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Media Sides With Liberal NPR Kelly v. Secretary of State Pompeo

Ever since the White House and the presidency was usurped by someone who never proved he was qualified to occupy the White House, the extremely liberal and socialist mainstream media, which I usually refer to as the sewagestream media, has become more open and aggressive of their refusal to side with the truth if it helps their opponents in any way. They also openly and aggressively defended their socialist leaders when they blatantly violated the US Constitution, Congress, the courts and federal laws, and yes, I’m referring to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton among others.

Remember when Obama refused to allow then-Attorney General Eric Holder to comply with congressional subpoenas in their investigation of Operation Fast and Furious? The sewagestream media fully supported Obama and said his actions were legal and justified. These are the very same sewagestream media that now accuse President Donald Trump of abusing his power and authority and obstructing justice for doing the exact same thing that Obama did and that they supported.

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In the latest media row of liberal v. conservative is the beef between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly, as reported:

One day after a contentious interview that was followed by an expletive-filled verbal lashing of NPR host Mary Louise Kelly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is publicly accusing her of lying to him — “twice.”

In a statement released by the State Department on Saturday, Pompeo says Kelly first lied “in setting up our interview.”

He does not explain how and offers no evidence. But in their recorded interview, the nation’s top diplomat declined to respond when Kelly asked whether he owed an apology to Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. She was ousted from that post last year after allies of President Trump accused her of disloyalty.

“I agreed to come on your show today,” Pompeo replied, “to talk about Iran.”

Kelly pushed back, telling Pompeo, “I confirmed with your staff last night that I would talk about Iran and Ukraine.” She later said she specifically flagged her intention to do so in writing, noting, “I never agree to take any topics off the table.”

 Pompeo asserts Kelly again lied “in agreeing to have our post-interview conversation off the record.”

That unrecorded conversation took place when the Pompeo aide who cut off the formal interview summoned Kelly to the secretary’s private living room.

Kelly told her All Things Considered co-host Ari Shapiro on Friday that Pompeo, who had walked out of the interview only after “he leaned in, glared at me,” was waiting for her in his private quarters.

“He shouted at me for about the same amount of time as the [9-minute] interview itself had lasted,” Kelly told Shapiro. “He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine. He asked, ‘Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?’ He used the F-word in that sentence and many others.”

Pompeo then had a pop quiz for Kelly, a veteran national security correspondent who has reported from China, Russia and, most recently, Iran…

Note that this is how NPR reported the controversy, yet when I read a number of other reports, they all pretty much read the same way, in full support of Kelly and vilifying Pompeo. I truly believe if the entire incident had been videoed and showed that Pompeo was right and Kelly did lie, the sewagestream media would still blame Pompeo and call him the liar. Such is the state of today’s media and political system – a system that is truly corrupt and broken.


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  1. More unfactual BS chery picking something that was only a minimumof the actions, not the total story of whqt happene, you forgot to mention that the Obama Administrsation supplied over 50,000 documents to the investigation did Trump supply one document no, the only President in history to refuse anything and everything even though it was done legally. We will see what the people who vote think of this when 73% wanted Documents and witnesses, 53 % wnted Trump removed from office. I do think the election will be hard of those Republican senators up for reelection.

  2. I just assume (from all of the actions of The Left post Obama) quite rightly so, that anything that comes from the vile mouth of a Liberal is a lie.

  3. What is the deal with the media . Sucking up to the liberals has given the media the worst reputation they have ever experienced. The fake news and lying and ignoring major news events is disgraceful! They believe every utterance from the Democrats as if they were anointed. They weren’t! Kelly was a rough guy to start with and left in a cloud of dust. Pompeo has been a pillar in both CIA job and the Secretary of State. He is ten times the Sec of State than Kerry or Clinton. The reporter that jumped him was out of line and lying.

  4. Michael A Horvath

    Cut all NPR/PBS Funding.

  5. I truly believe that the DNC is paying all of the media to go along with them and be totally against the Conservatives and the truth. They are all sewage-Democrats and all media including social media. Twitter just banned me again-the third time-for telling the truth! This time, I am going to sue them!

  6. Pomnpous is a pos like the orange buffoon. You deplorables will all go down in the end.

  7. Why don’t the media have regulations they are working for Americans not only Democrats . They should limit one person to have not more than one tv station they can always find other jobs and let people who are willing to work for all take the positions. It’s like a doctor choosing who to take care of because of what they believe

  8. I’m confused: I thought Trump met all the qualifications the Constitution calls for to be POTUS. What am I missing?

  9. The lying leftist media are absolutely disgusting. No one even expects any semblance of impartial, balanced reporting of an issue anymore – at least not anyone with a lick of sense. The crap-stirring they do on every level is just plain evil, nothing shy of treasonous so many times and almost always libelous. No wonder Trump storms off on Twitter so much, it’s practically the only chance of having his side heard at all!

  10. Our second Civil War is now in play! Extreme left liberals (know as Democrats) verses right wing Conservatives ( aka Republicans). Our country is truly divided! I take the right conservative path. Our USA must survive as a democracy with civil liberties and freedom of choice! Liberals want dictatorship! No way! Hand to hand combat and fixed bayonets if nessessary!

  11. There is NO socialist media!! The reason the media disrespects Pompeo is because he LIES to them ALL THE TIME! And they know it. Hell, we all know it!!

    • You got that right

    • There absolutely is socialist media and the lies are fabricated by the radical left and supported by the media.
      When the media supports 99% of negative information regarding conservative actions by the president,
      there is not much doubt how bias they are. At least publish both sides of an event, even if it is controversial.

    • Please enlighten me. Specifically WHAT has Pompeo lied about?

  12. Mary Louise Kelly is a highly regarded journalist. There is zero evidence for any of Pompeo’s claims. He doesn’t dispute the f-bomb laced rant against her but says it was “off the record.” That makes what he did acceptable?

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