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Kentucky Dems Example of Danger if Dems Win 2020 Elections

In 2019, three states held gubernatorial elections – Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In Mississippi, Republican Gov. Phil Bryant had reached his term limit, but fortunately for the state’s residents, Republican Tate Reeves won the election. In Louisiana, Democrat John Bel Edwards won re-election.

In Kentucky, the governor’s race was an ugly and bitter one, filled with lies perpetrated by Democrats.

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Incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin was portrayed as a man who hated teachers and public workers because he tried to fix a broken state pension fund. The pension fund was billions of dollars in debt and in danger of collapsing and being unable to pay the pension of state workers, which includes teachers.

Because Bevin tried to be financially responsible and offer a viable pension alternative, Democrats labeled him as a hater or teachers. Their campaign was so successful that many conservative Republican teachers told me that they planned to vote against Bevin because he hates teachers. I tried my best to explain to them that Bevin doesn’t hate teachers and if fact tried his best to come up with a viable alternative to salvage some kind of pension fund for them. They did not believe me.

When the votes were counted, Democrat Steve Beshear garnered 49.20% of the votes and Bevin received 48.83%, giving Democrat Beshear a narrow margin of only 0.37%.

Basically, Democrat Beshear won on a campaign based on lies and now Kentuckians statewide are having to pay for Democrats’ lies.

It was revealed on the local news that Gov. Beshear is forcing cities to pay up to 12% more (compounded annually) to the state to help pay for the financially troubled pension system. Many cities are asking the state to freeze the plan because they cannot afford to pay out an additional 12% in revenue to the state. If forced to do so and comply, cities will have no alternative but to try to raise local taxes and cut services and workers, meaning more people will be laid off while everyone else will be forced to pay more.

Former Gov. Bevin attempted to do the right thing without causing an increase in taxes or costing people their jobs, but Democrats turned it all into a campaign of hate and they won on that campaign.

Now, look at our national election between Democrats and Republicans, especially those running for the White House. Democrats continue to portray President Donald Trump as a hater because he has been trying and succeeding in doing the right thing. Their campaigns are based on the same kind of lies that Democrats used to win the governor’s office in Kentucky and if they win, every American citizen will pay the price, just like Kentucky residents in the cities are being forced to pay.

If Democrats win the national election, it will cost many people their jobs and homes, just like what is probably going to happen to the people of Kentucky.

If Democrats win in 2020, you can be sure that our taxes will go considerably higher than they are now and millions of Americans will lose jobs and homes. It will result in another recession, possibly a more severe recession than the one we recently recovered from. Some economists predict a Democratic victory could lead to a second Great Depression.

What happened and is happening in Kentucky should be a warning to every American voter. Don’t fall into the web of lies being spun by Democrats or you’ll end up like the fly that flew into a spider’s web.

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  1. Nothing Compares To The “DANGER”This Country Will Face IF CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, That SMUG FACED, SMIRKING CONCEITED, STUPID SICKO, That BRAIN DAMAGED CUCKOO BIRD & His Entire Group Of BUTT KISSING republican RETARDS Get Back In Power, Come Election Time!

    • OH DEAR! Drank the koolaid and believe the lies of the dim wits. Sorry you are so nasty about the losses of recent years. And no doubt you do not believe the things done in the dark by Bozo and his administration that are now coming into the light to be judged.

      Hate is bad for your health Betty. Smoke a joint or suck down a good whisky. Now you know how we felt during the eight years of Bozo. And honesty still reading such sick comments like yours is just a reminder of that horrid administration. Do you proudly wear the vagina hat?

      A lot will surface over the next four years, better adjust and calm down cause if you are truly a lemming of the DNC insane asylum your blood pressure will give you a cardiac event if you can’t control your hissy fits. Sore loser? Yes, you are undoutedly unhinged.

      • Interesting that Bozo and Obama are both out of Chitcago…

      • good reply to the ugly mentally ill person.

      • Excellent SD!!!

      • Well, I think they are ALL crazy and power-hungry. We are the taxpayers with no say as to how it’s all spent. Why do we listen to those that really don’t care about US ? What happened to $15. for EVERYONE? What happened to our roads and bridges being repaired? What happened to morals, and respect? They have pitted us against them. But think about this, we are all Americans who have to live with their fallout, it doesn’t matter, Dem or Rep. They are ALL RICH and getting richer. ARE WE??? They claim Medicare for all? HA, its a bunch of crap. I did some checking and listen to this. Every single person that has Medicare right now, pays every single month over $125. per month. THEN, they have to get a supplement to cover most of the rest. Its always going to cost us. their way. Now, on the other hand, ALL OF THEM from BOTH parties havent really figured it out yet but it so simple. if the gov’t were to charge 35% to every single person, in tax, we wouldnt have to worry about who is going to pay for this or that. 35% covers all deductions across the board. NO fighting, no broken promises. WE ALL have coverage, we ALL have SSI, we ALL have peace. Everyone pays their way.

    • He may not be buddy material, but he damn sure gets the job done. Maybe you prefer your right trampled? Maybe you prefer kissing China’s ass? Maybe you prefer you taxes to skyrocket? Maybe you prefer illegal immigrants and terrorists coming here to rob and rape you?
      Get your head out of your ass and stop watching CNN!

      • Absolutely Bob K. The Democrat’s won VA recently and rite away it’s all about control. I’m waiting to see how much more in taxes I’m going to have to pay. The Democrat’s solution to everything is raise taxes because it’s so easy, you don’t have to think about how to fix anything just through more money at it.

    • Hillary Clinton in a recent speech borrowed a thought from James Carville – Bill’s advisor and Democrat strategist when she said “I love Democrats because most are not very educated and they are easily manipulated” – Think about it!

    • How old are you? You sound barking mad, poor child. Do your parents know or care what’s happening to your mental health?

    • Really, Betty? Can anyone really be that stupid? Stop with the generalities and platitudes. Support your position with facts and explain how your alternatives will benefit our country. Otherwise, you’re just banging on your keyboard and showing your ignorance and extremely low IQ.

      • Well said Rodney. If “poor ole Betty” doesn’t grow up soon she is certainly bound for juvie hall until she reaches the adult age 21. Then, if the world is lucky, she’ll step in front of a fast moving freight train.

    • There are several medicines for your condition.. but non will work till you give up the Socialist Ideal which is your alternative.
      ‘As long as I’m President America will not be a Socialist country’.. now take it to the Bank.

    • Betty, I’m not quite sure what planet you’re from but, you do take stupid to a whole new level. Or perhaps you hate Trump because he believes in personal responsibility instead of being in line at the welfare checkout line as your greatest ambition in life.

    • I’m glad you jumped right in there Betty. Now we really know what the Democrat voters think.
      How sad!

    • Betty, Betty , Betty!

  2. The same thing will happen in VA where they recently took over. Dim wits have no platform these days. They just figure out the easiest way to lie to the voters and promise the desires of all. Fiscal responsibility? At least the guy who took over in kentuck is making sure the cost is covered due to no choice for the retirements that are not realistic. Of course the beneficiaries of the retirement are happy campers and everyone else pays big time. This is a common problem in many states because the ones on the program were promised more than the state could afford. We have it in AZ and the best thing to do is renegotiate the deals like the republican tried to do. We had it added to the voting as a referendum and it was voted to be changed.

    And why these days when it is clear that Dim Wits lie prolifically would educated adults believe the BS? Shame on the teachers for being so STUPID!

    • Why would you say such nasty things about the Best President we have had in my lifetime. He gets things done for the American People, and could get more done if the Dim Wits get on board. I know why, your a nasty lying, cheating, Socialist Demoncrat. Sane people don’t want your kind of hell hole world of “Socialisium” You need to move to Cuba, if you love it so much. This is the United States of America. The Demoncrat Party, is the party of HATE. Only sane people will vote for Trump in 2020, and only hateful, Godless people will vote for Demoncrats. I think we have you Demons outnumbered. Trump/Pence 2020

  3. Interesting that Bozo and Obama are both out of Chitcago…

  4. The VOTERS will pay for it in the END. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. What a tragedy … people having to pay more taxes so that teachers can enjoy the pensions they were promised. Republicans love to rewrite contracts years after the fact, and after hard working people have spent their best earning years, often their whole careers, to meet THEIR end of the bargain. It seems the “danger” this writer is so fearful of is actually spelled J-U-S-T-I-C-E.

  6. If the Demonrats do win, America will be doomed. They will put so many regulation on for their stupid Green Bad Deal and Medicare for all, it will bankrupt the USA, you will die waiting in line for months for healthcare, and they will run so many people out of business, including farmers, coal workers, metal workers, oil & gas workers, healthcare workers, and small business owners. The grocery store will have no food to sell in a maybe 5 years, and you will have to eat your cats, dogs, and eat rats for food to feed your family, and some will turn to canabalism of dead people. Be ready to be marked with a number on your forehead, or hand to get the crumbs they offer to only to their minions. This is not the kind of world I would want to live in. Socialisium Sucks. Don’t listen to the lies of the left wing media, and the lying, cheating Demonrats. VOTE Trump/Pence 2020 for a future for your children.

  7. Haha trump will lead you to ruin!! Like everything else he touches.


  9. Readers, don’t believe the lies included in this story.

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