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Democrats Underestimate Republican Senate, Again?

Once Democrats regained control of the House in the 2018 election, some of their leaders believe that they are now wielding all of the power in Washington DC, including the Republican-controlled Senate, but is that true?

Democrats may have gotten that impression during the first 2 years of President Trump’s time as president, while Republicans controlled the House. During that time, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear that he did not support Trump in some of his policies and agenda items. Along with McConnell, there was a core of RINO Republicans, led by newly elected Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). Together, McConnell and Romney formed a group that voted against some of Trump’s major policies, giving Democrats the impression that Senate Republicans were on their side in their battle against Trump.

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In fact, during that first 2 years of Trump’s term, I tended to agree with Democrats that some Senate Republicans were on their side. Living in Kentucky, where McConnell is from, I vowed to never vote for him again.

However, when Democrats gained control of the House in the 2018 election, it seemed that it drove some sense back into McConnell and other Senate Republicans to start siding with Trump against the House Democrats. Only House Democrats, especially House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi, have yet to grasp the reality of the current situation.

This has been clearly evident in Pelosi’s attempt to force McConnell to condescend to her demands concerning the impeachment of President Trump. After House Democrats passed their articles of impeachment, Pelosi refused to send them on to the Senate until McConnell agreed to her demands on how to conduct the impeachment trial. Pelosi fully expected McConnell to back down, but he didn’t.

It’s interesting that McConnell said that the Senate would conduct the impeachment trial of Trump according to the same rules that Democrats agreed to when Bill Clinton was impeached, but today’s Democrats claim those rules are unfair.

Now, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is claiming that he has enough votes in the Senate to pass the House’s war powers resolution that would strip Trump of his ability to take any military action against Iran.

All Schumer needs is 51 votes. Currently, there are 45 Democrats and 2 Independents who always vote with Democrats, versus 53 Republicans. All Schumer needs is for 4 Republican Senators to vote against Trump. The question is, will they or will this turn out to be another case of a leading Democrat underestimating Senate Republicans?

We need to hope that Schumer, like Pelosi, is underestimating Senate Republicans, because if they do manage to strip Trump of his war powers, it will mean the possible death to every American in the Middle East region because Iran will know that Trump will be unable to retaliate and that pro-Muslim Democrats likely will not approve of any retaliation.

If the Senate does pass the resolution to strip Trump of his war powers, then every politician in the House and Senate that voted for the resolution should be forced to wear a yellow stripe down their backs to show their cowardice in refusing to defend the US and US personnel.

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  1. This article did not finish. I unwritten words are” All Americans that are Trump supporters or even voted for him will be put to death!

  2. Oh God! This article is LIES from one end to the other! The lede is a lie, the second sentence is a lie, as is the third! And so forth. When you get down to the very end, you’ve got more lies, and out-and-out baloney. In 1917, congressmen said the same things about colleagues who voted against President Wilson’s speech to enter WWI. That entry is what got us to the mess we are in right now. It’s been 103 years not of the American Republic, but the American Empire. That’s why we are in this mess right now!

    • The post above is LIES from end to end. The lede is a lie, the 2nd sentence is a lie, as is the third (and so forth). At the very end are more lies and out-and-out BS.

      Wilson ran on a vow to keep the U.S. out of European wars but conspired from the outset to enter WW I on trumped-up charges — one of a member of jingoist Demnocrats to finangle the country into wars for invalid reasons based on fake pretexts.

      Donks involved the U.S. in WW I, WW II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Libyan civil war and even the fully preventable war with the Islamic Republic, which Obama propelled to a major force in the world.

      Bush Sr. took military action against a country that invaded our ally, Kuwait. Bush Jr. took military action against Afghanistan on the basis of that country’s rulers declaring war on the U.S. with a Pearl Harbor-like sneak attack and against Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence received from Donks in U.S. intelligence agencies.

    • Did you read the same article I just did? The headline was asking a question. How can a question be a lie? Yes, there is a lot of hyperbole, but outright lies? No. I am pretty sure that the Senate Democrats are hoping to get Trump removed from office. I, personally, hope that the lies perpetrated in the Articles of Impeachment are seen for what they are. Obfuscation, blowing smoke up our collective a$$es. The charges on those pieces of paper aren’t even crimes! Please, get your head out of the democrats butts and look around you.

    • and it needs to continue all candy panties can move to France..

  3. I just don’t get why they are wasting so much money and time trying to impeach our president.
    What kills me is that the demo’s are getting pd by the govn’t s money & they aren’t even doing their real jobs. Pelosi isn’t worth anything. She is trying to make her own rules for all American’s.
    I hope someone can stop her from killing our country. She wants all Republicans DEAD

  4. Funny they didn’t think of stopping bush from attacking Iraq . Only trump . It’s not their job to take away power from the president . It’s his call as leader of our country . Not this crap cause the house is full of ass holes and they think they can do what ever they want. It’s not their country to make these calls . If they were the president then it would be different . Stay in their place and leave the big problems to the real men of power . This crap of anything trump does they fight it is BS .

  5. They didn’t do anything to Obama either who killed more than anyone. In fact he had an actual kill list on his desk. And was quilted as saying “who knew I would be good at killing people”. That would be impeachable for Trump but not Obama. Pelosi and crew think that they’re the president and should have executive power too. I hope they put Schiff on in the trial. Need to bring that lying whole down.

  6. The Democrats’ have been revealed as to what they REALLY believe in . . . and it’s NOT for the American People OR the U.S. Constitution for which they have SWORN to uphold (?!?). I believe there will be some Really B I G losses for the Democrats in the 2020 elections. AND, there are some Democrats who have SEEN the light and have jumped a SINKING ship. The Democratic “Clown Car” has FINALLY driven off the “cliff” (and, I don’t miss them ONE bit). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. When you stop to think about it, if they actually get Trump removed from office, they will go after Pense on more made up charges and that would end up leaving Pelosi as president, what an awful thought but their actual plan.

  8. I think World War III will have been started by then that will never happen

  9. Imagine what could be accomplished if the dem and rep could just go to work to make things better for all people in this country.

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