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Democrats & Media Support Violence Against Republicans & Trump Supporters

Living just south of Cincinnati, our local news is city-based which also means that it is Democratic based and very biased, just like most of the major news outlets that I often refer to as the sewagestream media due to the amount of smelly crap they report.

For example, our local news has regularly replayed the incident that took place in Charlottesville back in August 2017. Heather Heyer, from Cincinnati, was the young woman who was run over and killed by one of the white supremacists at the protest. Both the local and national news have spent the last 2 ½ years focusing on the violence that erupted that day and they all blame it on the white supremacists. Very few report that the white supremacists were holding a peaceful rally until Democrat supported Antifa protesters intentionally attacked the white supremacists with the intention of starting a violent confrontation.

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Since that time, the sewagestream media reports Antifa as if they are a wonderful group of crusaders when in fact they have a history of violence and using violence to stop and silence conservatives and Republicans.

Any time anyone from a conservative background attacks a minority or Democrat, they report it to show this is typical of EVERY conservative supporter of President Trump and Republicans.

What the sewagestream media is NOT reporting is when one of their own goes on a rampage against Trump supporters and Republicans.

By accident, I came across a Fox News report with Trish Regan on television that outlined some of these incidents, which included:

  • A man wielding a knife on the campus of Arizona State University shouting ‘Slash his throat! Every f****** Republican!’ and ‘ Slash Republicans’ throats! Slash fascist throats! Death to fascists!’ The man was yelling at the Students for Trump club.
  • On December 7, 2019, on the campus of Sacramento State College, the Republican president was assaulted and caught on video. The attacker claimed the Republican was harassing him, but that’s not what it showed on video.
  • February 19, 2019, conservative activist Hayden Williams, associated with the Leadership Institute, was assaulted on the campus of UC Berkeley. His attacker was charged with three felony charges, but when most of the sewagestream media reported the incident, they made it appear as if it was the fault of Williams simply for speaking out in favor of helping to form a campus chapter of Turning Point USA.

The report went on to blame the sewagestream media for helping to promote the violence for the way they report clips from radical socialist politicians spewing hatred towards anything and anyone trying to do what’s right for America, especially President Trump.

Among the clips shown, various Democrats made statements to the effect that anyone who supports Trump is supporting racism and hatred and supports tearing children away from their parents. Those Democrats included Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Eric Holder and CNN host Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Hillary stated that she puts half of Trump supporters in the basket of what she calls the ‘deplorables’.

The report showed Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters trying to incite followers into using civil disobedience to stop those who disagree with her.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was taped saying:

When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about. 

Hillary Clinton:

You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. 

The report also showed a tweet from socialist actor Alec Baldwin that read:

The desecration of those ideas and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters…

Oh really?

  • Who has pushed for the legalization of sexual perversion and privileges for the LGBT minority?
  • Who has pushed for the legalization of marijuana?
  • Who has pushed to stop the cleaning of voter registration rolls or to stop any efforts to prevent voter fraud?
  • Who has pushed to give convicted felons the right to vote?
  • Who has pushed to give benefits and rights to illegal aliens, including the right to vote?
  • Who has pushed to end capitalism and free enterprise – the backbones of what made America the great nation it once was?
  • Who has pushed to destroy the traditional institution of marriage and family?
  • Who has pushed to persecute anyone who stands for the moral and religious values our nation was founded upon?

Tell me, Mr. Baldwin, who is the political party that has spent so much time and effort to destroy EVERY moral value that America once stood for?

It’s clear that Democrats and the sewagestream media fully support any and all violence from their supporters while they continue to speak out against everything decent and wholesome that ever existed in America. Like so many other aspects of today’s Democrats, they clearly demonstrate their hypocritic double standard of operation where they are allowed to do anything and everything, including illegal and violent actions, while they denigrate everyone who disagrees with them. They also demonstrate why they are THE most dangerous political institution in America at this time.

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  2. UNTILL THEY RUN IN TO SOME ONE LIKE ME ! THEN I HAND THERE ASS TO THEM ON A PLATER >888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

  3. Weaver, that name rings a bell. Oh yeah, I remember now. A left wing attack on a poor family who lost two members of the family. I hope one day they will be avenged by the laws supposed to protect, not murder ! As I recall, it was certainly murder. Ad a mother and child who did nothing to deserve It. God help the victims family. So sad ! God will be the final judge.His vengeance can not be avoided for those who do evil to people.

  4. How about Plan Parenthood who legalized it the murderer evil Democrats

  5. ANTIFA is a George Soros backed group that seeks violence against conservatives. That is a known fact, regardless of what the media portrays them to be. They are cowards who hide their faces and only act in large groups.
    As far as I’m concerned, they all might as well be wearing t-shirts with targets on them.
    They DO NOT want to show up in my area, although I wish they would. But since I live in a CCW state, they don’t have the balls.

  6. Democrats and the press are labeling the repubs as racist and sexist. All I see is a lot of intolerance on the part of the dems. Of course intolerance is not hate nor racism, nor sexism. It is just an ignorant defensive posture. And ignorant scavenged minorities want to run the country? Gooood luck!

  7. It’s the new way . Blame others for what you are doing yourself and call it justified . It’s a sign of retardation in the worse case . But then no one said the democrats were in a good way to begin with . This shows just how twisted some minds are

  8. Bring it we’re tired of the lies and fake ass news, I’ll be the first to protect myself and the ones around me.
    All one sided bullshit?

  9. The left must be annihilated now by any means necessary!

    • DemocRATS are the party of do as I say not as I do. They can do whatever they wish violent or not. We must defeat them at the ballot box.

  10. If the Democrats in the Senate and House are the one who support for the violence against the Republicans then they are violating the law and should be arrested for inciting possible riots, assault, possible murder and various other crimes. What is this country coming to. Those that we have elected have taken an oath to do what is best for the majority of the people in this country, but are doing only what fill their pockets.
    At this present time they receive there salary for the rest of their lives if they are able to serve two (2) term in the Senate of House, but we the people must work forever and only receive a portion of our salary if the company we work for covers us. A law should be pasted that they no longer receive their salary after their service is over and should be retroactive. That alone my save the United States billions of dollars.

  11. I am a proud supporter of our great country and our president. All I can say is, “Don’t tread on us, or even begin to try.” I promise you, I WILL make it a sad day in your life if you continue to try to complete your error in thinking. Not a threat on my part, just a promise.

  12. Democrats are the party of do as I say, not asI do. It’s obvious that they can do whatever they want. No so for Republicans.

  13. Congratulations to the author of this article. It was well written and factual. I can’t pretend to understand what the liberal democratic fanatics are doing, but I suppose it’s difficult to understand because I truly believe they suffer from some sort of mental illness. Deranged, morally corrupt, perverted, cynical, violent, arrogant, egocentric and moronic. Pretty factual ya ?

  14. Reading all this makes me sick to my stomack, kind of like seeing two men swapin spit. Know what I mean? How TRUE Americans let it all go this far is unamaginable. If we do not act NOW, the country our forfathers built will be gone forever! WE ALL KNOW WHAT MUST BE DONE TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.ARM AND UNITE FOR THE NEXT REVOLUTION!

  15. all you have to do is look who is leading them .the idiots in Washington they should pull their heads out of their asses. start working for the hard working people of this country.they are a disgrace I don,t know why any one would vote for the misfits…

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