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New Gallup Poll Has President Surging to Highest Approval Yet

The debacle of the impeachment hoax, combined with the disaster of the Iowa caucuses has convinced many Americans that President Trump is the real deal in preserving America’s values for the future.

In a stunning new Gallup Poll, the President is enjoying his best approval numbers since he was nominated back in 2016.

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Ironically impeachment of the President by desperate Democrats to purposely influence the 2020 election, may have in fact contributed to moving the needle, however not in the direction disgruntled Democrats had hoped for.

In that, the President’s approval numbers actually soared over 10% from when delusional Democrats began their impeachment folly to where it is, at this moment.

Trump now enjoys a 49% approval rating attributed to increases in both Republican and that all-important Independent support, which is key.

Even more impressive is his support among GOP voters which stands currently at 94%, and 42% among registered Independent voters, which are up from 6 and 5 percentage points from early January, respectively.

The polling was conducted in the middle of the Senate impeachment trial, with just over 52% favoring acquittal, indicating that Americans were indeed paying attention to the unfolding drama in the House, however, 46% of those surveyed favored conviction, indicating once again the partisan political divide gripping the nation.

However, a 6% gap favoring the President, from a near 50/50 split suggests that those individuals paying attention to the proceedings realized the unfair treatment by House Democrats towards the President and his team, denying him the ability to call witnesses.

In addition to overall approval and favorability for acquittal, President Trump’s approval on other issues has also increased.

For example, just over 63% of those polled now approve of how the president is handling the economy that number is up by 6% from November of 2019. Moreover the highest approval rating since George W. Bush, who saw his job approval rise after the terrorist attack on 9/11.

Trump also enjoys his best numbers handling foreign affairs, with just under 47% and foreign trade at 50%, due to the success of signing into law the new United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal, replacing the old North American Free Trade Agreement, which the President has termed the worst deal ever devised. 

The President also does extremely well with voters when it comes to our national defense and protecting America’s interests against the terrorist regime of Iran, with more Americans supporting the Presidents military action against the rogue nation, with 45% disapproving, compared to 53% approving of the U.S. military action that took out the despot Iranian general who used roadside bombs to kill and mutilate hundreds of American soldiers and civilians alike.

On the flip side of the Gallup Poll, registered voters are evenly divided at 50% as to whether the President deserves to be re-elected.

When the question of the President’s reelection was asked just before the 2018 midterm election, 41% of registered voters felt that the Commander-in-Chief deserved a second term.

Moreover, with the election cycle in full gear, 39% of those surveyed say they will vote for Trump regardless of whom the Democratic Party nominates for president, equally nearly 36% say they will vote against the President regardless of who the Democratic nominee may be.

Democrats still believe by 44% that Joe Biden has the best chance of beating Trump, followed by Bernie Sanders at 19% and Michael Bloomberg at 10%. Meanwhile, Democrats are most likely to name Sanders (28%) as the candidate who is closest to them on the issues, followed by Biden (20%) and Elizabeth Warren (16%).

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  1. My Blessing is with President Trump. He has been to Hell and Back. He is a Strong Leader. He is making Improvements.Democrats promote Abortion..Same Sex Marriage…Open Borders..Welfare for All..Turn a Blind Eye to the Homeless Population etc etc What are they do ing to protect the American People??? What improvements are they making??? TRUMP is a man of Action..what he says …He does. I am VOTING for TRUMP. From Queen of All Samurais..Minister of Good Deeds…GOD’S ADOPTED Daughter. One Title I was born with..the other two…GOD gave me. I’m working on my BIO..it should be a Bestseller.

  2. Clifford Eskridge

    I wonder what President Trump approval rating would be if you factor in the registered Democrats who support our President. As a registered Democrat, as well as many others support President Trump.

    • Warren L Wermager

      I think there a lot more moderate democrats who are going to vote for Trump. All the democrats cant have screamed this far left and want our system to be destroyed by socialism

  3. We will have NO future with the TREASON and SEDITION offered by the Democratic party. There is nothing but confusion because of the OUTRIGHT Lying and NO PLAN whatsoever except the “promise” of the MISERY and DESTRUCTION caused by Socialism/Communism, which are OUTLAWED by the U.S. Constitution. Do NOT vote for the Democrats for POTUS if you value your country. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • You speak the truth! I wish every individual could see through the deceitfulness and out and out impossibility of retaining any of our cherished freedom if the presidency is given to a democrat.

    • I am a democrat, I agree with you 100 percent. No sure why I have not changed parties already.

  4. When polosi ripped the state of the union speech I think that sealed their fate. I seen this, and thought it was a sign of already knowing she has lost miserably.
    Not only did she lose credibility with the impeachment, but ripping up that speech in front of the nation, has proven that
    everything that everyone suspected in the past is true.
    Nancy I wish you the worst luck in the world.

  5. Which would certainly quite possible definitely maybe prove that people, the voters, are merely sheep.

  6. If his approval rating infact increased it shows how dumb the voting public is and can be influenced by anyone including the liar in chief in the WH

  7. Pelosi ripping up the SOTU speech copy is symbolic of what ALL Democrats (socialists) want to do to the country – destroy it!

  8. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep> Adam Schhiff Rep. Jerry Nadler and the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership, the “gift that keeps giving American votes to President Trump for the 2020 election, leading to a landslide victory”!!!! Keep up the good works people!!!!!

  9. The president is NOT allowed to call witnesses during the House impeachment inquiry. It’s part of the official rules. The president could have called witnesses during the Senate impeachment TRIAL if Republicans would have let him. They refused. This impeachment was NEVER a sham hoax; it was a Republican-led cover-up.

    • In any trial the burden of proof is on the prosecutor (The Congress), the accused ( Mr. trump) doesn’t have to prove anything, it’s optional, and the jury ( The Senate) decided not to. So you are wrong, period. In this country “nobody is above the law” unless you are democrat or an illegal alien.


  11. The house.impeachment was a sham because they refused to let anyone tell the truth about why Trump wanted to investigate the thief Former Vice President Biden and his family of thief’s his son and his brother who stole billions of dollars from not just Ukraine but also China, Iran, Iraq and others. If Trump did that I would be for arresting him also. Drain the swamp! Also arrest Hilary Killery. She deliberately didn’t send help in Bengazi. She didn’t like them and wanted them dead and lied an blamed a Christian film for the cause. That’s evil!

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