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America’s #1 Futurist George Issues Shocking Prediction

“This tiny piece of plastic will transform our world forever, Mr. President”   

That is what George Gilder said as he handed Ronald Reagan the first silicon microchip the President had ever seen.

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At the time, most people said he was crazy. Computers weren’t even a thing…

But today we know that George’s prediction came true — in explosive fashion.

The microchip has gone on to generate trillions in profits and power the greatest economic explosion in the history of the human race.

It was even voted by CNN to be the most important invention of all time, decades after his prediction!

But for George Gilder, the rise of the computing era was just one of many accurate predictions he made over his 53-year career.

To the surprise of many, George has consistently seen the future.

It’s earned him the nicknames of “The Technology Prophet”, “King George” and “The Greatest Stock Picker in The World”

During the 80’s, Reagan quoted George more than any other person on the planet.

During the tech boom of the 90’s, Wall Street analysts lined up to get George’s next stock pick.

And during the early 2000’s, he was the first to predict companies like Youtube, and Netflix would crack the media landscape to its core.

You see, George looks at the world through a different lens than most- and his predictions are rarely wrong.

His ability to see 3 steps ahead of even the biggest thinkers has cemented his status as America’s #1 futurist.

It has also established him as the advisor Silicon Valley and Wall Street heavyweights consult when they’re facing big problems.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, said this about George’s predictions:

“I listen very closely to what George has to say.”

And Ari Emmanuel, arguably the most powerful man in Hollywood, praised George’s forward-thinking by saying:

“The internet, mobile and streaming revolutions happened just as George predicted. Watching George’s predictions happen, living through them… I learned that the cycle of innovation doesn’t stop after TV. Surviving the next revolution means connecting the dots early.”

But 17 years ago, after a 3-decade long run, George mysteriously decided to hang up his hat.

And since then, he has remained largely out of the game. Happily resting in Cape Cod on the profits he made investing ahead of his accurate predictions over the years.

Until a few weeks ago, when George started to make some noise about a new prediction.

A technology revolution that’s been slowly building for 11 years…

And finally, the revolution has reached critical mass. It’s here.

According to George, this is a tsunami of change “so big it will shake our economy to the core.”

Now, he has mobilized to spread the word as far as possible, before it’s too late.

His goal- help Americans everywhere prepare for what’s about to come.

So he created a special brief with the details of his shocking prediction.

Inside, George breaks down the shocking revolution he sees coming and shows Americans how they can prepare.

Click To See Georges Shocking Prediction

Editor’s Note: Throughout his career, George has faced serious backlash when making bold predictions like this. Often times the media has gone as far as to slander him, simply to keep his predictions away from the hands of unknowing Americans. This is genuinely the most controversial prediction George has ever made, so I expect it will see a similar fate.

I can’t promise it will stay online much longer, so I’m urging you, please take a few minutes to see what George has to say. You won’t regret it.

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