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Iran – Trump – Democrats & Republicans

When Barack Obama was questionably occupying the White House, there were no efforts among the Republican majority to restrict his war powers. Obama, as one of America’s worst Commanders in Chief, regularly approved military actions in various regions of the Middle East.

Yet, this past week, House Democrats strove to strip President Donald Trump of much of his executive war powers. They claimed that they feared Trump was determined to start a devastating war with Iran, when in fact, that was just a political LIE to cover their real motive.

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Consider the fact that from the moment it was announced that Trump won the 2016, many Democrats vowed to do whatever they could to prevent Trump from accomplishing anything. They were determined to stop Trump at every possible chance they got.

Over the past three years, dozens of Democratic federal judges have been illegally using their benches to fulfill the promises of Democrats to stop Trump. Why do I say illegally using their benches? The Constitution states that federal judge serve in Good Behavior, NOT FOR LIFE. When a federal judge stops acting in good behavior, they should be removed from the bench.

An example is when Trump tried to end DACA. Obama created DACA by executive order and at the time, he stated that it was only a TEMPORARY program. Yet, when Trump tried to use his executive order to end Obama’s temporary executive order, a Democratic federal judge declared his actions to be unconstitutional. If it was unconstitutional to end a temporary executive order then it had to be unconstitutional to create the program by executive order in the first place.

Now, Trump is faced with growing aggression and hostility by Iran. After Trump had approved the order to target a top Iranian general who was in Iraq and plotting lethal actions against American troops, Iran retaliated by shooting down a Ukrainian passenger airliner, killing everyone on board.

After Iran admitted shooting down the airliner, Ukraine and France have called for justice and for some kind of action to be taken against Iran for their inhumane action. A growing number of world leaders and nations are calling for some kind of action to be taken against Iran, and yet, all House Democrats are concerned with is stripping Trump of as much of his power as possible.

If you listen to Democrats and the sewagestream media, you would believe that most Republicans are also against Trump’s actions and what to stop him, but that is far from the truth as reported:

The Trump administration’s de-escalation of Iranian tension has become a divisive partisan issue, according to the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday.

Overwhelmingly, almost unanimously in opposing directions, 87% percent of Republicans back Trump on Iran, while 90% of Democrats do not, according to the poll.

One point of two-party agreement in the divisive poll results is 93% of respondents have some concern of war with Iran, including 73% at least “somewhat concerned” and 32% “very concerned.” Just 7% are “not concerned at all,” while 21% are “not so concerned.”

The bottom line is that Democrats, whether in Congress or living among us, care nothing about right and wrong and holding ruthless tyrants accountable for their brutal actions. They are so focused on destroying Trump that they have been blinded to the real concerns and issues impacting millions of people both here and abroad. This is what makes Democrats so dangerous.

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  2. Pray that the Senate votes to exonerate the President without lengthy hearings. Senator Rand Paul even declared that the Senate should quickly end the sham impeachment if they want to retain their jobs!

  3. Should always vote for the candidate, not the party. I don’t think the two party system works. If Trump is proven innocent, the democrats should disband and be forced out. Call the new party, a single one, the Trump Party. Each candidate could still have a difference of opinion in their election campaigns, and should also cut the government people serving in half , and two term limits for everyone.

  4. Totally agree, perhaps, no rather a possible solution is to remove obstructionist congresspersons and federal judges preventing our duly elected President from pursuing his legally protected responsibilities of protecting our country & its citizens from danger both foreign & domestic. Maybe we need to place them where belong ~ out of office and in orange pajamas, behind vertical bars! G-d Bless America and all those who serve & protect!

  5. Does any military action taken by Obama gone thru proper channel like informing congress approval before action? Or just do it on his own?

  6. Guess the strike by the King of USA in Iraq to kill terrorist is not done. By sending our young military to risking their lifes into the Middle East, to Saudi Arabia and Iraq, I don’t know if they makes sense. Brain trauma is worst than losing an arm or leg. Which they will have to be taken care of rest of their life.

  7. So happy to hear from others who feel the same way that I do! I believe President Trump is “God’s man for such a time as this! He has worked FOR our country as hard as the Dems have worked against it!! MAY GOD BLESS EACH THING HE DOES FOR OUR USA! MY prayers are with him every day!

  8. Getting rid of a terrorist, who bragged about having the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hand and who was planning further attacks on Americans should have been a “no brainer.” As a Veteran, I certainly don’t want a war. However, the war has not happened, and Trump has squeezed the Iranians with economic sanctions, not bullet. I agree with that approach.

  9. Biden was Vice President ordered to fire an Ukrainian interfering with his son corruption “ I was told am not the president to demand firing him, and I said you not getting any money” meanwhile the president is being impeached of using his power. What if he was not going to run a second term, would it still have been in his interest to check him out? the answer is yes I will explain, the President in one of his interviews he was asked a similar question and replied yes because I would like to know more about the entire situation. So now here they are crucifying him of the same things they have done. It’s pathetic

  10. Don’t you just love republicans.theyve got us in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Iran. I guess republicans love to get white Americans killed. Oh and don’t forget recessions, they just love recessions.yea make America great again ,so maybe republicans are for a nuclear war.i hope so I would love to see a bright flash. Go republicans , let’s make it bigger then 9/11.i guess republicans have gotten amnesia. Make America great again!

    • Yes Mr. Maldonado I DO love Republicans. The entire middle east all collectively against us wouldn’t make a pimple on the US’s ass, in spite of what the garbage media you obviously embrace says. Nuclear war? when? by whom? The REAL superpowers of the world walk a wide berth around pissing off the US, it’s the towel-head terrorist morons who are too stupid to follow suit. But no real problem, as demonstrated by Trump’s missile. The REAL obstacles to MAGA are the inevitably lying Democrats, the mouthpiece media who make every effort to validate those lies, and morons who believe all of them…

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