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5G Streetlight Kills Half Of Tree Near It

I just watched a video that’s a real wake-up call about the clear and present dangers of 5G radiation, the darling technology of the major telephony companies that provide telephone and internet services. European opposition to the bandwidth expansion makes a lot more sense now.

As the video opens, we see a lush green lawn and a tree further back near a two-story building, separated by a hedge. The man behind the camera lens whose exact location is never identified, says in a thick British brogue:

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“We have a tree here. Not a very good looking tree. All the bark’s falling off – all on the left-hand side.”

As the man pats bare wood on the left side of the tree, it is obvious that this tree has a problem.

The videographer walks to the right side of the tree where the bark is seamless and perfect. The camera pans up to the foliage above which is green, leafy, and apparently quite healthy:

“Look at the fluff. Look at the bushes. Look at the green bushes. Very nice.”

Sweeping the camera to the left side of the tree’s top branches, the change is startling. From the midline of the trunk, all the branches are completely bare of leaves and bark is peeling off them. The man says baldly:

“Dead. You know why? Because that’s right next to it.”

The camera has zeroed in on a streetlight alleged to be a 5G transmitter.

Stepping back to get a longer view, the man asks if you have ever seen anything like this – a tree half dead with the tips of some of its branches only a few feet away – in your life? My honest answer is no, sir.

“You’ve got a light right there with a transmitter on the top.”

The man challenged viewers to explain how the right-hand side of the tree that isn’t next to the transmitter, growing away from it, is okay but the other side, extending toward the streetlight, is dead or dying.

“These 5G transmitters are lethal. If that’s what it’s doing to a tree, think about what these are doing to our health. Just think about that for a minute.”

While tree rot or wildlife could be to blame for the poor tree in the anonymous video, Mark Steele of Gateshead in northern England believes that 5G LED streetlights installed in his neighborhood for testing in May 2018 started causing nosebleeds, insomnia, cancer, mental health issues, and possibly even birth defects.

According to Steele, bombardment by 5G radiation emitted from the street lamps and the towers that control the wireless communications used to operate them are responsible:

“We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows. It’s a humanitarian crisis.”

The Gateshead Council denies using 5G in the local lights.

Steele is a member of the professional association IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) whose objectives are the educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering, and allied disciplines. He claims his personal equipment shows that the local transmitters operate between 868–870 MHz, proving the local government is lying about the streetlight radiation emissions.

Across the Big Pond, in July 2016, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to green-light the development of untested 5G energy by mega-corporations accountable to stakeholders for their profits and losses and a secondary regard for human health and safety. The FCC voted to open up the high-frequency spectrum above 24 GHz (gigahertz) to help carriers create 5G networks that would be faster than existing 4G ones.

Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, explained that the American agency in charge of radio and television transmissions wanted to “turn loose the incredible innovators of this country,” and revealed the new regulations:

“These new rules open up nearly 11GHz of high-frequency spectrum for flexible, mobile, and fixed use wireless broadband—3.85GHz of licensed spectrum and 7GHz of unlicensed spectrum.”

The new FCC rules did not specify what technologies the telco industry would, could or should use to make the dream of 5G blanketing the earth a reality. Then – and now – there were – and are – still no federal provisions for 5G safety standards or how to test for them.

Despite warnings from scientists and citizens that 5G packs a powerful dose of potentially lethal radio frequency (RF) radiation, the telcos are determined to have their way.

The telcos say they want 5G to make our lives better. But tales of adverse effects of this untested technology have fallen on deaf ears as the industry desire to make every device in the world interconnected through “smart” (internet-capable) technology powered by radiation so strong it could easily be weaponized.

The unrelenting push toward 5G is disturbing because, during the first half of 2018, more than half of U.S. households reported they had only wireless service.

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  1. Not only is it killing trees, I believe that it is the major cause of GLOBAL WARMING. If you stop and think about how many sound waves are going through the air, you cannot see it , feel it nor feel it, other than the so called GLOBAL WARMING. How many air ways are there? We never had this problem prior to all the electronic air waves that we have now. The friction of all the electronic waves has to contribute to the global warming.

  2. I am totally not surprised that the FCC has completely not regulated this new and untested boost in power.
    It is always about the bottom line – greed!
    It will take suffering of and even death of flora and fauna to make these giant corporations stop what they are doing!
    This comes as a shock to me as I have not really read up on 5G and I was under the (obviously wrong) impression that this would be a choice for the consumers. One can only hope and pray that 5G is stopped in its tracks and tested stringently before it is implemented all over the world.

    • Eileen, don’t be surprised. The FCC is very passive towards the large communications. A perfect example is how the FCC never, ever chastise nor penalize broadcasting stations for spewing fake news to the public over the airways.
      The FCC is resposible for issuing their broadcast license but it seems they issue the license then turn their heads and allow the license holder immunity from any type penalty. The public is helpless it seems.

  3. Robert Wilkinson

    We have just heard from someone that the 5 g technology is the cause of the co vid virus. It is questionable because we are electrical beings

  4. Unfortunately the false god of technology is being worshipped more and more— and false worship always brings curses and death….All of this is leading to the Mark of the Beast that is not a fairytale….Only Jesus can save us now!!!! Pray that others will heed the warning

  5. I read the military is concerned as they said 5 G is military weapons. They did not think it should be used outside of the military.

  6. ‘5G’ has been used by the military for decades…against ENEMIES because it causes delirium, dizziness and brain damage.

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