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Will Seniors be Able to Survive a 2020 Democratic Victory?

Democrats running in the 2020 elections, both federal and state, are using an age-old ploy of promising everything possible to voters in hopes that they will be gullible enough to believe them. Over the centuries, this lying ploy has worked far too many times and each time it works, the voters who fell for the bait are the ones who ended up paying the price for the lies.

This year, Democrats are promising free healthcare, free tuition and more. Some Democratic candidates are promising a guaranteed income for millions of low-income families. Then when asked how they intend to pay for all of these free things and the guaranteed incomes, they say they will get the money from corporations and from the wealthy and then may have to raise taxes, but only if necessary.

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Don’t forget that they all promise to undo the Trump’s tax cuts, will automatically raise taxes for everyone and end up costing millions of jobs and the loss of homes and more.

But how will all of this impact seniors? After all, couldn’t seniors use free healthcare, including pre-existing conditions?

Let’s start with what Obamacare did for many seniors. At the advent of the implementation of Obamacare, I wrote that it was the healthcare of death for many seniors and those with serious illnesses and conditions. To begin with, Obamacare established strict guidelines for the treatment of many illnesses and health conditions and according to what a number of doctors have written and shared with me, those restrictions will end up killing many older folks by limiting what doctors can do.

Obamacare also changed the tiered prescription coverage, placing many vitally needed prescriptions in the highest tier of not covered at all. That meant that the price of some prescriptions that many seniors need to survive would be priced so high that they can’t afford them. That means that more seniors and those with certain conditions and illnesses would die sooner, thanks to socialist healthcare.

This is the same healthcare that many Democrats are promising for America if they gain control of the nation.

Barack Obama and Democrats promised not to raise taxes and yet there were about 20 different taxes hidden within the over 2000 pages of the Affordable Care Act. Many of those taxes were placed on medical devices that many seniors rely on. The taxes were placed on the manufacturers who in turn are forced to pass the cost of the taxes on to those who purchase the medical devices. Yes, many of these devices are covered by insurance, but then insurance companies were forced to raise their premiums to cover the costs.

As for pre-existing conditions, Obamacare coverage for such had astronomically high premium costs. If Democrats are promising free coverage for pre-existing conditions, that means that taxes will soar just to help pay for them.

Democrats also want to open up the borders and continue to give away billions of dollars’ worth of benefits to illegal aliens.

The bottom line is the free healthcare will cost seniors many dollars in taxes, that is, those who survive the socialist hierarchy of socialist healthcare. They will also be on the hook to help pay for the free tuition for everyone. Imagine the financial hardship that millions of seniors will face if Democrats win in 2020. Also, imagine how many won’t survive long enough to face the financial hardships created by the Democrats.

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  1. After watching President Trump on Tuesday night, I am convinced that the Democrats are out to totally destroy the America that I grew up in.
    Then to watch Nancy Pelosi destroy her copy of his speech makes me wonder where she parks near broom.

  2. I am glad that someone out their is watching out for the common folks here in the USA. I know that I have responded, many times with similar information in other replies. The costs were doubled for me after Obama care was passed. I am one of the lucky ones, that has good coverage from my employer, even though I’m retired. Most people are not covered though and I see the troubles they have getting proper medical coverage. I have family members that have these problems. I try to help them whenever I can, we live on a budget too.

  3. Nothing is free and these gullible people need to realize that. Taxes will have to increase dramatically but we all know it won’t be those of the rich and businesses. It will be for those who are having a hard time making it now. Meaning the poor. The seniors paid for their medicare and the rest should have to pay for theirs too. Free college? Free for those too lazy to work. We have career students now. It will only get worse if they can get money without working and get their tuition paid for also. This is a completely idiotic idea.

    • These Democratic hopefuls want to give away the world so they can get elected. If people are so gullible to believe, they will pay for it in the long run, they better smarten up REAL quick.

  4. Shows how desperate some people are . They fall for the easy way out . Nothing is free … nothing . Everything has a price to be payed for it . The democrats don’t care about the people . They already proved that . After spending 57 millon trying to impeach trump instead of using that money to help the people of our country shows where their priorities are at . It’s all about the power to control the sad people who vote for them based on the lies they tell them to belive . Wake up people befor it’s to late .

    • The money the Democrats spent and the salery they collected while NOT doing thier jobs trying to railroad our President should be paid back. If we were to ask our respective employers to pay us while engaged in a personal vendetta, what do you think thier response would be ? Our tax dollars should not be thier personal play money.

  5. Socialism works great. Watch North Korea, Cuba, Byelorussia and Venezuela. The Soviet Union took almost 70 years to collapse, and it did, bankrupt.

  6. If socialism prevails in 2020,the first thing to go will be your bank account,then your real estate,then your weapons,and at that point,you be at the mercy of thier every whim .heed the warning.this is not a far fetched pipe dream .

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