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Could Black & Hispanic Americans Re-Elect Trump?

For a number of years, black Americans have helped elect many Democrats to federal offices and the White House, but I’ve never understood why.

It was the Republican Party that ended slavery. It was the Republican Party that gave freed black slaves citizenship and the right to vote. It was the Republican Party that worked to end segregation.

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It was the Democratic Party that ripped America apart and fought for the right to enslave black people. It was the Democratic Party that opposed giving blacks citizenship and the right to vote. It was the Democratic Party that worked to keep segregation.

So why do so many black Americans vote for Democrats?

In 2008, it was black Americans who were largely responsible for electing Barack Obama, claiming he was America’s first black president, even though Obama claimed to be half white. It was ironic and typical that during his 2008 campaign, Obama claimed his campaign had nothing to do with race and yet once elected, he made it known it was all about race.

During his 2008, Obama promised to work to make things better for black Americans. He promised to help them get more jobs and lower the black unemployment rate. Obama promised to help reduce black poverty and crime among black Americans.

During Obama’s first term in office, black unemployment rose. More black Americans joined the ranks of poverty and the crime rates in many black neighborhoods got worse, and yet, the majority of black American voters helped to re-elect Obama in 2012. Again, his re-election was based more on the color of his skin than what he did for black Americans.

During Obama’s second term in office, conditions for millions of black Americans never improved, despite the promises that Obama continued to make to them.

During his 2016 campaign, Donald Trump promised to create more jobs for all Americans, including black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women. He promised to put more money in paychecks and to help many get out of poverty.

In the three years that Trump has been in office, unemployment for black Americans, as well as for Hispanics and women, are at record lows. More black Americans are working and they are bringing home more of their paychecks than they have under the Democrats. This is also helping many black Americans and Hispanics to climb out of poverty and begin to provide for themselves and their families.

Obama NEVER kept his promise to black Americans, Hispanic Americans or women and yet they continued to vote for him.

Trump HAS kept his promise to black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and women. The question is, will they reward Trump for doing what Obama and Democrats refused to do? If so, then black Americans, Hispanic Americans and women voters could and should play a key role in re-electing President Donald Trump.

If they don’t, they’ll find out too that everything Trump has done to help them will quickly disappear and they’ll see their unemployment and poverty level figures begin to climb as they did under Obama.

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  1. Go TRUMP Go…Go ..Go..Go…TouchDOwn!!!! It’s called TRUMP Power and he’s got it. GOD’s Blessing and my blessing are with President Trump.From! SamuraiQueen…!minister of Good Deeds..GOD’S Adopted Daughter.

    • Re “Post Civil War Reconstruction Period”.
      Verification is required.
      The Reconstruction period is where there were opposing political parties in which conflict was dangerous. The far left created crimes which prevailed as late as the 1900s.
      The left created the Ku Klux Klan.
      Leftists murdered blacks and REPUBLICANS.

    • One important thing Mr. Trump has shown me is that he is probably the most unbiased president I can remember, and I’m pretty old. He is genuinely concerned for all Americans no matter color, gender, creed or race. The man is a true patriot and at this time I am grateful that he is our president.

      • I agree 100%. This man is for all Americans. You may not like how he says things but you know where he stands and makes no bones about it. It’s great to have someone in our house who doesn’t blow smoke up your butt.

        • Amen! Absolutely true! I think (or certainly hope) that is the reason Trump will prevail in 2020. In 2016, even those who voted for him were embarrassed to admit it. My observation is that now, conservatives everywhere have appreciated and even admired the way he’s gotten things done, in spite of the Demorrhoids persistent Best Efforts to stymie him at every turn.

  2. Pres. Trump is POTUS for most Americans inclusive of all races, economic classes, genders, some religions & political persuasions still tirelessly working to improve lives, jobs, wages, manufacturing, trade, economy, consumer confidence, national pride & international prestige.

  3. SouthernPatriot

    Hispanics and blacks will vote for Trump in much much greater numbers because most agree with his positions and policies.

    America’s patriots will help to re-elect him as we helped to elect him in 2016 by praying fervently and participating–volunteering to campaign, be poll watchers, and transport like-minded voters to vote.

  4. Unfortunately, emotion plays a larger role in elections than does reason based on facts. There is a great deal of visceral hatred for Trump, perpetrated by the dominant news media, including newspapers and television.
    The usual treatment of news is based on “all the news that fits the agenda”; i.e. selective reporting. Also in common use is the biased selection of adjectives for persons in the news.

  5. You are a greasy bigot liar and a Cointelpro operative at best.
    As is the frothing bigot Betty comment crew that supports you.
    William Ellis:
    “The far left created crimes that prevailed as late as the 1900s.”
    When you read filth like this, even a retard knows that Cointelpro has been hard at work conjuring up toxic garbage for blind consumption by feeble minded racist baboons.

    There was no “far left” in 1866.

    Millions of slaves weren’t actually freed until the Union Army swept through town.

    Southern states at the end of the Civil War immediately implemented Black Codes that were slavery lite, making it legal for any filthy white savage to do anything they wanted anytime, anywhere, to any black person that they came across.

    The only terror in the south was the KKK (a rump terror apparatus funded and armed by a rump terror state) and fellow travelers.

    These craven cowardly white savages beat, tortured, dismembered and murdered as many as 3,500 blacks/month all throughout reconstruction and into the turn of the century in a largely successful effort to violently suppress the black vote, which continued throughout the south right up until the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    Why do blacks vote democratic?
    The 1964 civil rights act.
    But then again, oily bigot liar that you are, you are already knew that.

    Why do whites vote republican?
    The 1964 civil rights act.
    But then again, you greasy lying racist jerk, you already knew that.

    Southern whites were so infuriated by the passage of the 1964 civil rights act at the signature of a democratic southern president that they moved en masse to the Republicans in hopes that they would overturn it.
    As they have voted for all but 8 elections since (52 years).
    The Republicans have made it their stated aim ever since 1964 to see to it that black people don’t vote. It is an ongoing part of their rabid racist agenda.
    Just like systematic lying, it is a part of your ongoing rabid racist agenda, too.
    You’ll delete this comment as soon as you read it.
    Doesn’t make you or any of your bubble brained chicken crap bigot Barbara pals any less prejudiced, creepy or craven.
    Have fun, losers.
    We’ll see how you do when trump cuts your food stamps and your welfare at the same time.
    Good luck with that.

    • Thank you, couldn’t have said it better myself. Everyone with an education knows, how the two parties reversed political views, the Republican Party was fiercely liberal in the mid 1850s, which suited the compassionate Abraham Lincoln, who favored more open immigration, opposed slavery, and called for more spending on public education. Let’s say he was more progressive. The Democrats were conservatives, dominated by the slave holding south, opposed any government action to help the less fortunate, or create jobs. A reversal began in 1896 when Democrats nominated William Bryan a liberal. The parties began to flip flop to what we have now. To say the Republicans of today are like the party of Lincoln is totally untrue! I’m sick of the moron in the White House spreading the same lies as this article!

  6. Feel sorry for you Adam. You are obviously a brain washed hater !

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