Scientists Say That Sodom and Gomorrah Were Actually Destroyed by “Fire From the Sky!”

We all know the biblical story of how the sinners of the decadent cities of Sodom and Gomorrah why destroyed by a Godly rain of “fire and brimstone” from on high. Archeologists may have recently discovered proof of this cleansing of biblical proportions.

A group of archeologists and other scientists say they have discovered strong evidence that the region of the “Middle Ghor,” where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are believed to have existed, were in fact destroyed by a meteor that exploded in the sky above, raining down superheated matter and raising temperatures to thousands of degrees — a theory that matches the account of the cities’ fiery destruction as described in the Book of Genesis.

According to the theory, the meteor exploded at low altitude with the force of a ten megaton atomic bomb at an altitude of about one kilometer over the northeast corner of the Dead Sea, and obliterated all of civilization in the 25-kilometer-wide circular plain that constitutes the “Middle Ghor.”

The researchers presented preliminary findings on the subject at last year’s annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in November, and have been developing the theory since at least 2015. They state that the evidence from radiocarbon dating indicates that a group of civilizations flourished in the area for over two millennia, until approximately 1700 BC, when the mud-brick walls of the buildings in the region simultaneously disappeared and only the stone foundations remained.

Further evidence is that the scientists described the discovery of, “pottery in the settlements that had been super-heated into glass in the space of milliseconds.” The explosion also rained down platinum as well as molten lava on the region, according to two of the archeologists, and this further confirms that a meteor was the source, given that platinum is found in higher concentrations in meteors than on earth.

The settlements that were annihilated in the event include the principal excavation site, “Tall el-Hammam,” which the archeologists believe is the city of Sodom, whose destruction is recounted in the Book of Genesis, chapter 19. The approximate date of the annihilation also matches the time period corresponding to the event in Genesis, according to archeologists.

Two archeologists involved in the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, Steven Collins and Phillip Silvia, wrote in a 2015 conference paper that “the physical evidence from Tall el-Hammam and neighboring sites exhibit signs of a highly destructive concussive and thermal event that one might expect from what is described in Genesis 19.”

According to the nineteenth chapter of the Book of Genesis, verse 24, “The Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven,” a statement that matches well the high temperatures and superheated stones that would have rained from the sky in such an event.

Genesis 19 also seems to describe the general devastation in the region, including the loss of plant life discovered by the archeologists, stating in verse 25, “And he destroyed these cities, and all the country about, all the inhabitants of the cities, and all things that spring from the earth.”

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56 thoughts on “Scientists Say That Sodom and Gomorrah Were Actually Destroyed by “Fire From the Sky!”

    1. God destroyed the cities because of the homosexuality there and he will destroy the entire world because of it AFTER the true Christians are taken out of here. Don’t laugh too hard. You might find out the hard way.

        1. The last straw was the sexualization of children including the child destroying “trans” movement, shooting hormones of the opposite sex into 6 year olds. Matthew 18:6 – “if anyman causes one of these my little ones to sin, better for that man that a millstone be fastened around his neck and he be thrown into the sea.”. Those are Christ’s words. no wonder we have a pandemic!

      1. I can’t wait. And the lawd has created all things, including easy to compete with and destroy simpletons, who look at 5000 year old writings done by lice infested sheperds that were called melameds, distorted into mohamed by southern desert tribes. Said writings have been translated multiple times, creating hilarious distortions that some take at face value. In the years, the moldy distorted writings became holy scriptures. Some people need crutches to survive, be they political, bullyful, social or religious. Fragile people need padding, not unlike the football players all padded up and helmeted.

        1. Your opinion, which you are of course entitled to , has been made to sound very believable. How do you explain the brimstone found recently in that area when it is not at all supposed to be there? Science is science my friend. Whenever God does something it is for a reason, not for just a light show. Got took the righteous family out before the destruction, had there been more, He surely would have taken more. The Bi le says the wages of sin are death. Just because we like to do certain things doesn’t make it okay to do them. If you are living in sin, then take this as a friendly warning that you don’t have to live that way. If you love your sin and don’t want to stop whatever it is you are doing, then be prepared to pay the price for your sins, just know you don’t have to. It’s your choice. Now, isn’t that liberating.

  1. All the evidence in the world and of History will not change anyone’s mind. People want to believe in whatever they want. We all have free will and will be held accountable, if not in this world the next. That is one thing every person on the planet agrees on, that one day every person will die. So every person must choose for themselves and what happens after death is by their own choice.

    1. The Bible just states the truth. You can believe it or not – your choice. But where you go after death you will have no say; God has the final word there. Check out His word.

    2. It has happened before and it will happen again. One thing is for sure, man forgets too much too soon. It is one constant throughout history. Along with arrogance and excessive pride, man is his own worst enemy. He just won’t listen to common sense and the real truth, instead of made up garbage. Vanity, vanity,………..

  2. Anytime people have actually taken the time to actually look at what the Bible states happens they prove the Bible is accurate. Some Dieticians back in late 1990s/early 2000 took a serious look at the Biblical diet and found it was the healthiest diet a person could follow. I suspect a lot of people don’t like these inconvenient facts and reality.

  3. A lot of people today don’t believe in the Bible, they don’t understand that that is exactly what Satan wants and he is collecting a lot of souls, one day he will close the cage on these peoples souls and they will be stuck for eternity with Satan, better them than me. Everything in the Bible is following threw, and I do believe the lord will be down here soon. I believe in the lord, and have total faith in him, and he is very good to me.

  4. GOD is going to allow the SUN to destroy All Life on Earth. The Earth will be Cleansed..Sanitized..Purified from All SIN. This was predestined since the Beginning of time. GOD looked into the future…and he didn’t like What he saw. He is going to Make All thing NEW.Jerusalem and the Promised Land be long to ISRAEL..For ever.The Good Angels are going to rescue the Good People of the Earth. The Good People have an identifying mark on them …so the Angels know who to rescue. GOD has been getting things taken care for many Years on Planet Earth and Out in the Galaxy. The Demons and Fallen Angels are being Captured and Imprisoned. The battle between Good and Evil began in the Year 1990. GOD has gathered together reinforcements.From the Real SamuraiQueen..!minister of Good Deeds..GOD’S Adopted Daughter. One title I was born with..the other two..GOD gave me.

  5. There is some form of a supreme ruler (A Godlike figure or entity of sorts) in which mankind believes to be a fact through all of the various religious interpretations. I suppose this to be true in that I believe in my “Born into” Roman Catholic experience. I pray, like a believer, although my reason concerns my theory that we are all part of an energy that can influence certain happenings if we all pray together for the same purpose, at the same time. I believe this to be as normal a belief as anything religion has to offer. Religions have given a great deal to mankind and also imposed horrible penalties such as the “Witch” trials and, of course, the “Inquisition”. I don’t know what, if anything was Godly regarding them. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ because they are good and deserving in spreading love, kindness, patience and also the commandments given to Moses that are certainly worth following. The masses are in need of “Organized Religion” unlike those of us who use love for our fellow man and common sense by which to live!

    1. Sorry but I so consider your comments sad. Your stated belief about Jesus’ act of spreading love, kindness and patience as good are correct for that He indeed did do. However, your biblical logic is flawed much like that of many in the world including Muslims. Why, because your comments are not in unison with Holy scripture. Holy scripture beginning with Genesis and through Revelations is about God’s plan of redemption for the sins of all mankind, past, present and future. Jesus’ willingly shed blood as a sacrificial atonement for all mankind. From that act and acceptance is man made good in the site of God. Scripture clearly reveals this through His word. Satan deceives many into thinking that good deeds and being kind and showing patience will be pleasing to God as a way of redemption. Satan’ plan are always backwards to God’ plan. Redemption comes first through faith and kindness and attributes of good will flow from a redeemed heart. Not the other way around.

    2. Like you, I was raised a Roman Catholic but only later in my adult life when I was called to Scripture did I realize that important “pieces” were missing in my understanding of God from my catholic upbringing. It is a mistake to confuse religion with Faith. Religions, especially the Roman Catholic church, are the constructs of mankind’s failed or incomplete understanding. Individuals dear to me have taken bits and pieces and created their own narrative. Some even use the narrative they’ve created to “justify” their lack of belief. The greatest gift I’ve ever received in my lifetime was God’s Word. We’ve been given the complete story, the inspired Word of God, yet many have formed “opinions” without having even read the Bible. Without sounding like I’m preaching, I hope that you will not cheat yourself of this experience but it requires a commitment to read every single word of it, not just the pieces that support the narrative we’ve created for ourselves or the pieces we find “good and deserving”. Jesus was emphatic and quite clear: “no one comes to the father except through me”. this requires us to accept ALL that we are taught in Scripture, not just what we believe is “good and deserving” based upon some value system we have created. what the Father expects of us is not ambiguous or customizable.

      1. scriverdog – ah sorry, but the Roman Catholic Church prayfully with the guidance of the Holy Spirit assembled the books of the Holy Bible. The Church came BEFORE the bible. Why don’t you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church? I bet you haven’t. I’ll bet you don’t really know much about Catholicism. Please take the time to learn. I would die if I couldn’t receive the Holy Eucharist and the only Church that has this wonderful sacrament is the Roman Catholic Church. That is one reason Satan goes after the Catholic Church and performs satanic masses using stolen Holy Eucharists. It is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. God bless you!

  6. I for one believe that there can not be a GOD. No God could stand by & see the devastation that man has done to others. I served in Nam after college as a corpsman 1st class on the DMZ & gave medical treatment to all American services & our allies. I was wounded twice & in the hosp. for over 3 years & 57 surgeries & weighed 118 lbs. at over 6′ 3″ tall when I got out. I saw what the Viet Cong did to their own people, women, raped & tortured & if they were lucky killed, then there was the children that they raped & finally cut their heads off. No GOD could allow this, ever & this has been going on through out the ages. I will never believe that a benevolent superior being would allow this to happen.

    1. He might allow it because we need to be free to make really stupid choices. The kids and other victims will be welcomed back to the father’s presence. They have it made; unlike us poor saps that have to work it out ourselves.

    2. God did not allow what you described. Man allowed this through failure to take God at His Word and act on it. Horrible events is a spinoff of rejecting God and man allowing Satan to have preference in ones life.

    3. @Philly Assassin – I see that it’s easier to focus on the horrific ways in which man has inflicted pain and suffering on our fellow man. Yet, God, Creator of heaven and earth and every thing and every one, did not create us as robots, but in His image as spiritual beings with free will. We chose to love Him and one another, or hate Him and other people. Why He choses to allow such evil to exist is a mystery, but all this evil doesn’t diminish His love for us and the salvation He offers through faith in His Son Christ Jesus. We all want answers to the questions you pose. Seek Him and you will find grace, love, and peace. But evil will still exist in this world.

    4. Philly:
      Would you be willing to give up your Free Will and let someone else control your mind and all of your actions for the rest of your life.

      1. Yes, it is called.

        – social media – for mind control and influencing
        – Marketing – for actions and decision-making

    5. God didn’t allow it, per se. He made everything perfect for Adam and Eve. They screwed up first. They temporarily rejected God and his order to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Every time someone sins, any sin big or small, they reject God and his teachings, however temporarily.

      Incidentally, while you were in Vietnam or shortly after you returned, Watergate happened. Charles Colson said that Watergate taught him that Jesus’ ministry and the rest of the Bible is absolutely true. Jesus’ 12 disciples never once questioned him (though Thomas did chicken out 3 times when someone asked him). Even when they were eventually persecuted and murdered, they did not not reject him. Nixon’s 12 men couldn’t keep a secret for 3 weeks. That’s the problem with conspiracies (as Rush Limbaugh likes to say). Eventually someone who is involved talks, or a loved one or friend who hears about it second hand will tell someone else and everyone else will start asking questions.

    6. Maybe God is evil. In that case everything good that happens proves there is no God. Everything that is evil would prove there is a God. My point, whether good or evil happens does not prove whether there is a God or not. The Bible teaches that because there is sin because of Adam’s fall and we inherited a sin nature, and do evil of our own accord, people suffer. This means the evil seems to win over good in this life and innocents suffer. Certainly the experience you had in Viet Nam proves how cruel man can be. Certainly the Viet Cong had no fear of God and behaved as such. Also, much evil has been done by religious people in the name of God. Christianity is trusting Jesus as your Savior for your sin. Then the New testament tells us to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself. If people did this how much better the world would be. hope this helps you.

    7. Thank you for your service! Thank you for trying to save our wounded! You are one of our unsung heroes. You were in an awful war. You were in a political was. This was the problem. If the war had been fought like World War II, a lot of what you described would not have happened. When war is slowed for political purposes and the enemy given a refuge (areas declared off limits), terrible awful things happen to scare the population to one side or the other. It should have been fought hard and fast and the North bombed back to the stoneage. Instead it was fought to stalemate the other side and force them by attrition to the negotiating table. As you know, this was a faulty strategy because of their Chinese and Russian support. .

      As you know, the Navy just confirmed the existence of UFO’s. No doubt this technology guided the asteroid described above to destroy these evil cities. We are being watched and our history guided as described in the Bible. The Bible says there will be constant wars and rumors of war so it will be. Wars are gruesome. But since GOD gave men unrestricted free will, evil will dominate. If you have read about the Battle of Armeggeton, this will be an atomic war with men evaporating on the battlefield. It will be horrible. But I don’t think American or British troops will be involved. But what the Bible says will come to pass. All prophesies in the Bible except the peace treaty have been fulfilled. So get ready for the Rapture so you can ask GOD your questions. He exists just like the unbelievable technology of these UFO’s exist. Watch for the signing of the Peace Treaty and be prepared to go in the Rapture just before or after this signing.

      Then if you think this world is bad now, just imagine what this world will be like after the restraining force of world-wide Christianity is gone. Remember GOD tells us how awful it will be in the Bible.

        1. Beatrice I would like to disagree . The word in English is not in the Bible but in 1 Thessalonians ch 4 verse 17 it reads Caught Up . that and the verses around that are talking about the Rapture . You have to remember Our Bible is interrupted from Greek . The old Test from Hebrew . It takes some study . Also in Revelation in the day of the Lord . GOD Bless President Trump and His Family and All who support Him .

    8. My heart ached when I read the pain of your message. I pray that you may achieve some relief from the memories and pain that follow you. if you have not read the Bible, I hope that you will consider doing so. But this requires a commitment to read it cover to cover. The evil you describe in your experiences in Southeast Asia are in fact the consequence of Adam and Eve’s banishment from the garden of Eden. The violence you describe has been with us since Cain killed Abel. The greatest gift that God gave to mankind is free will, the opportunity to choose. Some I know refuse to believe in God because there are rules and consequences, meaning their is accountability for the choices we make, either in this life or on judgment day. You claim that “there cannot be a God” because of your experiences. God didn’t produce the violence you experienced. that is the evil that lurks in the hearts of all mankind and that evil is as abhorrent to God as it is to you. Each of us is a sinner, some worse than others, but salvation only comes from Christ Jesus. I hope that you not cheat yourself of the Bible, but this means reading every single word of it, especially the last book Revelation (no cheating-you can’t appreciate the ending without reading all of the preceding books). I was called to Scripture much later in life, my greatest regret. Today, I refuse to start my day without my quiet time with my Bible. You will learn that the violence you experienced, and the evil in the headlines each and every day, will be defeated.

    9. You’re wrong! God gave each of us free will to choose our lives’ paths, and until the 2nd advent, He will not cross anyone”s free will choice,even to save an innocent, or the very chooser’s own soul; that doesn’t mean He doesn’t know, or care! He keeps very accurate records, in the Book of Life… He allowed angels to choose evil, just as He has allowed humans to do. But when Jesus returns, the accounting for all those evils and far worse that humans and angels alike have committed will begin, and all the evidence tells us that time is drawing very close now; much closer than most imagine.

    10. Your perspective is limited. First, God has said that “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Think of this. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to show that, though innocent, He was willing to be a part of our suffering. Now, even if you live to be 100 years old with as much suffering packed into it as God is going to allow for you, do you really think that that can compare to eternity with Him and your loved ones in perfect peace and joy? After a thousands years in His Kingdom do you think that you would look back and say “Well what but that 100 years?” Again your perspective is only based upon the here and now. So you don’t have full understanding. That’s where faith comes in. And trust. With these eternal gifts you can have the surety that God doesn’t lie and that His plan for you is good and perfect. And for others who accept it. How much suffering would you be willing to go through to be with Him? How much suffering do you think that He did for you? But the hardest thing is to watch others suffer. But that too will end. The question is, are you a part of the solution by believing in Him, or are you going to give in to what your world perspective seems to be at the time? Again consider the perspective of what is now that you see and what God has promised that you can’t see. Without that vision you’ll go through suffering without understanding that the greatest thing that you can lose is hope. If you don’t have hope, you can’t give it to others. The world doesn’t have hope. If you’re looking to find it there, you’re looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking to find it in your own reasoning it won’t be there either. By the way, when people die do you know where their souls go? Because a physical body is taken away, isn’t it just your assumption that those slain won’t receive a better body? Or be in a better place? It’s okay to question God’s purposes. Abraham did. But at some point you have to say, I trust You Lord, because You know better than I do. Abraham did that too. Again, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t have hope, how can you give any to your loved ones?

    11. Philly Assassin – come on, God gave us all a “free will”. Now we can do what is right Accor ding to his words, or we can do wrong. We will all stand before him one day & be held accountable for our right or wrong decisions. If u would take some time to get into what the Bible says, you can understand it better

    12. Philly Assassin, there is TO a God & HE is everywhere all the time and will be forever. There is NO evil, THAT is true. All error is a figament of our imaginations. God is good, He Guides, Guards, and Governs all of us. If we have TRUE belief in Him he also will Heal us because we know nothing but Good, so we reject evil & don’t allow it in our life, hence any form of something bad from diseases to mere scraps do not bother us or even show up on us because all we accept in life on earth is Good from God, so no form of error can enter our life that is harmful.

      1. You are a dreamer. I believe in God, but evil exists. Satan exists. Choose to do the will of God. Jesus suffered for us and we may get suffering, but we can offer it up for ourselves and others. My MS pain is real. I know that Jesus walks with me and I do what I can to pray and help others.

        I hate to tell you, but scrapes and diseases do show up on people whether they live a good life or not. People in pain have good days and not so good days. I don’t know where you are or what you are taking, but if works for you, that’s great.

  7. somebody figure out how Lot’s wife was turned into a salt pillar just by looking the wrong direction???? 😉

    1. Sodom/ Gomorrah were located close to the Dead Sea, the waters of that lake have an unusually high salt content. The meteor , which destroyed both cities , came in at an angle that forced water out of the Dead Sea onto the surrounding area , made the ground infertile ( have you ever killed weeds with salt water ?!!) for decades to come and covered Lot’s wife . The heat evaporated the water, leaving her covered in SALT ,

  8. For thoughts who think the bible is a book of fables and fairy stories, think again. Every word is a historical account of Gds great power

  9. A good Bible for showing the evidence of what the Bible says happened is the Schofield Reference Bible. In the footnotes on almost every page they tell where they found scrolls and things that verify Biblical events.

  10. Come on people, your not stupid, someone had to create this world, the sun, moon, stars, wind, rain.
    Everything had to be created by someone. How stupid of you to think we evolved from a fish to a
    monkey to a ape and then to a man. If any of this was true then please explain to me how a fish became a monkey, live out of water and completely changed. I believe in the Bible, God and the Lord Jesus Christ and
    all of God’s creation. If I have believed right I shall gain life eternal. If I have believed wrong I have lost nothing. God has proven himself to me time and time again in ways that mankind could never do.
    Wake up, the signs in the Bible are starting to come to pass one right after the other. Satan thought he could over through God and look what happened – I guess that’s why you are a unbeliever, ruled by Satan.

  11. gods will . that’s what that was , and will be again when he is ready to set order to the world again . he only made 2 genders not 96 as the left wants us to be live . think hard on which side of the fence you want to stand on .

  12. Martha You are Right . We can only inform , because of Free Will its up to each one to hear believe and receive the good news . If we came from monkeys , why are there still monkeys ? Our universe was by design . The chances of our solar system forming just right to sustain life out of chance are to great to measure . It was by design . By GOD the Father , Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirt . Thats what I believe . If You don’t , that’s ok . But if Im right and Your wrong it will be bad . If Im wrong , I tried to live a good life , helped others and then I die . its kind of a win win for me . GOD Bless President Trump and His Family and All who support Him .

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