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If Biden Fades, Look for a Hillary Trump Rematch

It all makes perfect sense now…

Recently, Bill Clinton decided to emasculate himself in a new documentary – consequently just before the 2020 election – with his absurd excuse that his “anxieties” caused him to take advantage of a starry-eyed intern.

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In the upcoming Hulu documentary titled “Hillary,” the former president recounts his two-year affair with the then 22-year old Lewinsky — claiming his sexual obsession was “to manage my anxiety.”

The four-part documentary attempts to humanize these two sordid and unsavory characters, portraying themselves as two ordinary small-town individuals caught up in the cut-throat world of politics, where survival of the fittest comes at a price.

However award winning conservative columnist Michael Goodwin has another theory why Hillary refuses to simply go away, like other presidential candidates who’ve been beaten, and why Hillary keeps sounding off of on Sanders, with her eye towards unseating a confused Biden.

In that most political pundits now believe that frontrunner Joe may, in fact, be the Democratic nominee, unless he begins to forget he’s in a race for the presidency, which seems more likely every day, moreover what will happen if Trump destroys him, in their debates?

The New York Post columnist explains in his article titled “Democrats’ hunt for Trump slayer may lead to Hillary Clinton comeback,” predicts that Hillary is waiting in the wings to be drafted at the Democratic National Convention when Biden’s gaffes along with his mental instability becomes all too evident to the political establishment, and thus becomes toxic to mainstream voters.

The Fox News contributor recaps for his loyal readers the sudden rise of the Biden campaign after a dismal start in which all of the political pundits had written the former VP’s political obituary, only to be surprised by his sudden surge in South Carolina, and equally stunned by Sanders disappointing finish on Super Tuesday, along with the unexpected departure of both 2020 contenders Buttigieg and Klobuchar, throwing their support for Biden.

Goodwin writes: “So it’s all set. Biden will be the nominee and give the party a solid chance of scoring a November trifecta: beating President Trump, taking the Senate and holding the House.”

“Count me as skeptical. Instead of a smooth ride, it’s more likely that the Dems’ desperate search for a Trump slayer will hit more turbulence and an alternative to Biden still could be necessary.”

And that where the Clinton’s “makeover” comes in with their new tell-all “mea culpa” documentary, in which a remorseful President Clinton awakens a sleeping Hillary concerning the affair, at first denying it.

“I was just waking up … I was having a hard time processing and I said, ‘What are you talking about? What is this? What do you mean?’” Hillary, 72, recalled.

“He said, ‘There’s nothing to it. It’s not true. I may have been too nice to her, I may have paid her too much attention … but there was nothing.’”

“He was adamant, and he was convincing to me,” Hillary recalls.

The former first lady said she was convinced the accusation was made up, hearkening to her infamous allegations of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” out to get her and her husband.

The documentary was just released on Friday, to cleverly coincide with the Democratic primary, giving the Clintons valuable airtime. The promotion skillfully uses Hillary in a series of brief advertising spots, complete with a storyline for each part of the 4-part documentary, including massive slick promotions on the internet.

According to reviews, the duo inserts large doses of glamour and cultural seriousness, regarding the issue of feminism, despite Bill’s propensity for sexually abusing woman, throughout his career, and Hillary’s obvious lack of empathy concerning the woman he raped and assaulted.

What’s left if Biden should crash and burn, may be a repeat of 2016, with Hillary replaying her “damsel-in-distress” performance, and once again getting beaten.

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  1. The “Clinton Curse” is omnipresent.

  2. Hope to “h” the last line is EXACTLY what happens – whether Biden or “Hil,” they’ll be thoroughly trounced, maybe slink back to their respective caves, for the duration of time itself…Know who I’m voting for, and it is NOT any Dem…

  3. Killary does not have enough good judgment to stay out of politics and Obummer still trying to run DC. He did enough damaged when he was in office. She wasn’t any better in her position.

  4. Heaven forbid, if hillary runs. although I’d love to see her defeated AGAIN, and need to be carried out on a gurney.

    • The idea of avoiding a stressful primary campaign, Hillary Clinton will avoid the rigorous debates, travel, costs and time spent, by just being a spectator and developing an up to the minute strategy! While it seems unfair, unconventional, the hardest part of her plan was making JOE BIDEN play “the fall guy”. But, that’s been a lifetime role of JOE BIDEN. I’m certain that the CLINTON FOUNDATION will reward Uncle JOE $$$$$MILLIONS$$$$$, as he trudges the road of happy destiny!

    • Maybe she’ll collapse again.

  5. cheryl ann cantrell

    Wow, this is what my sister has been saying all along

  6. I think they may run Biden and use Hillary as his VP — so Biden can step aside and let Hillary be president by default.

  7. The ONLY good of this is if Hilnocchio or SOB Biden get in, then we can start impeachment processes. Just like the did to Trump. Yes, I call Biden SOB, because he can call people names at his rallies, poke people in chest, and threats to slap people. Can I say, if he would slap me, I would give him a knuckle sandwich, raming his false teeth down his throat. Hilinochio or Pissloosey can get his false teeth out his skivies. Then put in without washing them. If they can call us deplorables, SOBs, threat the public, them toshay. We can do the same. Otherwise you would be racist and discriminatory
    Lol. Enjoy. Tag…. your it.

    • KEITH, you are a brave man on line. We had a lot of your type in the Corps. I was Force Recon and we ate tough guys like you for sunrise chow. Grow up, join the service, get an education, vote with your ballot, not your mouth.

  8. She has to be on her way to jail


  10. clinton and the dnc and of course soros and his trained monkey boogerlips are all up to NO DAMN GOOD, and have been all along, the long line of want to be,s that have dropped out, (aka PAID OFF ) and right up here to the end , down to 2 INCOMPETENT COMMUNIST OLD FOOLS . And like they have said before, look at the end and see if see hitch hikes that last 3 or 4 months of the campaign. But who will be her running mate, I,am thinking another YES MASTER TYPE with their own secret agenda, Mrs boogerlips, a SALT and PEPPER team, and if they make it to the WH, see who is still standing at the end of the 1st 100 days. But to stop it, VOTE RED VOTE TRUMP MAGA.

  11. Maquata Whitfield

    Trump is a winner everyone remember all the lies she has told already just think of all the lies she will be telling you all the four years she would be in office she needs to be in prison not running for office she is unfit to be president our wonderful country will be flushed down the toilet if she becomes president

    • The treacherous commie rat bitch belongs in jail.not the white house. Uncle Trump needs to have her indicted and jailed. Benghazi alone should be enough, but add her selling the Russians the Uranium rights. Treacherous C–T. POS!!!

  12. LOl…killary isn’t any healthier then the goofball bitme. She falls down, and the SS has to pick her worthless ass back up.

  13. Hilary should be banned from running for Any Political position. She is Corrupt and currently under investigation !!!!! Who in there right mind, other than Lib Dems, would vote for a Baby killing Corrupt Dis-honest Creep like Hilary !!!!!

  14. Oh Lord have mercy on America and it’s people.EVIL/SATAN is trying again to get in and continue the Muslim FRAUD’S destruction.We the people,who are sane,don’t ever want to see this NON HUMAN in the government

  15. The entire dem. / socialist party is overloaded with two faced liers. Their idea’s of leadership are just doing what their told by which ever is the bulliest country.to tell first!!

  16. Howard P. Troutman

    Anybody surprised ?? Hopefully before Crooked Hillary can jump unto the 2020 race she will have to appear before Congress and testify under oath about her email scandel. If she lies, she can no longer get a “Get out of jail, free card” !! Wake up America and let’s flush the Washington DC Demo-Rat toilet once and for all !!


  18. I can’t see Hillary humiliating herself with another loss….she’s to old for that kind of stress….

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