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Democrats Determined To Lead Us Into Another Great Depression

On July 28, 1914, part of Europe was plunged into the start of what would become known as World War I. In the course of the 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks of World War I, the brutal insanity had expanded over Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean.

The war involved Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria against Great Britain, France, Serbia, Montenegro, Belgium, Japan, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Hejaz, China, Greece, Siam, and the United States. By the time World War I ended on November 11, 1918, 9,911,000 military troops were dead, another 20,544,500 military personnel had been wounded.

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Additionally, about 7,700,000 civilians had also been killed. Millions of families grieved over the tragic losses and devastation of perhaps the world’s deadliest conflict at the time.

When the great war had ended, millions also celebrated that the carnage and destruction was over. Much of the industrial technology developed to support the war effort here in America was turned to peaceful pursuits and the betterment of life in general. By 1920, the streets of America had turned from the shadows of war to a time of enjoyment of life. It ushered in an era that is known today as the Roaring 20s.

The decade was one of economic prosperity that led to a more open and hedonistic society. Music and other forms of entertainment changed, reflecting the decadency of the time. Today, we think of the Roaring 20s as the time of the Charleston and women wearing flapper dresses. It was time of speak easies, dancehalls and an abundance of alcohol. It was also a time of organized crime and crime bosses.

It was also a decade controlled by Republicans, beginning with the election of Warren G. Harding in the 1920 election. It was a time when Republicans also controlled the Senate and House. Republicans tried their best to retain control of the nation, but by the later stages of the Roaring 20s, Democrats began to flex their muscle, enabling them to begin changing some of the economic programs that had led to America’s prosperity of the time.

Then it happened when the Stock Market suddenly took a dramatic fall in prices on September 4, 1929. Within a month, not only had the US Stock Market collapsed, but banks all over the nation also ended up shutting their doors due to a massive run by panicked customers. The economic chaos was not confined to just America, but it spread throughout most of the world as well. We know the period from that dreadful September day in 1929 to the later part of the 1930s as the Great Depression.

Millions of Americans lost their jobs, homes and more. Businesses closed and food became scarce. The nation was forced into a time of rationing and long lines for simple needs like bread, sugar, and milk. The percentage of homeless was far greater than that of today.

Nearly a century later, today’s Democrats are determined to repeat the devastating economic policies that led to the Great Depression. They have already told the American people that they intend to undo all of President Donald Trump’s economic policies that have led to today’s prosperity. If they regain control of Congress and the White House, they intend to reverse Trump’s tax cuts on businesses, the wealthy and the rest of us. They fail to realize that the record unemployment we have today is the direct result of Trump’s tax cuts and economic policies, all of which the Democrats intend to end and reverse.

If given the chance, Democrats will throw America into another Great Depression that they want and intend to use to usher in their socialist government in which we will all be slaves of the government. Part of their plan to bankrupt the nation and people is contained in their promises of free healthcare for all and free tuition for all, plans that come with a minimum combined price tag of $6 trillion a year. Compare that to the current US budget of less than $4 trillion a year. Adding the Democrat’s promises to the current budget will require an annual tax revenue of over $10 trillion a year and they expect you and me to pay for all of their promises of free things.

The only possible result is a Great Depression that will make the one a century ago seem like a mild recession. It will result in the unemployment of millions of Americans, the collapse of the home and building industry which will have a devastating domino effect that will topple every other form of industry in the nation. Millions of Americans will be homeless and destitute, more so than the nation experienced nearly a century ago.

There is an old adage that history tends to repeat itself and if given control of the government, this is one history that Democrats are determined to repeat.


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  1. Obviously, the best and ONLY way to keep this country prosperous and FREE, is to use your HEADS, and your Feet, and get out in November, and vote OUT ALL corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS (that is) unless you want to end up being a herd of helpless “sheep” under COMMUNIST “control” where your “rights” are no longer, your property, and your money belongs to the “state” and your “life” (as well as your families life) is in THEIR hands to do with as “they” wish.
    The “writing” is on the wall” people take heed, vote out all democommunists, or suffer the consequences of your decision. Our FUTURE, and the future of our Children, and Grandchildren for this country to Remain as a constitutional republic depends on it.

    • Exactly! I bet if the truth was told about the communist countries, they all started with the economic downfall and ruination too. DemonRat politicians are so stupid they think THEY will somehow benefit from destroying this country. I, for one, will be looking for them with a rope.

      • I Have The Tree !!!!!!

      • True Citizen my ass! You Russia-lovers seem to forget that there are many millions of combat vets who not only were willing to face our enemies in foreign lands, but also to face our enemies in this country, the enemy being of course Russia-lovers.

        Clear on the left? Clear on the right? Lock and load! Commence firing at traitors.

    • Wow, so you who support Putin’s puppet Trump refers to “DEMOCOMMUNIST” … LMFAO! You are just one of the multitude of traitors whose ideology of fear, hatred, greed, and bigotry is so strong that you are willing to collude with, and accept all interference in our elections as long as it is for your side. I faced the Russians over the Berlin Wall while all you Trump Traitors openly welcome them into interfering in our elections. Traitors.

      • You sound like fake news. There was no trump Russia conspiracy. The truth is what you dems accuse this president of, you were the ones colluding with Russia to actually take out candidate trump then president elect trump. That’s a coup you commie. The Steele dossier was a fraud. Was never verified but used to illegally get FISA warrants, four times. Comey, Brennan, Clinton, Strk, Page, McCabe, Clapper, Rosenstein and all of Obama’s administration were in on it. They should all be prosecuted and jailed. Then only listening to CNN and MSNBC you wouldn’t get the facts. Your brains have turned to mush just echoing these fake news celebrities. Talk about the media being in bed with the dems. It’s disgusting and you buy all their conspiracy theory’s . They have continually been wrong and the President is always right. They continue to lose to this President because they have no honor. God bless this President and God help people like yourself.

      • I’d much rather support Trump for 2nd term as President than any one of the pathetic leftist Democrats–including “Sleepy Joe” Biden–who has dementia, and shouldn’t be running for any office.

  2. why cant the American people see that their finances don’t add up,the only ones paying will be them,where else will the money come from come on wake up free medicare free college tuition you all cant be that stupid

    • I think it is more a combination of stupidity and entitlement, but the results will be the same. Then the communists in charge will assign them a job, housing and what they’re allotted each week or month. They won’t consider them “special” or “entitled” or any of their other BS terms they’ve been fed all their privileged lives.

      • That happens history will repeat itself. We took out a tyrant, we will take out these socialists. We are armed and ready to enforce our 2nd amendment rights. We have the numbers. I’m guessing at least 75 million strong. American revolution 2.

    • Who makes up this junk! A lot of things statements made no reliable source given.

      • Seems You must be an Educated Fool …. There ARE Sources … Why not do some Searching before making your remarks !!! WAKE UP ! its People like you who believe Those Lying Dems and their Partners in Crime ! And Why Were in this Mess to begin with . I bet you vote for those lying Dems because your father was one . Their NOT for the working Man . Their For Themselves And Themselves Only !! CROOKS INC. Sorry – But The Truth Hurts ! Wake Up ! PLEASE !!!

        • Thank you for reinforcing his comments. You say there are sources, and then list none. At the least the good doctor knows you Russia-lovers never list reliable or unbiased sources since the truth would never support your ideology of fear, hatred, greed, and bigotry.

          • LMAO. You just described socialists to the tee. Haters, bigots, murderers, liars and tyrants. You described yourself perfectly. God bless POTUS and FLOTUS.

    • How right you are, True Citizen! However, there are many who do not realize that & think “Goody, goody. I will get it for free!” because they are too young & haven’t had to pay for themselves yet i life. It’s all been done by Mommy & Daddy. I’ll admit there are some on welfare the same way who don’t realize it because they don’t see paying correctly because Welfare does it for them. I do not know what will become of them. They are probably lost for life. However as for the first group there is hope. Although presently little do they know and they are not experienced enough to realize that the cost WILL come back to them. Perhaps by the time of the next election, if there is one, they will have learned, because they will have had time to SEE that in actualuality the cost DOES come back to them in higher taxes, etc.

  3. Jacqueline Thurston

    If the Demon-crats take control, we, the people are doomed for sure. It is our responsibility to get out and vote to make sure that doesn’t happen. We NEED Trump in the driver’s seat to protect us from this!!!

  4. Continue to educate the “Low Information Voter” who ALWAYS wants “free (?!?) things” and let them know of a MUCH better way, like God, Guns and Guts. Keep Socialism/Communism at bay, and continue to show what “gun control”, Climate Change Crisis”, etc. are, all Lies and HOAXES. When the Democrats lose BIG during the elections, They don’t need to ask HOW or WHY, but look in the mirror and FIND out WHY! Keep God on your side – He knows best and has his BEST for you, which is ALWAYS good! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. One of the .problems with wanting to penalize the wealthy for using already-taxed income to invest in creating new products and services is that it stops growth. According to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the distribution of assets is a zero-sum game, and income increases for lower-income people must, by necessity, be taken from “the billionaires.” This will kill innovation. Our economy has grown because of new ideas and new products, generally funded by seeking investments or borrowing from people who have already created their wealth. The history of our economy is one of innovation and growth. Most of the products that have made our lives better over time, like cars and computers, have also made people wealthier. They have also been improved over time, and become cheaper for people to buy.

    The difference in approach is that the Democrats believe the pie that must be split is static – that in order for one person to gain, someone else must lose. The Republicans believe in growing the economy and making the pie bigger, so more is available for everyone. This is the genius of the Trump economy, fueled by tax cuts and regulatory reform. As the economy grows, the “rich” will still get richer, although the individual people who make up that class will change from time to time. However, there will still be more pie for the rest of us, as the slices will be taken from a continually growing pie.

  6. President Trump “America First” we have all the powerful equipments to protect others who call in need! Now he is saying now we have to use them on protecting Americans. It can’t be better than that
    More so everything he has done gets no credit Democrats have to know in order to have a democratic government you need a strong leader “Trump” it is pathetic that Democrats are behind Iran but still what American people to vote for them! History repeats itself, will be looking for Trump down the road. THATS A FACT

  7. The Democratic Party and its supporters has put in place an administration dedicated to survival at all cost is destroying this country in any way that will support their lies and hateful actions. They are counting on Media support and the laziness of US citizens. All we can Hope for is an uprising in the party members and a correction to the dangerous path the DNC is headed. Only the people who are loyal to the country can turn this travesty around.

  8. Ok do me a favor don’t send me any of your junk if you don’t agree with my opinion

  9. Balderdash!!

  10. This is total B,S,who was in charge of the great recession?Who got us 40 hour work weeks,SS,all the benefits we enjoy today,Not the republicans,TRUMP has lying problem & you are all drinking the KOOL AID.How does calling people names do anything.

    • Someone needs to teach this moron a lesson because if you think that Trump is a liar you are an idiot the Democrats want to turn our society into a communist society. And President Trump is the only one standing between them and their goal

  11. What a line of BS . It’s Trump that going to put America in recession. Bush started it & Trump going to finish us off!


  13. This was a Christian Country …. Now ,, I am Worried . We need our Borders CLOSED !! China imprisons Christians and sells their organs . That may happen here someday . IF We let these Dems have Their Way !

  14. Lie-beral DEMONocrats are anti-positive. Everything they do has a negative effect because they have corrupt intentions…yet they say they are “progressive.” A better word would be REgressive. They are mentally, morally, and spiritually deficient whose only expertise is bullshitology masked under the cloak of self righteousness. Lie-beral DEMONocrats have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH! Which political party do you associate with fake, hate, negate and dominate? Which party is known for disrespect and derelict; delusion and genuine collusion? Who has the left-handed statements and selective blindness?…the no-see-ums, no-hear-ums,no-investigate-ums?! DEMONOCRATS WILL NOT INVESTIGATE DEMONOCRATS- SOROS WON’T ALLOW IT !!!

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to include the goals and skills of the Lie-beral DEMONocrats:
      Their goals- Kontinue corruption, Koddle illegals, and Kill babies = KKK
      Their skills- 1. Slinging bullshit, 2. Raising our taxes, and 3. Slinging more bullshit !

  15. Its been the plan all along. Bankrupt the country and then you dont have to pay pensions, social security
    and welfare. Long lines Mass chos. I met a gentleman who lived in the last depression who had nothing. It was get off your ass and work or dont eat. The last depression (1930-) 25% where unemployed. That also ment the employed took what they could. i agree with Cliff- Gett out and vote..

  16. The date of the assignation of both Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie was June 28,1914!

    World War 1 began a month later on rule 28,1914.

    Let these Dummycrats [thank you Diamond & Silk] have their green New Deal[?] and Carbon Import Tax[??] ONLY IF they are willing to IMPOSE A WORLD WIDE CARBON IMPORT TAX based on the carbon emitted on each item imported in to California. This Carbon Import Tax would even include the tax on electricity imported from adjacent states WHICH ARE EXEMPT from California Environmental Standards!

    If they passed this law on June 28 it would take until July 28 for their Environmental War to begin!!

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