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Hollywood Pushes “Senate Coverup” Following Schiff’s Lead

Tinsel-town went ballistic Wednesday morning when Senate Republicans rejected a series of amendments Tuesday night by disgruntled Democrats to call witnesses, in an attempt to circumvent established Senate rules.

To the dismay of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the majority within the Senate quickly rejected Schumer’s attempt to continue the slipshod antics of the lower House, instigated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff along with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had already forewarned that the Senate would conduct the impeachment trial with dignity, befitting the austere body.

Schiff had argued during the opening session that a refusal by the Senate to agree to Democrats’ demand in allowing new witnesses would in effect be a “coverup” by the Senate.

That accusation immediately traveled over 3,000 miles away, all the way to the left coast of sunny California.

And by early Wednesday morning, social media in la, la land was ablaze, with one celeb after another parroting “shifty Schiff’s” coverup conspiracy

“I know I shouldn’t be surprised by Mitch McConnell’s coverup, but still it shocks me that a man who looks like a character from the beloved “The Wind in the Willows” can be so fucking corrupt!”

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) January 22, 2020

“Pound this message. Everyone! The senate is covering up for trump — so the senate is on trial — and democracy hangs in balance — everything else is strict bullshit,” said actor John Cusack. “Trial = witness and evidence – period.”

The disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter later tweeted out, “No evidence no witness no trial — Senate is covering up — democracy rule of law dying.”

— John Cusack (@johncusack) January 22, 2020

Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander tweeted out. “I thought deep down that conscience and integrity would move them when the moment of and for truth arrived. Tragically for our country, it was just a dream.”

— jason alexander (@IJasonAlexander) January 22, 2020

The over-the-top hysterics on social media among the elitist class continued throughout the day, with one delusional tweet after another. However lost within all this breathless hyperbole, were the facts, in that Majority Leader McConnell did not reject having witnesses, only that, unlike the House, there are rules that must be observed.

McConnell had made it quite clear speaking from the Senate’s floor on Tuesday, on how Senators would carry out the impeachment trial, and whether both parties can introduce new evidence and witnesses, at a later date.

The Kentucky Senator in his opening statement, before receiving the two articles of impeachment made it clear that he will not pre-commit to allowing new evidence before hearing the Democrats’ arguments for convicting the President.

Moreover, he acknowledged that no one pushed the House to rush the impeachment inquiry, noting that they could have waited for more evidence if they thought it necessary.

Back in tinsel-town, the same despicable cast of characters had rejoiced over the news of the President’s impeachment.

A slew of far-left celebrities including Rob Reiner, Alyssa Milano, and Michael Moore gloated over the proceedings, calling President Trump “criminally corrupt” and a “motherfucker.” They also denigrated the Republican Party for being filled with “white men.”

“This President is not being Impeached because he’s a liar or immoral or a misogynist or a white nationalist or incompetent or ignorant. He’s being Impeached because he committed the High Crimes of Abuse of Power & Obstruction of Congress.”

— Rob Reiner (@robreiner) December 19, 2019

Filmmaker Michael Moore said he gained access to the House gallery to watch the proceedings in person. “Congress is about to impeach a lawless, criminal president.”.

“I GOT IN! I AM SEATED IN THE HOUSE GALLERY FRONT ROW WITNESSING HISTORY. CONGRESS IS ABOUT TO IMPEACH A LAWLESS, CRIMINAL PRESIDENT. I had to give my phone up, but will be back tonight and on the podcast to share what I witnessed.”

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) December 19, 2019

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  1. well it has once again been made very evident that the hores and pimpos in hollow woody are as morally bankrupt and mentally challenged as the enema bags in the house of non representation in DC… they simply have to open their member lickers and utter more BS.. thank you you pretentious $luts..

    • The only cover up is actually taking place in Hollywood. Celebrities truly believe they they know what’s going on in our country even though they sequester themselves and only associate with their obnoxious, blind and overly opinionated contemporaries. The media and Hollywood both cover up this fact. Sports and Hollywood celebrities hold no sway over rational Americans. We know most are totally ignorant of facts supporting the issues.

    • Once again the always-angry non-intelligent Hollywood elite shout to remove all doubt with their hatred and vulgarity toward our President. They obviously know nothing about the law or congressional procedures. The House conducted a 100% Democratic Party only set of hearings with all the time and witnesses they wanted. They drafted the two Articles of Impeachment and took their time delivering them to the Senate. Now the Senate reviews them and determines if they are valid and then take a vote to impeach or not impeach the President. No more witnesses, no more demands from the House, just like they did to the Republicans in the House hearings. Hollywood can shut up and get dressed for their next praise me award show.

  2. hollyweird has NO MIND to lose, look at that pic at the top of this article, if this is their leader and they listen to him, they are all in BIGGER TROUBLE than I had thought, they live in a world of HOW MUCH am,I going to get paid for this move of make believe life . THEY ARE LOSERS, and michael moore the biggest LOSER of them all.

  3. Like Ricky Gervais said at the Golden Globes: “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

    Hollyweird actors are jerks with a platform.

  4. people don’t forget that throughout history actors were considered at the bottom of society. so far they have proven that they still belong there. and before you idiot liberals from tinsel town get you noses out of joint, im neither a democrat or a republican.

  5. Moore needs to leave this country. His opinions are BS and so is the rest of elite in Hollywood. Schiff is a chronic liar and the rest there in Ca are all sick demented liberals who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. Sore losers that the lying, corrupt Killery didn’t get elected, Thank God. The same person who left our men in dyer danger that ended up dead in Benghazi along with loser Obama. And they have the nerve to be all upset when Trump had one of the worst terrorist in the world killed. One who had killed hundreds of our military and maimed thousands. What the hell is wrong with you. Just shut the hell up and let Trump continue to make this country GREAT. Just for the record I left the Democratic party during one of the worst presidents, Obama, who literally caused so much divide in this country along with the worst First Lady ever that claimed racism in every dam speech she gave. Don’t think what she apparently went thru had anything to do with the color of her skin, it was her sucky character. Only other thing I have to say is TRUMP/PENCE2020

  6. Hollywierd liberals and democrats just a bunch of weak dick mother fuckers and children of a thousand fathers

    • …or no named fathers…! Gervais nailed it. Hollyweird is the land of pervs and ignoramuses, which neither stops them from pontificating on subjects of which they know nothing, nor wagging their fingers at “immorality” of which they, too, are most likely participants. Stick with what little you DO know, I say…

  7. Why on earth should “anyone” care what a gang of people who pretend for a living have to say about anything? These self-loving crybabies are no smarter than the guy or gal down the street who wake up every morning and go to work. I mean “real” work. Pond scum has more credibility that the elite of Hollywood who blather incoherently just because they can’t control their emotions in an adult fashion. Hillary lost! Get over it!

  8. Hollywood actors and actresses should be more worried should a socialist win presidency. They take from the little people and line their pockets. Then the little people can’t afford to go to movies any more. Whoops!!! Actors and actresses begin losing their jobs. Many will stick their nose so far up their socialist friends are that they’ll look like twins.
    Neither do they know constitutional law or politics. Trump has not committed an impeachable crime. Looking into the affairs and abuse by an American in a foreign country is not illegal. What was done by that person in a foreign country is.
    So rather than punish the true criminal, just like they did with HRC, they attack the person who brought the evil out of darkness and into the light. Had a Democrat been in office and brought the light of a crime by a Republican, that Republican would already been sentenced, in jail and the Democrat highly praised for it. And btw, movies coming out of Hollywood, 99% of them are trash and I wouldn’t spend the $1.75 to rent them from Red Box.

  9. Normal American citizens don’t give a rats ass what any of the Hollywood ‘Elite’ think or say. They are JUST ACTORS, PERIOD.

  10. Please stay in Hollywood, I’ll stay down South were the hospitality is warm and people are smarter than we would have you believe.

  11. Hollywood is nothing but a bunch of liberal two-faced hypocritical assholes; who’ve been “acting“ for so long that they believe that the real world no longer exists! To them the only world that is real is the scene that’s going on from the movie in their heads

  12. No one can be more corrupt than the excuse that they call “Congress”!

  13. Archie Bunker was correct. Rob Reiner is a meathead!!

  14. They simply cannot prove their accusations , so they continue to tell fake news and made up nonsense. They are smart tho…. they prey on the stupidity of those that follow them and the low information poor souls.

  15. I wish the Duke was still alive … he would shut these brainless turds up . He was a true man of America and stood for our flag and country . Not like these pussy Cummins in Hollywood running their mouths like their special. Iam glad I don’t live in California anymore . I’d be in jail for beating de neio ass or some other loud mouth pussy . Stick to raping young girls on that island with old Billy boy you pussys . And stay out of my government

  16. In Massachusetts, (which is, unfortunately, a Democrat controlled state), I’m considered ‘unenrolled’ because I’m not associated with any party, (Republican, Democrat or Independent). Though I did vote for MISTER TRUMP in 2016, who is now PRESIDENT TRUMP, thank you!! He’ll get my vote again in November 2020!! TRUMP WON, CLINTON LOST!! LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT! YOU’LL BE SEEING HIM UNTIL 2024, you holier-than-thou Hollywood “gods”!!! Your “I’m rich, so I know better” attitude doesn’t work in REAL life!! President Trump is fulfilling ALL his promises he ran on, so I feel sorry for your white-hot, blind hatred towards President Trump!! He IS Making America Great Again, although She (The United States Of America) never actually STOPPED being great!! Dare I say this, so as to not offend anyone (like a Radical Far Left Socialist Democrat)?! I’m a FREE American (at least for NOW, anyway), so YES, I WILL SAY IT!! God said, ‘I will bless those who bless thee (ISRAEL), and I will curse those who curse thee and through all nations you will be blessed!!’ AMERICA, KEEP ON PRAYING TO STAY IN GOD’S GOOD GRACES AND BLESSINGS!! GOD BLESS AMERICA & ISRAEL, AMERICA & ISRAEL PRAISE GOD!! AMEN!!

  17. How can Hollywood lose something that it doesn’t have, they have proved time after time that they have no mind they just rush after the leftist propaganda like lemmings going over the clift

  18. Poor, poor, babies in corruptland. They are Hollywood Whores that love to wear their Emperor’s New Clothes. They are Hollywood Whores because they marry and divorce each other so much that within 5 years, all kids born to them (if they don’t abort them) will all be related to each other and they all live in the far western state of Californication. Most actors don’t have a full education, that’s why the are actors-they can’t get other work. Then they elevate themselves to President of the United States of America Republic. Gee, and I thought there could only be one president.-oh, sorry, Mr. Trump isn’t allowed to be president. And then DC corruption lives on. Wait until this week is over. Rudy is going to expose all the top Democrats for their corruption in Ukraine, Libia and other countries. There will be no more DNC. They have destroyed themselves. Nancy, Shiff, Nadler, Waters and more are going to prison. Ha ha ha. They said Trump was doing a cover-up. Just wait, they have done the cover-up!. They blamed Trump for their own dirty deeds and thought they wouldn’t be found out. I have been telling this corruption all over the internet for months now and it is coming true.

  19. They think their motto should be of the Democrats, by the Democrats, for the Democrats. No one else counts. All rules must change to their favor. All findings in their favor. All elections will go their way regardless of outcome.

  20. What makes the left.think they can tell me what’s best for me and anyone else like me. Such egos. I hope that the 2020 election the dems are FUBAR. Fucked up beyond any recognition. They definitely need a dose of their own making

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