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Stop Using My Legal Immigrant Ancestors to Justify Illegal Immigration!

Over the course of the last year, I’ve seen a number of different things that have been promoting our ancestors and using them to help promote the open border policy of Democrats.

On the weekend of Christmas, I saw another advertisement on television about our immigrant ancestors. I’ve also heard a number of Democrats and members of the sewage stream media comment about the fact that we all had ancestors who were immigrants and then try to use that history to justify their desire to welcome any and all immigrants, legal and illegal.

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However, this is far from a justifiable comparison and an argument that lacks integrity and logic.

Allow me to explain:

On my dad’s side, I’ve traced my family back to the late 1600s as they came to America from England and Scotland. On my mom’s side, her ancestors came here from Germany. Yes, I’ve had immigrant ancestors. However, note that they all came here via legal means at the time.

If Democrats want to make a real comparison of my ancestors with today’s illegal aliens, then allow me to offer a real comparison. When cars were invented, anyone could buy a car and drive it and they didn’t need a driver’s license until years later. When my ancestors came here, there were not the immigration laws we have today, much like driving before licenses were required.

My wife’s father immigrated here from Barbados in 1927. He came here legally and was processed through the Ellis Island immigration process. Not only did he enter the US via legal means, but he also worked hard to become a United States citizen.

I have close friends that immigrated here from South Africa and others from Australia. All of them came here legally. It took the family from South Africa nearly 7 years for all of them to be legally allowed into the United States. They fled the racial issues that are destroying South Africa and endangered their lives, but they still waited for the legal process, even though they feared for their safety and lives every day they had to remain in South Africa.

The accurate comparison here is not only having to have a driver’s license to buy and drive a car today but also having to have proof of insurance in order to get the car licensed and able to take out on the road.

Another fair comparison is practicing law. For many years, no one had to have a law degree or pass the Bar Association in order to practice law, but today, both a law degree and passing the Bar is required to practice law. If today’s Democrats’ put their logic about immigration to this, it would be like allowing anyone to practice law without any regard to their education or passing the Bar.

Like so many other topics where Democrats intentionally mislead and lie, their arguments about immigration using our ancestors is completely baseless, bogus and nothing but a bunch of balderdash. Their argument is no different than the old-time snake oil salesmen. That’s the best comparison that can be made.

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  1. The Democrats have completely gone off the rails in trying to justify why we should allow illegal immigrants into our country, and we all know exactly why they want them here, it’s for their votes in 2020. The problem, (we who think it is wrong for illegals to be allowed into the U.S is this), we can’t speak to them either through writing or verbal speech because mostly they do not read English or understand it. But I have to say this anyway to you illegals. Why would you be fool by these people, ( the Democrats ), they do not care for one second that you get to be here for a better life, all they care about is being able to treat you as though you are stupid. They want you to vote for the Democrats in 2020, which will only give them the ability to keep people such as yourselves down, keep you dependant upon the government so that they can grow stronger.
    Why would you vote for them when all they have to offer you is some of the same treatment you were getting from the government where you came from. You ran away from your own country to do what,, come here and vote into office the same type of people who will treat you exactly the same way you were being treated back in your own country, now that would be really smart of you wouldn’t it. It would just prove to the Democrats exactly what they think of you, that your nothing more than a bunch of simple-minded idiots who can be led around by your noses. So if you are here illegally and you really want to make a difference, then vote for Trump and vote republican across the board, this will assure you that you do not go unheard in 2020.

  2. You are right on with this analysis. Additionally, my grandparents all came from Ireland between 1907-09. The silly idea of reparations – where no one alive today is affected – is a non-starter for me. I can see this as going to the Supreme Court as there is no basis for me to owe money to anyone.

    • Reparations is just a shake-down attempt by the Lie-beral DEMONocrats to separate us from our money…after all, the only skill they have (other than slinging bullshit) is raising our taxes.

  3. Edouard d'Orange

    Good analogies that I really like. Not only do demorats want to bring illegal immigrants here without vetting, they want to subsidize them and give them more rights and benefits than the average citizen. I’m sure demorcraps have no answer to the long time immigration practice that required immigrants to have sponsors to make sure they were not sponging off the U.S. taxpayer. Then, again, there’s no logic in dems or their arguments.

  4. I agree 100%. Part of the problem though (I could be mistaken) is then you stayed on the island until everything was finalized. You had to be able to read, write and speak so much English and say the Pledge of Allegiance. You had to be healthy and there was a quota from each country for the year. That is exactly how it should be now. Only one Port of Entry with a quota yearly, healthy, speak, read and write English and be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. No free entry for relatives. Anyone trying to enter illegally will be executed for the crime of illegal actions against our country. We should not provide entry for education, etc. Provide teachers in their country to educate them.

  5. I have NO issues with LEGAL immigration, it is the ILLEGAL I have an issue with. I am of Native American and Scottish descent. My family came here before the laws, but, they came here by the laws of the times. NO other country ALLOWS illegals to live there.

  6. Today’s demon-crats don’t want their voting base of illegals to be done away with!!!

  7. Jimmie Archie Harris

    This is a great article and everyone should read it and put Democrats’ lies to bed. It is also the same with doctor’s and dentists as they too practiced their field without licenses but Thank God that all has changed.
    I welcome ALL people that come to America LEGALLY! I am tired of illegals coming into our state (Texas) illegally and turning into a filthy state just like Mexico that they just left. I will give you some examples here in Ft. Worth. The lake that my family went to for years was trashed with dirty diapers left on picnic tables and beer cans all over the park. It is now closed except for paying customers. I am willing to pay to be in a clean place. Out beautiful Botanical Garden has been free since it was founded but now due to the same trash being strewn all over this sacred to me, park now requires a heft fee to attend. I do not want to see your flag nor do I want to hear Spanish. If you want to be in our beautiful county America and want to be an American and take advantage of all of our help, then stop trying to make us like Mexico. If that is what you want then stay in Mexico.

    • a-fuhking-men to that…

    • Great response Jimmie.

    • I am so with you. We have to fear going outside because of the wave of crime hitting our once peaceful town. They are stealing packages off our front porches, there are more hit and run cases and because of the illegals driving without licenses and insurance, I had to increase my uninsured motorist insurance. Our stupid governor made our state a sanctuary state so they cut loose the illegals that commit crimes, law enforcement can’t turn them over to ICE, they continue to commit crimes until they commit murder than they run across the boarder. The trouble is all the stupid demorats living here still vote for the same demorats so nothing changes. The demorats turn a blind eye to the state’s problems of homelessness, illegal immigration, drugs, etc. They think if you don’t notice it-it will go away. Until Trump called out our governor about the homelessness problem nothing was being done, once he was humiliated on TV, newspapers etc. about the homeless problem in LA and San Francisco, he started to request money in the budget to help the homeless people but as of this morning, these people still are lacking a place to live.

  8. That is a fantastic article. Very clear. Thank you. Too bad the fake news will never post it. They can’t handle the truth.

  9. illegals give nothing to Americans they take our money and turn our country to the same shit holes they had they do no good for Americans they are leeches

  10. You fail to recognize that people requesting immigrant status at US borders are not being processed legally. The paperwork hold up has the appearance of being intentional to essentially close the borders to any and all. The ancestors you recall were all processed legally. That’s all most people want when they come to the border. Legal processing not obstruction of human rights.

  11. The LEGAL immigrants did NOT come to the U.S. through open borders . . . They came to the U.S. LAWFULLY. Throw the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS O U T ! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. The HUGH Differences is…The Original Immigrants of the Time, ( incld’ing refugees ) Came Here For the BETTERMENT of USA…ie…Jobs n Land of Opportunity n Research n Development to Contribute and Defend etc. NOW…They Come Here to Demise n Lie n Cheat n Kill n Rape and TO LEACH OFF THE COUNTRY and NOT for the BETTERMENT of the USA…

    Even Here In My Little Town…The Undocumented Are Taking REAL Jobs from Legal Citizens..ie…Doing Roofs and Construction and Landscaping and Painting Jobs Without Permits or Licenses…Ask for Cash So They Won’t Need to Pay Taxes and Fees etc. And Send Monies Back to Mexico ( where B of A IS ALL FOR IT ) They Bring Crime When There Wasn’t Any Before Them and Fill Our Jails Just to be Release…They Live in Mass Numbers in Homes and Lie About the Censes…The Adults DON’T Learn English and Send Their Mass Numbers of Children to Schools to Learn English So They Don’t Have To…Now Their Getting FREE Drivers Licenses and The Prices of Good Drivers Liability Is Rising to Cover Them !!!

  13. well if they really want to see the aftermath of them coming to americas .. come to my neighborhood.
    They have 5 to 6 families in one house. they drive down the road throwing bags of trash out in the street
    one house has 23 cars in the drive way. most do not run, they find a empty house. they break into it and strip it. This I have seen. they demolish the property , they bring in cows pigs, horses. on 2 acres.
    give me a break. one neighbor has 30 to 40 bags of trash in their back yard. either eat it or burn it if you can not afford 20 a month for pick up . my neighbor hood was once very nice. NOT NOW> it disgraceful the way they are turning Texas and other states into slum properties.. SHAME. SHAME

  14. oh another thing if I was to get free money ,housing, food and medical I would want to get it too. They draw social security and have not paid a penny,,,, get my drift …,

  15. being a half breed myself . French / Indian my people been round along time in this country . we weren’t asked if we mind if they take our country . and we don’t get …. if any … help from the democrats . but then they don’t care about our votes . they think if they give illegals freec everything they will vote for them and that’s all they car about . more illegals … more votes . thats it . they no longer care about he people or the country . only the kick backs they get for favors for the rich . I am reiired and make 18k a year . i am low income and got food stamps as by law . but now they say I make to much even tho I still make the same amount they took away my 16.00 a month food stamps and give it to more illegals . guess I should vote democrat so I can get my 16.00 back . this is what our world is coming to . think real hard come Nov. voting . we have everything to lose

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