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China Using American Media to Push Coronavirus Propaganda?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, society’s fears about the virus are being taken advantage of with the spread of myths, hoaxes and scams. Here are some of the worst misinformation and scams about the virus that you should keep an eye out for.

Another day, another dig.

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This time it’s from a prominent Chinese official who is using articles written by the American media to fuel Beijing’s propaganda machine as the tit-for-tat between the two superpowers escalated Monday over COVID-19‘s origin and which country’s lack of action is responsible for turning the novel coronavirus into a global pandemic.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted, “US CDC admitted some #COVID19 patients were misdiagnosed as flu during the 2019 flu season. 34 million infected & 20,000 died. If #COVID19 began last September, & the US has been lack of testability, how many people would have been infected? The US should find out when patient zero appeared.”

Zhao also retweeted a March 21 USA Today article that claims race and global health experts believe that describing COVID-19 as a “Chinese” virus exacerbates xenophobia and that President’s Trump’s repeated use of it, despite pressure from China to stop, only makes the situation worse as the bodies pile up worldwide.

Zhao tweeted or in some cases retweeted stories from The New York Times, The Washington Post and CBS News that have all reported on America’s response to the global crisis and Trump’s insistence that it’s China’s fault.

The war of words between the two governments has turned particularly dirty in recent days as China tries to reposition itself as a global leader and the U.S. struggles to find an effective way to muzzle the monster virus.

Trump, as well as other government officials in the U.S. State Department, have openly taunted China. They argue Beijing blocked news of the coronavirus for months, silencing doctors and critics whose early alarms could have saved thousands of lives.

The U.S. has also slammed the communist-run nation for trying to manipulate the narrative and grab the global spotlight as the only nation that is prepared to provide humanitarian relief to the other hard-hit COVID-19 countries.

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  1. Michael O'Connor

    Why did no one get upset when they called it the Asian Flu??? What the hell is going on, time to shut down the News Media. If these bastard were in China they would all be dead.

    • Yes China is using the fake media to share China lies About the Coronavirus!! The media, China and the demonratts are all preaching the sameness!! How strange is that!! But all Americans believe in our President and what he is doing!! A great job!! God bless our President and God bless America!!

  2. Reporting on this Covid-19 has been erratic, even at odds in that infection/deaths are low in So. Korean yet so high in Italy, likely poorly reported or censored in China & alarmingly rising in these USA & parts of EU. Africa, So. America & less travelled Australia have lower afflictions. Fortunately, possible prophylaxis & cures are being cooperatively propounded to stem this current scourge & should be conquered soonest.

    • Don’t forget, the Chinese New Silk Road total massive infrastructure Programme, which Italy signed up to over a year ago, is being constructed almost exclusively by CHINESE IMMIGRANT LABOUR.
      Remembering that this Virus began IN NOVEMBER but was not disclosed to the rest of the world months later, this gave ample time for the Chinese migrant workers WITH LARGE CLOSE KNIT FAMILIES, to get to China for their holidays, and breaks, and then return to Italy with the Italian equally LARGE CLOSE KNIT FAMILIES, with the result that the deadly spread was exacerbated by the inter reaction of those lower-paid workers.
      Of course added to this is the fact that the air pollution in both China and Northern Italy is DEADLY and loaded with all manner of toxcitity.
      AND TGERE YOU HAVE IT……..as the man said…..pick the bonesnout of THAt!

  3. the USA’s OWN MEDIA is also pushing Corona virus propaganda as long as it reflects poorly on Trump……….no surprise there

  4. We pray for these people. May God be merciful. We need God to interfere in all this.we are not in control but God is. We trust in Him for an answer.

  5. Elizabeth Estrada

    The Chinese continue to eat exotic meats forbidden by GOD. They harvest animal parts..RHINO Horns..TIGER and LION Parts etc etc How many CHRISTIANS have been KILLED in CHINA???? Americans have lost their jobs to CHINA. Chinese Food is Great as long as it doesn’t have the exotic meat in it. FIREWORKS and other Chinese Inventions have benefited People. YES People around the World are ANGRY and TERRIFIED and their going to PIN LABELS on People. My People were called JAPS for a long time. 2 American Boys threw STONES at me and I had to keep my mouth opened for a WK..so I could breathe. Most People have been to Hell and Back. Every Person is Valuable no matter what Race or where their from. I have Forgiven the 2 Boys who hurt me. TO FORGIVE is DIVINE. From Samurai Queen…Minister of Good Deeds..GOD’S Adopted DAUGHTER..One TITLE I was born with…the other two…GOD gave me.

  6. I hold no ill will toward any of the Asian peoples. People all over the world, no matter the race or country, desire similar things. We all really want to live in peace with a modicum of comfort in a secure world. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people in this world that just desire control and power. There are also those in power that thrive on unfounded hate. We see this in our own country with Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Schumer etc. As examples of hate without justification. I pray for all the sick, no matter where you live, fiend or for. May God bless all people and keep you safe.


  8. I completed the “required” fields. I do not have a website. Is that required to reply to a comment, or am I being censored? Have you ever heard of the FIRST AMENDMENT?

  9. The democrats have spread this anti-American propaganda. They will stop at nothing to try and hurt Trump. In a time of crises they are using it for political gain. The Chinese Americans are very hard workers but this is about the China’s propaganda to blame the U.S. The virus came from China therefore it’s a China virus. Nothing racial about it. Only the democrats think everything is racial. If this doesn’t prove to Americans how power hungry they are when they agree with everyone who is a terrorist or a dictator who suppresses their own people just like they want to do to us. Funny thing is we pay them for it! Vote the aholes out!

  10. China hates us. We know that. And the only way it can get to us and try to defeat us, is to get this plague going. The Chinese communists succeeded in spreading their new kind of warfare into the Western world. Chinese soldiers would never win in battle (they never did) and this COVID 19 was a great idea. Their virus is doing what their bullets couldn’t. We’ll have to deal with them later, though. And I know they will pay dearly! Because Trump is the guy to do it!!

  11. Awaiting moderation? By whom? Oh, I get it. If I don’t express your ideas, I’m scrubbed.
    Pulse Daily News? I’ll remember that if my post is lost.

  12. Yes you’re right we all need God and prayers this will be the only thing to solve the proble

  13. From the headline to the comments, it comes no surprise to me how uneducated and ignorant some of these people are.
    I recommend fact finding not based on discrimination/bigotry – but THE TRUTH – Nevertheless, I do think this is a big ask as I said earlier that most of these people are baseless, uneducated, ignorant and just accept whatever the media was thrown/ fed to them!
    May your God bless you all with a better and not a pea brain!

  14. Illinois is such is a damnocratic state jb the fucking asshole of disasters decide to closing everything while everyone is forced to stay home well everything should be open president trump is working Getting everyone back to work and getting life normal again fuck the damnocrate.

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