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Is Coronavirus Outbreak Due to Chinese Bio-Warfare Program?

As previously reported, the recent outbreak of a deadly strain of coronavirus appears to have begun in Wuhan, China. The reports coming in from all over the world has a growing number of cases every hour. The number of victims is spreading across the globe as is the number of people being hospitalized and the number of people reported dead from the virus. A week ago, the death toll was in the teens and today it is over a hundred and climbing.

Most reports are saying that the coronavirus appears to have started in an animal market in Wuhan. Chinese officials have placed a sort of quarantine on the area, one report I saw last week said that about 100 school kids from Australia are stranded in Wuhan due to the lock down placed by the Chinese government.

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The question that many are starting to ask is whether or not it is a mere coincidence that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan?

Why are they asking?

Check this out:

Lethal animal virus epidemic coronavirus, which has sent panic waves across the world, may have its origins at the epicentre of the epidemic, Wuhan, in a laboratory which has been linked to China”s covert biological weapons programme.

The Washington Times reported the link with China”s biological weapons quoting an Israeli biological warfare expert.

According to the report, Radio Free Asia this week rebroadcast a local Wuhan television report from 2015 showing China”s most advanced virus research laboratory known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with deadly viruses.

Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer who has studied Chinese bio warfare, said the institute is linked to Beijing”s covert biological weapons programme.

“Certain laboratories in the institute have probably been engaged, in terms of research and development, in Chinese (biological weapons), at least collaterally, yet not as a principal facility of the Chinese BW alignment,” Shoham told The Washington Times.

Work on biological weapons is conducted as part of a dual civilian-military research and is “definitely covert,” he said.

If the conspiracy theories are true, how did such a deadly virus escape from a secured facility or was it intentionally released by someone?

Released by accident or on purpose, what are health officials doing to stop the spread or save lives?

Reportedly, experts already have the genetic code for the deadly coronavirus, which will help them find a way to combat the virus.

Medical research officials at the US National Institute of Health are partnering with US Biotech Mederna Inc. to work on an RNA-based vaccine (Viruses are composed of RNA, not DNA). At the same time, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia are also working on a ‘molecular clamp’ vaccine approach.

The conspiracy will be escalated if Chinese researchers come up with the vaccine or cure before anyone else does. It will be asked if they had the cure prior to the release (intentional or accidental) of the deadly virus.

If proven that China did develop this deadly strain of coronavirus, what would the world community do to hold them accountable? Look what happened with Syria used chemical weapons on its own people. Will the world be outraged? Will anyone dare take any action against the world superpower?

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  1. Communists do not care about their own people. They often use the poorest people as guinea pigs. Don’t trust Communists, just like you should not trust leftist Democrats.

    • I couldn’t have said it better !!!

    • Look what we did to our African Americans soldiers & others during the early atomic bomb tests & the venereal diseases that they tested mainly on African American soldiers . Who authorized this to our own citizens . Why were they not brought to trial & made to face charges for their evil deeds. I am not black & I served 3 tours early in the Vietnam War & a 1st class corpsman on the DMZ serving all of our allied servicemen plus our allies. I was wounded twice in 66 & 68 which led to 3 yrs. in the hosp. & 57 surgeries. I came home to the evil of this country & have HATED it ever since then. I will never raise a helping hand to this country ever again.

      • So sad to hear, but I can relate! What can you do to make things better and has our government helped you out? If not be in touch with TRUMP!!! He would love to hear your story..,.. Trust me!

      • Then leave if you hate this country and it’s freedom so much. Thank you for fighting for this country. There were and are a lot of problems in the US, but it’s still one of the best places in the world to live. I was passed over for a graphics job with the state because I’m white and the man hiring was black. He even told me that I had the best skills. C’est la vie

    • I am now totally convinced that this horrible virus was purposely unleashed by the Chinese government. I am not blaming the Chinese people because they are victims of their own government. When this all settles down, the Chinese government will have blood on its hands — and you all know it! I would also like to attack all these American companies who send their businesses to China. Are you happy now??? We must all boycott all this made-in-China crap that we have been forced to buy over the years. Starve those bastards out — and any American company that sends its manufacturing to China should be fined mercilessly. When will Americans ever learn???

  2. That’s what I believed all along !!!!!!

  3. Not surprised ! Communist wants concourses the wholes words under their ambitious and to survival willingly to sabotaging theirs own peoples who disagree on all theirs Government tactics handling to specially in the poor ills resist useless people’s they will crash for all consequences without fear and prepare to retaliate of US tariffs targeted theirs own avenging shows and dominated the wholes worlds just that simple !

    • What did that paragraph mean! Sounded like a crazy rambling with no meaning!

      • The American Military unleashed it at the Military Games! Trump is Responsible for this!! Biological WAR.

        • I wonder if the US military involved in the Wuhan Military Games were actually attempting to spy and/or infiltrate and/or sabotage the Wuhan biolab. But then probably failed because reports had it that at least 4 of them got sick; or most probably, they were supposed to case the joint but somehow got infected with the virus from the lab they were supposed to sabotage or steal.

        • Trump is one of the best presidents in my lifetime!! Do you prefer socialism? Vote Democrat and that is what you will end up will! Wake up before it’s too late.

    • Look at Syria & other countries run by sadistic animals who could care less about the people that they rule, like Stalin , Hitler & many others over the previous centuries. It is a terrible shame that animals like this create terror for their own people with no thought for their life & happiness .

  4. We (I) don’t know if this is the result of a bio-weapon ‘leak’ or not. However, this “possibility” should not be ignored. The ‘one’ fact which has bothered me was the initial refusal by the Chinese of OPEN assistance when offered by the U.S. IF this disease IS the result of a random series of events (bats in a market), it seems rather strange that our original offer would be refused. Maybe so, maybe no — BUT — when you play with fire, EXPECT to get burned. I pray and hope that the extreme measures taken by the U.S. will be sufficient to prevent the spread of this sickness here.

    • This is NOT a “possibility.” This is a FACT — and everybody knows it, including those fat cats in Washington. Mind you, it’s NOT the Chinese people themselves because they are victims of their own government. Those rulers of China should be forcibly inoculated with this horrible disease — and I would personally like to do it — and I don’t give a damn who knows it!!!

  5. To me, this is just another way for “population control”. Just ponder how many “viruses” have come out of China? Even here in the U.S it seems every year a “new strain” of “flu”seems to come out every year that the “government” seems to “know all about” and if you want to LIVE, you must run to a doctor and purchase a “vaccine” to combat it.

    February 1st, 2020

    Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon
    Over the past few days, the mainstream press has vigorously pushed back against a theory about the origins of the coronavirus that has now… Read More ›

  6. And from some articles I have read the virus shows signs of being created by genetic engineering.

  7. Arielle Lancaster

    As I have said before recently, I DO believe that it came from that Lab in Wuhan. That is the ONLY Lab in all of China, that works with Biological weapons. A short while ago, several researchers were FIRED from this Lab, had to leave the premises IMMEDIATELY , and were forbidden from ever returning ! In MY opinion, THESE researchers, were the KEY, to this virus !

    • Right on! And the US government knows all of this, but are afraid to say anything at the present time. Just wait — by the end of summer all of this guilt will be proven about the Chinese government. My qualm is with American businesses who send all their manufacturing to China in order to save a buck — and I can name several who do this — and we should BOYCOTT them! One is a popular furniture chain that you have all heard of: RAYMOUR & FLANIGAN. Most of their crap furniture is made in China — and they have the gall to call themselves “an American furniture retail chain.” Another is the American Heritage Textile Company in Virginia. How dare they use “American Heritage” in their name — when I know damn well that all of their wares are sent to China to be photographed, disabling American photographers from making a living. This is why I shop at antiques stores only. I buy furniture and other items that were made in the USA years ago — when there was craftsmanship — and NOT made-in-China” CRAP! Wake up, America and the West. BOYCOTT CHINA FOREVER and don’t eat their poisoned food anymore! Call me racist and xenophobe, but my thoughts are justified — and you know it!

  8. What about Bill Gate’s patent rights to the coronavirus ?

    • And Bill Gates is a Globalist who believe the optimum population is 500 million–that means 6.5+ billion people have to go. Gates is also involved in vaccination companies and in a global ID company which could tag EVERYONE with nano tech minuscule id’s while being vaccinated. What would have people flooding vaccination sites but a pandemic.

  9. It probably is & ONE THAT GOT AWAY FRPM THEM & it will probably bite them in the ass !!!

  10. I would like to know when is the main stream media going to report the truth? Is it going to take people dropping dead in the streets of New York, Washington DC, and other major cities before they admit that the world is facing the most dangerous virus since the 1918 flu outbreak and tell the people this is a man made creation that leaked out of Chinas Frankenstein Lab? Maybe it will take one or more of the talking heads to drop dead in front of the cameras to finally tell the truth.

  11. it will bite all of us in the ass in time, perhaps bill gates new population plan in now working in the people of china

  12. Until there is real evidence, this is only theory. If proven, the whole world will impose economic sanctions, from travel bans to trade sanctions. It would be brutally damaging to the Chinese economy. However, let’s not jump the gun. Two things, happening in the same place, at the same time, are not necessarily related.

  13. The communists and the DEMONocrats will lie – NO MATTER WHAT !!!

  14. Why do you think the Chinese government got rid of all American reporters out of China?? I believe the Chinese did play an integral role in this pandemic. Was the release of this virus accidental or deliberate?? Only those involved would know for sure. The US should reconsider our dependence on China, particularly the production of our medications. Cheap labor and lax laws should no longer be a factor in making drugs overseas. Start production of all our drugs in THIS country. God please instill in our leaders the wisdom to see the harm that is being done now and act accordingly!

  15. your sick just like the rest of them low life republicans that have no clue on how to run a country except through scandle.

  16. Us Amercains in mainland USA are the target of these evil tyrant Communists to provoke US into a WW lll. It’s scary because stronger mutations of this virus will soon follow. With new mutated versions each stronger & deadlier than the previous. May God Bless America and now the world.

  17. It is so sad that our country can not produce face masks or breathing machines for our own people, that we have to depend on the foreign country of China to supply us with such devices; all this because of the greed of American Corporations deviating their companies and work into the cheapest labor at the time, 20-30 years ago.

    About the only American product in force, at the moment, is the paper industry which makes toilet paper…Wow, what a relief it is!.

    As a kid of the 60’s, we knew, China to be the communist enemy, and we manufactured about 90% of our goods in our country. Now they own most of our electronics, components etc. I am in the refrigeration industry, and even though the equipment is an American name, 95% of all components are made out of cheap Chinese technology or from other communist countries.

    But again, if the big corporations are making huge profits because of us as the consumers, why not right?

    I hope this opens up the eyes of Americans, to show us how vulnerable we are to any biological or chemical warfare, started, whether by accident or intentionally.

    Let’s revolutionize this century by taking back our independence from any foreign country that is trying to put us on our knees, and show how we can bounce back again, to be the greatest God given country in the world.

  18. Has the United States done and Inspection of the Wuhan facility and if not why not? They should be able to inspect it and see if any i=of the others Missed anything

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