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Bloomberg Tells Elderly Cancer Patients To Drop Dead (Video)

The nation is getting to see and hear for the first time, the unvarnished and unfiltered Michael Bloomberg, and what New Yorkers have long known about the 78-year-old billionaire.

In that behind that facade of righteous efficiency, lurks a man void of empathy, who’s unable or unwilling to share his feelings, and emotionally insulated by his wealth, moreover a stark contrast to that of another New Yorker billionaire…President Trump.

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This latest video uncovered of then-Mayor Bloomberg back in 2011 virtually telling elderly cancer patients to drop dead, is by no means surprising.

However what is surprising is that Bloomberg would actually throw his hat into the presidential ring, knowing that this and perhaps scores of other interviews and video footage of him demeaning blacks, women, gays, seniors, and regular hard-working Americans, would come back and bite him on the ass.

This latest revelation took place when then-Mayor Bloomberg paid his respects to the Segal family at the passing of one of the city’s prominent rabbis. After issuing his condolences to the family, Bloomberg decided to speak to several news teams gathered outside the Flatbush home of Rabbi Moshe Segal.

With cameras rolling Bloomberg used the opportunity to talk about overcrowding in emergency rooms, Obamacare and a range of other issues, eventually touching on elderly care.

“They’ll fix what they can right away. If you’re bleeding, they’ll stop the bleeding. If you need an x-ray, you’re gonna have to wait,” Bloomberg said. “All of these costs keep going up. Nobody wants to pay any more money and, at the rate, we’re going, health care is going to bankrupt us.”

Then came the coup d’état, Bloomberg continued, “Not only do we have a problem but we gotta sit here and say which things we’re gonna do and which things we’re not. No one wants to do that,” he said. “If you show up with prostate cancer, you’re 95-years-olds, we should say, ‘Go and enjoy. Have nice– live a long life.’ There’s no cure and there’s nothing we can do. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not willing to do that, yet. So they’re gonna bankrupt us.”

Bloomberg’s cut-throat reality within the corporate world has made him a billionaire, however applying that same menacing approach as president will have serious consequences.

Perhaps we’ll get to witness for the first time within a Democratic primary debate some real heartfelt fireworks concerning the former mayor buying his way into the debate stage. Especially if one of those irate candidates should ask the 5 foot, 4 inch mogul, to explain exactly what age would he suspend treatment for someone suffering from prostate cancer?  His answer is sure to light up the internet.

Thus far Bloomberg has hidden behind well-crafted advertising promotions, with remarkably only one actual media interview since announcing his candidacy in November.

However following those slick TV spots, is a continuous stream of negative videos and audiotapes, the most recent in 2016 when Bloomberg took part in a Distinguished Speakers Series at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School.

During his speech Bloomberg apparently attempting to explain his astute business approach decided to use farming as an example, without hesitation a condescending Bloomberg began, “Anybody, even some people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, put dirt on top, add water and up comes the corn,” he explained. “…you could learn that.”

Adding, “Then we had 300 years of the industrial society. You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job,” he shrugged. “And we created a lot of jobs. At one point 98% of the world worked in agriculture. Today it’s 2% of the United States.”

The smug pint-sized lout continued, “The skill-sets you have to learn is how to think and analyze,” he said. “And that’s a whole degree-level difference. You have to have a different skill-set. You have to have a lot more gray matter.”

In the final analysis, an effective political leader needs to identify with the people he or she serves, Bloomberg suffers from the same melody as Hillary, a wretched and joyless human-being void of true compassion.

Watch the video here : https://twitter.com/CANCEL_SAM/status/1229127380402393088


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  1. As a Registered Nurse with over 45 years experience I have thoughts on Bloomberg and his Prostate Csncer example. The patient leads the team. The doctors provide the options. To tell someone to go and have a nice life is an insult at 95 and both older and younger. Hope is in itself a main part of healing. We all have options and only the patient, his family, the physician and the religious leader for the family can make the right decision. Bloomberg shows his ignorance regarding medical ethics as well as how to befriend someone who needs some solace. He does not get my vote.

  2. If this guy wants to lead , why not go back to being mayor of NY.? If the man had any real leadership qualities he would go where he’s needed most.?

  3. Living near New York for most of my 63 years, I got to see mini-Mike on the evening news almost daily during his 3 terms. There was a 2 term limit before he got elected, but his ego required the law be changed so he could serve 12 years. I saw him on the news declare that he didn’t care about the 4th amendment to the constitution, his program of “stop and frisk” would save New York. He tried to run the city like he ran his business, and those that were an inconvenience were treated as a waste of city resources, to be eliminated. Mayor Bloomberg showed what a great mayor Rudy Giuliani was.

  4. Sid- he screwed up in NY. Let him stay with his lop-sided media, and get off his soap box.

  5. At 95, why not just enjoy life as much as you can as long as you can rather than seek more interventions that might cause discomfort and tremendous inconvenience to you. What a wise statement by our new Leader to be.

    • I have prostate cancer low dose chemo and diet can extend life and help you feel good even better than before I had cancer. Discomfort and inconvenience don’t apply ,unless you think eating steak and eggs is inconvenient.

  6. Where’s the video, the so-called proof? I don’t see it anywhere.

  7. This candidate may be a billionaire, may have a lot of book knowledge, a lot of PRIDE in himself… but obviously HE is consumed with HIS own worth. However, HE is lacking in the most IMPORTANT traits of being human, a good leader, or a good person. Those traits being unselfishness, compassion, love and kindness for others, and such a person is unfit to lead our country. May God have mercy on such a person so devoid of what is really human worth.

    • Ruth you are right, he is narcissistic, egotistical, and selfish which he feels like he is the one to say how and when older people should die! This man has no right, because some family’s like mine, my fathers ggrandfather lived to 112, my mothers great grandmother lived to 106! All brothers and sisters lived into the 90’s, so how can this man be judge and jury?

  8. From what I hear, the stop-and-frisk program of Mr. Bloomberg took a lot of bad guys (AKA criminals) off the street. Most of these bad guys had a brown or black skin tone. We can read this result two ways. One, the program targeted bad guys of color. Two, the bad guys of color fit the legal definition of a criminal.

    A social scientist could review this program for its operation as intended. Politicians and news media intellectuals cannot qualify for this work.

  9. I say if this little man is devoid of emotion for people and has no emotions for people and people’s problems, he has no empathy for victims of violence, the only thing he has emotional attachment to is the lust of accumulating money he’s not interested in being President, he only had an interest in controlling people and people’s lives then he can go back to his Bloomberg Bimbos for Every Town and make them more rich. It’s very evident the only thing this empty shell of a human’s only interest is cash money and controlling people.

  10. I compare him to the others and he has had experience running a very large city. He is crass and not very humbling (do you know of any billionaires that are, well maybe one or two) . He is the same as Trump but a Democrat and was a former Republican. I do like him better than Trump . He will find better people to work with than Trump has found. And he is not going to waste a lot of time on the golf course and charge it to the tax payers.

  11. When Mike was mayor of NYC for 2 terms He changed the law so he could run a third time. l hope he doesn’t try this if he becomes pres. Just about every weekend he would go home. His home is in the Bahamas.

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