be able to defend ourselves and have to eat our cats and dogs for food and be over run by criminal illegal alien by the millions with no border walls and wide open borders and become a conquered people!!! Is that the America you want for your children???????

  13. This story is totally false and irresponsible. It’s built on many vague generalities. It’s all a lie.

  14. If we people don’t want the same o same o, then we need to turn out en mass and vote a straight republican ticket if we don’t we will get more of the democRATS obstructing democracy and embracing socialism, open borders, tearing down the border walls, higher taxes, Medicare for all illegals, the green new deal where a hardworking taxpayer will be paying for a lazy bum who wants to sit on his A** not work yet get paid for his lazy a**, so which will it be in November a straight republican ticket or democRATS socialism deal

  15. Brutal ISIS defeated-scant reportage; al-Baghdadi died-Dems/WaPo/NYT incredibly praised the terrorist.
    Soleimani executed with pure precision-the Irani Quds leader is celebrated by CNNs Fareed Zakaria, MSNBCs Chris Matthews, Esquire, many others. His funeral is publicized; Iranian citizen protests muted.
    Iranian missile downs Ukrainian jet, killing 176-President Trump is blamed as by Ca Cong. Jackie Speier.
    Economic boom is not in their focus, rising jobs/wages/manufacturing minimized, stock market peaking, fair trade re-negotiated, energy program revived, Veteran Affairs reformed, southern border wall extended, illegal incursions of migrants/drugs/criminals/human trafficking/contagious diseases down, winning diplomacy, strong military, prosperity, excellence, optimism, confidence, pride, prestige, more positives.
    Yet POTUS is being impeached! What the heck exactly are the priorities? Some are just so sick, demented.

  16. It is now the United Republicans of America. The United DEMONocrats of America have announced on day one under the current President that their marching orders are RESIST… remember? I do. Also, the UDA are all based on words of lies. The URA is FOR our country and has proven it by our actions. I am for the United Republicans of America! The United States of America has been fought against and rejected by Lie-beral DEMONocrats, so let’s be realistic and call it what it really is now. It is the United Republicans of America and the United DEMONocrats of America occupying the same land mass. The original Democrat party has crossed over to the dark side. Any denial does not change the fact. Look at what they are for! I pledge allegiance to the United Republicans of America. The DEMONocrats are against our Constitution. Are you going to deny that too!?
    (If somebody insists on a divorce, let them have what they want. You can’t force them to love you).

  17. I cannot believe the hate for a legally elected President. All of it sounds like treason to me.
    All I will say is look at Hillary’s and Obamas bank accounts before and after they were elected.
    The greed in Washington DC is amazing. Is Trump the greatest President of all time?
    Nobody knows until all of the smoke clears. But as I look back at the last three or four
    Presidents He has done a better job so far than the Bushes or Obama I feel he has been more
    effective than either of those three. Let Trump go forward with his plan and run for am second term
    If the American people choose to vote him out I will back the will of the American people because that’s
    how our country works. and to me impeachment is out of question

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