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Ohio Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand Voter Fraud

Voter fraud has been a problem for centuries. Many years ago, crooked politicians would get people to ‘stuff the ballot boxes’ with many extra votes for themselves and others of their political group. For many years, Chicago politics was reported to be rife with voter fraud to keep crooked Democrats in control of the Windy City.

By 2008, many steps had been taken to try to eliminate voter fraud, but most of these efforts are attempted by Republicans, while Democrats work the other side of the fence trying to keep voter laws and rolls as open as possible, making one wonder why?

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During the 2008 election, a pair of New Black Panther members were witnessed intimidating voters at a polling location in Philadelphia. The evidence was overwhelming and they were subsequently charged by the Department of Justice. After Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office and his minion Erik Holder became US Attorney General, the DOJ attorney handling the legal case against the New Black Panthers members, was ordered to drop all charges and the case was dismissed. The DOJ attorney, John Christian Adams was so upset by the order to dismiss the case, that he quit the DOJ. Is it any coincidence that in 2006, Obama was photographed marching with the very same two New Black Panthers?

In Cincinnati, a Democratic poll worker was arrested and charged with voting for family and friends, including one who had died months earlier. Democratic voter registration workers were caught instructing people how to vote more than one vote or how to vote in more than one state. Voting machines in various locations were automatically recording votes cast for Mitt Romney for Barack Obama. In the same 2012 election, 149 voting precincts in Cleveland recorded 100% of their votes for Obama, something that most statisticians and experts say is highly improbable and statistically impossible. People, mostly Republicans, were showing up at polling stations to vote, only to be told that they had already voted, when they hadn’t.

In the 2016 election, reports circulated that over 3 million votes were illegally cast by non-citizens, mostly illegal aliens who voted Democratic – Hillary Clinton. FYI, Clinton supposedly won the general election by LESS than 3 million votes. When Trump tried to have these claims investigated, he was blocked by Democratic controlled states and those controlled by RINOs.

A few years back, efforts were made by the Republican controlled Ohio legislature to fight voter fraud by restricting absentee voting times, but a liberal judge overruled the measure, allowing voters to not only vote early, but also not having to prove their place of residence, allowing them to vote in more than one county.

Now, some Ohio Democrats are introducing a bill that would automatically register all high school students. Additionally, the bill would require the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles to offer all residents the chance to register to vote without any additional paperwork and to expand the program to other state agencies in the future.

Can high school students vote? According to The Ohio Legislature:

You are qualified to register to vote in Ohio if you meet all the following requirements:


  • You are a citizen of the United States;
  • You are at least 18 years old on or before the day of the next general election. (If you will be 18 on or before November 2, you may vote in the primary election for candidates, but cannot vote on issues until you are 18);
  • You will be a resident of Ohio for at least 30 days immediately before the election in which you want to vote;
  • You are not incarcerated (in prison or jail) for a felony conviction under the laws of this state, another state or the United States;
  • You have not been declared incompetent for voting purposes by a probate court; and
  • You have not been permanently disenfranchised for violating the election laws.
  • You are eligible to vote in elections held in your voting precinct 30 consecutive days after you are duly registered to vote in this state; however, you may request an absentee ballot during that period.


Now, consider the fact that the public education system has been busy brainwashing and indoctrinating our youth to grow up to be socialists. This explains the reason for this bill, because Democrats are desperate to gain control of the state, whether it be by legal means or registering underaged teens to vote and then allowing them to illegally vote in the 2020 election.

This is the same reason Democrats fight efforts to clean up voter registration rolls or requiring a photo ID in order to vote, all of which are measures to reduce voter fraud. In fact, if you check, you will discover that for the past ten years and longer, Democrats have opposed every measure to reduce voter fraud, and the latest piece of legislation is just another attempt to open the doors to more voter fraud.

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  1. Now when this person seems to only have a one sided point of view, now in nearly every case brought before the courts the Republicans are found guilty of making it hard to impossible for min orities who they know do not support them to even vote, calling for voter registration which most in some places would have to choose between eating and paying for a voter ID. If Republicans are so intrested in having voter ID thenm why not make it free just like registering to vote is, and isue it when the person registeres to vote and make it available to be replaced free, Now when the ID material in most states for a Driver license cost only about $1 where is the big problem, then there is the Gerrymandering, so that minorities have little say ibnGovernment, by the Republicans who have been foujnd guilty 165 times since 150 compared to Democrats 51 times. Now when voter fraud is minimual at best, now when Republican Senators in their states and the Presidential voter fraud panel could find only minimual abou6 illegal votes where is the fraud except to stir the population intio thinking iot is wide spread.+

    • Your point on making the voter ID free is a good one. I spent nearly 50 years in Chicago and am familiar with what and how it works. Is it too much to ask that voter roles be updated and purged of, for example, people over 115 years of age?

    • Do they not need ID to get welfare & food stamps?

  2. This is EXACTLY the reason why I NEVER believed that obama was ever “elected”, NOT in 2008, nor in 2012….!!!!

  3. Why is my comment awaiting moderation…??? You are pointing out HOW EXACTLY democRAT States/Cities/Counties are running the election process, EVERY time all they do is CHEAT/RIGG elections, apparently….!!!!

  4. It’s the only way Democrats can win, by cheating every chance they get. They need to place an Ice agent at every voting booth in every county on voting day and not only require photo I’D’s but also finger printing as this will greatly deter illegals as well as felons from even trying to vote. The Dems have cheated by committing voter fraud since Bush the second in order to gain control of our government. We need it stopped and the Dems exposed.

    • Karen,
      You are correct. Right here in COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y. “emperor” cuomo is releasing prisoners out of jails to build voter rolls, allows convicted FELONS on parole to vote, as well as not only “allowing” illegals to vote, but also gave them driver’s licenses that (by “royal decree”) will be used AS voter id’s. so they CAN. Ballots were passed out in prisons in the last two elections, but someone in the prison system ‘leaked” the information, and NOW the “emperor” has a bill (that will pass,) because he “royally proclaimed because HE is the ONLY “law ” in N.Y. it will be done. to make it “legal” after he got caught. So YES by all means DEMOCOMMUNIST -CONTROLLED States are RIPE with voter fraud.

      • The mentally, morally, and spiritually deficient Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology masked under the cloak of self righteousness. The have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH. I pledge allegiance to the United Republicans of America.

    • Wholly Cow!! You talk about corruption? How about Trump asking a foreign Government to interfere with our election in 2016? It’s not the Dems doing this Crap, it’s the Republicans pulling this Crap so they can win the Presidency, house of Representatives, Congress and the Senate. When the Democratic Party found this our after the 2016 Election, they came out of the woodwork and warned every single Voter about Voter Fraud and that’s exactly why Congress was taken over by the Democrats. Now, Because of Trump’s shenanigans and lies and deceitfulness, The Republicans are not only gonna the Presidency,but their gonna lose the the House and the Senate come next election.

      • So you are ok with Hillary & the DNC colliding & paying for foreign interference in the now blatantly proven dossier to dig up dirt on a political rival & allow this fake information to be the basis to be able to spy on a candidate &then president I’m not one but 3 FISA warrants? Don’t believe me? look up the facts & read the IG reports. & don’t forget to read how Loretta Lynch &Comey gave crooked Hillary a pass because “she didn’t. Intend to break the law” or all the pay to play with foreign contributions into the Cli ton Foundation slush fund- amazing how those “donations” dried up after she lost. Look at the facts, not the sugar coated news that likes to tell a story, not the facts. & all the retractions that the different news outlets have had to print retractions that don’t undo the damage done. Just ask CNN how that’s going for them reporting their narrative & not the truth

      • You’re dreaming my friend. By the way, its Holy Cow not Wholly Cow you moron.

      • you watch too much fake new, wake up and smell the coffee. it is a fact that the Biden’s and other Dems used this as a piggy bank. it is required of the president to prevent Aid money going to fraud. 50k a month for Hunter Biden, with Joe stating he knew nothing of it, with pictures of him and Hunter with the CEO of the company, pull your head out of the sand my friend, you are being used and are not smart enough to figure it out. the Dems rely on your being too dumb to question their Status Que.

      • Mickiee, how old are u? After all our $’s spent on investigations regarding Trump and foreign Govt. interference, nothing found. But u, with all your wisdom and fortitude, have been able to establish facts that are not disputable regarding the interference. Do u even know where Ukraine is located? Bottom line, do u support voter fraud? Yes answer–move to Cuba.

      • So I guess Trump exposing the corruption of a democrat vice president and his family is now an impeachable offense? There are 2 sides to this story. The CNN, MSNBC side and then there is the truth. Trump did not have to cheat to win reelection in 2020. Corruption runs deep with the liberal elites. It was made clear when Schiff stated that the American people cannot be allowed to elect our presidents. They are not responsible enough to make the right decisions. In other words the public is stupid and we need to be guided by socialists who would eliminate our constitution and economically enslave the American people by taxing our wages up to 85%. No Thanks.

  5. From time to time the tree of liberty needs to be pruned………..that time is at hand

  6. Fingerprint or 2 picture I. D,
    Send invader cheaters out of our country.
    Use computers for catching criminals
    FAKE voters originate FAKE laws & FAKE LEADERSHIP.
    Very strong punishment is necessary to retain AMERICA as AMERICA.
    Not protecting the very start of AMERICAN laws, is giving AMERICA to

  7. Do you realize that many high school kids will be incarcerated in the future, and will now be on the voter roles for someone else to use their voter registration to vote while they are incarcerated…even though Ohio requires an I’d, who will check that close in many precincts, especially if they are on boards with Dems?

  8. Everyone says California is a total Blue state when in fact its not. Last election almost every Republican was way ahead until they came in with the LATE VOTES and then all of a sudden they all lost. Millions of Dem votes came out of nowhere in each election and Dems won. The gas tax was going to be repealed until Dems changed the wording of the vote and people who thought they were voting to repeal were really voting to keep it. A huge cry went out about it but the mainsteam media did not print a word of it so clamor died away. Dems are crying that Trump is going to rig the next election when they have been doing it for many years.

    • I am from the very blue state of California, the democrats do anything to win. They get voters to the polls by busing them. It’s against the law to ask for ID. So anyone that shows up and give a valid voter name can vote in his/her stead. California is slow at taking dead voters off the poll rosters. They don’t take off people that have moved out of state, they keep them on the rosters which allows someone to vote in his/her stead. I bed the democrats won because they harvest votes. The voting in California is rigged and will always be blue.

  9. Have a Repubican controlled House member draft a Bill Requiring voter ID. Send it to the Republican controlled Senate and once approved by the Senate send the Bill to the Presidenet for his signature. Simple! Period!

    • It’s obvious that for this to happen Republicans must take control all three congressional offices which is why the it’s imparative to vote RED in the 2020 election. Trump 2020

  10. Democrats will LOSE otherwise! . . . Look at the HORRIBLE issues that they “champion”. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Hey, joey, In 2020, If trump “Wins, America Loses” Another 4 Years Under That SICKO, That INSANE IDIOT, That Oval Office Blond Haired Brain Dead ORANGUTAN APE, That Presidential PISS ASS PIG, GOD SAVE US ALL!

  11. Only reason for Dems to rule is to steal every penny they can get their hands on. That way they can stuff their pockets with your cash and use some cash for bribes and implement cling their king of communism. They are no more than slithering criminal snakes. With a 5-9 % popularity and that a cockroach is more popular than Dems.

  12. The sad way for the republicans to win is to follow what Chicagoans have done. Our motto (especially if you are a democrat) is “Vote Early and Vote Often!” Because the dems are cheating, the only way to take back the elections is to use their tactics. Once the win is in place, then institute the voter fraud deterrents. Let’s put in term limits while we are at it.

  13. Trump Trump Trump 2020 and beyond till He gets the rats out and ASAP. Trump 2020. Drain the stink from the people’s house. Hang them all who had a hand in it attempting to destroy the country and the people. Dems don’t care about anything including themselves!

  14. they have to CHEAT and do VOTER FRAUD and LIE and change things at the last minute and not say that they did, and a NO VOTE becomes a YES vote for them, and all of this is because they are 1000% DISHONEST including the RINOS, and they do not have any HONEST SKILLS, and lying and manipulation of the facts and of the WE THE PEOPLE are not SKILLS, they are CORRUPTION and CRIMINAL . VOTE ALL DEMO-DONKEYS OUT OF OFFICE in NOVEMBER .

    • You need to check your facts there Roger. If you did check them and find the truth, you would of found out it wasn’t the Democrats that cheated but the Republicans and Trump. Why else would Trump as the Russians to get involved in the 2016 election? Figure it out and do your own research and you will know the truth//

    • Wrong, roger, Instead Vote Out A White House A White House WORTHLESS WORM, His Latest Legalized White House Just As WORTHLESS WHORE & All Of The ASSHOLE KISSING republican RETARDS Who Support Them Both!

      • Rafael Guzman-Aponte

        You must be a ignorant whore, with no type of education or knowledge of whats going on around you, wher are you from?

      • Wow, once again the complete absurdity of your statement boggles the mind! To bad you don’t have one, yours being totally lost!

  15. Why didn’t my comments get posted. Maybe because this is not a free speech orginazation. Could it be cause I believe criminals (Dems ) should be held accountable by hanging. A punishable answer to their crime.

  16. This is one instance here it should be a law that you have to. use your fingerprint to vote. You automatically verify your DOB, declare you are a US citizen, address, ss#, just like a passport and then you can vote, and sign it as well. This is BS and it needs to stop. This need to be a federal law which supersedes state laws. Letting anyone get a driver’s license is an open door to let terrorists in. Not allowed. Vote it down. Let’s get honest votes for once and reclaim our constitutional rights back in place!

  17. It’s not the Democratic Party that’s using Voter Fraud to win but it’s the Republicans doing this. How else do you think they won the Senate? House of Representatives? The only way Trump could win the election was to Get Russia involved and that how he won. He couldn’t win fair and square and he can’t win the next election fair and square so he’s cheating by asking another Foreign Government to interfere in our next election already. Trump asked Russia to get involved in our last election and he won because he had to cheat. There never was any lost emails from Hillary Clinton, it was all made up which we found out but only after they investigated which is alo why Trump fired the FBI investigator. Why did he fire him? Simply because he couldn’t find any dirt on Hillary… that’s why..

  18. I am a 80 year old, college graduate from SJS and have lived a great life in and out of Calif. but I see it rapidly decaying as a result of liberals and socialists moving into key bureaucratic positions in our state. Those voter fraud situations should be strongly investigate and the individuals responsible for the actions, should be prosecuted and put in prison for a minimum of 10 years. The penalty would be sufficient enough to discourage cheaters. We have reached a point in our society, that requires a full proof screening system for voter registration, no matter what a liberal legislator says. What would happen if it was discovered that Conservative cabals was going around influencing voter procedures? Probably cause a civil war with the liberals. Federal voting procedural laws should be passed that all states must abide by. End of problem.

  19. Oh my GAWD, just look at all of you & your opinions! I find it very sad to see all of you smack talking one another the way you are because of your beliefs, what ever happened to “civil, ethical” conversation? We can all surly voice our opinions without name calling & such can we not?
    I am an AMERICAN & very proud to say so….please have some AMERICAN CLASS won’t you?

  20. This highly partisan story has got it all wrong. The problem is getting people registered to vote. These measures help get more people registered, NOT ALLOWING UNDERAGED TEENS TO VOTE, as was so falsely put in this story. These measures are merely helping more people get registered to vote, whether they vote Republican, Democrat, or Weinie party, like the people who approved this story. I get a kick out of our students are brainwashed to be socialists. If you want more Democrat voters, you don’t have to brainwash them to be socialists. You brainwash them to be Democrats. But that’s NOT what this bill is about. The sponsors don’t care how the young people vote. As long as they are 18, these bills help get more voters to the polls. Registration is the problem, not brainwashed kids!!

  21. “choose between eating and paying for a voter ID”…? I call BULLSHIT! But then most of what liberals spew – straight from the lying bastards in the mainstream media – would make the ass-end of a cow smell like a rose, by comparison.

  22. the dems are totally corrupt the people need to see that and vote them out bedore the usa is run by muslims and mexicans

  23. The Democrats CHEAT because they CAN’T win elections on the HORRIBLE issues and STANDS that they take on the issues. ANY thinking HUMAN being wouldn’t begin to vote on that GARBAGE without the SMOKE and MIRRORS meant to deceive the voter. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Democrats are the ruination of our country. They are communist/socialists who don’t deserve to live here. Many people died to give us freedom and their deaths will be in vain for their ruinous efforts to take away our freedoms. We need our guns to protect us from these idiots from ruining the best freest country in the world. We should export these non patriots and Muslim extremists back to their shithole countries. We only want people who don’t use our government freedoms and work to support themselves to pay for the rights to live here. Go Trump

  24. If you don’t know why the democrats are doing this, you are drummer that a stump.
    They will do anything to destroy the U.S.A.

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